Heroes: Season 4 Finale Review & Discussion

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Heroes season 4 finale review Heroes: Season 4 Finale Review & Discussion

I’m going to be completely honest; I had no idea that the season finale of Heroes was on last night. What’s worse is that it might not only be its fourth season finale, but a series finale if the show doesn’t get picked up for another season… and with the ratings down, that’s a definite possibility.

This past season has been pretty much (somewhat) hit or miss for me. While there’s been a sufficient amount of episodes decent enough to keep me watching, I still had to fight through all the poor storylines and singular character episodes just to get to them. I guess that’s why I needed my DVR to remind me that Heroes was even on.

With the season finale we’ve got Robert Knepper’s psycho carnival barker hell-bent on destroy the world, Claire and HRG buried 40 feet underground, Hiro still being annoying, Parkman seeking vengeance & Sylar with a heart. Is there any way they’re going to wrap up everything nicely with a pretty little bow?


As with any episode of Heroes we’re presented with a “previously on…,” this time it’s voiced by Robert Knepper which made me realize how much I enjoy him as an actor and how I wish he was given a better character. After that we’re met with the usual “popping in” on the various characters to see what they’re up to and like always, they’re not really doing much… well, at least not anything to progress the overall plot or their individual stories. Why give the audience an entire 42min of progression when everything can happen in the list 15min?

When something actually does happen, it soon becomes obvious that it’s all smoke and mirrors. The characters shown to be in peril are no more in danger of dying than Jay Leno is to leave NBC. For every “this is it” moment there’s always someone to jump in and save the day. (I still have no idea how Tracey’s powers allowed her to pull Claire and HRG out of a trailer buried underground. She water moved them? I literally described what she did and it doesn’t even make sense.)

Then we get to the “heart-warming moment” with Hiro and old lady Charlie… or for anyone who’s seen the Doctor Who episode “Blink,” the moment where you realized they completely lifted that whole time traveling love/death scene. Sure, it was great… it was great when Doctor Who did it, but NBC just couldn’t let her die. Not on screen, at least. That would be too dark… and Southland knows what happens to series that are deemed “too dark.” Although, I’ve got go give credit to whomever cast the old woman version of Charlie. She was spot on…

heroes old charlie Heroes: Season 4 Finale Review & Discussion

Finally, we get to “the moment.” The showdown that we’ve been waiting to see this entire season. To say it was anti-climatic would be nice. It was at this moment that I finally realize just how much of a crutch the various characters powers are to the writers. Instead of using them to tell a wonderful story, they see whatever loop-holes they can use to quickly get it over and done. If I have to see the crazy puppet master guy just come out of nowhere and control people, I will quit watching television forever.

He was a great one time character and even the second time it was neat-o, but I’m sick of him jumping in and controlling things. As he enters the screen I can just see him dragging the story with him. “Oh, the really important character that we needed this entire season won’t do something? That’s alright, we’ll just make them.” If “we’ll just make them” was going to be the endgame all along, just do it from the beginning and save me 3 episodes of nonsense.

heroes knepper Heroes: Season 4 Finale Review & Discussion

Oh, and Peter? Gotta give props to whatever writer decided to give him the power of having whatever power he touches. Why stick him with just a single power when he can nab whoever’s power he wants just by touching them? “Oh, there’s a really big bad guy that’s going to destroy the world? Well, Peter will just touch him and cancel out that power.”

While I enjoyed Robert Knepper in this season of Heroes, I think it was more because it was something new than because his character was all that great. On the other hand, the good guy Sylar was a pleasant surprise and one of the few good things to come out of this season and finale of Heroes.

heroes fall Heroes: Season 4 Finale Review & Discussion

Final Thoughts

Maybe I’m coming off a little harsh, but after so many years of mediocre storytelling and promises of things being better, I’m over it. Nice going NBC and Heroes, you got me… Now just bring out Ashton to tell me that I’ve been punk’d and we can all move on to something new.

Oh, and Claire showing the entire world that she can heal herself… who cares. The Haitian will probably just wipe the minds of the entire world or something else will come along to completely negate this supposedly huge cliffhanger.


Am I being a little too harsh? Did you enjoy the past season of Heroes and loved the season finale?

Maybe I am being a little Negative Nancy, but don’t have the right after the huge drop in quality after the first season?

Do you think Heroes will get another season and be back next fall?

