‘Heroes: Reborn’: Ali Larter Won’t Return, Zachary Quinto Unsure

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Heroes Original Cast Heroes: Reborn: Ali Larter Wont Return, Zachary Quinto Unsure
Our current Great Age of The Reboot is not limited to movies: NBC’s plan to return to the world of their seminal superhero TV series Heroes in the form of the 13-episode miniseries Heroes: Reborn is itself a “soft reboot” of that show’s universe. While hardcore fans of the original show’s run are no doubt delighted, general audience reaction is mixed at best.

The first season of Heroes was a bonafide phenomenon, presaging comic book-inspired properties like the CW’s Arrow and the upcoming Gotham and Constantine by proving that dark, mature superhero storylines could not only work for television, but also result in major viewership. The show’s ratings quickly dropped off, however, and it was canceled after four seasons.

Heroes: Reborn is getting a prequel webseries before its premiere in 2015, and while creator Tim Kring intends to launch a new cast of characters and original stories, broad hints about the return of certain familiar faces from the first show have so far yielded only one officially reprising his role: Jack Coleman will once again play Noah Bennet (the Man in the Horn-Rimmed Glasses).

As for the rest of the original cast, nothing was set in stone. Today, though, we can definitively count out one star, while another will neither confirm or deny. Ali Larter, who played multiple superpowered characters (and some were split personalities) was asked by TVGuide.com about the possibility of returning. Larter’s answer was “No.” She elaborated:

“At this point, I think I’ve heard that Jack [Coleman] is coming back, but I’m committed to [TNT's] ‘Legends.’ I’m on series, so I don’t have the time to work on another project. Not that I didn’t love ‘Heroes’ and loved working on it, but I’m just at a different stage of my life. I’m super excited  and proud to be a part of this show and working with Sean Bean and an incredible cast.”

Ali Larter in Heroes Heroes: Reborn: Ali Larter Wont Return, Zachary Quinto Unsure
While Larter’s commitment to and excitement for Legends certainly sounds like her career priority, she did suggest that a cameo appearance wouldn’t be out of the question, saying: “It could be possible if ['Legends'] would let me. It’s like the studio system from back in the day. They own me now, so they tell me what I can and can’t do.”

Zachary Quinto, on the other hand, sounds more than a little ambivalent about the prospect of reprising his star-making turn as the villain Sylar. Quinto recently spoke to IGN about his returning as Sylar in some capactiy. Quinto said the following:

“I’ve been in touch with Tim [Kring, creator] and he told me they were doing this and we left the door open for me to be involved. The trouble is really my availability. I don’t know that it would really even be possible. And it’s a challenge for me because that experience and role and opportunity really changed my life completely and sent me on a path that I might not have otherwise have been on, but at the same time I’m very interested in forward momentum, I’m very interested in expanding and defying people’s expectations of me.”

While Quinto owes his time in the sun to Kring and Heroes, he has definitely gone a long way toward keeping his fans guessing about what he’s capable of and what he’ll do next. His pivotal role as Spock in the rebooted Star Trek films seems to have anointed him as a movie star, but it remains to be seen if he can carry a picture outside an ensemble.

Zachary Quinto as Sylar in Heroes Heroes: Reborn: Ali Larter Wont Return, Zachary Quinto Unsure
More interesting were Quinto’s surprising roles in the first two seasons of FX’s horror anthology series American Horror Story, first as a man betrayed by his husband (and then haunting the Murder House as a ghost) and then as a depraved serial killer known as Bloody Face. Neither choices would necessarily be expected of an actor with his star on the rise. Incidentally, Quinto did confirm that his schedule has prevented his involvement in the next season of AHS, called Freak Show.

As for defying expectations, Quinto acknowledged that when it came to reprising Sylar, “I don’t know that going back to such a definitely iconic character would necessarily do that.” The actor also noted that he has not been made any offer to return anyway but showed his support for the project, saying: “I’m glad they’re doing it and I know that whether or not I’m involved that the fans will enjoy it.”

The decision to try and lure back some of the more well-known cast members of the first two seasons of Heroes may be a toss-up anyway, and far from a sure thing. Audiences’ antipathy toward the show during the end of the its run had more to do with the sense that it was spinning its wheels creatively, rather than any disdain for the cast. Still, the show’s fourth and final season featured a slate of new characters, and audiences tuned out in droves.

