‘Heroes’ to Return For Season 5 on Xbox?

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heroes msn return cast photo Heroes to Return For Season 5 on Xbox?

Heroes burst into our consciousness like a flash of lightning, spitting out catchphrases and tie-in products overnight as it rode a wave of critical praise and fan support to high ratings and higher expectations in its first season. Sadly, all of that washed away as the show crashed to earth shortly thereafter, leaving the airwaves following the season 4 finale – but now, Heroes may be returning in a slightly unconventional way, with MSN looking at the show as a possible part of their push to deliver original programming via the Xbox game console.

According to TV Line, details are “sketchy” but if made official, Heroes would feature “new stories and heroes, while mixing in cameos from the original series’ cast.”

That original cast has — for the most part — stayed active in the 3 years since Heroes left the air — particularly Zachary Quinto (American Horror Story, Star Trek Into Darkness) and Hayden Panettiere (Nashville) – prompting questions about how willing they would be to revisit their old stomping grounds.

heroes season 5 sylar Heroes to Return For Season 5 on Xbox?

Though rumors had sparked following the show’s cancellation about a TV movie to tie up loose ends, little has been said of late about going back to the world that Tim Kring created and Bryan Fuller helped build. Of course, the question on everyone’s mind is: what would that world look like if this miraculously comes to pass?

It’s not known whether Kring or Fuller would come back to a role with the show either, since Kring is presently working on Touch for Fox and Fuller is running NBC’s Hannibal.

Now, while many hardcore fans might bristle at the notion of a Heroes continuation without many of the key players from its initial run – one has to wonder if that might be for the best.

heroes msn return peter Heroes to Return For Season 5 on Xbox?

Sure, there is a pang of nostalgia that comes with hearing this news, but it’s also important to remember the whole picture here, and that includes the behind the scenes power struggles and what was perceived to be a creative collapse that soured critics and turned fans apathetic. Hell, Kring even apologized to fans for the show’s strike-shortened second season.

Despite its many failings, though, Heroes was spectacular when everything was fresh and new and the show doubtlessly accomplished a feat long thought impossible – they made a TV show that captured the splendor of superheroes and comic books without the weight of precious legacies and an adherence to canon. That’s a mechanical rabbit that networks are still chasing around the track, but this Heroes (assuming it actually happens) could re-find that magic – if they try to be fresh and new again by focusing on the deeper Heroes mythology and new characters without a care for the show’s own precious legacy or an adherence to its thorny canon.

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Keep an eye on Screen Rant for any future updates on the possible Heroes comeback.

Source: TV Line

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  1. Some things should be left dead and buried

  2. Could possibly work if they do it a la American Horror Story in a way this time. Keep it fresh with something different every year but still find ways to tie past storylines together with what is currently happening and go out with with a big bang on the true ending to the series. That’s the best way I could see it making a successful comeback.

  3. season was basically as good as it gets

  4. As long as the original cast of characters is dead/ignored, especially ali larter.

  5. The idea was beginning to get tiresome for some, for that reason I would at least appreciate a final season to tie up loose ends.

  6. With the way season 4 ended, they could pull it off. Hopefully.

  7. I’ve been hoping for a movie or a miraculous return to Television ever since the season 4 finale, because there’s so many loose ends that they need to tie up. I’m not sure I’d care that much for a season 5 with a completely new cast & story, what would be the point?

  8. This has to be another late april fools joke. Although it wasn’t perfect it ended the way it started. To do another season they should show us the future the way Hiro saw it when he was a bad ass ninja with a sword and stuff or didnt that timeline get altered by something? Idk I need to watch it again which I actually dont mind. But yeah do season 5 in the distant future where Claire is a killer and all that. Hopefully keep the epic people like Hiro , clair, matt and of course Syler if he is still bad ass and his writers can remember all the powers he has.

  9. Whaaa

  10. I can dig this. Especially if they give it a fresh lick of paint…

  11. They way they ended the last season it would be hard, unless they use Hiro, or future Peter (the one with the scar) and have them undo what Claire did and show the world that people with super powers exist.

  12. i would love a season 5 hated how they cancelled it and didint give a proper ending

  13. If Alphas can still be on SyFy… why not Heroes on XBox?

    I hope this happens… and someone resurrects Stargate Universe and Sarah Connor Chronicles (and BSG).

    • Alphas was cancelled after season 2.

      • Did not know that.

        Not going to miss it though.

        So let me fix that:

        If Arrow can be on CW… why not Heroes on XBox?

        • much better ;)

        • @Big Nerd

          Is that an implication that you think Arrow sucks?

          Because it doesn’t. Heroes did though.

          • @Dazz:

            No… Arrow is great. And I don’t think Heroes sucked (well… the last season was bad).

            I’m just saying that non-spandex hero series should be on television (or XBox-vision).

    • Stargate Universe, Stargate Universe Stargate Universe, Stargate Universe, Stargate Universe, Stargate Universe, Stargate Universe, Stargate Universe, Stargate Universe, Stargate Universe, Stargate Universe, Stargate Universe, Stargate Universe, Stargate Universe, Stargate Universe, Stargate Universe, Stargate Universe…

      I think I made myself clear.

      • +100

      • +101

  14. Only problem i had with the show was how they kept neutering Peter and Sylar.

    • Same here. Season 3 was a damn shame.

  15. And give us the original multi powered Peter and instead of One power at a time Peter.

    • Agreed.

  16. I think it will do well if they stop the ridiculous side stories and stick to really strong (only 2 or 3) dominant story lines.

    What made season one so great was that there was the dominant theme, save the cheerleader save the world.

    In my opinion it when down hill when Hiro went back in time. That was sheer ridiculous.

