‘Heroes’ Returning in 2015 as a 13-Episode Miniseries

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Superheroes have ruled at the multiplex for the past decade, and comic book properties are hitting television in a big way, from the CW’s ongoing hit series Arrow and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to the upcoming Gotham, The Flash and Constantine. Before all this, NBC’s Heroes was arguably as instrumental to the dominance of superhero stories as Marvel’s Iron Man, Bryan Singer’s X-Men movies or Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins.

Heroes premiered to great acclaim in 2006, making stars out of the previously unknown Hayden Panettiere (who has gone on to star in ABC’s Nashville) and Zachary Quinto (who went on to play the young Spock in J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek reboot). The show followed a group of people who develop super powers, exploring the ways these powers corrupted or inspired them and the conflicts that arose in their wake. The show won an immediate cult following and exploded across popular culture, only to see ratings and critical reception tank hard, leading to cancellation after four seasons.

Still, that brilliant first season remains beloved by fans, and now we have a report from Deadline that creator Tim Kring is bringing Heroes back to the network as a 13-episode miniseries event. Titled Heroes: Reborn, the limited run is set to air in 2015, with all new characters and storylines to appear online in a digital series before the new series premieres. Watch the teaser trailer above.

As for whether or not any members of the original cast could return, NBC Entertainment President Jennifer Salke had this to say in the official press release:

“…we won’t rule out the possibility of some of the show’s original cast members popping back in.”

Heroes Season 3 cast Heroes Returning in 2015 as a 13 Episode Miniseries

Furthermore, the show will be “appropriately shrouded in secrecy” as the 2015 air date approaches. The resurrection of Heroes comes soon after our first look at the next phase of Fox’s 24, which returns to the airwaves this May. We’ve recently detailed the reasons that everyone should really love reboots and remakes, and the return of an iconic show like Heroes with its original creator at the helm could really pound this point home.

On the other hand, Tim Kring – who went on to create Fox’s short-lived Touch - is credited as executive producer on all 79 episodes of Heroes, and arguably owns the lion’s share of the responsibility for how quickly Heroes appeared to jump the shark. Still, Kring has had plenty of time to reflect, and plans to “add to his original concept.” 

Interestingly, we heard some similar news just under a year ago – a fifth season could have premiered exclusively on the Xbox, with very similar details, including “new stories and heroes, while mixing in cameos from the original series’ cast.” This is the real deal, though. Heroes was unique in the way it utilized the comic book structure – each season consisted of two main volumes, with many inter-connected story arcs (too many, eventually) – without drawing directly from any established property.

Heroes Logo Heroes Returning in 2015 as a 13 Episode Miniseries

This 13-episode format also mirrors the current run of most cable series, a hint that NBC is attempting to prove that they can match Starz, AMC or HBO in quality. The network’s critically-acclaimed Hannibal (created by former Heroes writer Bryan Fuller) arguably does just that. Can Heroes really stand its ground in this post-Marvel and DC Cinematic Universe world?

What do you think, Screen Ranters? Heroes will return! Are you excited about this? Sound off in the comments!


Heroes: Reborn will premiere on NBC in 2015.

Source: Deadline

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  1. the first season was boring.

    • On the contrary, the first season was the show’s only great one.

      • It never had a “great” season. Perhaps the first one was “good”, but I left it shortly after, because it just seemed all over the place and never found its way.

        I’m surprised it is returning.

  2. Why is NBC only making a “mini series” instead of just a regular series ?
    Is it their way of saying like “let’s test the waters first. If the ratings are good, we’ll continue with it”.

    • You answered your own question. Let’s face it, some shows don’t need 26 episodes a season. A one-hour show can probably do just fine in 13 episodes. One hour sitcoms, yes, they could fill all 26 episodes.

      I don’t know if you are into anime, but most of those shows overstay their welcome. Some series running over hundreds of episodes. Yes, HUNDREDS. Some shows only run 26 episodes in their entire run. Cowboy Bebop, for example ran 26 episodes. Anymore and it would have been watered down.

      • Oops, ** half ** hour sitcoms, yes, they could fill all 26 episodes.

  3. Hell yeah! All of the cast got to return, especially Zachary Quinto back as Sylar. Sylar is a very interesting character in Heroes, his journey from a villain to hero is intriguing.

  4. I really liked heroes when it came out, I only watched the first 2 seasons but I remember really liking the finale of season 1.

  5. I hope they can get Duchovney, Anderson and Carter to do a X-Files miniseries instead of a possible 3rd movie.

  6. These are all great news: A Farscape movie, a Heroes mini-series…bring ‘em on! But what I’m REALLY looking forward to would be a revival of Star Trek Enterprise for the 50th anniversary of the franchise…be it TV movie, mini-series etc…Romulan Wars, baby!

    With that trend of revival old TV shows going on, it might happen at some point. PLEASE!

  7. we all know they fu*ked up in the middle of the series but the last season really brought it back imo. i was annoyed when i heard it was not coming back. i do hope that this is gonna continue the story and i really hope sylar is in it, he was the best thing about the show imo

  8. The first season was just boring until the climax… Don’t get why folks liked it. I think if you rematch it you would change your mind… The whole thing could have been handled better. I hope they bring back Hiro and Spock. Oh yeah that Indian dude too. The rest I don’t care for much…

  9. Peter Petrelli! ‘Save the cheerleader…’

    • Save the World!

