Is Heroes Season 3 Awesome Or Ridiculous?

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2008 heroes Is Heroes Season 3 Awesome Or Ridiculous?

I was pretty excited by the Heroes Season 3 premiere and have been watching the show progress over the last few episodes. Saying that the pace has sped up compared to last season would be a wild understatement – things are happening at a rapid-fire pace.

But is it all light and no heat?

(BTW, there will be spoilers below.)

There have been so many revelations so far this season that it’ll make your head spin – it certainly keeps the “woah factor” up there (as in “woah, can you believe [insert crazy connection/item] just happened?!?!”), but has the pendulum swung too far in the opposite direction?

Last season the story moved very slowly, and due to the writers’ strike cutting the season short this ended up being a bad thing. Fans complained, the producers listened, and this season the opener was jam-packed with action and plot elements unfolding.

future claire Is Heroes Season 3 Awesome Or Ridiculous?Since then, we’ve met yet more super-powered characters (despite creator Tim Kring stating there would be no new characters this season) including a female version of The Flash, a guy who gains super-strength from people’s fear, Nikki’s (Ali Larter) twin who has a freeze power. And of course we have Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy) turning into the TV version of David Cronenberg’s The Fly.

We also have two versions of Peter (well, we’re back down to one), Sylar (ok, Gabriel) partnered with HRG as well as discovering our skull-slicing pal is the brother of Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) and Nathan Petrelli (Adrian Pasdar). Then we have future Claire “saving me didn’t save the world” Bennet (Hayden Panettiere) all decked out in black leather and acting like a bad-ass assassin. Oh, and now Peter has Sylar’s power and slices skulls, too!

I’m actually not clear on what exact power Peter needed from Sylar since he (Peter) absorbs the super power of others just by being nearby.

hiro ando Is Heroes Season 3 Awesome Or Ridiculous?Then there’s our friendly police officer Matt Parkman (Greg Grunberg) out in the African desert on a walkabout running into yet another guy who can paint the future. Of course Hiro and Ando are still flailing about like a couple of Keystone Cops.

Geez, have I missed anything? Oh, yeah – another nuclear explosion, this time in Costa Verde, California. And everyone in the future that can afford it has super-powers.

And this is in just 4 episodes so far this season.

So my question to you is this: Is Heroes just throwing everything it can into the mix in the hope it will engage viewers, or does this seem coherent and like it’s actually moving towards a destination to you?

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  1. i definitly like this season more than last season. the only thing that has really bothered this season so far is the weird thing with sylar and claire’s brain… that was just… wierd to me…that we were like seeing a brain and sylar was touching it… i can’t explain it, just WEIRD. Other than that, i’m liking it so far.

  2. I dumped it for good after the 3rd season premiere.

  3. Paige, when it comes to a guy drooling over someone’s open skull and brain–I don’t think you have to “explain it.” I get it!

  4. The season has major suckage…but the writers are best with surprises and ironies.

    I’m tired of premonition images (and, oh, super lame nondescript paintings) that tell me what “could” or “will” happen. And I’m tired of timelines and fixes to them. And after New York was saved at the end of Season 1, we still have Nathan on track to the presidency, which fulfills the initial vision of the future, which was supposedly mended.

    So things are inevitable, images are re-interpetable, and the past/present/future can be tinkered with. THEN WHY BOTHER with the timescapes? If the story’s supposed to be in four dimensions, fine–I love a good mind*#$@ once in a while. Just don’t use it as the principle plot device.

    The series painstakingly introduced us to PEOPLE but it’s uprooted the characters and immersed them in a boring solution of All Powers All The Time. Peter was a compassionate home health care worker. Tom was a cop trying to hold his marriage together. Suresh was a son trying to either walk in the legacy of his father or solve the mystery his father had hidden. See all the relationships? There are none–not even between the main characters (well, Ando & Hiro). You even have Mrs. Petrelli proclaiming her family ties to Sylar, and is there any warmth to it? The air got chillier at that moment than when Nikki-TRiplet freeze-dried a rose in her hands. Does anyone agree with me, the triplet story is lame and so is keeping this mouth-breathing actress on board?

    I’m not too keen on all our heroes becoming bad guys, and vise versa. There may be a balance in the universe–some say yin/yang. But yin should always be yin and don’t you dare mess with my yang.

    Oddly enough, the character signal we got from Tom forcing the Company members identities from Mrs. Petrelli–and she actually said it to him, was that if he did this, he would become what he hated (his father). This should have been the first hero to “go dark” but no, he’s off in Africa talking to turtles.

    I insist that my interpretation of Tom’s wilderness scenario is better than what the writers have done. My take was that Tom had been thrown into a dreamscape prison like his father, or he, or Peter could create.