  17. Leaving out the worst? So Peter and Claire are dead?!

  18. Wait…so Xbox is trying to get original content? Where does this end?

    • Not really original

  19. that final 2 seasons were atrocious! is there anyway they could just ignore them as if it never happened? lol

  20. Wait? Original for the XBOX?! That’s a piss take, at least with Netflix you can easily have a paid subscription and keep it just while you watch the show, it’s kind of annoying to think if I want to keep watching a show I need to buy an entire console AND pay for XBOX Live on top of that.

    • That’s what I was thinking with my comment from up above. Netflix, Crackle, Hulu…you can use an app for a smart phone, tablets, roku, gaming systems…so many outlets. I own an X-box and they charge you for EVERYTHING. You want to connect to their on-line apps, you need a GOLD account that costs a fee per month (or year). Then, I’m guessing that they’ll charge you to buy these episodes. So, buy their system, pay their membership fees, and then pay for each episode of the show. Heroes Season 5 isn’t worth that.

      • Yeah and it’s annoying since you just know people will make this comparison that “Oh Netflix is paying for exclusive Arrested Development episodes” forgetting that like you mentioned you can easily pay for Netflix on a number of devices also Arrested Development is a good show.

        Plus the creators of Arrested Development never tried to steal ideas from other people (Carnival Of Souls anyone?)

      • So what? Xbox charges you for a better service. If you don’t like it don’t buy it, and if they did this you could just find the episodes somewhere online

        • I don’t. I bought my 360 in 2009 and haven’t had Xbox Live since 2010. But I’m not an on-line gamer.

        • The Playstation Network is free. I’m finding that I’m buying a lot of shows I like from there. Mostly cause I hate iTunes, but its also convent having games, tv and music on one machine.

          • Yeah, I screwed up on that purchase. I wanted Netflix on my TV, that’s why I chose the Xbox at the time. Plus, I liked Mass Effect. But as soon as I found other ways to stream Netflix to my television, my Xbox live subscription was no longer needed. Microsoft charges for everything so much that they created their own currency. Then you are forced to figure out the monetary conversion rate of dollars into microsoft points. It is too much math for a lazy fool like me.

        • So? The point is it’s saying if you want to watch a show you have to buy an entire console (plus Xbox Live) and I’m not counting on these episodes getting online anytime soon given how Microsoft react to piracy.

      • I have an xbox 360 so I couldn’t agree more. I love playing online with friends and random peeps so paying for the on-line subscription isn’t a problem for me. I never use their music or movie service they currently have as they charge a monthly subscription for each!

        Microsoft = Money

        I would love to see Heroes though so its a toughie, for the people out there who would have to start from scratch and buy everything just to watch I think you’d have to marked down as insane!

    • True

  21. I would LOVE to see Heroes again, but only if Peter and Syler could return, I’m sure both actors would agree, Syler doesn’t need to even show up hardly but could be a background threat and Peter(milo) isn’t terribly busy anymore.

    • Speaking of Peter, is it just me or could Milo Ventimiglia play Rocky in a reboot?

      • Well, he did play Rocky’s adult son in Rocky Balboa.

        • I feel like that question was either trying to be a smart ass or is just really dumb..

          • It was trying to be smarmy because of all the reboots we are seeing. My apologies.

  22. I would love a reboot as long as they bury the incessant product placements that marred the latter seasons. “Ehrmahgerd!? You bought me a Nissan Rogue! Thanks dad, you’re the best government agent hired killer dad ever!”

  23. Heroes makes me mad just thinking about it . Season one was so epic. What the hell happened? Did the hire different writers or something.

    Ill check out season 5. The entire cast should be available besides the 2 mentioned in this article. But Peter Patrelli* character can still be in it. I think Peter should still be the main character, & Hiro.

    • Originally those guys in season 1 were only supposed to be for one season, they were going to hire a bunch of other guys so you basically saw how different people were effected. Tim Kring being an idiot didn’t realize this plan was dumb since we’d have grown attached to the season 1 characters and would clearly want their stories to develop.

      Season 2 was also effected by the writers strike which meant the season was shortened. I think it had numerous problems, overpowered characters, weird villains with basic motivation and unrealistic end goals (Danko was LITERALLY the only bad guy with either of these) and the show just had no direction near the end, I mean I think Adam Monroe should have been the primary antagonist for the entire program. Given they gave the guy proper motivation beyond “I WANT TO BLOW UP THE WORLD!”

  24. Few things in life have inspired my hatred quite like Heroes. Bathrooms without doors. Civilizations without libraries. Hitler without a bullet to the head.

    Then, there was Heroes.

  25. Seriously they should bring this show back it was awesome. For all those haters if you don’t like the show then don’t watch it don’t ruin it for the rest of us that have missed this show so much.

  26. There was absolutely nothing wrong the other seasons at all, so please bring this back

  27. Loved the show. Always hated how they stripped Peter Petrelli of his powers and limited him from the cool ass character he was, yet let Sylar’s powers stay the same. That always bothered me but the show had its moments after season 1. Its just, season 1 was SO MAGICAL and almost PERFECT!

    • I agree 100%, Peter and Hiro were the main protagonist , in that order, anything would work with them both in it, and like I said earlier, they’re not terribly busy.

      A fully powered Peter is pretty much all everyone wanted.

  28. Considering Heroes was meant to have a different cast each season before the original cast got so popular, I think this idea could definitely work. Bit surprised for a console to be considering this, but I think the show could turn out fine.

  29. I would like to see a reboot. They kept changing the rules, kept contradicting itself. They established a pretty good mythos, start again and keep to it.
    Do eclipse cause powers to awaken or not? Do eclipses stop powers or not? Was Syler patient zero, the first one that scientist discovered with a gift? Or was he working back in the 60s with a camp full of gifted children? Does Claire’s blood bring back the dead or not? Etc, etc….