‘Heroes’ Renewed For Season 4 – Do You Care?

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heroes group image Heroes Renewed For Season 4   Do You Care?

It seems that Heroes has already been renewed for a 4th season.

While ratings have been eroding, apparently the show is still doing relatively well in the target demographic. The producers have tried to come back from a very disappointing last half-season, but the show really hasn’t recaptured the magic of its first season.

They are already in the planning stages for Heroes season 4 – consulting producer Bryan Fuller had this to say:

“We’ve spent a lot of time in the writers room talking about what season 4 is going to look like… Basically, the last act of episode 25, similar to what’s been done in the past, opens up a new chapter of Heroes. It sets up arcs for a variety of characters. We set all the pieces up in terms of Claire’s attitude and what her trajectory is going to be in season 4. You will have a very strong idea by the end of this season’s final episode where Claire is going and what’s going to be happening with the Petrellis.”

I’m still watching the show but frankly I’m getting a bit bored with it (especially due to the fact that I Tivo it and watch it directly following the uber-intense 24).

What about you? Are you looking to a fourth season of Heroes or are you pretty much done with the show?

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  1. I can only wish for TIVO so i can watch it on TV all the time instead of waiting till tuesday to watch it online sometimes. But i am enjoying it and think its coming back from its short lull in quality.

  2. Volume 4 is actually good.

    Anyone who’s read our previous posts on Heroes probably saw my many LONG comments about how poor volume 2 and 3 were but this one is a BIG step up and its filmed and written in a completely different style.

    I am happy it is coming back for more, it deserves to for correcting itself.

  3. I’m actually glad. I think this second half of season 3 has been a big improvment and I’m actually interested in the show again. Season one was fantastic I loved it and I enjoyed season two though not as good as season one. However, the first half of season three was like a giant joke and was verging on awful. This second half is a breath of fresh air and has become very enjoyable.

  4. I’m really looking forward to next season. I think the show is till great. Sure, it’s not like season one. But hey, the show must evolve. It’s an evolutionary imperative. And if you’re a tru fan you can evolve with it.
    But even if I’m a huge fan and hate it when people trash talk the show I can agree that they’ve done som bad choices, like the love story between Elle and Sylar; makeing Sylar into a almost-good-guy; takeing away Peters powers; killing off Adam; makeing Hiro get the mind of a child. But I forgive them for that, cause the main theme is still as great as ever and you should give them credit for that.
    Have fait in the show and let it evlove.

  5. I dvr it too since I’m watching 24 live. I’ll keep watching it if for no other reason than it’s one of the few scripted shows on tv anymore that is at least interesting. Beats watching reality tv.

  6. I’m pretty much in agreement with you, Vic. To be honest I just watch out of habit now, you know – just because I’ve watched it so far I might as well stick with it, kind of thing. I’m actually rewatching season 1 just now and man is it kick ass. SUCH a shame that it’s went as downhill as it has (season 2 was a COMPLETE waste of time – you could seriously totally skip it all together and start on season 3 and you wouldn’t have missed anything). I actually thought season 3 (the first half) was patchy (some AWESOME episodes but some not so awesome ones too) but am actually fairly pleased with the second half of season 3 (although still nowhere NEAR as good as season 1).

    Hopefully for volume 4 they buck up their ideas and bring it back to the high quality of the first season.

  7. I think they really found their footing again, so this is good news for me.

  8. I have to agree with Mandarr. The dearth of well scripted shows has made Heroes one of the few bright spots on TV. I DVR it because of “24″, but I usually end up watching it on Tuesday night because there is NOTHING worth watching except Dirty Jobs. It’s a sad state of affairs when the majority of TV is crap like American Idol, The Bachelor and Dancing with the (pseudo) Stars, and great scripted shows like “Chuck” and last year’s “Journeyman” are or have been condemned to the ratings gallows. I’m really beginning to despise the networks and the general population. LOL. So here’s hoping that “Heroes”, “Chuck” and “24″ are around for a long time!!

    ***raises drink***

    all you haters should just get over it and move on instead of complaining for the rest of your life! im estatic with this news, but i knew it would come back ;D

  10. I’m not going anywhere near this show, the only reason I’d watch this show is to see Hayden Panettiere(Claire) in action, cause she’s hot.

  11. Fugitives has only just started over here in the UK, on about the third of the new ones I think.
    So far really liking it and does feel more like the first series.

    This show has bugged me a number of times, but I’m still really enjoying it and very glad to know this.

  12. This volume has been an improvement. Will it ever capture the magic of the first 3/4 of season 1? Probably not. Season 1 finale which was terribly disappointing and underwhelming signaled its decline.

