Heroes Premiere Discussion: What Did You Think?

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heroes season 4 premiere Heroes Premiere Discussion: What Did You Think?

Heroes is back for a fourth season, and the big question is whether it will live up to this season’s title: Redemption. The fan reception of the show has varied wildly after the superhero series exploded on the scene in its first season. People loved season one but thought Heroes lost its direction in season two. The crew behind the show tried to bring it back to something the fans would love with last season’s Fugitives, but in the end it was hit or miss and didn’t fully restore our enthusiasm for the series.

I know you’re eager to discuss the season premiere, so here’s a forum for you to talk about it freely, including spoilers. Tell us what you thought of the Season 4 / Book 5 premiere of Heroes: Redemption (we’ll tell you what we thought later). icon smile Heroes Premiere Discussion: What Did You Think?

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  1. i think redemption is appropriate. maybe the writers trying to achieve redemption by grabbing at what was lost over the last 2 seasons. i like the new circus people with powers – it gives the show a more dynamic twist. other than that, still cant stand greg grunberg – what a horrible actor.

  2. I’ve gotten to the point where i hate the show, but i still can’t miss it. So far ssn4 hasn’t redeemed it’s self for me but i’ll keep watching and maybe in time it’ll be great again. and i totally agree with you about grunberg and i have similar feelings about ali larter. they both need to be killed off IMO.

  3. Are you serious? Both Grunberg & Larter are excellent actors. Even Hayden is a good actress, no matter how much I can’t stand Claire.

  4. This is just my opinion, but I think the premier episode was a solid step forward for the series. The writing wasn’t cheesy and overly melodramatic, the acting has improved on all sides and the story didn’t begin to stall out mid-way through the episode. This was the first episode since season one where I can honestly say I was satisfied. If this season can steer away from the convoluted story lines, Claire forcefully talking through her teeth and gaping plot holes, then this season could really live up to its title.

  5. It was a step up from last season for sure.

    And Claire isn’t so bad IMO.

    I think the ratings will make this the last season though so they better come up with some great episodes.

  6. Bsed off last season, which I thought was TERRIBBLE, I told myself I would not watch Heroes anymore and I really intended not to. But somehow I watched the first 30 minutes and got drawn in. The show definately has improved and taken a step forward this season. I would not say the premiere was great, but it wasnt bad either and it was actually quite enjoyable. They seem to have slowed down the story a little bit and focused into the characters as individuals in everyday life which is a good thing because now it will enable us to relate more with the characters. I just hope they keep this going, we dont need a new twist thrown at us every episode. The whole Nathan/Syler and Parkman/Syler thing is also very intereesting to watch. I am glad that they have done away with last season’s ridiculous characters and concepts; I think the end of last years material was when they offed Danko. The villains from last year were ridiclous and I doubt we will see them again. Anybody see Mohinder Suresh? Kinda hope we barely see him this season

  7. I thought the new season started off great. I’ve like every season so far. No show is perfect and you can always find things to criticize on any show, but I think Heroes has always been one of the best shows on TV. After all it is a show about Super Heroes so I don’t expect it to always be completely realistic, it just can’t be. I disagree that “People” as you put it Vic, were disapointed in the show. In my opinion thats the minority, I think most people like it or it wouldn’t have this many seasons.

  8. No Wickamo, the “Majority” were very dissapointed in the last season. Because save for a few episodes, it was terrible. This show started off great but the last season was nothing but recycled ideas and ill-concieved tangled storylines that never pay off. Am I the only one who thinks Heroes has the most un-rewarding finales ever? But maybe I just watch way too much LOST.

  9. I didn’t read any of the posts because I’m still in the middle of watching it. I started watching the first part before I had to go to work and so far it looks good. I had to go at the point where HRG was being drowned in his car.

  10. I hope heroes makes it to 100 episodes

  11. I just finished watching the episode right now. It was pretty good! I like how it wasn’t too over the top, and it’s like a new story in a way, but continues off of the old one.

    How Nathan/Sylar is possibly changing back, and just the progression of the ep. shows that there’s a lot coming up this season.

    This is kind of like Naruto. Naruto Shippuden is three years later, and this is six weeks later.

  12. I am in the same situation has most of you. I think heroes season 2 and 3 were extremely disappointing, but I can’t stop watching. Season 4 stared good, I like the way Sylar is in Matt head, but I pin point was I think is wrong whit Heroes (beside most of the script), the editing doesn’t play it good, there no fluidity in it, it just story cut by other story whit no feeling tying them together

  13. good opening scene. overall decent episode, sets up some twists for later on in the season. im gonna stick with it to see what happens.

  14. Now we have the Morlocks? I did enjoy this first episode but I just can’t help thinking X-Men is being copied. The carnaval people seemed like the Morlocks from X-Men, except they weren’t grotesque. And what’s going on with Hiro? Seems like he can’t control his powers. Looking forward to future episodes.

  15. Really? When did season 2 and 3 go sour? Perhaps you guys are expecting too much rather than simply enjoying the show itself.

    I’ve always thought every new episode of heroes, every week, was excellent. As far as I remember there has probably been just 1 “decent” episode.

    I’m so excited for this new season and am damn curious about what is about to be unveiled this season :) I just hope that everything will pull together in the end and make some sort of sense. I hate when shows are excellent all throughout but then end with the sh-ttiest resolutions.

  16. I was disappointed with the series so far. We don’t have season 4 in New Zealand yet, but when the opportunity presents I’ll tell you what I think.

    Spider-Suresh was lame. Having Adam just turn to dust after losing his power was stupid, sure he wouldn’t heal but he’d just continue from that point on as a normal person. Sylar killing whatshername… stupid too.

    In fact now I think about it, take away the novelty of superpowers and you have a rather typical American soap opera.