    I like that Peter has become Sylar, and I like how it happened (Hey Vic, he wanted Sylar’s innate power ‘to understand how things work,’ so that he could “un-unravel” the timeline.)

    I saw Peter going dark back when he confronted Sylar, in the episode where Sylar pinned him and said “This is the part when most people scream.” Once Peter got his game on, his face became ruthless and you could see he was manifesting Sylar’s lust for power….I thought for sure Peter was going to “become” Sylar and would himself fulfill the scene where Hiro saw someone kill Isaac. Another case where MY story was better than the real one. :-)

    Peter somehow acquires the powers of the Haitan. He also acquires the powers of Daphne. He has Hiro’s powers already. Now he combines these and runs all over the planet and all over time making all the NBC viewers *forget* what they’ve seen of Season 3. See? No muss, no fuss, no can-opener craniums.

  5. My family has given up on it, and my neighbors have given up on it. That first season was bizzare and fun, but now it’s just bizzare. Too much anime, I’d like some realism, less characters, and especially less everyone-is-each-other’s-brother-and-sister.

    Sylar should have been the good guy in season 2. Peter should have died, and remain died. Balances on Hiro’s as well as everyone else’s powers should have been declared at the start of season 2. No lightning girl. They might as well of had Sarresh and the Cop married in season 2. It’s trendy, and all the other shows do it. Come on, don’t you want Heroes to be cool and popular?

    Too much to name, too many others things to do then watch live NBC anime.

    The only show I’m really looking forward to watch is Pushing Daisies. There’s something about that show that’s just plain-old simple fun.

  6. Ed, great takes on all that. First Tom has domestic problems with his wife. Then Molly Has Two Daddies. Now he’s coming out of his shell with a Comcast Turtle.


  7. {ANDO}

  8. The wheels are falling off…

    0« _T_0

  9. I get your English….I’ve curved my neck like a hoot owl but sitll don’t get

    0« _T_0

  10. That’s the side view of the Heroes mobile with its back tire coming off.

    0« _T_0

    That’s the best I can do with this pathetic computer technology! 8-)

  11. I loved the first season and I honestly don’t get all the hate for season 2. I thought it was good just got screwed by the writers strike like every other show. This season seems a bit much and is just going way out there. It’s still entertaining and I still plan to watch every episode, but it’s not on the top of my list anymore. There was a time it was competing with The Shield for me on what was better now it’s fallen way behind.

  12. I am pretty tired of the “Save the Future” storylines, which basically all three seasons have been. I would like to see a season where they confront a crisis on the fly.

    But overall I think this season is a major improvement from last season. Maybe not 100% on par to season 1, but not nearly as bad as everyone likes to make it out to be.

    Basically, I think Vic is pretty much on point. Season 2 went too far in one direction, and they have swung it back too far in the other to compensate. Plus, I think they forgot that probably the best episode from Season 1 was Company Man, which dealt with the past, not the future.

    They need to get back to that, and back to an equal balance of action and drama.

  13. Oh my gosh. Personally / and obviously it is a huge improvement to last season. But I am still really enjoying this season. I like the fact that it seems to be pacing in the more fun direction rather than keeping it strict.

    I really like the ideas too, there using the whole present/ future very well and I love how things are getting flipped. I especially love sylar/gabriel and the fact that they have used the fact its a Hunger rather than him just being evil.

    Great show.

  14. I’ve just finished episode 3, season 3… that’s the worst writing and dumbest ideas that are being thrown left and right…

    I said I’d give this season till the mid season ending… but it seems I cannot muster this garbage any longer…

    I’m watching ONE more and then I’ll announce it dead… I sat through season 2 and this season is even more retarded…

    Change the name of the series from Heroes to LOSERS… and then… maybe then, I’ll watch another episode… otherwise… won’t it just die already?

  15. I’m starting to see a lot of plot holes–how did future Peter die? I thought he was indestructible thanks to Claire. Does Sylar hide his powers? Is that why Peter(s) couldn’t get them?


  16. All I know is that I don’t feel satisfied watching the show. I get a headache trying to keep up with who has what power, etc. And since when can Cop Dude paint the future? Seems like everyone is capable of having more than one power, as it is convenient to the story line. I think that the first season was so awesome that the writers just can’t top it. Now all they are doing is jumping the shark.

  17. I’ll answer the question, Vic.

    Things seem so chaotic because twists are happening in multiple phases of time. There’s an onslaught of plot twists/holes now but I suspect things will die down as Peter and Parkman discover the sequence of events that lead to the future world.

    There is a destination, but it’s one I’m not willing to go to.

