‘Heroes’ Returning in 2015 as a 13-Episode Miniseries

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Superheroes have ruled at the multiplex for the past decade, and comic book properties are hitting television in a big way, from the CW’s ongoing hit series Arrow and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to the upcoming Gotham, The Flash and Constantine. Before all this, NBC’s Heroes was arguably as instrumental to the dominance of superhero stories as Marvel’s Iron Man, Bryan Singer’s X-Men movies or Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins.

Heroes premiered to great acclaim in 2006, making stars out of the previously unknown Hayden Panettiere (who has gone on to star in ABC’s Nashville) and Zachary Quinto (who went on to play the young Spock in J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek reboot). The show followed a group of people who develop super powers, exploring the ways these powers corrupted or inspired them and the conflicts that arose in their wake. The show won an immediate cult following and exploded across popular culture, only to see ratings and critical reception tank hard, leading to cancellation after four seasons.

Still, that brilliant first season remains beloved by fans, and now we have a report from Deadline that creator Tim Kring is bringing Heroes back to the network as a 13-episode miniseries event. Titled Heroes: Reborn, the limited run is set to air in 2015, with all new characters and storylines to appear online in a digital series before the new series premieres. Watch the teaser trailer above.

As for whether or not any members of the original cast could return, NBC Entertainment President Jennifer Salke had this to say in the official press release:

“…we won’t rule out the possibility of some of the show’s original cast members popping back in.”

Heroes Season 3 cast Heroes Returning in 2015 as a 13 Episode Miniseries

Furthermore, the show will be “appropriately shrouded in secrecy” as the 2015 air date approaches. The resurrection of Heroes comes soon after our first look at the next phase of Fox’s 24, which returns to the airwaves this May. We’ve recently detailed the reasons that everyone should really love reboots and remakes, and the return of an iconic show like Heroes with its original creator at the helm could really pound this point home.

On the other hand, Tim Kring – who went on to create Fox’s short-lived Touch - is credited as executive producer on all 79 episodes of Heroes, and arguably owns the lion’s share of the responsibility for how quickly Heroes appeared to jump the shark. Still, Kring has had plenty of time to reflect, and plans to “add to his original concept.” 

Interestingly, we heard some similar news just under a year ago – a fifth season could have premiered exclusively on the Xbox, with very similar details, including “new stories and heroes, while mixing in cameos from the original series’ cast.” This is the real deal, though. Heroes was unique in the way it utilized the comic book structure – each season consisted of two main volumes, with many inter-connected story arcs (too many, eventually) – without drawing directly from any established property.

Heroes Logo Heroes Returning in 2015 as a 13 Episode Miniseries

This 13-episode format also mirrors the current run of most cable series, a hint that NBC is attempting to prove that they can match Starz, AMC or HBO in quality. The network’s critically-acclaimed Hannibal (created by former Heroes writer Bryan Fuller) arguably does just that. Can Heroes really stand its ground in this post-Marvel and DC Cinematic Universe world?

What do you think, Screen Ranters? Heroes will return! Are you excited about this? Sound off in the comments!


Heroes: Reborn will premiere on NBC in 2015.

Source: Deadline

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  1. I really enjoyed heroes and hated that it ended; so will be looking forward to the mini series….maybe it will turn into more.

  2. Heroes is my all time favorite super hero series (although Arrow is quickly becoming just as epic), I cannot wait. The last season was slightly disappointing, but only in comparrison to itself. It was actually just as rich in charachter development, just hard to follow at times because it had so much going on. NBC’s 1st #1 priority will be to sign Masi Oka as Hiro Nakamura and Jack Coleman as Noah Bennett if at all possible. These two actors are the equivilent to Fox Mulder & the Cigarrette Smoking man from the X-Files. Hiro tied everything together in the original series, similar to how Wolverine will tie together the X-Men franchises together this Summer. All in all I am super excited to see what Kring has in store, hopefully he can present this liek an old fashioned franchise off shoot similar to Frank Millers Sin City franchises. Two Thumbs Up!!

  3. Stop with necro shows already!
    Every story must have a beginning, middle and a fuc*in END. Good, bad, funny, gruesome but and end!
    Heroes slipped from being good to nice to b******* and ended up okeish. Let it be this way. Think of a different show and move on.

