‘Heroes’ Finale Bombs In The Ratings

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heroes bad Heroes Finale Bombs In The Ratings

I must have not been the only person that forgot that the fourth season finale of Heroes was on this past Monday as NBC’s superhero drama brought in horrible, and I mean HORRIBLE,  ratings. How horrible? How does 4.4 million people sound?

In comparison, when NBC was thinking about canceling Chuck, the show was averaging 7.14 million viewers for its second season. Remember when everyone forgot that Fringe was on after the World Series? Well, even they were able to garner 5 million viewers (which have since shot back up to around 7 million viewers each week).

Still, with 4.4 million viewers the season finale isn’t even the worst performing episode ratings-wise this season. Overall, out of the eighteen episodes aired, the season finale was the fourth worst in terms of ratings. The worst being the Hiro trial episode, “Pass/Fail,” which only brought in 3.93 million viewers.

As I wrote in the Review & Discussion for the Heroes fourth season finale, I was unhappy after watching it, but deep down still figured that NBC probably would give it another season. However,  after seeing these numbers, there may be little chance of it returning. Some wonder how it couldn’t be canceled so we’ll have to see what NBC decides for their dwindling franchise.

hiro closed Heroes Finale Bombs In The Ratings“Maybe I can time travel back to the first season and save us all!”

Anyone surprised that only 4.4 million tuned in? Would anyone like to change their opinion about Heroes getting another season?

Can anyone say that Heroes is their favorite show? …that’s what I thought.

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  1. I'm not surprised at all. I stopped watching after the first or second episode this season. It's just so awful and they ruined just about every character/storyling, nothing makes sense or is the slightest bit interesting, etc. Plus, I'd rather watch LOST or something that isn't being dragged through the mud. It's a shame what happened to Heroes, it really is. :[

  2. I'm not surprised at all. The show hasn't been the same since season one, and I don't understand NBC's unholy obsession with it. They're always complaining about shows costing them money, but Heroes looks like it costs a pretty penny to produce, yet they kept it for another 3 seasons? Yet shows like Chuck and Southland get treated like the red-haired stepchildren of the network.

  3. They lost me after the first season, they went too fast with the first season and had nothing good on season two and they lost me afterwards. Too bad, I love super heroes comic books and movies, but this doesn't cut-it and the commercials are to often,

  4. Heroes is one of my few favorite shows. Heroes, smallville and entourage. THats really all i have time for. Im hoping they continue. Itd be a real shame to end it where they left off.

  5. This is the first season I've watched the whole way through and I loved it! Count me among those 4.4 million (well, actually, guess not b/c I watched it on my netflix two days later). Great show! Great season!

  6. I can say that heroes is my favorite show no monday nights in its 1 hour time frame. But Chuck and House are on that night and they are better.

  7. Given NBC's logic, they'll probably cancel Chuck and give the show's time slot to Heroes.

  8. This show is amazing….no other show could take such potential, and waste it away like this show did. I know the writer's strike didn't help, but other show survived. That this one didn't is truly an EPIC FAIL!!!

  9. Your claim is inaccurate. TV viewership is a misleading number; the times have changed, and while at one time you could claim that the TIVO market nominally affects the statistics, the alternative-to-TV market has grown enormously through several outlets! Netflix, Xbox, PS3, TIVO, DVR, and the INternet… HEROES likely targets a tech savvy, multi-tasking, type of audience who don't watch certain shows religiously when they're 'live' anymore.
    I agree, HEROES isn't the best show if NBC's objective is to increase live viewers. But there's a strong and unclaimed niche for shows like HEROES, which is why my bet is on a renewal…. and despite NBC's latest fouls, I'm almost certain they have the brains to figure out the $ vehicle that HEROES is…. they're near 100 episodes to syndication, command huge online viewership comprable to nielsen counterparts, DVD sales… man they'd be stupid not to take advantage of one more season.