Are you excited for Heroes: Reborn? Do you think more of the original cast should return? Sound off in the comments!

Heroes: Reborn will premiere as a 13-episode miniseries in 2015 on NBC.

Source: IGN, TVGuide

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  1. I can’t believe this series is coming back. I watched the first year, but it became so convoluted and contrived, I lost all interest in it.

    No thanks.

    • It is a amazing show sorry that you cant realize that… maybe you just dont like the genre,but dont ruin it for other people it is a great show

  2. If this is a reborn/reboot/remake/whatever… I don’t see the need for Larter and Quinto to return. And yes, agree with Jeff. The first 2 seasons were great, but it became too much, I stopped season 3 halfway :(. Not sure if I’m gonna watch this with various other ‘superhero’ shows airing this fall…

    • Yes. Bringing back this show actually makes me angry. I’m not one to go into nerd rage like, ever. But this show to its contemptuousness of its fans to a level not seen since ever. Bringing it back takes that previous level of contentiousness and adds a number on the dial to take it to 11. This one goes to 11.

  3. Getting that movie money.

  4. I completely forgot Ali Larter was even on that show. I really feel that show only needs Jack Coleman, Milo Ventimiglia, Masi Oka, and Zachary Quinto, and maybe Hayden Panettiere and Sendhil Ramamurthy. Everyone else can be newly created characters.

  5. they just cast angelica celaya as zed

    • i mean in constantine

  6. Seriously?! Why don’t they bring back Freaks and Geeks!!

    • As much I love the show, I think bringing back Freaks and Geeks would be pointless.

  7. I don’t mind if either of them don’t return. It got annoying that the writers had to keep thinking up ways for those two to stay relevant within the show.

    • Agreed, but while I understood why they wanted to keep Sylar on the show (even if it meant screwing the character) I never understood why they were so persistent with Ali Larter. Didn’t think her character(s) were really much of a fan favourite…

  8. For some reason I am failing to get excited for this show. First season was good and kept my interest, but it faded the following seasons, until my interest was non-existent. Oh well, time to check out The Strain shortly and see if that’s worth my time.

  9. I hated ali larters character, all three of them

    • Hahaha

  10. I remember how Heroes was suddenly ‘cool’ and Lost was suddenly ‘convoluted’ and ‘spinning its wheels’. Then Heroes became convoluted in its second season and Lost had a creative resurgence that lasted the newt few seasons. Heroes did not, and I was glad I stuck with and defended Lost. Sure the ending of Lost disappointed many, it was a heartpounding, brilliant show for at least 5 years.
    I definitely don’t want more Lost, but I do wish we could get more seasons of Twin Peaks, Angel and Buffy!

    • You’ll have to remind me when Lost got a “creative resurgence”. I watched that show religiously, and it got worse and worse after the second season, with an ending that broke its “promise” to answer all questions. Also, if I remember correctly, the ratings also dropped year after year. Few people now even talk about the show, so I was surprised you even mentioned it.

  11. Yeeees Please… bring back Heroes loooved that show!!!… very interesting show, really hope looking forward to seeing it soon.

  12. Ugh. Still really conflicted about this, because Heroes had a great premise and a great chance to do the sort of thing that TV shows like Arrow are doing so well today. The concept’s still solid. But it’ll be difficult for those of us who watched the original series to check this out without all the baggage, especially if some of the old regulars return. I don’t hate the cast at all, but their characters were run into the ground horribly. Hiro went from my favourite character to a one-note character with stunted development, and I remember hoping they’d actually have the guts to kill him off.

    Is it too late for them to can Jack Coleman’s return and have Tim Kring just hand the keys to Bryan Fuller? It might seem a little extreme how much some fans prefer Fuller’s work on the show but I honestly think that he turns out amazing stuff that actually gets a lot of mainstream appeal when he works on shows with defined boundaries like Heroes (as opposed to his own projects, which are great but never seem to catch on with mass audiences).

  13. The problem I kinda lost interest was the writer strike back then. It made the series just… bad. But it’s not their fault. I 100% blame the writer strike for this. Bring back Sylar and make it that everything makes sense in one way or the other, and you got me hooked like a wh*re on cocaine again.

    Use some of the main cast from back then, the rest can easily be exchanged. Who wants Larter back? Hopefully no one, she had the most inconsistent character, was an annoying actress(and her playing different roles made absolutely no sense).