  4. Season’s 1 & 2 were amazing and inspiring (although that is debatable amongst fans). Then season 3 happened and it was like whoever was writing for the show hadn’t seen the first two seasons. Season 4 totally lost me. I like that its starting over with new characters to help capture that same sense of wonder that the first season did. Here’s hoping it will.

    • Season 3 and the latter half of Season 2 (which was cancelled) coincided with the US Writers’ Strike, which is why the stories were so woeful. If the Strike hadn’t taken place, I genuinely believe Heroes would have continued going strong for some time.

      • The writers’ strike delayed production in most cases, but it had nothing to do with the demise of Heroes: BAD WRITING DID. They lost all sense of development and structure, which is why I have little faith in a comeback if the same team is involved. Indeed, why not leave it alone and buried. As a former fan of the show in its first two seasons, it is like a love affair that goes sour fast and ends poorly. Leave it dead and move on. The bad taste remains.

        • “Writers Strike”, say it with me…

          • Writing sucked after the strike too.

        • What are you talking about? The second season 2 aired I was lost. It was just boring, it lost all of it’s charm and originality.

  5. Yeah, I thought that season one of Heroes was brilliant, fantastic. But after that, and/or especially once it started revealing a lot about the characters’ identities, it really lost its appeal to me. I can think of few other shows that went (in my perception) from being fantastic to uninteresting so fast. So much so that I’ve kind of forgotten about Heroes.

    When you create a property that revels in an unfolding sense of the unknown and mystery, you really need to have something great waiting to be revealed. If not, then it will be a huge letdown. I can’t say that I care about this revival, because the universe of this show already shot itself in the foot for me.

  6. Yeah season 1 was amazing…it went downhill after that.

  7. This is the way TV is going now, and I think it’s for the better. Shorter series following the cable model allows for a tighter narrative, and can help attract bigger stars, writers, directors, etc, because they’re not in for a massive 22-episode season and often know ahead of time that it’s a one-shot deal.

    American Horror Story, True Detective, 24: Live Another Day, and now this. People are starting to follow the anthology or mini-series format.

    I believe this is also what they intended for the Following (before the ratings were too much to end it). Also I think Hostages follows the same model. And House of Cards was originally intended as a 2-season series because they weren’t sure they could get Spacey and Wright back.

    • Arrow has 20 + episodes in a season and is doing really well.24 had, well 24 eps, VD, Supernatural, Grimm, Elementary, Persons of interest, all have 20+ season episodes , I hate short seasons and all these shows format makes me very happy. I don’t see how Arrow or PoI could be any better with a 12 episode season.

  8. I stopped watching in the middle of season 3 because it went WTF (even from the beginning of that season). This is one good example of the reason why I could never get past a show more than 2 seasons, the story started to become stalling and stagnant and I lost interest. The next on my list for this would be Arrow, though I still might have a change of heart depends on the premise of season 3 and ending of season 2.

    Still, I’m hopefull with this reborn version of Heroes. Hope it has at least the same quality as season 1 and 2, but also hope it will stay as a 13 episode series, no more than that. Hopeful for Hiro’s and the cheerleader’s (forgot the name) return only, cause Zach Quinto’s Sylar no longer works for me after he became Spock, and the rest of the cast was not too memorable. Too bad they killed off Kristen Bell’s crazy character.

  9. I’m excited! Like most of the other commentators, I loved season 1 and became progressively disappointed as the seasons continued; but I’m a huge Bryan Fuller fan and I feel like his work has improved drastically since the last season of Heroes. I’m eager to see the direction he chooses to take with the show. I’m also excited to see how the show will end, when given the chance to create a true ending.

    Now all I need is Mockingbird Lane to get picked up for a full season and Pushing Daisies to come back feature film style. Then my Bryan Fuller desires would fully be fulfilled!

  10. This isn’t a bad thing, but I’m not jumping over the moon in excitement either. The first season was good with a lackluster finale, the fight at Kirby Plaza. Season two was aimless (I know, this was the WAG strike shortened season). The second half of Season 3 was tolerable. Season 4 was interesting, but I kind of felt like it was limping toward the finish line. Cancellation was no surprise to me when it finally happened.

