‘Heroes’ to Return For Season 5 on Xbox?

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heroes msn return cast photo Heroes to Return For Season 5 on Xbox?

Heroes burst into our consciousness like a flash of lightning, spitting out catchphrases and tie-in products overnight as it rode a wave of critical praise and fan support to high ratings and higher expectations in its first season. Sadly, all of that washed away as the show crashed to earth shortly thereafter, leaving the airwaves following the season 4 finale – but now, Heroes may be returning in a slightly unconventional way, with MSN looking at the show as a possible part of their push to deliver original programming via the Xbox game console.

According to TV Line, details are “sketchy” but if made official, Heroes would feature “new stories and heroes, while mixing in cameos from the original series’ cast.”

That original cast has — for the most part — stayed active in the 3 years since Heroes left the air — particularly Zachary Quinto (American Horror Story, Star Trek Into Darkness) and Hayden Panettiere (Nashville) – prompting questions about how willing they would be to revisit their old stomping grounds.

heroes season 5 sylar Heroes to Return For Season 5 on Xbox?

Though rumors had sparked following the show’s cancellation about a TV movie to tie up loose ends, little has been said of late about going back to the world that Tim Kring created and Bryan Fuller helped build. Of course, the question on everyone’s mind is: what would that world look like if this miraculously comes to pass?

It’s not known whether Kring or Fuller would come back to a role with the show either, since Kring is presently working on Touch for Fox and Fuller is running NBC’s Hannibal.

Now, while many hardcore fans might bristle at the notion of a Heroes continuation without many of the key players from its initial run – one has to wonder if that might be for the best.

heroes msn return peter Heroes to Return For Season 5 on Xbox?

Sure, there is a pang of nostalgia that comes with hearing this news, but it’s also important to remember the whole picture here, and that includes the behind the scenes power struggles and what was perceived to be a creative collapse that soured critics and turned fans apathetic. Hell, Kring even apologized to fans for the show’s strike-shortened second season.

Despite its many failings, though, Heroes was spectacular when everything was fresh and new and the show doubtlessly accomplished a feat long thought impossible – they made a TV show that captured the splendor of superheroes and comic books without the weight of precious legacies and an adherence to canon. That’s a mechanical rabbit that networks are still chasing around the track, but this Heroes (assuming it actually happens) could re-find that magic – if they try to be fresh and new again by focusing on the deeper Heroes mythology and new characters without a care for the show’s own precious legacy or an adherence to its thorny canon.

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Keep an eye on Screen Rant for any future updates on the possible Heroes comeback.

Source: TV Line

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  1. It wasn’t the greatest show, but its better than any of the reality TV crap that is put out on every other station.

    Plus, I can honestly say that I had fun watching the show. Sure, there were a couple story lines that were a little slow or that I didn’t enjoy as much, but it was still a fun show.

  2. Heroes was awesome, season 4 wasnt that great but I still liked the show.. Arrow is a great show anyone who says its not that good then you no nothing about comic books, and as for Sarah Connor Chronicles they need to bring that show back for season 3 on SyFy it will get BIG ratings

  3. Dang it screen rant you brought my hopes up by saying there might be a new season of heroes… and then you destroyed it by saying it would have new heroes. It might work but I honestly doubt it will be as good. Didnt Zachary Quinto say in a interview he wanted to try new things and didnt want to be pinned as a sylar or spock type of character? if im right (which i think iam because I think it was commenting about being in a star trek 3) then he probably wont come back. If it doesnt have the old characters or the old creators of the show then it has a 99% chance of failing

  4. Please let this great show die.

  5. They just need to let it stay dead. It has been three years & I moved on. Besides, the last couple seasons were underwhelming. Make new series, don’t recycle one that had its time.

  6. I could stand another season, or at least some sort of resolution to what happened at the end of Vol. 4.

  7. I know Im going to sound like a broken record because everyone else stated this but WTF! Xbox?! When the heck did they get their own TV channel? That is the most proprietary bull hockey that I have ever heard of. I’m not digging out a console that I don’t use just to watch this series let alone pay ANOTHER monthly subscription. Yeah you can go and ILLEGALLY download this but that’s not my cup of tea. I pay for my stuff. But I wont pay for this. Just put it out on Machinima with Mortal Kombat. It worked for them, Im sure it will work for Heroes.

    • or you could quit bi**hing. i dont think they would care that your upset over something stupid. pirate that crap if your really that butthurt about it

  8. Whether this might work really, really depends on how they do this. I’m not against starting with a fresh slate of characters, because part of the problem with the series was that they kept characters who had nowhere to go, or were forced to ‘regress’ characters to make sure there was a story at all (looking at you Hiro). Having a rotating cast (which was the original idea anyway) should help, since the best parts of the series were arguably the discovery and coping stages of the abilities.

