Is Heroes Season 3 Awesome Or Ridiculous?

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2008 heroes Is Heroes Season 3 Awesome Or Ridiculous?

I was pretty excited by the Heroes Season 3 premiere and have been watching the show progress over the last few episodes. Saying that the pace has sped up compared to last season would be a wild understatement – things are happening at a rapid-fire pace.

But is it all light and no heat?

(BTW, there will be spoilers below.)

There have been so many revelations so far this season that it’ll make your head spin – it certainly keeps the “woah factor” up there (as in “woah, can you believe [insert crazy connection/item] just happened?!?!”), but has the pendulum swung too far in the opposite direction?

Last season the story moved very slowly, and due to the writers’ strike cutting the season short this ended up being a bad thing. Fans complained, the producers listened, and this season the opener was jam-packed with action and plot elements unfolding.

future claire Is Heroes Season 3 Awesome Or Ridiculous?Since then, we’ve met yet more super-powered characters (despite creator Tim Kring stating there would be no new characters this season) including a female version of The Flash, a guy who gains super-strength from people’s fear, Nikki’s (Ali Larter) twin who has a freeze power. And of course we have Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy) turning into the TV version of David Cronenberg’s The Fly.

We also have two versions of Peter (well, we’re back down to one), Sylar (ok, Gabriel) partnered with HRG as well as discovering our skull-slicing pal is the brother of Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) and Nathan Petrelli (Adrian Pasdar). Then we have future Claire “saving me didn’t save the world” Bennet (Hayden Panettiere) all decked out in black leather and acting like a bad-ass assassin. Oh, and now Peter has Sylar’s power and slices skulls, too!

I’m actually not clear on what exact power Peter needed from Sylar since he (Peter) absorbs the super power of others just by being nearby.

hiro ando Is Heroes Season 3 Awesome Or Ridiculous?Then there’s our friendly police officer Matt Parkman (Greg Grunberg) out in the African desert on a walkabout running into yet another guy who can paint the future. Of course Hiro and Ando are still flailing about like a couple of Keystone Cops.

Geez, have I missed anything? Oh, yeah – another nuclear explosion, this time in Costa Verde, California. And everyone in the future that can afford it has super-powers.

And this is in just 4 episodes so far this season.

So my question to you is this: Is Heroes just throwing everything it can into the mix in the hope it will engage viewers, or does this seem coherent and like it’s actually moving towards a destination to you?

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  1. I am so confused by all of this. I agree with most of you who have written that season one was better and developed strong relationships. But can anyone tell me what happened to the girl that Matt Parkman was taking care of?
    The one who could find any hero- she was sort of a locator. If Parkman is running around on spirit walks in Africa and is romantically linked to the girl that runs fast then where is the locator girl? (Sorry I forgot their names but hopefully you all know what I am talking about)

    Also I loved the Mikah character and the fact that he was beginning to use his ability to talk to electronics as a way to rob ATM’s. So if his storyline had continued we would have definately seen his moral evolution, especially with both of his parents not there to help or guide him.

    Also speaking of Mikah, what happened to his cousin in Louisana who would watch tv an get an imprint of it in her mind. For example she was watching a martial arts movie and knew how to mimic the fighting. She was a great character.

    I agree with all of you that this Nikki / Freeze ray sister/ Unknown third sister story line is stupid. I loved the original Nikki and Mikah story line where she was a stripper trying to make ends meet while her husband was missing. I like the mother- son dynamic. It was loving and interesting to watch, especially with the complexity of the fact that she was married to a black man and had a interracial son. Now she is dead and her twin is some sort of public relations guru. I am all for the Nikki character moving up from her downtrodden life to a better one, but that story line is just crazy.

    I miss Mikah’s dad and thought that he left the show too soon. I mean c’mon a guy that walks through walls, but becomes a firefighter. It had the potential to go far.

    Okay enoughh ranting on that- what about Claire’ s mom meridith dying in a fire at the comapany. That’s crazy, because she handeles fire everyday- that’s her ability. And how come after Meridith and her brother got seperated they did not reunite and try to take down the company and become some sort of vigilante fire duo. I mean the both of them have reasons for hating the company- Meridith becasue they took away her baby and her brother because they locked him up.

    And can some one tell me Papa Petrilli’s power? IS he some sort of taker of all power? If so they why can peter mimic him and take away his power why did skyler have to kill him?

