Can Heroes Redeem Itself From a Ratings Landslide?

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heroesblog hiro nosebleed3 Can Heroes Redeem Itself From a Ratings Landslide?

The fifth volume (fourth season) of Heroes, entitled “Redemption,” continues tonight – but will you be watching? Do you even care anymore? Our Heroes season premiere review and subsequent discussion forum revealed that many of our readers felt that the latest installment of the show started out with at least SOME potential – a few even said that the show had gone back to the sort of basics they loved from the first season.

Well, those readers represent a minority opinion, because Heroes: Redemption pulled in a measly 6 million viewers, WAY down from its season one heyday, when Heroes was pulling in 16 million fans a week. OUCH.

Right about now, that whole “Redemption” title is sounding more like an ironic joke than anything.

I won’t hammer the point home (see my Heroes: Redemption premiere review for that), but this season of Heroes, IMHO, is still making a lot of the same missteps that started with Volume Two: Generations, the biggest of which is retaining the core cast at the expense of viewer interest and storytelling opportunity. There need to be more deaths and new characters/villains introduced. Sure, fans love Zachary Quinto as Sylar – but how many times are we gonna watch the beloved villain die only to not die, turn good only to eventually go back to evil, and hunt down other powered beings to steal their gifts before it all feels pointless and repetitive?

Oh, wait, we may be at that point already…

Guess we’ll see whether or not the viewers can be lured back as the new season of Heroes progresses. I’m skeptical – just as skeptical as I am that this show will survive past this season. Hope I’m wrong (for the sake of future superhero shows) but… I’m not hopeful.

What do you think about Heroes: Redemption? Are the low ratings deserved, or should fans stick with show?

Heroes will be on NBC Mondays @ 8/7c

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  1. thats what NBC gets for getting rid of its good writers and bring in these guys who dont dont even read comic books…i do hope the season gets better this year…

  2. Can’t say I disagree with you. And Hiro – jeez… I CAN’T change the timeline! It would be DISASTROUS! Oh, wait, my destiny is to change the timeline so I can help people – this ONE thing worked out so I guess consequences aren’t a big deal after all.



  3. @ Vic

    I know, they TOTALLY screwed the time travel pooch on this show. I’ve been thinking that a great storyline would be a time traveling anti-hero who goes around “preserving the time continuum” by killing off all time-jumpers. It would end with Hiro’s heroic death and the end of all this time/space crap.

    If anything, Heroes now needs a “reboot” season.

  4. This show went from being one of my favorite shows (season 1) to being a show I truly disliked (3rd season).

    The new season started off well and I’ll keep watching. They already introduced a bunch of cool characters, including Ray Park (!!! HELL YES !!!) and Theodore Bagwell (from Prison Break lol) and the rest of the carnival mutants.

    I really do hope they don’t screw it up like they did with the last season.

  5. lol@reboot.

    The show has strangled itself with its own pompousness.

  6. i mean its definetly no first season but still the best thing on tv for sure. Its goin the same way as prison break which i think was the best show ever to hit tv. until the ideas run out and it gets repetative. i think u right this will be the last season for sure unless they double the ratings quick.

  7. Half the trouble is they created the heroes for the story in Season 1, now they have to shoehorn stories in for those heroes and it’s seeming a bit forced/stretched (how many times can Claire moan about wanting to be normal). I think they should’ve written a good season first and then introduced the heroes necessary to tell that story. The whole series is buckling under the weight of it’s poor last season.

    Having said all that I am surprised that more people haven’t given it the benefit of the doubt and at least checked out the new season premiere. I’m sure if it continues to improve then word-of-mouth will get the ratings back up but I doubt they’ll ever match 16M…

  8. Personally, I have never seen a show that outdoes itself after the first season. Heroes is like that. The first season was wonderful and everything passed that is (mostly) mediocre. I have come to except that and will watch and see all of this show until its end. In my opinion, I have enjoyed every season (for different reasons) and will most likely find this one enjoyable as well.

  9. People always say the solution is to kill Sylar. But, after throwing away the whole first season with Sylar getting Claire’s powers…um…how? In the Heroes universe can Sylar even be killed? I guess with him in his current form you could always do the whole “thing in the back of the head” business. But since he is obviously on the road out of his current predicament. With Sylar as Sylar how does anybody kill him without it being horrible. Granted the Heroes writer’s haven’t had a problem with ridiculous things to get them out of dead-end stories, too bad they keep writing them.

    Although it would be fun to see them try. I mean just forget everything else, get Ando, Claire, and Peter together and turn them into a Sylar Assassination squad. Have at least a few episodes of them trying again and again to kill him to no avail. Until Peter gets ahold of him and takes the power he needs to defeat him in the next ep. That would make a good 4-5 eps in my opinion.

  10. I was very happy with the season premiere, some exitment, new charecters and mystic stuff…

    Kill Sylar? Sure it can be done, there must be some wierd powers out there that can do the trick, surely there are other mutants that can open black holes/door to another universe- or teleport him into the middle of the sun.

    Anyway- will be exciting to see if he comes back to his old self again. His also lives inside parkans head- the persona of Sylar could be put in another person, without his powers…. well, the circus freaks are a fun addition…

    - Me likey….

