Is Heroes Season 3 Awesome Or Ridiculous?

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2008 heroes Is Heroes Season 3 Awesome Or Ridiculous?

I was pretty excited by the Heroes Season 3 premiere and have been watching the show progress over the last few episodes. Saying that the pace has sped up compared to last season would be a wild understatement – things are happening at a rapid-fire pace.

But is it all light and no heat?

(BTW, there will be spoilers below.)

There have been so many revelations so far this season that it’ll make your head spin – it certainly keeps the “woah factor” up there (as in “woah, can you believe [insert crazy connection/item] just happened?!?!”), but has the pendulum swung too far in the opposite direction?

Last season the story moved very slowly, and due to the writers’ strike cutting the season short this ended up being a bad thing. Fans complained, the producers listened, and this season the opener was jam-packed with action and plot elements unfolding.

future claire Is Heroes Season 3 Awesome Or Ridiculous?Since then, we’ve met yet more super-powered characters (despite creator Tim Kring stating there would be no new characters this season) including a female version of The Flash, a guy who gains super-strength from people’s fear, Nikki’s (Ali Larter) twin who has a freeze power. And of course we have Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy) turning into the TV version of David Cronenberg’s The Fly.

We also have two versions of Peter (well, we’re back down to one), Sylar (ok, Gabriel) partnered with HRG as well as discovering our skull-slicing pal is the brother of Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) and Nathan Petrelli (Adrian Pasdar). Then we have future Claire “saving me didn’t save the world” Bennet (Hayden Panettiere) all decked out in black leather and acting like a bad-ass assassin. Oh, and now Peter has Sylar’s power and slices skulls, too!

I’m actually not clear on what exact power Peter needed from Sylar since he (Peter) absorbs the super power of others just by being nearby.

hiro ando Is Heroes Season 3 Awesome Or Ridiculous?Then there’s our friendly police officer Matt Parkman (Greg Grunberg) out in the African desert on a walkabout running into yet another guy who can paint the future. Of course Hiro and Ando are still flailing about like a couple of Keystone Cops.

Geez, have I missed anything? Oh, yeah – another nuclear explosion, this time in Costa Verde, California. And everyone in the future that can afford it has super-powers.

And this is in just 4 episodes so far this season.

So my question to you is this: Is Heroes just throwing everything it can into the mix in the hope it will engage viewers, or does this seem coherent and like it’s actually moving towards a destination to you?

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  1. I guess, Roberto, maybe “human element” isn’t the right phrase. As you’ve pointed out, there ARE a lot of human traits that run through it. I guess I’d just like to see the positive connections in there more. Claire can be confused about her dad or wonder what is going on with Peter but making her so mistrustful takes away from her appeal–makes her a little more one-dimensional perhaps–and there is little rooting value. Where before you could see the goodness brought out by her family, making her a killer in hopes of adding a layer to the character just helps erase what we like about her most–her good heart and lovingness. Nikki had undying love for Micah but they are gone. Nathan hasn’t had a wife or family to keep him grounded since season one–now its all turmoil with his mom and brother and Claire. Matt is alone, Suresh is basically a loner dealing with his own turmoil in a vacuum, the Heroes introduced last season and this season have no connection to the people already on canvas and that makes them hard to accept. I think just too many jumps to the future (and Hiro’s drawn-out and fruitless jump to the past last year) in orfer to add layers for us to “figure out” have taken away from the opportunities to be invested in the actual characters.

  2. Vic, that link took me to an HP site to download a file for an HP printer. I tried it twice and got the same thing.

  3. @John

    Sorry about that, don’t know how it happened. I’ve fixed the link. 😛


  4. Got it! And I agree, Tim Kring and company need to take notes. I thought about maybe an alien invasion where the players (good and bad) had to band together to fight an impending attack but that has killed a number of shows.

  5. I see your points, Shelley, and I don’t dissagree with you. And, although I still like Season 3, I also remain “cautious” about my excitement for the show, because it seems like things are right now at a point where either everything will go to hell and the show will make no more sense, or things will finally start falling into place. I have hopes that it will be the latter one, of course. I don’t dislike the twists and surprises, I just want it all to make sense in the end. And I want to see more of the relationships between Nathan, Peter, Claire, Sylar, etc. other than the fighting. And I would like to see more of Molly and Michah playing a role on the story, if they will at all.

    Thanks for the link, Vic. I like what Sci-Fi had to say, although I may not agree with some stuff. Mostly, though, I agree that the show should take time to also consider more simple situations in daily life and how our heroes/villains deal with them. Not everything should be about saving the world… Stopping all trips to the future/past? Not so sure about that. I think time travel may still be used, depending on the way it’s handled. But no overuse of anything is the key.