  18. I like the new season, but I fear that they need a continuity director. Episode 4 of Season 3 has so many flaws, it’s as if the person that wrote that episode has never seen the show before. A minor issue is that Mohinder leaves a message on his digital recorder. That message then warps as it transitions to the future. Yet when they go back to the past, Mohinder leaves another message on the recorder. So apparently the last message Mohinder left that warped was the second to last entry? A major issue is the continuity of Peter. Claire shoots “future” Peter (with the scar) in the head. How did that kill him? He has Claire’s ability and cannot die. So I thought “the Haitian must be there and he cannot heal” and in the scene where Future Peter and Present Peter are lying on a table, the Haitian is there so they cannot use their powers. Nathan comes in and dismisses Claire and the others out of the room. Present Peter cannot use his powers at first. But later in the scene, he can. So that would indicate that the Haitian is far enough away that powers can now be used. Yet Future Peter still lies dead on the table? That my friends is a continuity error. Present Peter SURVIVED A NUCLEAR BLAST when Future Sylar blew up. Yet apparently two bullets from Claire’s gun can kill the Future (more powerful) Peter? Which leads me to perhaps the most ill thought out issue with this story arc. Why does Peter need Sylar’s ability? HE ALREADY HAS IT! Maybe it is to “understand” the powers he has like Sylar, but you introduce the “hunger” aspect of it. Sylar kills the people in order to obtain their power. He does not have a thirst to kill for killing’s sake. In Season one he even states (I’m paraphrasing), “Why would I blow up New York? I don’t kill innocent people there is nothing in it for me.” So you have established that he kills to get super’s powers not JUST to kill. Yet Peter now has the “hunger?” He attacks and kills Future Nathan…Why? Peter does not need to examine another evolved person’s brain to obtain their power…He just needs to be in close vicinity of them to absorb it. Also…HE ALREADY HAS NATHAN’S POWERS!!!!!! There is no rhyme or reason for him to do that. There may be a great desire in Peter now to have the powers of other people, but that hunger would be satisfied before it ever surfaced the moment he was close to them. I ask, do these guys not watch the show they write? Also no mention of West or Monica? At all? Season 2 had West as a key role in Clair’s world. Now we have no idea what ever became of him. Not even the slightest of explanatory sentences to let the viewers know what happened? If he is being introduced later on, then that introduction will have no weight behind it since we have no idea where he is been this whole time. We have no idea the motives or emotions that took place when Claire and he separated. They need to hire a continuity director. If they have one, then I beg them to please evaluate their performance.

  19. This season is EXACTLY what we all wanted to see since season 1. You all claim that it was the Characters that made season 1 so special? Have you watched Season 1 recently??? MAJOR CHEESE FACTOR. We all were waiting for the super-powered showdown to save NYC and even that climax, while good, was a bit underwhelming.

    Season 2 was a wash because it took SO long developing the characters and the story arch that we all were like “where’s the action???” That’s why only the last 3 eps of S2 were good, and why the show lost viewers

    Now in S3 we have action, we have good twists and turns, good VILLAINS (Marlo from “The Wire?”) and many of you are COMPLAINING ABOUT IT???? It just goes to back up what I always say about TV, which is that the audience doesn’t know WHAT the hell it wants. Everybody is a wannabe critic who thinks they know how it could of been better. Write Tim Kring if you feel so strongly, then.

    If you’ve “fallen off” the show, good riddance. Go watch Knight Rider. I while keep enjoying this thrilling season of a show I enjoy immensely.

  20. For someone above, Future Peter died because The Hatian was nearby (Past Peter fell past him as he got away), thus stopping his regen power and allowing him to die, he’s not like Claire or Adam, the power isn’t in his blood. Peter is a mimic and there are boundaries.
    I believe what Claire and Adam’s power is, is a central piece to this seasons dilemma. Some of our Heroes are made and some are born with power is creeping up too.
    I’m enjoying it but will admit to the show becoming a bit predictable (who didn’t see Nathan swooping in to save Ali’s character whatever her name is this episode) and saving the future is getting rusty. But wouldn’t that be what ordinary people would do if they could?! How many times have you heard “if I knew then what I know now” I think the show is spinning out with it’s original attraction. The characters, ordinary people doing not so ordinary things. The Superpower Pandora’s Box has been opened and we are getting to see what happens.

  21. TalynRider,

    I appreciate the answer. So I guess one continuity error explained…thirty more to go.

    Peter doesn’t need Sylars powers, or didn’t need to kill Nathan since he already had it, Peter wouldn’t hunger kill fto feed the hunger since he can absorb their power without killing, No mention of West, No mention of Monica,

    I’m sure there are many many more. Maybe the writer’s strike brought in writers that never saw or were fans of the show?

  22. @Kofi,

    read the 140+ comments to the heroes season 3 premiere thread, lol. It’s pretty clear there what some fans do and more especially *do not* want, hehe.

    Action is great…when its good. This is not. Everything that happened in the premiere was rediculous – it was a giant special FX test for no reason other than to appease fans who they thought all they wanted was that. Incorrect. All the characters, and more especially how they use the powers and their motivations were so fargone that the show’s direction is all convoluted and in many cases, contradictory to what happened in previous volumes.

