Which Heroes Will Marvel Recruit For The Avengers?

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avengersstatue Which Heroes Will Marvel Recruit For The Avengers?

Rumor is beginning to circulate about which of its top-shelf heroes Marvel plans to recruit for the upcoming, and much-hyped, Avengers movie. Some choices are obvious, due to not-so-subtle foreshadows dropped in both Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk. And with the internet recently abuzz with news that Marvel studios was pushing to snag A-list stars for its Captain America movie, that character’s inclusion in the Avengers project is certain. So that’s three Avengers we can expect to see, but who else will make the roster?

According to Iron Man director Jon Favreau:

“the ones Marvel is talking about now are Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Ant-Man and Iron Man. I would love to see that.”

Marvel Studios President of Production Kevin Feige has also alluded to the fact that Marvel hopes to establish a cinematic continuity in which its characters would be able tocross into each other’s adventures and occasionally team up if there’s a foe too great for any one of them to handle.” Just what Avengers hopes to accomplish.

But it’ll be a hard feat to pull off, in my opinion. I mean sure, what fanboy hasn’t gotten giddy at the notion of seeing all his favorite heroes battling it out on screen all at once (does that qualify as an orgy?) And reading the quote above, it seems as though Kevin Feige is already drinking the super-group-movie Kool-Aid. However, let’s try an remember that this is the MOVIE industry we are talking about, not the COMIC BOOK industry. Only counting the two movies from Marvel Studios already in theaters, to do The Avengers, you’re talking about getting Robert Downey Jr. to share screen time with Ed Norton, not to mention CGI effect$ out the yin-yang for Shellhead and the Hulk. Factor in Cap, Ant-man, Thor, a CGI boomerang shield, shrinking/growing F/X and CGI lightning, and THEN tell me what the price tag for an Avengers flick will likely be. (And if it will be worth its box office returns.)

marvel avengers Which Heroes Will Marvel Recruit For The Avengers?

Currently, Marvel’s game plan seems to revolve around establishing successful film franchises for each of the individual Avengers heroes, then taking those dividends and investing them in the Avengers project. Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk have both had their turns in theaters, to great or middling success; Thor is tenatively scheduled for a 2010 release; The First Avenger: Captain America is set for 2011; and Ant-Man is still working on nailing down a release date, (though it’s rumored that it will be helmed by Edgar Wright, director of Shaun Of The Dead. A great choice.)

Can the house that Stan Lee built crank out three more box office hits to keep an Avengers film afloat? Can so many big-name, bigger-ego, actors really play nice and make an ensemble blockbuster? Has the term “ensemble blockbuster” ever been used before??? (If not, I claim coining rights.) And will the budget for an Avengers movie really end up being higher than the budget of NASA’s last mission? Only time will tell for sure, but in the meantime, let us know your opinion anyway.

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  1. I always thought the Vision was very cool and loved how he wanted to be more human but in actuality he was very human in everyway…His character I mean…maybe just a little too logical…Like Data from STNG.

  2. What no love for Hawkeye?

  3. Green Arrow in purple

  4. I thought when Hawkeye headed the West Coast Avengers in the 80’s book he did a great jod of keeping the team together as I collected the first 25 issues of that series and then I lost interest…I liked the character but always thought it was just the Green Arrow in purple as I said earlier.


  5. Well, he is but then we might as weel say that Aquaman is Namor with more clothes on! My point is that I find him such a cool character that it would be awesome to have him in it, and we could even have an Iron man connection with it!

  6. what everyone seemed to look past just for a second is that Xmen did not have the original 5 staring in their films. their continuity is no where CLOSE to the comics, but still the movies were decent and for everyday people not following the comic they were entertaining. marvel marketed the mutants who would help sell the film, mainly wolverine, and tried to satisfy the fan boys at the same time. don’t forget wolverine was a HULK character first!

    an avengers movie could be pulled off without using the original crew, cause lets face it, no one see’s ANT-MAN or Thor pulling in $100 million at the box office and rather than force the issue trying to satisfy the fan boys, marvel could use other characters to fill the spots. i don’t really care to see a stand alone thor movie.

    Avengers could easily be Iron man, hulk, Cap, Punisher and Ghost rider and it would still rock…is it completely out of the continuity of the comics, hell yes it is… but a those characters are already established with followings and positive reviews. we’ve already know there’s no love love lost between cap and punisher, ghost rider and punisher have also had it out already. a lil hulk bashing on iron man would be fun…

    CAGE, NORTON, DOWNEY sharing some screen time could pretty bad ass…

    my point is this…it doesn’t HAVE to be all the original avengers. xmen wasn’t and it was still pretty good. we got over it pretty fast. i’m sure if the avengers, for marketability reasons, used a different cast we’d still be happy…

  7. for me, the real problem i see is who should be the villian? is a large cast of villians appropiate? perhaps a familiar one? dr doom? the mandarin? even magneto? with such a large team of good guys, i think it would hardest to assemble a team of worthy bad guys? how confusing for regular movie goers if we suddenly had 5 super villians to throw in the mix? there’s a part of all of us that thinks iron man or hulk could beat 5 baddies by themselves, why assemble the avengers?

    unless they went and fought OPEC to lower gas prices, i don’t see a worthy villian? THOR as the bad guy?

    i could totally see Thor and his pal Loki as disgruntled Gods who have lost faith in humanity and decide to start just obliterating human kind. they just kinda of hate us for being disrespectful of planet earth and for being so superficial.

    then the avengers step in to show them we are worthy to live here. in the ensuing battle thor comes to respect human sacrifice and will and changes sides…

    who’s got an opinion now? cause 5 on 5 battle royal isn’t doing it for me…

  8. Yeah Comic Geek, I would really love to see Ghost Rider in the Avengers but not The Punisher.

    Punisher is a one trick pony that represents as a Vigilante. He wouldn’t fit in, Ant-Man would be a better fit (IMO).