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  1. I thought it was one of the best episodes of Heroes, period. Sure, there were parts of the episode I didn't care too much for, but I'm hard-pressed to find something like that in any media. Robert Knepper was great and his villainous breakdown at the end will go down as one of my favorite villainous breakdowns ever.

  2. I heard it would still continue. Tim Kring might have some “arrangement” of sorts. As to whether I want to watch more of it? I really hope it can make some ridiculous come back like Lost.

    I would like to believe I was once a die-hard Heroes fan, but ever since Season 1 it has been nothing but downhill. I have to agree with you about this season in particular. This season has been so wishy-washy and I concur about the overuse of the “Deus Ex Machina”. It is marginally better than the last season.

    Some people are bigger fans of “evil” sylar. Like you, I am partial to the good sylar though. But it almost seems like Tim is trying to satisfy everyone … and ultimately not satisfying anyone at all. Didn't Sylar “almost” become good before? Oh wait, no one liked that, turn him back to evil Sylar.

    What Heroes really needs is focus. I feel like we are restarting from the beginning after each season but in a horrible horrible way. Don't these characters develop in a serious way between seasons? Or do they all suffer a serious case of mental atrophy? Oh wait, no, they all get Haitianed.

    Why is Hiro still immature? Why does Peter have this silly “I don't want to save the world, but hey in the end I will do it anyway” mentality. Introducing new characters, then disposing of them, while wasting valuable screen time and episodes. Gretchen? Who cares now? Jumping the shark with using Claire / Gretchen as an item. Sylar kissing Claire. The list goes on and on.

    I think the small details are nice, but not when they take the focus away. It almost seems like he is doing sleight of hand to make us all forget what Heroes was all about. Or maybe to pull us away from the fact that he has nothing good to say anymore.

  3. This show has fallen so far off the radar. Season 1 had me and i was really stoked about the show. As time went on however it just kept getting worse and worse. This finally wasnt that great. I find Claire the most annoying character in the series. Hew showing the world was lame. The fight scene with Peter and Samuel was SUPER lame. I really have just kept up with Heroes because a friend of mine enjoys having someone to talk to about it.
    Im pretty sure Charlie is the same actress with lots of make-up on. I could be wrong though.

  4. I think the review was a little harsh, but mostly accurate. It wasn't a bad episode but certainly didn't have a season finale feel to it, oddly enough though, it did have a series finale feel. I could see how the viewer could be left to determine how the future goes after a “super” exposes themselves on tv if the show doesn't get picked up again.

    You almost wish the series could just sort of reset itself back the end of season one and keep itself from expanding too far too quickly. I'm glad they've been moving back to one main storyline for the season, but it's time to trim some characters. You can't develop every character you introduce into a show like this, keep it to like 5 or 6 good characters and a few bad characters. May start to feel a little “X-Man-ey” so I don't know how fans would respond to that, but think it would keep the writers in some control.

  5. way to harsh and critial man this is tv we are talkin about here, dont forget while heroes is on u get awsome shows like private practice, greys anatomy, chuck, ncis, bla bla bla the crap list goes on. Heroes is a amazing show it took over my tv time after prisonbreak left the air aka best show to ever hit tv……. simple and sweet i c where u are coming from i think but u have to remember this is tv not a movie and by my standards heroes deserves a oscar compared to anything else on tv by far.

  6. I am actually surprised that the show lasted for a fourth season at all – three episodes into season 3 and I was finished. Too convoluted by far, and, in reading this review, it sounds like they never got over that.

  7. Two things that would have made the series finale better (SPOILERS):

    1. HRG should have actually died instead of being rescued.

    2. Peter should have been beaten/wounded/incapacitated by Samuel, and Sylar should have defeated him.

    I also think the review was mostly accurate, albeit a little sharp. No sense of risk. Everything always works out. The characters misuse/under-use their powers the entire season or make really dumb choices that are rectified in the last 15 minutes of the finale by simply working together.

    Still though, there are moments of greatness. I really liked the Hiro trial as well as the Peter/Sylar Wall “Breakthrough” arc from last week.

  8. I really haven't watched much of Heores ever since season 1. I was hooked because of the awesome storytelling and Tim Sales artwork all over the place. Then it turned into crap. I have tried watching at least the last 2 episodes this year (seen a few others off and on) and kinda dug this new bad guy played by Robert Knepper.

