Heroes ‘Fugitives’ Chapter: Back To Basics?

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heroesfugitivesol5 Heroes Fugitives Chapter: Back To Basics?

So Heroes is back with the next chapter: Fugitives. Right from the opening scene the opening episode, “A Clear and Present Danger” had a different feel than last season’s “Villains” arc. It seemed more… quiet.

This was fine with me as it seems (at least in the season opener) that they’re paying more attention to and focusing more on the characters as people. Last season was all about crazy action and characters acting… well… out of character.

There will be season opener spoilers below…

This season seems to begin at least a couple of months after the end of the last season, and perhaps even longer. Most everyone seems to be trying to not use their powers and live out normal lives. Then there’s Nathan Petrelli (Adrian Pasdar) – he’s the latest Washington D.C. hot ticket with the President’s ear and working on a task force to “protect our country.” The public assumes he means from terrorists but he is actually going after our friendly super-powered folks.

They’ve really turned Nathan into a pretty slimey character, regardless of what his intentions are. This is demonstrated especially by the fact that despite his having a black ops team capturing all super-powered people that he is aware of, he offers his brother Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) and his daughter Claire (Hayden Panettiere) a pass.

Hiro (Masi Oka) is trying to turn Ando (James Kyson Lee) into a superhero (complete with spandex costume), and interestingly, Peter runs into Mohinder (Sendhil Ramamurthy) driving a cab. They have a conversation about having super-powered people rounded up and put in internment camps – Peter thinks it’s vile but Mohinder thinks maybe it’s a necessary evil.

Why is that interesting? Because as soon as the Black Ops team attempts to apprehend Mohinder he suddenly has a massive change of opinion on the matter. I could segue here big time but I think I’ll hold my tongue. icon razz Heroes Fugitives Chapter: Back To Basics?

Sylar (Zachary Quinto) is still around (they haven’t explained how the heck he survived the massive fire at the end of last season) and he’s trying to find out exactly who he is. He actually has the coolest scene in the entire episode when the men in black try to capture him. He is one formidable opponent.

Noah Bennett (Jack Coleman) is back and he seems to have reverted to his old tricks from season one.

I was actually quite surprised at the fact that basically everyone was rounded up by the end of the episode. I had expected it to take a few episodes for everyone to be captured, with the possibility that a number of our pals wouldn’t be. As it stands the ending of the episode almost made me feel like we were about to witness a Heroes/Lost crossover. icon smile Heroes Fugitives Chapter: Back To Basics?

Anyway, based on just this one episode it looks like we’re in for an interesting season – hopefully it stays true all season long and there is no shark-jumping.

What did you think… does it look like Heroes is going to return to its former glory?

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  1. What if peter is still re-learning and i wonder if he stole those powers or just absorbed them. If he is re-learning, maybe eventually he’ll be able to open up the vault, so to speak, and use which ever he likes, much like his father.

    I wonder now, if sylar will be looking for a “brotherhood” to kind of help him out. While he is a formidable opponent, theres only so much one man, no matter how powerful, can take.

  2. Random Observations

    * YAY! No more pretentious, say-nothing Mohinder narrative!

    * Did I notice some creative wording in the TV intro to Senator Nathan? The voice referred to his “meteroic rise” and his agency’s “unprecedented (un-presidented) access” to information.

    * Hiro’s “Lair.” Haha.

    * Seems they have backed off the totally goofball antics of Hiro & Ando. Light hearted, but not nerve grating.

    * The music score sucks. I’m SO TIRED of the character-specific music, like chimes/bells for Sylar (the ticking is okay). I’m sick of the whiney moany cultural music.

    * Unfortunately from this episode and the previews, it looks like Nathan and Jessica/(whoEVER), are prime characters. Please, Vortex Man, come back and suck her away from the show!

    * I liked that we joined our friends after some time has elapsed. Look, we wanted the show to have a massive RESET Button, I’m willing to not get explanations on every single development, including how some of them have their old jobs back.

    * Another thing I’m willing to forgive, since it moves the story along quicker (something the show has never been known for), is that the heroes were all nabbed & bagged in one episode.