    But I agree that GR would be awesome in the Avengers,!!!!!

    Great Idea !!
    Cage would really add draw power to the film, even if he has a brief part.

  9. Worthy villain? It’s not that hard. If there’s a “Hero with a Thousand Faces” There’s villains with millions…
    The challenge is to make it new!

  10. Comic Geek I love the OPEC comment LMAO dude!!!

  11. Avengers Assemble!

    1) Captain America
    2) Iron Man

  12. Avengers Assemble!

    1) Steve Rogers
    2) Anthony Stark
    3) Dr. Donald Blake
    4) Dr. Bruce Banner
    5) Dr. Henry Pym
    6) Janet Van Dyne
    7) SHIELD Agent Carol Danvers*

    *Hopefully. Maybe Natasha Romanov, but I think the Avengers need at least one psychic. Ms Marvel can also fly, but CGI for Black Widow prob cheaper.

  13. Oh. Plot. Though I like the Gaea angle (I’m a believer in the Gaea theory), I think a more sensible plot would be the effects of nanotech and AI on society. SO I nominate Ultron for the villain the Avengers will need to face. I imagine the plot to revolve around SHIELD contracting Henry Pym and Stark to cook up an AI combat drone and voila! Ultron the AI is born. Some “trigger” convinces the AI that it needs to destroy all human life, and the Avengers are given the go to sanction the rogue experiment. If I recall, Ultron was also the leader of the third Masters of Evil.

  14. Well how about this angle. First Loki is a good choice, but why not have him trick Sin into stealing Pym tech. She uses that to get her hands on a stone from the infinity gauntlent from The Collector. Loki uses that as an enticement to get Thanos to attack earth, the Avengers in particular. I leave it to you GreenKnight to finish.

  15. i think ultron angle for this movie is played out…we alrady have terminators and i robot. mass viewers will simply see it as a rip off, even though these stories have been arond longer…

    i still push for the Thor/Loki with Thor turning sides…
    and yes. i can totally see a lil Hulk and Thor goin at it.

    the key is the movie still has to marketable. the angle of angry gods kinda addresses modern problems with our environment…

    any thoughts on the G.R. addition?

  16. we could bring real meaning to cross over…2 studios working together, to battle the villainy of contracts…willing to settle thier differences to enjoy peace love and profits…

    its almost a story itself…

  17. I would assume that Marvel has some “amount” of Control on all charaters.
    Working out a deal with the other production companies wouldn’t be all that difficult.
    Everyone wants a piece of the Marvel pie, I don’t see a prob. with that.

    The problem I do see is the script.
    Its gonna to have to be awesome, and also allow somewhat equal screentime for all the A-listers.

    Sure would be cool to have Ghost Rider in the Avenger movie somehow. His powers could alter some of the Stark weaponry. (Cromed out looking hellish rocket launcher!!).
    They could really do some fun stuff using all the different powers and weaknesses of all the Superheros.

    If they did it right the Avengers could be the next comic book movie Star Wars,

  18. Comic geek I’m crying man my Bic is in the air and I’m humming All You Need Is Love…LMAO Dude!!!

  19. anyone else with an idea for a team? a villain?

  20. Controlling gravity could make you a very dangeous foe if it is done properly

  21. what if hulk got captured by someone else’s weapons program, where Ross failed (say a mastermind like mandarin)? and it was up to stark with some help to go get him back? in the end, hulk is freed and goes beserk on everyone…

  22. haha…i just thought of a fun scene where hulk would hit thor so hard he’d drop his hammer…then he would try to pick it up but cant. but he’s so strong he ends up ripping say 10 feet deep of rock attached to the hammer. and throws it a measly 5 ft…

    or even a scene where hulk don’s an iron monger suit? or ghost rider putting on the iron suit and turning it all supernatural…

    seriously, i like the idea of avengers against thor and loki…and the turning point could be when captain america picks up thor’s hammer after hulk and him are just goin toe to toe (something no one should be able to do, unless they are of pure soul), thor manages to drop a building on hulk and he starts calling for his hammer when he realizes that a beaten and crippled steve rogers is holding it and that moment shows thor that not all humans are bad and that there are those of us still rightous and good. Loki beats off iron man and GR finally and Thor tells loki he thinks they’ve been wrong as suddenly the bad guys appear to win…thor switches sides but isn’t himself strong enough to beat Loki without his hammer. Captain america in a show of trust gives thor back his hammer and then they regroup as 1 unit…

    thats totally marketable…

  23. Nice Comic Geek.

    I would expect Banner would be stalked by many that want to exploit his powers.

    I would love to see the unexpected and have Banner turn into the Hulk at will, have total mental control and surprise everyone.

    Since the Avengers will be an origin film, were going to have to see how Fury brings together his team. Hulks going to have to have conrol at that point….

  24. for the record. i hate sam jackson as nick fury…nothing to do with being an african american, but he’s never really played a bad ass…not like clint eastwood or something of that caliber.

  25. Yeah I’m not a Sam Jackson fan ether but he does look like the comic character…

    Marvel only wants A-Listers in their films.

  26. nick fury wasn’t bald or black?
    i never really thought snakes on a plane or black snake moan were exactly a list movies…

    clint eastwood? man’s got oscar’s to back it up…