Which Heroes Will Marvel Recruit For The Avengers?

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avengersstatue Which Heroes Will Marvel Recruit For The Avengers?

Rumor is beginning to circulate about which of its top-shelf heroes Marvel plans to recruit for the upcoming, and much-hyped, Avengers movie. Some choices are obvious, due to not-so-subtle foreshadows dropped in both Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk. And with the internet recently abuzz with news that Marvel studios was pushing to snag A-list stars for its Captain America movie, that character’s inclusion in the Avengers project is certain. So that’s three Avengers we can expect to see, but who else will make the roster?

According to Iron Man director Jon Favreau:

“the ones Marvel is talking about now are Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Ant-Man and Iron Man. I would love to see that.”

Marvel Studios President of Production Kevin Feige has also alluded to the fact that Marvel hopes to establish a cinematic continuity in which its characters would be able tocross into each other’s adventures and occasionally team up if there’s a foe too great for any one of them to handle.” Just what Avengers hopes to accomplish.

But it’ll be a hard feat to pull off, in my opinion. I mean sure, what fanboy hasn’t gotten giddy at the notion of seeing all his favorite heroes battling it out on screen all at once (does that qualify as an orgy?) And reading the quote above, it seems as though Kevin Feige is already drinking the super-group-movie Kool-Aid. However, let’s try an remember that this is the MOVIE industry we are talking about, not the COMIC BOOK industry. Only counting the two movies from Marvel Studios already in theaters, to do The Avengers, you’re talking about getting Robert Downey Jr. to share screen time with Ed Norton, not to mention CGI effect$ out the yin-yang for Shellhead and the Hulk. Factor in Cap, Ant-man, Thor, a CGI boomerang shield, shrinking/growing F/X and CGI lightning, and THEN tell me what the price tag for an Avengers flick will likely be. (And if it will be worth its box office returns.)

marvel avengers Which Heroes Will Marvel Recruit For The Avengers?

Currently, Marvel’s game plan seems to revolve around establishing successful film franchises for each of the individual Avengers heroes, then taking those dividends and investing them in the Avengers project. Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk have both had their turns in theaters, to great or middling success; Thor is tenatively scheduled for a 2010 release; The First Avenger: Captain America is set for 2011; and Ant-Man is still working on nailing down a release date, (though it’s rumored that it will be helmed by Edgar Wright, director of Shaun Of The Dead. A great choice.)

Can the house that Stan Lee built crank out three more box office hits to keep an Avengers film afloat? Can so many big-name, bigger-ego, actors really play nice and make an ensemble blockbuster? Has the term “ensemble blockbuster” ever been used before??? (If not, I claim coining rights.) And will the budget for an Avengers movie really end up being higher than the budget of NASA’s last mission? Only time will tell for sure, but in the meantime, let us know your opinion anyway.

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  1. comic geek – I think we’re talking about the Ultimate Avengers look of Nick Fury.

  2. “Most likely the haroes I wuold pick would be Hulk, Iron Man,Giant man,Doctor Strange,Captain America, Ant Man, Thor, and the Wasp.”

  3. I don’t know what all this picking is about, but characters like ghost rider sure as heck won’t be in this movie. There’s not picking to made. The first avengers movie will feature the first avengers…

    It’s pretty simple, really, It’s going to feature the original avengers (with Cap American and no Wasp)

    -Cap. America
    -Iron Man
    -Ant man

    and oh look we have movies for each one of these characters out this year or in the next 3.