    Skyler, Skyler Skyler what more can I say about that. He is the ultimate of all villians, but I really liked how he became good in the future that Peter saw. He has a son. Before Elle died I though that maybe it was their sone, but I guess not. I all fairness Skyler can’t do everything- can’t be everything. There has to be another evil villian as bad as he is- that we the viewers become invested in. We are not invested in Papa Petrilli, because we don’t know his back story or some of the villians, because we don’t know their back stories, but we are invested in Skyler. So I think that the writers have to write another villian in that we become invested in.

    And I am sad that they killed off the characters that Hiro loved like that the girl he traveled back in time to help Adam Monroe fall in love with Or the girl at the coffee shop that had accelerated learning. Hiro needs a love interest. He has the bromance, but that’s not enough.

    The catalyst storyline is stupid.

    The fact that Dr. Suresh has totally moved from one side to the other and has forgotten everything that his father worked for is sad. And isn’t Suresh supposed to be looking for his sister and trying to find out her power? Or am I wrong on that?

    And if the eclipse gave everyone back their powers then Maya must have her making people dead power back right?

    We need to see more one of them one of us company duo’s more.

    I think I wrote too much but hey I love the show. I hope the new season answeres at least some of my questions.

  2. Yeah, I do love the show, in spite of some stuff. Two things I did not care for, like you say, were definitely the catalyst thing and the whole eclipse taking/giving everyones powers, especially the taking away part of it.

  3. I don’t get it. Whys everyone saying Tom this Tom that. Dunno who that is then I find out they’re talking about Matt Parkman. At least get ur names right.

  4. I wish they would finally kill off the actress that played Niki. I was so happy when Niki was killed off then they brought back the actress for another role. I really don’t like the actress she annoys me and I don’t find her very talented. She plays Niki nearly the same as her new person but they are nothing alike. I actually liked DL so they had to kill him off.

  5. I actually feel the complete opposite about Niki. I think Niki getting killed off was a bad move. Actually, neither Niki nor DL should have got killed. Yeah, their story was not directly related to everything else that happened with the other “heroes/villains”, but it gave the show a different dimension, a more personal one, and not everything has to be related to the main characters/plot. It never made sense to me that they had Niki and DL die (maybe there was a reason regarding the actors themselves that I am not aware of?).
    I still love the show, but can’t always agree with the decisions made by the writers, just like basically any other show.

  6. The reason behind DL was simply that they needed to kill of characters and he was felt to be unnecessary. I really liked the DL character as well as the actor I have always thought he was talented. However, my reasons against Niki are simply that hte actress is pretty bad.

  7. I agree that I wish they hadn’t killed Nikki. To kill her and bring in her doppleganger who is far less interesting is a waste! She, DL and Micah helped add a human element that has been missing (albiet a little better this season than last season but not quite up to par as season 1). It was better to see the heroes as having good relationships and these powers interfering with their lives or creating new relationships. Now even Ando has a power?? I liked the juxtoposition of he and Suresh as the “powerless heroes” but showing us they are heroes nonetheless. Now they both have powers too? That just makes it even more one dimensional in their quest to be “more” interesting.

  8. Ando got a sweet power so that’s pretty cool plus hiro is de-powered so there’s still that balance. we also got Noah running around being awesome with no powers as well.

  9. i agree with jc at the top…reading your comments i realized what i missed the most was the humanity of the first season that is lost in crazy…crazy plot twists and power strugles. during season 2 i found that the lack of any definition of boundaries on powers made things a little sketchy but i didnt mind. but this season its become a serious problem. really interestin characters are being lost in all of mess that is endless power growth and plot twists. remember one of the catchphrases from season one was something about ordinary people having extraordinary powers and what would they do? i feel like that was the twist…what would ORDINARY PEOPLE do. and granted shows evolve over seasons but a big pull of the show was that it spent a fair amount of time delving into the psyche of ordinary people. too much of that has been lost in this season with the focus on extraordinary situations. the two hour long season three premiere i could barely remembered what happened in the first ten minutes by the time the two hours were over it was so overstuffed with action. ive been trying to hang on ever since but its hard. and i remember being so thrilled when this show first came out two years ago. it sucks because between friday night lights and this show i went bananas when monday night rolled around. i really liked these two shows. remember the excitement of finding out that nathan had powers too…or following nikki trying to protect her son and deal with the thugs on her tail. and now i bet fnl will be canceled to. sigh…oh well…rant done.