    I always thought, since season 1, that with so many possibilities, it would get really hard for the writers to figure out where to take the story next (unless they already have most of the plot planned out for several seasons or more). So many people have such diverse abilities. And there are such complicated characters like Peter, who absorbs others’ abilities. It would be really hard not to run into a contradiction, trying to keep track of all the powers that Peter has. Same with Sylar.

  6. I thought tonight’s episode was quite good, although I’m still not buying the extreme villain/hero reversal in some of the characters. It’s too extreme.


  7. Damn was Heroes on tonight?

    Where am I ?

  8. The reversal thing would be ok if it didn’t just take characters and destroy them. People don’t change so drastically in life for the most part. I mean basically at this point some of the characters are so different that the only thing about them that is the same are the actor and the name. Peter went from the most moral and the most “good” of them all to suddenly and evil super villain ? Sylar doing the opposite ? Sorry can’t buy it.

  9. I liked the episode too, and some scenes made me laugh, hehe :)

    On a semi-jokingly note: Shall we expect to hear pretty soon the lines: “Save the villain, save the world”? (If you watched tonight’s episode, you may know what I mean.)

  10. About the heroe/villain thing, it seems like, for the most part, I am defending the show, but anyway… I think Sylar’s change is extreme, yes, but not totally unprescedented. Remember in Season 1 how he didn’t want to become a monster and blamed (and killed in the end) Mohinder’s father for “making” him this way (i.e., blaming him for awakening his “hunger”, which is what future Sylar did to Peter)? He also went to his adoptive mother and tried to quit his old ways, but even his mom tried to kill him after he got carried away with the snow globes…


    Angela: Peter, you’re my special boy.

    Angela: Sylar, you’re my special boy.

    Angela: Nathan, you’re my boy, but not special.

    Mr. Petrelli, Peter, I’m your living father. You were my special boy, but now I’m your special dad.

    Darth: Luke, I am your father.

    Yoda: Luke, I am your mother.

    Jabba: Yabba Roh hhee nharr ya garr, ho ho ho
    (Han, you are my larva, ho ho ho)

    Credulity: Ow, you’re straining me!

    Gilbert Gottfried: Son of a b****!

  12. Seriously, I like how they’re making some sense of the lines of power.

    There are some powers that can be grouped together, and some of those have family lines. There are mimicking powers (Sylar, Peter, Monica).

    There are mind powers. (Matt & his father, Angela, Charles DeVeaux, Molly)

    There are visual powers-the shapeshifter/illusionist, Invisible Man.

    There are characters whose powers involve changing the physical environment (the gold guy, frigid Nikki, DL, the object dissolving guy).

    There are motion powers (flight, running fast) and healing powers.

    There are energy release powers (nuclear man, Elle).

    There are time and space powers (Hiro, vortex man)

    How do these powers interrelate? How are they passed on? Why did Nathan have infused powers? Is an eclipse integral to the existence of Heroes? (The main logo, the 2nd Season eclipse in ancient China)

    What powers did Hiro’s father have? (Speculation: the ability to be in many places at the same time. Like Multiple Man. Each instance of him would be slightly out of phase with the others, but for all practical purposes, they could operate in complete unison.

  13. @JC
    It looks like their powers are artificial; given to them by Dr. Zimmerman. Now where the parents powers come from, Kring only knows.

  14. John,

    I believe Mrs. Petrelli said that Sylar and Peter’s powers were hereditary, while Nathan’s (and the Nikki triplets) were induced.

  15. Well, you know…

    I’ve officially given up on this show… it’s drowning and I don’t like to see good people get dragged through hell and drown…

    This show is an example to everyone just how horrible it can become.

    Heroes is suffering from the dumbest writers in the history of writers…

    They’ve dealt with story lines in the most amateuristic ways, trying to fool the viewers into forgetting all the past errors, by simply not mentioning them.
    Like copy cat girl… The grandmother Uhura, how Parkmans dad ever got out of that mind trap he put him there… so many things have become so stupid, bordering idiotic, that I am just waiting to see the headline “HEROES CANCELLED”.

    This whole new idea of “genetically enhanced humans” just makes me sick to my stomach… it’s become more 4400 than Heroes… suddenly it’s just lost its own identity…

    It went from amazing to ridicules to appalling…

    This show is hurting the actors… Sylar is a joke, Hiro is a pain in the neck… you’d think he’d mature… and what the hell was that killing Ando scene for?

    New characters coming in and old ones being forgotten… such bad writing..

    So, we’re not talking about genetically enhanced humans with supernatural powers (X-Men and 4400 comes to mind, been there done that)

    In so many ways the show is trying to wipe out the existence of it’s first season.

    Dr. Suresh was the voice the morality the philosophy in the show in it’s first season…

    The entire idea of EVOLUTION (Season 1) was what made it special… it was unique… now… it’s a discounted version of an idea that died a horrible death…

    Heroes has become the perfect example to use in lectures and seminars on WHAT NEVER TO DO in this business.

