‘Heroes’ Renewed For Season 4 – Do You Care?

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heroes group image Heroes Renewed For Season 4   Do You Care?

It seems that Heroes has already been renewed for a 4th season.

While ratings have been eroding, apparently the show is still doing relatively well in the target demographic. The producers have tried to come back from a very disappointing last half-season, but the show really hasn’t recaptured the magic of its first season.

They are already in the planning stages for Heroes season 4 – consulting producer Bryan Fuller had this to say:

“We’ve spent a lot of time in the writers room talking about what season 4 is going to look like… Basically, the last act of episode 25, similar to what’s been done in the past, opens up a new chapter of Heroes. It sets up arcs for a variety of characters. We set all the pieces up in terms of Claire’s attitude and what her trajectory is going to be in season 4. You will have a very strong idea by the end of this season’s final episode where Claire is going and what’s going to be happening with the Petrellis.”

I’m still watching the show but frankly I’m getting a bit bored with it (especially due to the fact that I Tivo it and watch it directly following the uber-intense 24).

What about you? Are you looking to a fourth season of Heroes or are you pretty much done with the show?

Source: EW

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  1. –and the episode reeked!

    i thought this show hit the Reset button and the writers realized we don’t want the same old template over & over. no more future visions with scenes of “the story” in advance instead of just telling us the story. no more lame, repetitive story lines and internecine conflicts.

    last week’s weather witch episode, which i thought would be lame, actually was not bad. while i like complete ensemble cast coverage, the close-up focus was at least well delivered.

    how many times can hiro lose his powers? i tire of the constant pissing match/conversation about what it means to be a true hero, between hiro & ando. does ando really kill hiro in the future? i know i want to kill them both every monday. i pull my hair out with the insipid “charm factor” and silly music that comes with their every scene.

    here’s the future vision of season 2, with “president sylar/nathan” being fulfilled. i thought the heroes changed the course of events and so we were not headed to that pathetic course. why would sylar, who hungers for personal power, care about institutional/governmental power. like he will be satisfied talking policy and giving speeches. YAWN it’s not congruent. it’s like a drug addict today, desiring to be a brain surgeon. while an addict may dream of redemption and success, AS an addict what does he want? MORE drugs!

    hey, enough with the “cute child”/”you better leave or i’ll suck brain” scenario. when we first heard of sylar, he killed parents in an attempt to find molly, who he would have can-opened in a heartbeat. the shark like, focused, dangerous scary hungry amoral elusive shadowy hero-killer sylar is gone…what we have now is the network pushing their golden boy zachary quinto to more face time.

  2. why did they kill off Nathan ? Couldn’t they have used the “Claire trick” they used on Noah when he was shot in his eye and died ? They used blood from Claire to bring him back.
    I am looking forward to Season 4 to see what they come up with, if only because those damn TV networks kill of way too many series I like (like they supposedly did with Terminator:Sarah Connor)

  3. I am outraged that they killed off Elle, Adam, and Nathan.

    I’m think I might stop watching the show.

  4. This is getting my goat lately. A shape shifter assumes someone’s identity. So he can fool security guards and maybe a few people at work. But it is not remotely possible to reproduce ten thousand mannerisms, behaviors, quirks, inside jokes–a personality. I understand Sylar has the advantage of “sniffing” the history of objects…but still, he’s going to fool the daughter of his target? Yeesh.

    (This was even worse in a Life on Mars US episode, where an undercover cop fooled the roommates of her lookalike–as if it’s realistic that even a voice would be similar.)

  5. @ Sylar’s Hunger Continues said, May 1st, 2009.

    Actually Sylar has one more edvantage: his birth power; He understands how things work. And if you conbine that one with the ability to read an objects history it’s possible to get the personality of another human. But if you look at the episode he made at least one misstake while fooling Claire, he wrote with the wrong hand when he signed in the book. Of course he had a quick answer for that misstake, but it was a misstake none the less.

  6. So who is it now, Sylar or Nathan?

  7. Now it’s Nathan (sort of) but slowly getting memory of being Sylar back. Which shouldn’t take very long. Peter fixed memory problems with his healing power. Sylar will more then likely do the same, but it would take longer cause there is no one to tell him he has healing powers.

    About Sylar however. When he was in the car with “bald headed guy” (forget his name) when he first met him and told him the puppet guy present. He vanishes from the car and winds up on top of a building almost instantly. What ability enabled him to do that? He couldn’t fly at the time, He can’t project things into minds like Parkman, He can’t teleport like Hiro. It drove me insane.

    @Sylar’s Hunger Continues

    That vision of Ando killing Hiro was before hiro knew Ando would get powers. When Ando got his red lightening thingy that enhances other peoples powers First thing i thought was “Ando doesn’t kill Hiro he just enhances his power” Bt then i realised that Hirohas no power. No Toddler Touch and Go (Stupidest power/character/reason to give Hiro his power back yet) gave hiro his stop time power back i started thinking my first thought again. Maybe Ando’s Power restore’s Hiro’s Power. It’d be about time. Hiro needs to be an important character again. Cause as others have said, I’m getting sick of his “it’s my destiny” crap.

    I’m also getting sick of Clare. Either make her ruthless like future Claire or cut back on her alot….actually no…just cut back on her. I can’t believe anyone is sick of Sylar tho. He has become so wicked, The whole not having moments where he wants to be good. Getting over his thirst for abilitys after meeting his father and just wanting to not be so pathetic when he gets older (Hence wanting to be president), almost going insane once he became a shapeshifter. And I actually loved the whole almost becoming a good guy with Elle, but they could have toned down the love story idea. I also like theat he learned to take powers without killing, but kept killing anyways, unless it was nesacary not too (like taking Nathan’s flying ability after they jumped out the window)

    Speaking of flying, I’d like to see Claire’s little Peter Pan bf from Season 2 (i think) come back. But without having anything to do with Claire.

  8. I hate Sylar, he’s become too powerful. I think Sylar would come back, but what would happen to Nathan. They can’t kill off one of the main characters. He was also just revealing his ability and getting back together with his family. I also don’t care for Hiro, but I thought he would get his powers back from Ando’s power.

  9. I’m sick of Claire. Enuff said on that.

    The show is ok. If it got cancelled, it wouldn’t make me cry. If it got renewed, it’s not making me jump for joy either.

    I like Sylar, I think he’s cool :) although the way he’s headed kinda looks a bit lame unless he unleashes a big surprise on the Petrellis..that would be interesting.

    So..now what? is Tracy the new villain of the series now? (that’s a bit lame too) unless Sylar and Tracy team up. I doubt it though as Sylar is a one man team.

  10. There may be a practical reason for Sylar to have gone Nathan. With JJ Trek about to come out, he’ll likely have offers for more films, TV commercials–whatever. His star is rising. So if they make QuintoSylar a recurring character rather than the centerpiece of each show, he can move on.

  11. I don’t think they could really be anymore villains until Sylar is killed. If there were he could just take their powers. I also think it’s weird with some people being immortal. I think they should make a league of villains.