    I really did like last nights episode. It was fun watching Sylar actually not killing someone. I like him as both roles. But anyways, I hope they do start getting better if there is a next season…

  9. and i think you are high this show has done nothing but pissed me off after season one i hope they either hire new writers or cancel the show all together

  10. If they don't do a better job, it's on it's way out.. which is good. There are so many possibilities for story lines, so many ways that the whole dynamic of the show could go, so many variations on character development on and off screen.. why oh why do they pull the same old rabbit out of the same ol hat with the same ol story line, characters, heroes… the dates change, but everything else stays the same. It's been four years. You would think after four years of action Hiro would have nutted up and “got it” at some point (kinda like the future Hiro from earlier seasons) Peter is just a boy trapped in a man's body. Claire and HRG are having the same fight they always have had.. I don't know if the world is ready to know about all of them yet.. but I can tell you that the audience is ready for the world to know about all of them.. MOVE FORWARD WITH A STORY LINE!!!

  11. “people don't change” neither do plots. I think the whole season pretty much sucked. The only ray of hope was the glimmer of promise of the last couple minutes when Claire exposes the world to “the secret” I'm thinking that they might be able to throw back to Season 1. Since the destruction of the world hinged on the fact that Nathan was going to tell the world and it would all come to an end.. Let his daughter finish his cause and let the story move forward. The last four seasons have been about hiding from the world. Just give in, have a season about interacting with the world. Deal with issues like whether Claire has a legal obligation to use her blood to heal if someone is dying on the side of the road (stupid year.. but just making a point)

  12. I know people will disagree, but with a show as high-quality as Lost on TV, shows need to work harder to have good stories. At the very least they need to recognize when their shows have become weak and work to correct the problem

    That said, I feel like this episode of Heroes was entertaining. Nowhere near the quality of the first season, but definitely better than the atrocious third season. I agree that this season's episodes were hit or miss. The ones I truly liked were the ones when they referred back to season one, and that was probably just the nostalgia. I hope Sylar stays good, because they have seriously gone to extreme lengths to keep him on the show in the past. I feel like this way, he can stay on the show and at least it is not way far out there. He can still be badass, but not evil. As for Claire's 'outing', I feel like it at least gives the show some direction. We'll see I guess…

    (oh and did anyone else just feel like this episode was just some sort of gay allegory? “Coming out party?” Only time will tell where this will lead)

  13. Having been a HUGE fan of the first season…it really sucks to come back season after season only to find utter garbage. Season 2 was okay, Season 3 was and awful disaster, and season 4 only a step above that. This finale was the worst yet. Having Tracy get HRG and Claire out….made NO sense. That was so horrible and illogical I actually threw my droid phone in anger. Would it really be so bad to kill off one of the original Heroes? Or to let a villian win in the finale…giving the next season a REAL cliffhanger to work off of? Hell, what would be so wrong with having a villian last more than one season? Imagine if Samuel had won, exposed thier kind with a travesty. The adversity he's have caused the new decisions and morale choices the heroes would have to make. But no…really all we will do next season is watch the overly large list of characters all do nothing for 14 episodes and then meet up for a lame finale.

    Lost…Lost got it right. Bring up lots of questions and character plots…and aanswer/develop them over the course of the entire show. Heroes BIGGEST mistake was tying up everything but Sylar in season 1. Even something as simple as still having Linderman to contend with would have been something. Heroes needs fixing and needs it bad.

  14. Stopped watching it regularly after season two. Caught sporadic episodes of season 3, saw they hadn't learned their lesson from the previous season, haven't seen any of the current season. Not missing it at all.

    In short, it's dead, Jim.

    At least it has been to me for too long to ever give it a chance again. Pity. Started out so strong and promising in the first season.

  15. heroes died on season one , i stop wach it buit in this 4 seson oh my good its worst its more worst than seson 2 and seson 3 ,i dont know how they can continue to show it ,hiro is anoying ,the story sucks !!! i said why dont u return to the way you have made the seson one the same way same direct same music same creativity but they dont listen so will die on season 5 u bet it

  16. Do you think Heroes will get another season and be back next fall? answer heores diesd on season 1

  17. I've been supporting Heroes all 4 seasons, they've had their ups and downs sure, but episodes like Cold Snap kept me going with better than average cinematography. However I'm going to actually say it this time. Heroes NEVER delivers with season finales (except for season 1)!

    There's always some bull the writers will put in during the finale to end things quick in a less than idiotic way: Where the hell did Peter get the flying ability to tackle Samuel with? Last we saw he had Matt's mind control!