    This show is dead to me…

  16. Jc:
    I agree that not everyone has “synthetic abilities”, as Mrs. Petrelli calls them. Future Peter explained to younger Peter that not everyone was born with abilities, some of them were made (he didn’t say everyone was made that way).
    About Hiro’s father, I think his power was similar to Sylar’s power, but maybe without the hunger that Sylar has. Hiro’s father had the ability to see all the variables and predict the outcome, just like Sylar (that’s why Peter wanted to learn how to use Sylar’s power, so he could know how to change the future). Hiro’s dad’s ability is mentioned in the Season 2 dvd.

  17. About the deleted scenes, that is one thing that has always bothered me about some shows. The deleted scenes sometimes help explain things that on the show, at first glance, happened too suddenly or came from nowhere. For instance, when Hiro and Ando all of the sudden said to Daphne that they were bad asses now and wanted to join the “army” they were building. I am guessing there was some scene that built up to this, and we never saw it. I have already seen that at the beginning of episodes, on some of the “recaps”, they show scenes that we actually never saw on the airing of previous episodes. Although I can’t think of the actual words, one of them involved Angela tellin Sylar something about how he was special or how she was going to help him or something like that… Maybe someone else knows what I am referring to.

  18. Roberto (or anyone),

    Are you saying that S2 DVD has a special feature that explains “Hiro Senior’s” gift?

  19. JC:
    I believe it was a deleted scene on the episode where Hiro’s father gets killed by Adam, but I may be wrong about this episode. I remember Ando is with Hiro’s father and he tells Ando that he has a special ability. Then he says that that is why he is so good with the stock market. They show him reading the paper and then (somehow) been able to put the information together… It’s a little hard to explain, but I know I saw it on the DVD, because I never saw Season 2 when it was aired on tv.

  20. The last two seasons, I couldn’t get enough of Heroes. This season, I’m having a hard time watching it.

    It seems much more cheesier to me this season. Not only is the plot predictable, but it is also ridiculous with all the dumb things that they have thrown in the mix…

  21. It is both.

    Some people were born with their abilities. Other’s have “synthetic abilities”, that is, they were not born with abilities but were experimented on (like Tracy and Nathan).

    Notice it has been mentioned several times on the show now that some people’s bodies were “ready” to receive abilities. Like Angela told Nathan, given his lineage, they thought his system could take the synthetic ability, and they were right. Mohinder said something similar to Peter in the last episode: his body is “primed” for abilities, because of his genetics. On the other hand, people like Tracy just got lucky, since, at least so far, she hasn’t shown any side effects. Mohinder, on the other hand, has had a bad side effect. (Maybe Niki’s multiple personality syndrome was a side effect too.)

  22. SPOILERS* just 2 let everyone no peter losses his power and 2 me i think everything has fallen into place i mean the whole plot of da show is thatthey must save the future but i still love all the seasons and season 2 is excelent + i love season 2 everyone has writers block sometimes BUT PLEAZ GET HIRO AND ANDO 2 DO SOMETHIN BETTER THEY ARE SOO ANOYING :]

  23. Regarding future Peters death. dont you think that maybe the bullet is still in his head, thus restricting him from reviving himself. Claire couldnt come to life until the glass was removed. This to me seems a logical answer.

  24. it probably is because future peter stil hasnt woken up yet but he probably will wake up PS BOTH PETERS ARE HOT!!!!!!!!! :]

  25. The latest episode “ties things together” but actually ends up making more continuity errors.

    And yes, I agree, Future Peter could not heal from being shot because the bullet was still in him. But, since both Present Peter and Nathan know how his power works, either of them could have removed the bullet and brought him back.

    One new one is that in “Don’t Look Back”, Angela claims she found him on the floor of the bathroom. It makes no sense for her to lie since if Peter tells Nathan, it ends with them both finding out that it wasn’t heart attacks or suicide attempts, but something she’s hiding. Also, Peter says he had 2 heart attacks before the one that killed him and Angela says all 3 were suicide attempts (though we now know they weren’t). And then, we have Nathan’s entry and discovery of his father. Why wouldn’t Angela just have the Haitian erase Nathan’s memory so that they could get rid of Arthur without interruption?

    Also, Elle’s supposedly been trained to be an agent since she was eight, not four.

    And I don’t remember who, but someone suggested that Sylar should have heard Noah and Stephen Canfield (vortex guy) because he had super hearing. The explanation of that is that he lost all of his abilities except for his original one when he was hit with the Shanti virus and even when he healed, he didn’t get them back, which is why he used only telekinesis with Claire and was so excited to see Noah’s files. But, this brings to mind another continuity error. If he lost all his powers, how did he still have telekinesis? And later how does he have Isaac’s painting precognition?

    And yes, I know I used a lot of “and”s and “also”s, but I’m too tired to come up with good writing right now, so… yeah. XD