  4. yes, that would be awesome….i think any true fan would love to see that…

    antman will be modest at best…i mean if adam sandler can’t blow up the box office with his latest, and comedies in general are declining, what is ant man going to bring in?

    but i pose this question, when, not if, when Thor BOMBS at the box office…and it will regardless of who’s starring. Hulk was a GREAT movie and it still fell waayy below expectations…and when captain america does just eh-ok, what are the chances of an avengers movies going forward???????? (world wide it will not be well recieved)

    the original xmen were cyclops, jean grey, ice man, angel, and beast and those characters were not the main focus of the movies…selling the xmen franchise is nothing more than selling the most popular characters. if marvel wants to sell avengers i’m simply stating they need to think outside the box on this one…

    My ghost rider comment is simply an allusion to the fact that GR is profitable franchise with star power and an established character. no risk is involved in a movie bombing out like thor or antman…

    otherwise avengers will simply be iron man 2.5 if other character can’t stand on their own…

  5. look at hellboy…the supporting characters are cool, but its still hellboy’s movie. the avengers movie will not be made if the supporting characters are not successful on their own…

  6. “and when captain america does just eh-ok, what are the chances of an avengers movies going forward???????? ”

    If Marvel’s schedule goes according to plan, Avengers and Cap will be made at essentially the same time. The question is will they be confident enought to commit to both movies at one time.

    The strength of IM (and likely IM2) won’t be enough to bolster confidence, although Huk should be helping (but isn’t based on BO receipts). This may be the reason for the high budget talk on Thor – making it an epic that will draw an audience. Risky

  7. from a pure business perspective, avengers is risky. so is thor, cap, antman…i mean when SUPERMAN failed to deliver the box office ass whooping they expected, what chances does avengers have.

    as a whole, america isn’t nearly as patriotic as it once was. i believe in my heart that we NEED captain america now more than ever, more so as a symbol of what we need to do in society. in that respect i wish it the best success possible…a billion $$ box office take would be great…

    but thats not going to happen. Ant-man could be an MTV movie or sci-fi channel release or something like that which isn’t so risky. i have 400 plus issues of Thor laying around and while i enjoy the mythology i just don’t see it standing on its own. thor isn’t epic anymore, and our society has moved past mythology as a money generating machine.

    …when TROY, which is one of the most fascinating stories in the history of mankind, fails to do the numbers they want THOR to do, how is THOR going to do it? everyday people aren’t in touch with norse mythology and will see it as jsut another comic movie. it won’t be cutting edge like sin city or 300. it won’t be humorous. and the story itself isn’t epic…

    if anything my money is captain american, in the vein of something like saving private ryan. gritty. raw. heartbreaking. but we should walk out proud to be an american. i think that could be the sleeper…(as long as its NOT like pearl harbor), but the risk is a horrible reception worldwide…

    most of all i think its important that the avengers movie NOT be “Iron Man and Friends vs. the forces of Evil”

  8. Well said comic geek

  9. i know i’ve been kinda going off on this subject, but here’s one for you guys…

    considering the kind of buzz surround all the cameo’s, is there a chance DC will cameo another DC universe star in the dark knight movie?

  10. “G.I. Joe” might be a good gauge for world consumption of “Avengers.”

    Perhaps what’s needed is a foreign friendly script. The goal could be to make who ever walks out at the end of an “Avenger’s” movie to be thinking sustainability or we all need to have endurance. Something everyone can relate to. Comic Geek perhaps who should be holding that hammer back, should be a child, not Captain America.

  11. i could buy that… innocence sells. look at Wall-E…
    assuming we have the Thor as a bad guy…in fact, that would be the test on whether or not they should do a thor movie, see how he’s received in avengers…it would be the follow up of an angry god coming to terms with society and humans…

    isn’t that how comics works? we introduce new characters in already popular series and then give them thier own…not usually the other way around…

    and yeah, GI Joe will be a good test…

  12. Keep going and will spoil the studios strategy with a better one. :)

  13. :))

  14. if Norton play up, they will just do a avengers battle the hulk and in the end bruce banner lies face down in the dirt … finito no norton, move on with the story, they fight aliens as in the animated avengers, or ultron or something… No?

  15. ghost-rider doesn’t have star power

    it is the worst film ever made, there’s not even the slightest chance of him being in avengers.