    Too many “change ups” to characters. They killed off the interesting ones. Heroes either getting powers, getting de-powered, or switching sides, was too much. About the only people I want to see back as series regulars are HRG and the Haitian. The rest would make for nice cameos (Mohinder and Peter) but the majority of the characters were ruined and need to stay gone.

  11. What’s next? Lost: Embrace the Cork miniseries?

  12. I’m surprised by how many positive comments there are about this show. Heroes is a textbook example of how to betray your viewership by not respecting your lead characters. I know I’m not the only one out there who has a viscerally NEGATIVE response to this news. Please, for the love of all that’s Holy, put a nail in the coffin. This. Thing. Is. Done. Do not bring it back. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

  13. Well, we knew this was going to happen. Heroes was one of the many shows that suffered from the strike. Even if it wasn’t that great at the end, I still think there is room for great chapters but please bring back Peter, Parkman and Gabriel at least.

  14. I really hope this 13 part mini-series brings this ‘Brilliant,’ idea back to it’s glory days! Plus you got to see beautiful Tim Sale Paintings that Issac would paint with his powers. I was a huge supporter of the first season, and then the second came and the third and the ‘Carnival.’ years happened. The show ran off it’s track, and became so lame. So here’s hoping for a First Season Brilliance with a Kirby Epic Showdown! I still buy the first season of Heroes and Psych as Christmas gifts for those that I know have never seen either show, great classics.

  15. Geez, anyone get the feeling they are copying 24? At least 24 was much better. Seasons 3 & 4 of Heroes were poorly conceived. They would need a fresh story to involve to old cast in. Maybe a new cast living in a age where the world knows they are gifted with some cameos from the old cast here and there.

  16. Just keep away from “time travel” nonsense. The way it is used to rewrite entire story lines drives me crazy! “Heroes” went downhill fast the moment one of the guys found he had the ability to go back in time and alter his past, thereby creating alternate futures.

  17. I need another season of Heroes like I need an a**hole (Points At Elbow) right here.

  18. I think Hollywood should start creating more shows using the mini-series format like they do in Asia. Tell a story in 13-24 episodes. Forget about 8 season long TV dramas that drag.

  19. The thing that went wrong with this show was the remaining focus upon the heroes of the first season when their story was really finished and they shouldve been moved to the background to let new characters come in

    ….ones not played by Ali Larter….ugh the continuous return of Ali Larter as different sisters made me hate her

  20. If they really are bringing it back maybe we will find out what happened to Peters Irish girlfriend, the one he left in that alternate reality. Maybe when that reality ended all of its energy pored into her ,driving her insane and she returns as as a villain bent on wiping out the HEROES! Today 1:08pm

  21. Don’t break my heart a second time, NBC.

  22. The original run should have probably been done in a mini-series format. Talk about a show that rose quickly and leveled off to mediocrity……

  23. Tim Kring. This guy is the creator of Crossing Jordan and Touch. Both are abysmal failures.

    Bryan Fuller. Creator responsible for Dead Like Me, Wonderfalls, Pushing Daisies, and Hannibal. Not returning for Heroes Reborn.

    NBC would do better to bring back ER, or Law and Order. These two shows cancelled not for failure in ratings but because of production decisions. ER was too expensive, and Law and Order was moved from New York to California and needlessly rebooted to save money.

    Can this network make a quality decision? Not try and capitalize on a franchise that played out fast because of it’s directionless and soap operaish storylines.

  24. Heroes coming back to tv is awesome—I hope that Milo Ventimgilia (Peter Petrelli), Cristina Rose (Mrs. Petrelli), Masi Oka (hiro), Jack Coleman (noah Bennett), Ali Larter, and Zachary Quinto (slyer) all return. Along With new cast and characters.

  25. I liked Heroes, but it felt like after season one they just got lost. Maybe it was the writers strike, but whatever it was, it just didn’t feel the same. I hope this one is good.

  26. I love all the seasons and I hope there will be a 5th season. One of the best series ever!

  27. I really hope that peter get all his ability’s back

  28. I think Heroes was phenomenal. I stopped watching after the 1st season cuz I forgot about it. Started watching it again on Netflix. I can’t wait for it to return.

  29. i m totally ready for it i,ve being waiting for it since heros ends in fourth season and staring fifth season so bring it on babe we are being waiting for it