    Really, I just can’t get myself to believe in Claire as a central character…sure she can heal herself but she’s really can’t do anything of substance like the other characters. That and she’s too young/stupid.

  13. I agree with you Vic. Ioved Heroes Seasons 1 and 2, but 3 has been kinda blah so far. It’s just getting very repetitive and predictable. I watch it out of loyalty, but the show doesn’t have the sense of mystery that made Season 1 so magical.

  14. I lost interest and have no ontent on returning, barring some sort of miracle.

  15. I consider myself a pretty harsh critic when it comes to this show but I must say Fugitives have done much more justice than Villains ever did. Obviously the vibe is entirely different than what the first season was but then again the first slice of pie always tastes the best. I like where the show is going for the most part and hope it’ll shape up even more in weeks to come.

  16. I’m happy. The Fugitives arc has definitely brought life back to this series. I don’t it’s the same as season one and that’s a good thing. Season one had it’s camp-moments I didn’t like, this arc is purely; “You know who we are, what the problem is, and here’s how we’re dealing with it…” Hiro and Ando need their roles retooled. So far, they have been useless and boring… Also, what happened to (Ali Larter) Tracy’s subplot/triplet-origin? Seems to me they have kind of started on it, then ran away from it…

  17. Tonights episode was pretty damn good. I see we have a reader thats over seas and a little behind, so i wont discuss it, but i was pretty happy with it.

  18. Unfortunately this second half still doesn’t live up to the first or even second season. No interesting ways in which the characters are using their powers. Claire is super annoying and is not seen any serious action since season 2. Hello, “I can regenerate…that means I should be on the front lines in the battle between the govt. and the ‘supers’”. Syler finds his dad and he’s a washed up Lex Luthor who stuffs dead animals, LAME. Lame like two hundred shots of blue wang.

  19. I have to say i’m not impressed with heroes, it hasn’t lived up to itz hype and promising start. I have all the current episodes but stopped watching after episode 16 0r something!

    It seems like there’s no direction now, they’re going around in circles and tz downright boring.

    But like someone else said there’s not much better on tv so it gets watched by defualt

  20. i am very happy with fugitives season, i think it is bringing heroes back. i dont know what everyone else is talking about with it being boring and all but its not boring it just got more intense. It is not going to the emotion of the charactors and how there lives are alot more hectic and stressful while being hunted. I think it is amazing!!!!

  21. above meant to say it is going into the emotion of charactor and so on…

  22. I think season 3 has been great. Not enough Hiro lately but Sylar has become such an interesting and complex character.

  23. I’m watching last night’s episode right now and I like it. IMHO, the new writers have done a great job coming back from the abysmal Villains.

  24. FELDERCARB!! Have to wait 2 weeks for the next episode!

  25. SPOILERS for those not current with US broadcasts.

    I also watch 24 live (oh my heart!) and record Heroes.

    Previous arcs have been horrible. This arc is not horrible, but it’s horribly boring. I’m so tired of everything in this show canceling each other out, or being grey instead of starkly contrasted. How many characters do we have that are blurry and not well defined? (Mrs. Petrelli, HRG, Nathan, for example)

    We STILL don’t know whose seat flew out of the cargo plane back in the first episode. It took WAY too many incidents for the little bald guy to figure out that Nathan had powers. What is with him, anyway? What Angela said made me wonder if he had powers as well. Need I mention this whole arc is very Larry Trask?

    I like Sylar, but I’m not cool with this becoming a Sylar Show. A program with an ensemble cast will occasionally focus on one character, but I’m SO tired of Nathan, Sylar, and Claire.

  26. I’ll never get tired of Nathan I enjoy him I sort of agree about sylar and very much agree on Clair. Don’t get me wrong I like sylar and Clair but over used especially Clair.

    I would like to see more focus on Matt, Hiro (again) and Peter like they did before. While reducing Sylar just a tad and Clair a lot. Wouldn’t mind a little more HRG either. Oh and KILLY ICE GIRL AND NO MORE CLONES. Everyone may not agree, but I feel the need to mention it on every heroes post.

  27. The show has slowed down way too much. When sylar meets his father nothing profound happens. The whole thing with claire being pardoned by Nathan every time she disobeys is annoying. Hiro and ando are useless on the show. How many times are we going to hear Hiro say “It’s my destiny”. Almost every scene is two people talking about nothing interesting with bland dialoge. I watch out of habit with the hopes it’ll get better.

  28. i just watched episode 24, i AM Sylar. man that episode sucked!