  10. Dislike where season 3 is heading. The second part of it started off nicely with Peters powers gone and mutants hunted down (giving them a strong counter part) but then: Counterpart is just yet another company, possibly with more (regular) men but that did not help a bit so far. I understand everyone who wishes for deeper character development and yet dislikes what is happening. All these personal stories now are not of a character developing nature nor add to the plot line. I wish Fox would stop with Claire and her family and this new “I can breath under water”-guy. They do not develop a bit and their problems are as important to the world (currently US) as Kim Bauers’ were in 24 after the 1st season: Not at all. If Syler must have parent issues then let him deal with it quickly. Got the feeling that half the series these days is used up by people driving in cars, sitting talking on benches or in Claire’s house or otherwise the president ‘arguing’ with his chief of operations. little action, little development and little depth in questioning what could happen to our world and morals if mutants of that sort really were to turn up. seems to me the writers’ guild is on strike right now.

  11. The start of the new series is pretty sweet so far I like now that it’s the government involved and people with powers are starting to get exposed. I like the set up at the end of the last episode with what they are doing with Parkman the new villain for this chapter is enjoyable. I would like to see Sylar’s finding his father arc to be resolved a little more quickly but it seems like he’s putting a lot of important pieces together on his journey there so I’m fine with it. I do want to see more of hiro and ando and a little less of claire and her mom.

  12. I like this volume too, so far.
    It’s slower paced, but at least there aren’t too many flips flops, like in the previous volume. I like the plot with people with powers being hunted down and their struggle to live their own lives and avoiding the authorities. I also like the Sylar plotline, but can’t wait to see what happens once he finds his father. I always wondered about his mother, until the last episode, that is.

    I hope eventually Peter’s body gets used to the powers and he learns to use them like he did in Season 1, and not just one power at a time. Who knows, maybe all he needs is to have Ando supercharge his powers for a little while, and he’ll be set.

  13. This series stinks. My IQ slips away as I watch.

    Everyone loved the first season. Normal people, dealing with their lives – with the added bonus/problem of a super power.

    How does season three move the story forward… ummm…. Sadistic american military will track down and kill if necessary anyone that’s got a power.

    It’s not really Barack Obama’s america.

    And these special people with super powers they want to live normal lives….(I don’t think so) well how about they move into surburbia or a 3rd world country, get jobs and live normally. Not hang around each other moaning and grappling with the pains of super-power-dum.

    Heroes – Radical Thinking Time

    1)Peter discovers (ala Matrix) that people with special abilities are grown in huge caves deep inside earth’s crust. A conspiracy that it’s a game non humans are playing on us… (ala Greek Gods games)

    2)Peter stumbles on a beautiful town/small city. The people have the best of everything. It’s one of a number of Utopia’s around the world. Peter discovers at the heart of the towns are power generators. Experts trying to find a power supply to replace oil kidnap/bribe/hypnotise/use heroes to generate their powers to create energy – so if the person can create enormous wind (ala me) they’re put in a giant turbine to blow it/move it. If it’s heat generation… atomic/microwave powers…

    The heroes generating power use so much of their own juice they don’t live beyond 65 years old – but they don’t mind the sacrifice. Peter can try and change their minds…

    3)Get back to Basics – while all the Petrellis and cheerleaders run around being dramatic. We follow up on that kid who can talk to electronic gadgets and his cousin that can learn quickly.

    How do normal people function in normal lives – when killing and playing soldier arn’t their bag.

    Look the sets were cute in the first seasons but now they just look…. cheapy and i’ve seen all the facial looks I need from sylar and the police man.

    The cheerleader has turned from smart cute feminist to moaning yappy unhelpful spoilt kid – surely she’s staying in the mix for a teenage thrill – if she was a good person – wouldn’t she be sharing her blood with random sick children?????

    Hero has lost his cute smile and japanese accent – has he taken up drinking and boredom?

    Suresh – idealist turned crazed power hungry lustful bug turned cabby?!?!?!? He looks more like a femine all american model with the IQ of a model to match.

    The petrelli’s… well any red blooded woman would be happy for them just to get sweaty and look into their souls.. they’re in pain, they suffer, they look great in everything….

    Heroes people – it’s had it’s day. End now. Or get a breed of new people working on it – i’m sure it’s all very cosy in the green room – but from my living room – it’s dull.