  10. Can’t wait. I personally thought season 2 was the best, but I know I’m in the minority there.

  11. Why don’t some people like Heroes? Were you expecting it to be X-Men in all but name?

  12. Omg yes, can’t even describe my excitement. Heroes has to be one of my favorite shows I’ve ever watched and they definitely cut it short. I hope this brings back the popularity and they can bring back Sylar, Peter, and Hiro to the show if only in a more limited capacity.

  13. The following, Hannibal , Under the dome, 24 , Heros, Extant .. the networks really starting to take a Q from cable!

    Could this be the begining of the end of the ‘september to may 24 episodes’ format ?

    • I think network are starting to realise that quality for normal 26ish episode runs always suffer in quality for story driven shows. Things lag, too much filler gets thrown in and poeple loose interest. Being 8 to 13 episodes things flow better, each episode becomes “tighter” and more focused. Think that in a couple years to only “normal”20+ season will belong to shows were such a former doesnt really matter, so weekly comedies and procedurals, shows which might have larger story treads but that overwhelmingly rely on self contained one off episodes.

      Believe this is the future and I’m happy for it.

      • @ Tal & Lazerblazer

        I’ve been championing for networks to embrace the cable model for a while now.
        It just makes for more interesting TV and more enjoyable stories. As much as I enjoyed a show like 24 every single season had a chunk of episodes that were nothing more than spinning wheels.

        The reality though is that networks will never fully adapt to shorter seasons. More episodes means more cash and as much as us fans would like to think otherwise that’s all that matters.

  14. I loved Heroes and though Season 2 was terrible I thought the quality was really picking up nicely again when they cancelled it, so it’s good to see it coming back.

  15. they should continue the last season’s episode “brave new world” with the same cast.

    i wish marvel would make something like this with the other properties that won’t get their time in the MCU so soon, like daredevil, ghost rider, etc…

    • Marvel are currently filming episodes of Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist & Jessica Jones for Netflix.
      After that all 4 characters will appear in the Defenders series also on Netflix out in 2015.

  16. Yeahh! I hope they show how the world is after the last episode, and can they finally explain that S-like symbol? That’s been killing me T.T I don’t care what season was better nor anything, I just want to see it! Maybe they could explain the powers or how they relate to the eclipse, though I could be asking too much…

  17. Once they stripped Peter of his powers I lost interest. That episode that looked into the future with Peter having mastered all his abilities was sick, very ‘Days of Future Past’ in a great way… Oh well.

  18. I really liked this show, but I highly doubt that this mini series will be any good. I hope it is, but I feel like it will most likely fail.

  19. I can’t wait!!! I want to see where they take peter, syler, and Angela petrelli. I want to see what happened to hiro as well!! Oh and who can forget the awesome HRG!!! I want to know if they brought back the company, and if sylar really a stuck with the hero schtick or did he just lose interest. I wonder if these new people are just gonna awake with powers or just already have them and are in hiding cause the world is aware of people with abilities. DAMN!! 2015 is too long!!! Season 1 was great, season 2 was ok (definitely lagging but a great villain with Adam Monroe), and I did actually like season three because THATS the season where the sh*t hits the fan and in every show you have to have that. And I actually loved papa petrelli and the story about the peytrellis that he brought with him. And of course the aftermath of that and whole faceoff with nathan, peter and sylar and the devastation that brought. Then season 4 where we see a world with out the co!mpany or any safeguards to protect the world from people with the abilities, we see that with the circus. I’m telling y’all heroes had its problems and inconsistency but what do you expect with writer strikes, different writers touching the material, and Tim kring making the mistakes he’s made. But its still a good show and I can’t wait.

  20. Can Peter get his abilities back please? Don’t even have to explain how he got em’ back lets just pretend he never lost them lol

  21. This guy’s username is not lying, folks!

  22. If this can be brought back then BRING BACK ALPHAS!!!!!!

  23. my day is made! I still think that they should bring back all the original class and go from where they left off! but if you are going to have some old characters pop back in I suggest Sylar, Mohinder, Claire, and Peter

  24. I swear I must of been in the Minority that watched and enjoyed all 4 seasons. sure later ones had meh moments at times but still i enjoyed the series and am glad to see a return of sorts. I said when it was canceled they should of done a miniseries or a TV movie tiding everything up post season 4.

  25. Yawn. Another sign that the entertainment industry is too afraid to try out new ideas. They would give money to a show that crashed and burned so badly. It jumped the shark and ran into a wall of bad writing and worse ideas. Does Kring even understand what makes superheroes interesting and iconic?

  26. I Cant wait, i been wanting this for the longest or a movie. :)

  27. After reading the headline I was pretty excited but after reading the article I’m kind of ho-hum about it.
    I’m glad Heroes is coming back but I wish the original cast was returning.
    Not to be cold or rude but other than Zachary Quinto we really don’t see the rest of the cast in a lot of stuff so I doubt they’re too busy.

  28. I guess it’s opposite day. I’m happier they are going with a new cast. It obviously didn’t work the first time no matter how much I liked certain characters.

  29. I never liked name “heroes” because they never were by definition “heroes.”

    They were more like “mutants” living in hiding. I still loved the show nonetheless. Gimme Moar!