  10. I can't say I'm surprised… I've tried a few times to get into Heroes but I couldn't even get into the first (and, as I hear it, the best) season. I was initially really excited for Heroes & wanted to like it a lot. Four eps in & they had managed to make me care about exactly zero characters. I kinda liked Hiro, but I just didn't care. I thought about getting in during the second season until I heard that once they got everyone together, they went & split'em all up again. The disjointed split storylines was part of what bugged me about the show to begin with!

    Heroes had a bunch of potential and, for me at least, it never managed to even come close to reaching it. Plenty of good actors. The rest just falls flat.

    I've enjoyed even the weakest seasons of Smallville more than anything I've seen Heroes do.

  11. I loved the first season. It was brilliant.
    I think they should forget about the 2nd through 4th season and reboot this. Honestly, leave it be for awhile so you can develop a good storyline after the first season. I personally love this show and its characters (original characters). And I haven't watched it (unfortunately or fortunately) since a few episodes into the second season, but I don't know about anyone else, but I'd definitely be willing to give this series a second chance.

    What do you think? They can reboot movies with the flick of their fingers, why not a TV series?

  12. I only watch a few shows on television.Lost, Psych, The Office, and Heroes. I didn't watch heroes when it was on, but honestly who does? This is what I have netflix for. First thing I did today after work was pick up some Sam Adams and turn on netflix/xbox360 to watch Monday's episode before psych.

  13. Season 1 was breathtaking, season 2 was good, season 3 was bad and finally season 4 was horrible..

    For God sake, put the show out of it's misery….

  14. i like Heroes, but the finale was pretty disappointing. The season started well, but the finale felt rushed, and the cheerleader/Claire character is a complete moron.

  15. The thing you're missing in your argument is that NBC makes most of their money off of the live broadcast. While they might garner a HUGE online and DVD audience, it still needs the numbers to deliver on network television in order to stay a viable property to NBC.

  16. The season was rushed due the Olympics. I can say Heroes is my fave show, followed by Big Bang Theory and Lost. If I could change anything, I'd choose a steady panel of writers, not this writer this week, that writer next week. No more guest stars. Stick with the main characters and GIVE THEM STORIES.

    Since I'm hoping for just one more wrap up season, I would think the above would be easy to do.

    I was disappointed in the finale but I know it was that damn rushed schedule.
    Any finale is usually 2 hours at least.

  17. This is the single reason for the drop in viewers. Thus Tivo/DVR/PVR is where it's being watched. The only thing that killed the ratings for Heroes this season was the time slot.

    Pls, in future if you want to write about viewer ratings and so forth, paint the whole picture. This was mentioned right from the start of the season. Heroes is in the wrong time slot and that is killing the numbers. This however does not mean House and/or Chuck has more viewers. It means they would rather watch Chuck/House live and watch Heroes later. Given a better time slot Heroes would be top of the charts again, there is a reason it was rated as the best series of all time ;)

  18. Yeah, I've watch all the episodes and i more or less like them all but i do notice each season was getting more diluted, and the carnival was kinda stupid, but even a weak heroes is better than half the stuff on TV

  19. The finale was lackluster on all cylinders, I am ctually surprised that the numbers were so high. Ever since the first seaosn teh show has been dwindling down and I although we did get a bit of a serge in the show's quality of production in the beginning pf the season, the last few episodes and the finale fell way short. Something tells me that as much as this shos stinks and has hit rock bottom, NBC is not done with it. Many fans are saying reboot and I myself would have to agree on that notion. I believe that a reboot would be a very radical and fresh approach; one that could ultimately save this dying franchise. Continuiing on with stagnant storyline will just lead to a higher loss in ratings next season.

    Either take some risks and do something different and bold or just scrap the series because it has become painful to watch. If they bring the show back next seaosn with the same format I, and at least several others that I know, will NOT be watching

  20. I dont get it. This past episode was the best this season. I know most people here don't watch it anymore, but it was actually really good.

  21. Heroes has always had underwhelming season finales, even season 1's finale was a disappointment. All buildup and no finish.

    hiro looks like he's really squeezing hard there.