  14. The episode tonight was alright. I liked the confrontation between Gabriel and his father. Mostly, I liked the ending: Sylar hiding in that agent’s (I forgot his name) house, the agents going after Claire, Nathan flying, etc. Again, I like that there aren’t as many flips flops this time as there were in the last volume, but the story has consistently (except for maybe one episode) drawn my attention. I hope things continue to get better …

  15. Thank for spoiling the ending. Thanks a lot.

  16. Then you shouldn’t have checked “Screen Rant” BEFORE watching the episode. I learned that lesson a long time ago.

  17. @Angry Anon

    Um, I’m sorry, but this post is FIVE MONTHS OLD. How could it have possibly have spoiled anything for you?

    When we write something up about a TV series, generally we talk about what has happened up until that point.


  18. Season 1 was a good season, season two wasn’t bad.. but last night i just started watching season 3 and it seems completely different, as if there is a different director also. It seems like they took a wrong turn with the story writing. It had a lot of potential and now everything just seems so corny. One of my biggest disappointments in season 3 is Dr. Syresh. Why does he take up having powers? That was when I decided that “heroes” is going a little too far.

  19. My girl and I just started watching the series a few weeks ago. We really dug into it, although I was very hesitant after all the hate season 2 received. Season 1 had great character development, with fairly realistic people. It did what I expected the show to do, what it was intended; it presented normal people dealing with powers.

    Peter is a genuinely nice guy and a dreamer who feels compelled to do something about the enigmatic signs of a terrible future set before him. An idealistic, child-like Hiro wants to go off and be a hero and save the day from a disaster he is confronted with before it happens. Niki is thrown into a stressful spiral, dealing with a second personality that is capable of harnessing her superhuman strength, a personality borne from a mental disorder caused by traumatic abuse as a child (a realistic and common mental response to abuse, I might add). Parkman struggles with a waning marriage while slowly learning of his own gift, one that might lead him to make a real difference when compared to his everyday police-work. Nathan is struggling with a brother who is excited about their powers and his own life, which has no place for flying and heroics. Mohinder carries on his father’s work, exploring the possibilities of these amazing powers people may have, all the while wondering if he’s just chasing a dream that’s not even his. Sylar, a sociopath with a desire to be more than average, goes on a murderous streak, using his innate ability to take the powers of others like him, following his twisted belief in evolution; that he and the other posthumans must be strong to survive, strong to even deserve their gifts.

    Then we moved on to season 2. I braced myself for bad, but was pleasantly surprised. Rather than trying to keep up the adrenaline they had tried to pump at the ending of the first, they explored the characters more, and I enjoyed that a lot. The show was never about the powers and heroics; it was a slow-paced show about realistic characters dealing with those plot elements. I noticed people saying that the climactic showdown at the end of season 1 wasn’t action-packed enough. Ever watching a great movie where the climactic showdown had NO action whatsoever, and was instead more about the tense situation? Probably, considering there are a lot of great movies like that. If you were looking for fast-paced action, why did you watch a slow-paced drama through over twenty episodes? Go read a comic, or watch and action movie if that’s what your after. This show is just about the characters. The powers and heroics are a bonus for people who like that kind of thing, which I do.

    And then I saw the first episode of season 3. Now, the build up at the end of season 2, the revelation of who shot Nathan at the press conference… I was taken aback. In a good way. Interesting twist, I thought. Let’s see where this goes. However, seeing the episode that went with it… I wanted to stop watching right there. A lot of what has happened has been spoiled for me, of course, having read every comment on here, but I didn’t even care about spoilers after the catastrophe that was that first episode (this is purely my opinion, of course). Drop Parkman off in the desert? Completely destroy Suresh’s character with the power-injection ordeal? Almost every other scene (with the exception of Sylar and Claire, which I did enjoy) wasn’t on long enough for the characters to… well, to have character. Stuff just kept happening, and a lot of it made little-to-no sense. At the beginning of the series, not understanding almost everything going on is a no-brainer; you haven’t seen any of the show yet. However, to throw a bunch of random, unforeshadowed craziness into an ongoing series is NOT the way to keep current viewership.

    I understand why many people enjoyed it. It was fast-paced, with lot’s of stuff happening all over the place. However, that’s why it failed me. And I agree with everyone who says that the “stop a terrible future” plot device is tired, but it’s hard to avoid with Hiro as a driving character.

    Here’s a twist; how about Hiro sees a good, glorious utopia of a future? It maintains the time-travel plot concept without rehashing too much. The race would be on to not screw up a good thing. He’d have to make sure he didn’t mess up what could be a wonderful future… and maybe another time traveller (hell, even evil future Peter) wants it to be different, like the current set-up. Yes, more time-travel nonsense, but it would be DIFFERENT time-travel nonsense… and if we were really so bothered by the time-travelling plots, would we have watched the show this long?