  16. Yeah I knew Ghost Rider wouldn’t make it into Avengers but it was still a great film.

  17. I’m really surprised there is more support for Ant-Man than for Vision! Maybe it’s because I didn’t start reading Avengers from the start … but when I think of the Avengers – I always see Vision on the Team. I also like the idea of maybe having a X-Man on the team. Or maybe even The Thing from Fantastic 4.

    I don’t really like the Thor/Loki as villians angle. I would prefer someone like Ultron. Maybe they can even use somebody like Baron Zemo or a small villian team like the Wrecking Crew ???

  18. Reading the rest of the posts … my votes [if I cant have Vision] would probably be Hawkeye or Black Widow. No expensive CGI .. they are pretty basic. Also – Namor could be a villian. He seems to go thru all those “crazy phases” where he forgets who he is and plans war on the surfice world …

  19. I imagine the plot will come pretty close to The Ultimates stuff. Banner is hired to do the scientific work on the super soldier serum (partly why it was mentioned in the Hulk movie) and along the way he hulks out. The Avengers Assemble to drop the nerd turned dangerous monster.

    The obvious ones in the line-up… Cap, Iron Man, The Hulk, are all great ideas, not so keen on the ones that will probably be there too… Thor and Ant-man are kinda crappy characters in terms of movie marketability. I’m really hoping their solo movies get lost in the same drawer as the once rumored young magneto and Professor X project.

    I can imagine an addition of Black Panther to the line-up, there’s good potential for a solo… or Storm, Panther movie there. And Wasp sure is a better option than Ant-man.

    I’ll just keep my fingers crossed for a West Coast Avengers, just so I can see USAgent beat the crap out of Hawkeye on the big screen :)

  20. I think the Hulk set up for Banner to have more control, so when it comes to Avengers he will be an active member of the team.

    Avengers villains… Zemo is a likely choice. Probably be a setup from the Cap movie.

    I can see Pym in Avengers, but Black Widow deserves her own flick more than he does. It could be a great espionage/spy movie. Widow makes more sense in Avengers to add a female to the mix.

    Hawkeye and Cap are a little to similar (I always thought of Hawkeye as the West Coast Cap).

  21. I would be a happy, happy man if Marvel got back the movie rights to Spidey … but, ain’t never gonna happen. He makes to much moola for Sony.

  22. Does anyone know how long Sony and Fox have movie rights on Spidey, X-Men and FF? I’d be curious to know…Vic?

  23. Sorry, I have no idea.



  25. It certainly is…

  26. Here it is: the ultimate suggestion for Marvel and Avi Arad for casting Captain America!!! (and I have thought about it):

    Chuck Norris.

    He would be absolutely perfect in every way, including the way that his age could factor into this and subsequent movies.

    Any better suggestions are welcome and encouraged, as I think the casting on Cap should in this case be done by the loving public fans.

  27. @JY Um, Chuck Norris may be in decent shape, but the man’s 68 years old. I’m sorry but that’s too old IMHO.


  28. “And will the budget for an Avengers movie really end up being higher than the budget of NASA’s last mission?”

    That was PRICELESS.

    In terms of The Avengers movie, I have mixed feelings. I can’t proclaim that I’m super knowledgeable of the Marvel universe. So unless it had an animated TV show, I probably never heard of them. I saw Iron Man because I had SOME inkling about the universe, and enjoyed the trailers but I am not sure about making individual movies for heroes that basically unknown to people outside the comic book reading universe?

    In that context, I think it’s a pretty risky gamble. For X-Men it was easier to have a larger cast because a majority of people at least know the big faces (Prof. X, Storm, etc) but to make a movie for Thor or Ant-Man might be pushing it I feel. And then to attempt a cross-over of all these characters in hopes of sustaining a viable plot, where everyone gets enough screen time and a movie that isn’t longer then all three Lord of the Rings movies together will be one hell of an attempt.

    But I suppose people will still see them if the trailers are good enough. They’re making all sorts of (somewhat) unknown comics into movies but it’s just a question of whether it’s going to be a good movie.

    They’re probably better off turning the Justice League into a movie – I think I’d rather see that.