  22. This season could have been far better, but you could tell they had 25 episodes worth of ideas to fit into 19 episodes and the execution of those ideas suffered as a result. They were constantly alluding to things they never followed up on and there was just no sense of urgency built up at all approaching the finale. Three more episodes here would have given them a great shot at putting together a good finale, imagine how much better it would have been if we had actually been treated to a final showdown between Samuel and Peter? What about spending any time at all on those “5 years” that Peter and Sylar were trapped together so their newfound partnership doesn't feel so contrived and hollow? This season had great ideas and wasted a ton of potential, but it also opened the door for them to reboot the series and end it the right way if they do manage to get picked up for a season 5, which on the dismal NBC primetime schedule is a DISTINCT possibility.

  23. To be honest I only watched a few episodes and found this show to be boring and stopped watching, but that was Season 1, Have not and will not watch any of ther other seasons of this dull show. I don't watch alot of stuff on NBC anyway, so I guess I can't really blame the show, but the network it's on.

  24. This finale was AWFUL. A rushed conclusion to a storyline that lost its way after having a great deal of potential. The carnival was such an interesting premise – but they made the carnies stupid sheep. Anybody notice That Mama Petrelli's friend who whacked Nathan/Sylar got away clean? What, no dreams, no nothing?

    And the Showdown was lame. So lame. Peter and Samuel staring at each other? Christ.

    What was the “Redemption” in the end? Sylar is good now? WOW we saw that in “Villains”. Next?

    And Gretchen is just gone? HRG never really played things out with his longtime crush, Emma never redeemed herself as a Doctor; Parkman, Suresh, The Ink –all of that not tied off or explained. And the whole resolution of what happened to Charlie was the biggest evidence that:

    NBC told the showrunners to “wrap it up” quick fast, and they scrambled to do so. Everything was left hanging if you really look back. All the threads that started were left hanging.

  25. Umm, aren't Chuck and House on at 8pm? How is that competing against Heroes? 2 1/2 Men and The Big Bang Theory are competing against Heroes and killing it.

    I'd rather see NBC give it ONE more season, move it to Wednesdays or something and finish out the show. I haven't watched it since it's returned from midseason break, but it's on my DVR. My GF and I plan on having a Heroes marathon. This season hasn't been THAT bad, better than last season IMO. But I hope that the 5th season is it's last.

  26. I'm a loyal Heroes fan and I feel that the low ratings are because of the popularity of shows like the Bachelor. Monday nights are really not the ideal time to put on a show about super powered people…let me explain…When I was growing up, Fridays and Saturdays were the best in television- why? We had Saturday morning cartoons and lots of action, including shows like “V” the original series on Fridays. We need a network to reinvent the weekend programming. Saturdays should be fun again- it's the WEEKEND!! Heroes, would be great for a Friday or Saturday show. (Mostly Saturdays, because there is nothing, in my opinion, that is worth watching on Saturdays.) I'm a loyal fan of Heroes and even with the ratings dropping I always will be. Like EASTWICK, I hope they can find the audience and commit with the story direction. Good luck NBC!!! (Thank you for Heroes)

  27. It's true that Two and a Half Men and Big Bang Theory are trouncing Heores (probably any show would be killed there). I am a fan of BBT but watch Heroes live since they need that more. I watch BBT online later. I'll wager many people do that with Heroes. Fans yes, but they don't watch it live.

  28. Yeah,me.Of all the scifi tv series going on,I would say that Smallville and Heroes would be up there. Never mind the ratings.People now days people don't care about a good storyline.Let run 4 another more season,if still doesn't improve in the ratings;then I would urge NBC to scratch it from airing on TV.That would be justice.But I would hope that the writers would do something about the idea of Sylar turning good!Wats the deal with that.And Peter's powers.Why can't Peter come in contact with baby Matt Parkman.It would be good to see a showdown for the final episode of Peter vs. Sylar.That would really boost the ratings and the best theme for the episode would be Good vs. Evil.

  29. I still like it, except for when Claire is on the screen. I keep hoping they will turn the show around.