    Episode 1 of season 3 may have just killed the series for me. I plan to watch more, as I still hold onto hope and enjoyed what I have watched. I read here that the second volume starts to get things back on track, but the radical, terrible changes to core elements of the plot that have occurred… they’ve warped a world I enjoyed, and I don’t think I would enjoy the world that was left over, even if it were a fresh start without having seen the prior seasons.

    But if the season brought new viewership to a dying show, and made the creators and producers money, then my opinion really doesn’t matter much. Hell, it doesn’t matter at all, because I’m not Hiro and can’t go back and change it. To quote a webcomic I read yesterday; “Why make something great when good sells better?”

  20. I love Heroes, and I liked Season 3, but I gotta admit that there are plot holes that bug me. First, who saved Nathan when he got shot at the beginning of Season 3? Also, what’s up with the African guy appearing to Matt and giving him the power to see the future?

    More importantly, and this is something that was introduced in Season 2 which I never really loved, but why don’t they just use Claire’s blood to cure anyone who gets sick or gets killed, right?

    I like that the show tends to tie lose ends, but then it always creates more lose ends in the process. We’ll see what happens…

  21. claire saved nathan when he got shot and it only works if they aren’t already dead.

  22. Claire saved Nathan? She was in California getting attacked by Sylar.

    If they aren’t already dead? What about HRG, when he got shot in the eye and died? Then he was injected with the blood and was resurrected.

  23. claire used her blood to bring nathan back to life after he was shot. also who’s to say they can’t bring anyone back? they probably didn’t bring nathan back recently cuz they needed sylar to take his place where he could be controlled and watched.

  24. When did Claire go to the hospital and used her blood to save Nathan? As I remember, Peter was there with Nathan and even he was surprised when Nathan came back to life for no apparent reason. They made it look like Linderman had saved him, but we know that was not Linderman over at the hospital. So, was it Arthur who saved Nathan somehow, or someone else?

    I agree that Sylar needed to be controlled. But I don’t think Angela would have given up her real son just to control Sylar. They knew (at least HRG knew) that using Clarie’s blood could have saved Nathan. Are they planning on doing this eventually? Because I imagine that his body (just like the fake Sylar’s body was) is probably in deep freeze somewhere.

  25. I actually got two different scenes mixed up. I think it was implied that arthur saved him. and as for not saving nathan who knows Angela and Noah are schemers so who knows what they are actually planning. sometimes it’s just best to wait it out to see if plot issues are resolved because heroes tends to take a while to do that.

  26. That’s what I do like about the episodes when they go to the past and explained the things that happened. My favorite so far has been the one where the explained Arthur’s apparent death. More recently, it was a nice touch to know that Angela’s shop lifting was not just random, but had to do with her sister. I hope in the next season we get to see how this whole thing with Nathan is resolved (I hope he will eventually be resurrected, otherwise, if and when Sylar comes back Nathan would be gone forever), but I hope we also get to see more of Angela’s sister.

  27. I don’t like the direction this show is going. Season 1 was amazing. I wish there were more television shows today with the potential and magic of this show. I braced myself for the mess of Season 2. After all, everyone gave Season 2 bad reviews. I was pleasantly surprised. The season was going in a very good direction. As it got closer to the finale though, I was fed up with the cop outs, the plotholes, and the inconsistencies. Why kill someone off if you’re just going to resurrect them anyways? The finale blew me away. Niki gets killed right after saving Monica? Nathan is shot right before giving his speech? Then Season 3 rolls around. I could already tell that they ruined the series. Peter’s character is nothing like before. I was already annoyed by Peter’s seriousness in season 2, and now they bumped it up a notch. They ruined Claire’s character too, as well as anyone else who starred in that episode. (besides Matt and Sylar)There were only two things I liked about the episode. Future Peter assassinating his brother from the past was a neat twist, and the scenes with Claire and Sylar were entertaining. Everything else was ruined. Ando has powers and tries to kill Hiro? Seems cool, but knowing them, they’ll ruin it. Matt is trapped in the desert? Hiro becomes a sentinel? Future Claire becomes too serious and annoying? Nikki gets a doppleganger? Suresh gets powers and ruins his character? I’m close to done with this show.

  28. Heroes season 3 aren’t that bad other than Arthur power drains Hiro.

    What if, Emile Danko got nanosuit from Crysis game series(ignores stupid retcon thing)?

    As wel how about making Samuel Sullivan vegan?