    Secondly, Tim Kring cannot be allowed near this. Seriously. I know it’s not just him alone, but he did retain control. I don’t entirely blame him for Season 2, I blame the writers’ strike for a truncated Season 2. But the monstrosity that was Villains must never be repeated.

    Thirdly, Bryan Fuller must run this. Every single episode he ever wrote for the series proves that the man knows how this concept works. It’s him or nothing, in my opinion, because the brand name won’t be enough to pull viewers back in considering the lousy ratings the show had towards the end.

    I really kinda wish they could just do a semi-reboot and pretend that Seasons 2 and onwards never happened. Then we get the still-awesome first season and a chance to fix everything that happens afterwards. So many promising mysteries and plot points were either never explored or butchered. The Company went from shadowy organisation to a lame company brought down single-handedly by Sylar. Hiro went from comic relief to badass, then back to underpowered comic relief, then back to badass. Claire went from being an important central character to an overacting whiny girl. Nathan escaped death way too many times.

    Long rant, but I’d be really sceptical for now… if all the pieces fall in the right place this could be great, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

    • Don’t forget Peter who went from absorbing lots of abilities to a stupid measly one. That pissed me right off.

      • Peter’s ability sucked from the beginning, he became a swiss army knife since he could do just about anything plus he’s personality was pretty much being upset with what someone was doing just like Claire. I swear the two of them spent more time upset at someone else’s immoral choices then they did actually having their personality developed.

        Noah went from evil a**hole to good guy simply because it was understandable that he was kind of a d*ck since had had to put up with Claire. Seriously, she could regenerate and he was saving her most of the time! The only way Claire saved Noah was when someone else used her blood to save him.

        On the subject of Claire’s blood, whether you agree with me or not. IT BROKE THE SHOW. Death becomes meaningless when you have a character with magic Resurrection blood, heck if they’d just made it so you needed the same blood type as the magic healing person they’d at least help a little bit plus would have made for a neat death in the series. (someone close to Claire dies, she can’t save them since they don’t have the same blood type)

      • Exactly. That was the sort of short-sightedness that made the characters annoying. Peter got too powerful and then they realised they had to limit him – which wouldn’t be as big a deal if they just refreshed the character roster. And in the end, I think it’s fair to say that Sylar was effectively the main character.

      • this part pissed me off too bro. How can they even think of this stupid script. There’s no point of watching the show anymore except for waiting when Peter will get his absorbing ability back.

  9. Heroes was just one of those shows that had the right cast, the right network and the right creative people behind it at the right time. Season one showed so much promise. It went from being unknown to being globally recognizable within a few months. Season one was perfectly paced and was a masterclass on bringing fleshed out, believable, human “superheroes” to our TV screens.

    God knows what happened mid-season two, but it just lost the magic. I’d prefer to wait a few years more and see a reboot. Watching Heroes without the original cast (Quinto, Panettiere, Coleman, Larter) would be a bit jarring in my opinion. It would be like a rock band taking center stage without their singer and lead guitarist.

    If it does get a 5th season, I’ll still watch though.

    • @Tee

      Writer strike happened. And that retard Tim Kring.

  10. No reboot, just “alternate timeline” it! Villain from the future escapes to the past and drops in on the fight at Kirby plaza. Villain kills Sylar. Petrelli brothers go for the high-five but BOOM! They get killed too. Claire runs away into hiding forever. Villain stays in his past (our present) to a life free from prosecution for the crimes in the future he escaped from. We’ll just say he faked his death in the future and fled to the past to hide – why no one from the future is pursuing him – except that future cops find evidence of him living in the past and instead of time-traveling to their past, they “recruit” present heroes to hunt him down. Recast Hiro and the first “alternate season” (Season 2b) becomes his quest for vengeance and or justice.

  11. ^ Sounds like Time Cop!

  12. Ya I like to see heroes again it was really good show and I have an Xbox so I would like to see this happen

  13. Very good and has many improvements and exciting new.

  14. leave the show dead, sucked then and will suck now. THE END

  15. Personally, I’d love a Heroes comeback. The first series was amazing, but the second and third weren’t as good. Fourth series was also good, and to leave it on such a cliffhanger? They’ve got to bring it back. Plus with new cast and some original it would be even better. I’m looking forward to hearing the news about this. :)

  16. You have to have some movies or even more episodes and season
    I love heroes ❤

  17. For all of those who are saying ‘don’t make another season’ why not? You’re all only being judgmental because of the previous seasons, who’s to say that season 5 won’t be better than season 1. Personally, I hope they do make a 5th season for Heroes, although I enjoyed seasons 1-4 a lot, I hope that season 5 will be better. Also with it being on XBOX, most gamers are into sci-fi, fantasy sort of movies, so who’s to say they won’t like Heroes. I hope MSN take this into consideration. :)