  14. Why is Zac Quinto unsure, his role in Heroes is a thousand times better than in such trash than American Horror Story (which was completely ridiculous by the way. This guy was in Star Treck ffs)

  15. Ali Larter’s character(s) was the absolute worst on the show. They used her over and over again for the sole purpose of having her on there. Was redundant as hell.

  16. They need to look at the clever way that Arrow did their show. They started out with a fairly realistic Arrow and no other costumed characters. This helped draw in the non comic book audience as well as the comic book audience. Then they slowly ramped up the comic book factor until today we have almost all the comic book conventions in the series and the non comic audience is okay with it because they were there as it grew.
    Start Heroes as just some normal people with powers but eventually turn them into true superheroes with costumes and codenames and and supervillains and the like.

    I thought that was what the first series intended when we see Hiero from the future with his sword and costume but they just never progressed any further.

    That should be the main goal. To eventually create a true super group like the Justice League or Avengers.

  17. After what happened in the last 2 seasons they need to just move on away from the original cast of characters. Leave it simple and not all over the place. It started off so well and grounded then went waaaayy off the wall.
    Get back to the basics and get comfortable there.

  18. That is the problem with some people. They have a short-term memory. Don’t you remember the writers’ strike? It hurt many shows back in 2007. Many of them were not the same and some of them just disappeared.

    The creators should at least bring them all back for one episode, a final sacrifice from all of them. Something that can give closure to the other seasons.

    Bring back: Milo Ventimiglia, Masi Oka, and Zachary Quinto.

  19. I think Tim Kring should only use the man with the horned rimmed glasses as the connection to the first iteration and this one-off attempt at a reboot of this series. The less we have to remind us of how stupid this show got with Robert Knepper’s carnival of “evil.” And not forgetting that they had Sylar’s consciousness trapped in Parkman’s mind at one point and his body as the politician, Nathan Petrelli. And didn’t they have a “kick-ass” hero in Peter Petrelli who was stripped of his powers…on multiple occasions. Hiro had a brain tumor, right? Did he die? Did Surresh become some sort of bug monster? Right now, I cannot remember all the craziness of this series and it would be best not to remind people with unnecessary cameos. I feel as if they should create a brand new cast of characters and move this story forward. They’ve created a world of characters…I’m sure there is a story somewhere in there.

  20. Time travel (so masi oka) and sylar should not be on this show.

  21. Season one was awesome up until the finale. Biggest cop out ever, SO contrived. I checked out midway through season two, when I peeked at season three, I cringed so hard, I pulled a muscle.

  22. Oh man, it’s like an old girlfriend you really loved but couldn’t hold onto coming back to town. The heart yearns, but the head says, no, I’ve moved on.

    • Almost a perfect metaphor…except you forgot she got a boob job.

      • Right, and the “boobs” are clear to see in your “Heroes-in-2-minutes” review (nice one!). This is the nightmare she became and even HRG, the only “sane” character, couldn’t hold the mess together (poor Jack). Give me a revamped X-Files or another angle on Fringe than this beat-up old hag.

  23. I vote reboot, perhaps using Horn-rimmed Glasses as the sole remnant and we can all give it a fair chance, pretending that seasons 3 and 4 never happened just like we ignored the 3rd X-Men and the first Wolverine movie this summer.

  24. No return for Milo, spoke to him at the London Film and Comic Convention and he’s tied up doing a new show called the Whispers.

  25. I feel ambivalent.

    I did like the show. I think it had some great ideas and a huge potential. But I also hated some of the twists and turns it took.

    When I watched the 1st season, I felt it was a great idea to have the 1 hero and the 1 villain “collection” powers in two very different ways and sort of preparing for an ultimate big fight.

    How I wish we would have gotten that… *sigh*

    • *”collecting”

  26. I never intentionally stopped watching the show, but somehow missed the last season, and some of the preceding. I didn’t hate the second/third season, but it definitely did lose quality with the writers strike.

    Then again so did the second half of Battlestar Galactica season 4. The last episode before the strike I believe won awards, then the end was really dissapointing. It would have been better to delay these shows rather than wreck them with inferior writing.

    I believe Tim Kring acknowledges he needed to take more overall control over script direction, like Joss Wheden does. I think he just let the writers get on with it a bit.

  27. Love this show, but if the main characters dont return it is really going to be upsetting and dissapointing