    * Not sure why every hero wore dark hoods & goggles.

    * I like that Peter’s absorption powers are tactile and can be seen.

    * Do we really need to know how Sylar escaped? Didn’t Season 2 teach us that the answer can be worse than the suspense? We all knew he wasn’t gone–after all, NBC could basically rename this the Sylar Hour, co-starring Heroes.

    * I like the tighter focus and the character-centric story. If it brings them together, good job. I can forgive the super cliche ‘government security agency goes overboard and violates rights’ premise if it’s only a backdrop to interesting developments.

    * Which hero was pulled out of the airplane, and how long before they show up again–because no one ever dies in this show.

    * The term ‘abilities’ is SO Smallville.

    * Parkman is visited by the African painter dude and his powers are enhanced and (yawn) he has another destiny. What’s up with that? Didn’t the writers get the Fan Memo that we’re tired of arbitrary character or power switches?

    * Is there something in the NBC-Heroes charter that guarantees comic style predictive drawings by a character every year? They are vaguely drawn (yet the characters immediately interpret each stick figure and situation) and serve as intentional misdirection rather than the writers relying in actual withholds and reveals.

  3. This episode was much more promising than the Villains arc. Call me simple (I didn’t hate TF afterall), but it’s nice to have an episode where we don’t two versions of any characters (ie. future Peter, present Peter, black-hair Clair, blonde Clair, sheesh”

  4. Heroes is watchable again!!! However I agree with the apalling (sp?) nature of Mr. Bennett… Mohinder I was ok, Nathan’s is giving me a sense of anger towards the character that’s rightfully given to a villain (unlike that of papa Patrelli). Go Sylar good job Claire and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

  5. @Sylar’s Hunger Continues

    Ref your comment, “The term ‘abilities’ is SO Smallville,” what would you have them call their abilities? “Powers” isn’t really all that original either. Ditto for “mutations.” God forbid, “enhancements.”

    Also, I think the point of the hoods and goggles was to dehumanize the prisoners, take away their individuality. It’s easier to do something inhumane to someone who doesn’t seem human. That and it just made it easier to put other prisoners in the plane without having to really cast a fresh character (which from a budget standpoint, makes total sense).

    Many of your other points, though, I have to agree.

  6. Well, As far as the hoods and shades, generally something like that would be done to keep someone from knowing where they are going and keeping them disoriented so that they neither know who is with them(and have the possibility of planning/coordinating an escape)nor know exactly who is involved in their punishment/capture/exile in case they were to make it back and have thoughts of revenge.
    The other aspect of Peter’s ability change, what good would it do to abduct and send away someone who could just fly and figure out where he was and how to get help? There IS the possibility that Peter can only ACCESS one ability at a time(and that option may be a later development as well)and has a lengthy delay swapping between abilities, but more than likely the re-injection of the serum gave him a variation of his original abilities(possibly even giving him a Sylar like “need” to absorb new abilities, which would place them in added danger wherever they are).
    Now all I really want to know is, who got sucked out of the plane?

  7. I am so pissed at even the possibilty of Peter being relegated to Rogue status. And not Rogue as is like Sylar whose motives are never clear(which wasn’t extremely annoying until season 3) but like X-men Rogue, only less interesting. He was the greatest hero of them all, the reason I watched the show. And, when it all boils down to it, Sylar is THE VILLAIN and has been all along. And if he’s going to be stopped, there has to be one hero that can face him. Enter Peter Petrelli. I think there’s the story arc right there. The rest of the heroes band together to stop Nathan’s meta-human internment camps and his “final solution” while Sylar has become a true force for evil(cover in blood, “Are we having cake?”) and Peter is the only one powerful enough to stop him! Of course, it’d also be awesome if they somehow make Peter and Claire not related so she can finally be something other than the girl everyone keeps trying to keep out of stuff, but instead becomes the hero’s heroine(you know what I’m saying). Mohinder needs to meet up with Parkman and they both go on a spirit walk, where Mohinder runs into his little sister, and is ashamed of the way he’s acted. He’ll get off the fence then. Parkman(sigh) will finally go in the same direction for an entire season(they seriously have yet to make up their mind what to do with him, and none of the options have been interesting) and he and Daphne decide to start a family or something that gets rid of him. Hiro needs to regain his powers partially. Teleportation-yes, time-travel- a very limited version. I hate to reference a video game here, but like in Prince of Persia, where you can wind back like 30 seconds and stop something from happening. That in itself is an awesome power. And freezing time. Gotta get that back. Ando the super-charger? That’s the lamest power ever! Unless they somehow use him to get Hiro’s powers back(as mentioned above) or boost Peter’s power back to full strength for the final Peter/Sylar showdown.