    Season 1 was overrated which I think is the base for all these problems. The show/story has never been amazing, it just had a few amazing spots scattered.

    Now its big cluster of random nonsense and contradictory threads.

    So I don’t think this season is anything we all wanted to see. We wanted the characters and powers used properly, not getting that, and a step away from the stop the future, still have that, and I think we all wanted a great properly paced story – and we’re certainly not getting that (so far).

    I think the only fix for the show is to get past this future changing crap, then have the company try to kill the time travellers and future-seers to prevent more timeline distortions (and the stupid plots for us fans).

    On a side note, I watched episode 4 last night and I don’t buy Claire with dark hair and trying to be bad.

    They should consider dropping the Tracy Strauss story, Parkman’s turtle-chasing future story, and everything related to Hiro and Ando. Unless they’re somehow going to join in with the other characters.

    Since every plot line is going awry, they should bring them all together and have them team up finally and work from there.

    When we knew season 3 was to be called ‘villains’, the many Heroes podcasts kept going on about there being 12 villains escape or something and that sounded a little more exciting than 4 escaping and only 1 being left after 3 episodes.

  23. There is nothing out there that will make me think that the season 3 is not good enough. Is the best season so far. People complain about everything, they are never satisfied. In response to the last message (mootaku) i have to say that ‘copy’ the power is very different of ‘understand’ it. The ‘hunger’ is hunger for knowledge and not to take powers from anyone. Please, don’t ‘create’ some reason to not like this season…if you don’t get it OK, but don’t make any bad comment without think about it. Season 1 was great because was new stuff. The second was really bad because people want more action and less conversation. Now that we have more action….people have to invent an away to critic too.
    Heroes RULES until now in this season 3.

  24. Yes, I have to agree that there are far too many continuity errors.

    Like… how did future Peter get a scar anyway? Can’t he HEAL?

    I mean yeah, this past ep was pretty cool, but I have to TOTALLY suspend my disbelief in order to watch this show.

  25. How many people think the coolest part this season so far is seeing HRG and Sylar on a mission together to stop the 4 villains in the bank?

    *raises hand*

    I’m hoping alot of people liked that part – if so, that’s my point. We want that – MORE of that and extend upon in. Have villains doing their plots and teams of good guys stopping them. The twist is who’s on who’s side like Sylar working for the good guys.

    There really hasn’t been much action as many are saying – there’s been a lot of special effects – but not much power vs. power fights. I think that may appease alot of fans, but who knows.

    I’m interested in seeing what this season is leading to, these 4 episodes have all been build-up in a sense.

  26. New season is definately falling short of the story and continuity of the previous two seasons…however i can’t be too angry it introduced me too Chuck again…lol

  27. Shaka,

    I started the rant with the following, “I LIKE THE NEW SEASON.”

    I am not complaining and saying I hate the show. On the contrary I am complaining because I LIKE the show. The problem is that the creators and writers of the show are asking us to invest time and sometimes money to enjoy their product. We only need to suspend disbelief on certain aspects of the characters. They then tell us a story with rules if you will. They break their own rules (ie the continuity) and then still expect us to be okay with that. They say in two season “suspend disbelief that Peter and Claire can not die.” We say “okay,” Then they tell us “Peter can die.” but offer no explanation as to why and how this can happen. That contradicts what they have asked from us before hand. “Suspend disbalief that Peter can absorb powers by being in close vicinity of super heroes.” again we say “okay” now they say…”Peter can’t absorb Sylar’s powers unless he fixes a watch.” and I say “HUH WTF?” and the list goes on.

    If you want to turn off your brain and accept spoonfuls of whatever they want to feed you without accountability of any sort, then by all means… Watch the pretty pictures flashing on your screen and enjoy. To people that are fans of the show… Maintain continuity so that the whole premise of the show doesn’t unravel. Continuity is important. That’s why people couldn’t accept that R2 hung out with obi wan since he was 17 then in Star Wars episode 4 obi wan had no clue who R2 was.

  28. This is a public service message from the guy who runs the site:

    Keep the discussion civil – don’t make me turn this car around. :-)

    Seriously, let’s not start with denigrating each other. I realize we’re all passionate about our favorites but we can discuss our differences of opinion without resorting to insults.


  29. Vic,

    If that was aimed at me you are incorrect. I was not attempting to “insult” anyone. I am stating a fact. His argument is basically “don’t complain about something that is good.” My argument is that People that are into the details of the show have to call foul when they see it since they enjoy the show. You have to “turn off your brain” not because you are stupid, but in order to miss the obvious contradictions in the continuity of this latest episode. I apologize if that phrase offended you (although I can’t see how), and will attempt to watch my phrasing in further posts.

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