    The final battle b/t Samuel and Peter weren't even subpar! Sylar turning good is acceptable, Matt Parkman ends his screen time with “now you're going to do everything I say” to mr. multiply?!?!??!! um… ok, and??? Dude just shows up and outs Samuel like it was he planned on doing all along! STUPID!

    Look, if they were going to make this the final final episode of the tv series, a more fitting edit in the end should have been where Claire's in mid air, falling. turn blank and say “thanks for watching”. That in my opinion is more dramatic and satisfying. Instead mediocre writers decide to let her give her usual spew of “this is attempt blah!” WE GET IT! SHE'S COMING OUT AND BRINGING EVERYONE WITH HER, WE DON'T NEED TO SEE WHAT'S SO BLATANTLY OBVIOUS GONNA HAPPEN NEXT!


    If they keep coming out with more episodes… more seasons… what can I say… HOLLYWOOD is the one needing a serious reboot!


  18. I don't feel you were harsh with this review at all. In fact, you have every right to feel this way. This show just continues to get dumber and dumber every episode/season. Just how many episodes did they focus on the deaf woman who's power is to play instruments? Just so they could end the finale with her fingers bleeding and supposedly leading all these people to the carnival that just happens to appear from nowhere into Central Park?

    And just how did HRG/Claire and Sylar/Peter get to the carnival from wherever they'd just been basicaly instantly? How did Peter get Samuel's power without ever touching him? And how did he get the power to fly between instantly leaving Matt's house and arriving at the carnival? I don't know why I keep watching this pathetic excuse for tv entertainment. Funny thing is, in my opinion it's the only show worth watching on NBC now that Sunday Night Football's season is over lol. It's like a car wreck you can't turn away from no matter how awfull it is.

    The writers of this show are supposed to make us care about the characters in it. But over the seasons, and especially after this last season. I've become so fed up with all of them, I could care less if any of them lived to continue the show. It's sad that these people are actually being paid money from NBC to write this crapfest. Are these the same fools that write Jay Leno's jokes?

    If the show does come back for another season, I'm really not sure if I'll even bother to dvr it. It's not like anyone is watching it live anyway. 24 is on lol!

  19. I am someone who thouroughly enjoyed and loved Season 1, and was able to see positives in the following seasons. But your review of season 4 for me was 100% spot on, whilst reading it I could of mistaken it for something I wrote! maybe youve picked up Parkmans powers of telepathy !
    good job. I hope they get their act together next year, a Good Syler will be interesting.

  20. Are you serious? That was the finale? Talk about coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb…

  21. Season four is over?? I'm sorry, I think I missed the whole thing… Did I miss much?

  22. just watched heroes finale… i actually liked it i stopped watching at the begining of this season an lost interest. if they take the next logical step in the story the show should be good. at the end of one season hrg talked about geting funding from the government to put awawy bad people with powers an organize good heroes to do so. it's a little x-men like but what else can they do?

  23. This season was good enough that I'm giving it one more season. They get one more shot. I enjoyed this last season, but it's going to take a crazy good next season for me to decide that I like it as much as I thought I would.

  24. When the season began I was VERY optimisticabout it and I thought that the show was going to go in the right direction. And it did, well at least initially. Last season was HORRIBLE, especially the “villians” volume. So the leap the show made from last year was big but I dont think big enough.

    Like I said the show started off well. The new characters were interesting and we finally had a strong new villain in Samuel. The whole Sylar/Nathan thing was inetersting at times and the show showed signs of “redemption” from last season's misery. But after a certain point the show began to drag on. For me, nothing significant happened this entire season.
    Nathan died, so what he died supposebly in season 1, 2, and 3. In my opinion he was gone in season 3, this whole Sylar/Nathan thing did NOT count as a death. O yeah and Danco died and so di dthe tatoo lady. Forgot? Yeah thats because nobody cared.
    Claire told the world of people with abilities. If they have a next season, claire will realize she was wrong and her dad was right and Hiro will go back in time to save the world yatty yatta bla bla bla.
    We are just going around in circles. How Noah Bennett is still alive is beyond me at this point. Seriously waterman women drags him through the ground, are you kidding me? Why not kill him off? How many freaking times are him and Claire going to fight and make up this is RIDICULOUS. And Sylar is good, again? Come on. I know they were trapped in their minds for what seemed like 5 years to them in the show, but in reality it was half a day and in our reality it was an episode. So Sylar kills people for 4 seasons straight and then in 1 episode becomes a good guy. A bit melodramtic? Yea. He will probably get into a scuffle with humans next season anyway and go all villainous again and we will be back where we are at, around the merry go round.