  8. -huntthejest

    I think the S1 finale was supposed to be the big Peter vs. Sylar showdown.

    Good scenario–the government rounds up heroes while Sylar commits mayhem. But I think as the season progresses, there will be one or more high profile things that will require truly heroic intervention (as one of the early comments suggested), or maybe a common evil.

    My prediction–and my eyes didn’t go white–is that by the end of the volume, government will let the heroes go their own way, having learned respect for the good intentions and social value of the gang. Some may choose to return to civilian lives, and some to public service as *really* special agents.

  9. Wow.

    I was VERY disappointed with season 2 and even more with season 3. It had passed the line of being awful and most of my friends had completely given up on it.

    That being said, the Volume 4 opener was AMAZING.

    It was shot very Cinematic style and felt like I was watching it in a theatre. The acting and dialogue was MUCH improved and it seemed like they were setting up roots for a story I’ve been waiting for all a long.

    I hope something bigger comes from Hiro’s lair in the future… like the whole team being there maybe… a la X-Mansion.

    A major improvement and step forward… let’s hope they keep that up… because they need to.

  10. @huntthejest

    “here you can wind back like 30 seconds and stop something from happening.”

    THAT was one of the BIGGEST problems with last season. Huge problem IMHO right from the get-go.

    - Speed-girl snatches the formula as soon as Hiro opens the safe.

    - Hiro stops time fast enough to catch her in the office.

    - Instead of grabbing the formula out of her hand, Hiro stops to chat with her. (duh)

    - She knocks him out and gets away. Um, go back in time to before you opened the safe and DON’T OPEN IT.

    Problem solved.


  11. OK so if Peter can only possess one person’s abilities, then consider this. Sylar is shaping up to be the supervillain again that nobody can seemingly stop. Well then, enter Peter who touches HIM and gains ALL his abilities!!

    “Oh well that’s just an even match and Sylar will have the upper hand since he knows them better” you say? Enter ANDO the crazy ability supercharger! Ando just soups up Peter’s ability and Peter squashes Sylar like a bug!

    Ok then where to go next with the series…. hmmm…. =P

  12. @Dana S

    I just hope you haven’t ruined the rest of the season for us! ;0) Although, I’d be surprised if Peter would take on Sylar’s power again, after his last experience with it.


    Time travel is such a bloody difficult thing to handle in writing. That Heroes did such a good job with it in “Season One” is part of the reason its mishandling in the following seasons has been so dreadful. I’m ready to see these heroes let loose with their powers. The scene we had in Season One where we saw some of them in the future go off on a bunch of guards was just great. It’s time to quit having them learn their abilities and just use them.

  13. hahaha… oh I’m sure I didn’t… as plausible as my ideas seem in my head (and apparently others’) it never ends up turning out that way! And good point about the “urges” that Sylar has.. might turn out pretty nasty being amplified by Ando. Yikes! 8-0

  14. @Vic
    “go back in time”
    I thought one of the highlights of season 1 was Hiro’s short arc with Charlie, as it demonstrated that traveling back in time wasn’t really plausible (although they managed to screw that up a bit by sending him back to feudal Japan and back with Claire and all the backwards time travel that shouldn’t really have been possible)
    So in my eyes he couldn’t really just go back and not open the safe.

    All in all I thought it was a strong season opening, even if it did seem like Heroes meets Prison Break meets Lost.

  15. i really hope peter gets his kickass powers again

  16. i really hope peter gets his kickass powers again and like becomes the badass future him with the scar and stuff