  11. I watched the first episode and then deleted the whole series from my dvr. I’m done with it.

  12. My problem is that despite – or maybe in spite – of the title, very few of the characters WANT to be heroes. That’s a big draw of the comic books, from Spider-Man to Superman, they all have this “calling” to put on the super-suit and go help people in some form: whether it’s bashing bad guys or rescuing a little girl’s cat from a tree. However, the only one’s on this show who even hinted at this were Hiro, and Micah – who’s disappeared again. That’s what I liked about the 1st season, and what they need to get back to.

  13. First, I really liked the first episode of the new season. I think it has promise. I’m glad that they have introduced a few new heroes, but can we PLEASE get rid of Matt Parkman? I wouldn’t even mind if Claire went away, also. IMO, the 2 most intriguing characters are Sylar and Peter. EVERYONE else is expendable. I hope that this season continues to improve and that if it’s the last season, they go out on a high note with an ending that will make us wish that there is a 5th season.

  14. I looooooooooooved the first season.
    I was really bored with season 2
    and 3 was better than 2 but nowhere near as good as 1.

    I think season 4 has shown some potential ; I’m still onboard.

    There are a few things I still want to see.

    I think that they should : (a) bring Syler back to his old self AND keep him EVIL

    ( b) stop with the time travel already { ok , maybe freeze time once in a while but the traveling is getting boring }

    (c) bring Micah back

    (d ) get rid of Micah’s Mom { or whoever that chick is that looks like her-she’s a good actress but I’d like to see her stick with ONE character }

    (e) give Ray Park MORE SCREEN TIME !!!!!!

    (f) have more hero/villain battles { I’ll even settle for hero vs hero – MORE ACTION !!!!!! }

    (g) give SOMEBODY a super hero costume -pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!!!!!!!!
    am I alone on the costume thing here ?? anybody ? anybody with me on that one ?

  15. best thing on tv? really??? I think you’re forgetting Medium…

  16. the element they lost with this show is fluid change. all the actors are locked in with contracts, they aint going nowhere. if they could give the characters a fear for their lives, and a revolving door of other people coming through their ranks, would give the show a lively and always changing dynamic. Plus one episode guest stars would be good way of hooking peoples interest, if done right.

  17. I hate to say this, but the one thing I love about Lost is their ability to kill off characters without blinking an eye. That’s the kind of edge Heroes needs. Even when they killed off Isaac in Season One, were any of us really surprised? The whole Sylar thing, has become redundant, and Peter just pisses me off. He had a moment where he was truly badass, and then it all went down the tubes. And I agree about the Matt Parkman thing, I’m sick of looking at him. Every time he uses his powers it looks like he’s in the middle of a bowel movement.

    At his point, I’m just watching the show out of habit, a habit that can easily be broken.

  18. I dont think that this show will ever be the way it was, sorry to say. There is too much going on in the show and everything seems so repetitive. I mean how many times is a character going to die, but not die? Kill of some of these characters and leave them dead. Simple as that. Syler should be dead at this point, so should NAthan Patrelli, and Nicki or whoever she is shouldnt even be on the show. If SUresh isnot going to be in the season then he shoudl have been killed off too. The core characters are Peter, Claire, and Hiro (and you can count in Matt Parkman) everyone else is expendible. Grief and tragedy is always a great theme for a show/movie (look at Dark Knight). Why are Mrs Patrelli and Noah still on the show? NOah Bennet can barely act and Mrs Patrelli is a character that NOBODY cares for or wants to see. I dont get it. The season does have the right approach though and it is better than last season, but I wont hold my breath on the show returning to its stellar first season

  19. I think the show is beyond saving. With this new season the writers have shown that they’re just not learning from their mistakes.

    Sylar was a cool villain… in the first season. Now, he’s just bipolar and is having a real problem with motivations. Seriously, who the hell cares about Claire’s college life? Her character stopped being interesting a long time ago.

    In short, there’s too many hackeneyed and uninteresting plot situations to generate any interest.

  20. Sorry Sarah, but I have seen shows that outdid themselves after the first season, including Lost, 24, The X-Files, and Buffy The Vampire Slayer just to name a few. The old “can’t outdo the first season” excuse doesn’t fly. The fact is, Tim Kring is working in a genre that he doesn’t understand, and his ignorance in the realm of Sci-Fi/Comic-Book drama is the reason this series has collapsed.

    Let’s count the mistakes: The season one finale was a letdown, he made his hottest chemistry couple, Peter and Claire, turn out to be relatives, introduced too many new characters who were redundant, held onto too many old characters that had no story left, made his most popular characters boring, didn’t establish a set of rules for the show to follow, didn’t create a mythology or a long-term plan for the series, didn’t introduce new characters correctly, didn’t do any research into the subjects he wrote about, admitted that he loses interest in a character after their origin story is over, can’t do character development, can’t do romance, etc, etc, etc.

    Need I say more?

  21. @ Alex
    First season finale was NOT bad. I actually thought it was great and very moving. I liked how all the heroes came together at the end to ward off evil (Sylar) and to try and save the world from the exploding man (Peter Petrelli). And X-files picked up after the first season, the third and fourth seasons were phenomenal to compare Heroes to X-files though does not make sense because Heroes has had one good season and thats it. I think Heroes at this point is done and it isnt coming back.

  22. What I don't get is in Season 2 they introduced new characters, “Mika's Family” and then they did absolutely nothing with these new characters…….