    Seriously Heroes, take some risks. Do something different, kill some people off, bring in new BETTER characters. Focus the show more on the charcaters that make a difference and that people like. Go BOLD.

    I would have preffered a mass murdering where only a few characters (Peter, Sylar, Hiro, Claire) remained and that we went along a reboot type of way but with the same foundations.

    I WILL NOT watch ext season if there is one. I stuck to this show for way to long and I am done at this point. I just dont care anymore

  25. Anthony, my friend I've got to go with you on this one. This season of Heroes was just too much of a roller coaster ride, between not being able to decide if Nathan/Sylar could get along together in one head, to Sylar/Matt not being able to get along inside one head, to Nathan's sacrifice and Sylar's return and on and on, I couldn't really find a lot to like or dislike, it was so confusing a season. This season ending episode came as a surprise,which portends a possible end to the franchise which if they try and over saturate us with too many story layers next season might be a good thing.

    Didn't like the next season teaser. Claire has become the whiny poster child for teen angst and comes off too confusing at times. The writers can't decide whether she wants to hide her powers, embrace her powers, become a hero or whatever. She could get offed next season and I would be fine with that unless they get the stories and subplots all figured out for her and then I might care again.

    Sorry about the rant but I want a much better Heroes if it returns next season. Or maybe they'll get picked up by SyFy and it will get the BSG treatment and really take off from there. One can only hope.

  26. Not that I don't completely agree with most of this, I just want to point out that Peter didn't fly, he had super speed-Edgar (easily one of the new characters I liked). He touched Samuel when he grabbed him, took his power then. Unfortunately, about 80% of this season was a giant miss. A shame, really, there is a lot of potential in the show.

  27. I think that there will another season of Heros. I hope so at least.

  28. The minor arch of Sylar seeking redemption was a great idea one that I hoped his character would progress into. Unfortunately it happened during the run of a really uncreative major arch. All this talk of archs makes me want to burn bridges or a mcyd's. I feel like we as fans were let down with Hiro's development. And peter's power needs to settle on one darn identy. Come on, first its take on all powers of people that I touch. Then he starts losing control, then loses all powers, now one at a time. Don't give me a duck and tell me its a chicken. I'm surprised nobody aksed this question- How on earth did Hiro's dead mother heal him? How honestly if this can be answered logically I'd like to hear it. I think the only reason I watch it is for Sylar but good acting can only take this franchise so far until the writers start using their brains again. NBC wake up! Breath some new life in this once Epic series with some of the best new actors in the world to date. Do them all a favor and let them keep their jobs by firing bad writers or hiring new ones. Maybe an actual comic book writer e.g. Todd “The Awesome” Mcfarlane. I will still watch the next series even if I have to watch every ep online.

  29. I agree with a few things you said but I think you are being a little too harsh. Everyone knows that season 1 was the best season Heroes has had and most likely ever will, okay I get it. Although, considering seasons 2 and 3 I would say that season 4 was pretty good. Maybe I'm being too blind to all the “issues” Heroes has but honestly I love the show. Through it's ups and downs I remain a big fan and really really hope that they return for one last season. I do agree that at times it has been a little bit boring and needs some more excitement but I've stayed enertained by it. To me the season finale was the best episode of season 4. I thought most of the story arcs were tied up nicely and the cliff-hanger great. I loved the season 1 inspired ending for Claire. It brought me back to the good ol' days.
    Claire definitely needed something more exciting going on with her character because she hasn't had too much going on this season. Not that I'm a big fan of what was going on with her and Gretchen but I still thought it was wierd how they completely dropped Gretchen without nicely ending that story arc.
    I think Sylar's story throughout this season was great and him turning into a hero for the time being was a pleasant change of pace. Although, I do like Sylar the villain better.
    Peter…needs to get his powers back but I still really like him.
    I loved the introduction to the new villain Samuel in this season though, he really helped keep things exciting with the carnival, so kudos to the writers for putting that into the show. I also think that Robert Knepper did a great job playing his character.
    H.R.G dying would have been better than the way he was saved but in a way I'm glad he's still here.
    The actress playing old Charlie did an amazing job so that was a major plus. I was really glad that they finally tied that story arc up because for a long time it seemed to have been forgotten which was disappointing. I really like Hiro though so hopefully we will see more of him next season.
    So again, can't wait till next season!