  18. Fourth season ended with a lot of things unanswered, so should the fifth season intend to answer some of those questions, I’d be more than happy to tune in. Even just a low-paid, second-rate, and side-show season would be fine. Krings and Fuller should consider getting on board to finish their story, even if they have to do so while producing their current work, putting Heroes off as a secondary or side-job: It just wouldn’t be the same without the original minds behind the project. All-in-all, there NEEDS to be a fifth season, or else Heroes won’t get the closure and commemoration it deserves. It’ll only be remembered as another great series that NBC has scrapped for no good reason.

  19. Do it. But leave the cheerleader out, she was horrible, no one liked her and her storyline was annoying like crazy.

  20. As much as I’d like the cast and crew to return, other than Kring I see that as unlikely. If they brought it back for one more season, they’d have huge problems in either direction, thanks in part of two of their traditions: Flashback sequences and the season finale that became a series finale.

    It’s hardly an impossible scenario, given two things: they tread lightly on events that have or will happen in the series, and they give people reason to watch. (They also have the added problem that, should they decide to visit what might have originally been season 5 for a TV mini series or movie – still possible at the moment – they’d really have to be careful about their actions in the present.) The former should be easy if Kring IS involved with it, doable if he’s not; the latter might not – especially if it’s tethered to a game console. I may want to see the next chapter in the series like everyone else, but it’s not worth paying the price of a new console rumored currently to be priced beyond my affordability as a student right now to do so.

    Hope it happens, though – would love to see it.

  21. yep. put my favorite show on the worst system. I will happily pirate it instead of supporting the cast/writers for selling out.

  22. I personally think if you have the ratings you should keep it going hell me and my whole family watch it at least kill it off right but a new cast might workout we get introduced to a fresh new talent but they would have to cameo the old cast as well a lot of yall have great points but doesn’t it really suck the way they ended it

  23. Heroes is the best TV show I’ve ever seen until Peter lost all his powers and acknowledge a new crappy power which only allows him to use one at a time. I really don’t wanna watch the show anymore. I only watch it is because I’m hoping to see Peter will encounter something or some kind of situations that would restore all of his powers and be able to use all of them again.

  24. This was one of the best shows I have seen and I hated how it end, I told a lot of people about this TV show and they liked it and they wanted a season 5 because it ended bad, didn’t really tell much of what happen next. so I hope there’s more seasons.

  25. I would rather an actual continuation with the same cast, but I’ll take it if there is cameos by the original cast. Like every episode or two at least. Heroes is one of my favorite shows of all time, it’s cast was one of the best TV shows cast of all time, acting was amazing, action and effect were great etc. Just a great show. The way season four ended was great to, I wanted to see what was gonna happen next so bad and was so sad when it was cancelled…bring it back!!!

  26. Heroes is one of my favorite shows and the way that it ended was kinda messed up because it didn’t really have an ending. I %110 for a heroes season 5 comeback because I need some more Sylar!!!

  27. seriously it needs to come back this was with out a doubt my favorite show I’ve been waiting and waiting i can not believe it got cancelled i hope and pray they bring it back please please i need my show back the way it ended killed me i mean come on you gotta give us more then that.

    • Truss me, damn this was my show and it jusy got cut like that without an end #is this life. I dont want new characters and a new storyline, i just my favourite show to carry on … They cant just leave it as a cliff hanger

  28. This show was amazing, even though it quickly degraded after the second season. They have a lot of loose ends to tie up. If they are going to bring back the show, they have to get ZQ to be Sylar, and to make him evil again.

    Right now, is the perfect time to make this work. Super heroes and genetic manipulation are everything right now.

    At moments like this, you wish you could erase the past, just so you wouldn’t have to deal with all the problems seasons 2-4 created. Everything could have worked out if they had just made a sound plan that filled in all the gaps through each season. If they make a fifth season they have to plan every episode for the entire season, and the next. That way we definitely do not run into the same problem as season 2.

    This show has promise, but some characters have to go, like Noah, for example. Suresh tied up his ends loosly, so if need be he can be brought back, but their has to be a reason WHY. Sylar needs to find a wife if he is to prove to us about baby Noah Gray. You should know who I’m talking about. We have to figure out a way to kill the cheerleader. She became a very annoying person, very fast.

    Bring back some of the main characters. (Sylar, Peter) And some of the less main characters. (Micah, Barbara) Because, this is a Brave New World, and we have to see how they intercept it.

  29. Please bring back heroes its my fav show miss it want it back il buy it soon as it comes out