‘Heroes’ Finale Bombs In The Ratings

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heroes bad Heroes Finale Bombs In The Ratings

I must have not been the only person that forgot that the fourth season finale of Heroes was on this past Monday as NBC’s superhero drama brought in horrible, and I mean HORRIBLE,  ratings. How horrible? How does 4.4 million people sound?

In comparison, when NBC was thinking about canceling Chuck, the show was averaging 7.14 million viewers for its second season. Remember when everyone forgot that Fringe was on after the World Series? Well, even they were able to garner 5 million viewers (which have since shot back up to around 7 million viewers each week).

Still, with 4.4 million viewers the season finale isn’t even the worst performing episode ratings-wise this season. Overall, out of the eighteen episodes aired, the season finale was the fourth worst in terms of ratings. The worst being the Hiro trial episode, “Pass/Fail,” which only brought in 3.93 million viewers.

As I wrote in the Review & Discussion for the Heroes fourth season finale, I was unhappy after watching it, but deep down still figured that NBC probably would give it another season. However,  after seeing these numbers, there may be little chance of it returning. Some wonder how it couldn’t be canceled so we’ll have to see what NBC decides for their dwindling franchise.

hiro closed Heroes Finale Bombs In The Ratings“Maybe I can time travel back to the first season and save us all!”

Anyone surprised that only 4.4 million tuned in? Would anyone like to change their opinion about Heroes getting another season?

Can anyone say that Heroes is their favorite show? …that’s what I thought.

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  1. Well we're still waiting for season four, but we can see it going downhill.

    Season One, interesting premise, odd characters, wtf?
    Season Two, less interesting, characters boring, same old same old, wtf?
    Season Three, someone let me off this ride, I want to get off.

  2. I was thinking the same thing while reading these posts. I thought this season ender was pretty good, and when they showed part of the next chapter, I actually wanted more.

  3. I'm with you on most of this. I'm a huge comics geek and I only made it all the way through one episode of this show back in Season 1. I just couldn't care less about any of the characters and didn't have any interest in trying to follow their stories.
    Having said that, I detest Smallville even more. Somehow they managed to take a character I only marginally like in the comics and made him even more of an irritating imbecile.

  4. Heroes really is my favourite show and I really feel that people that get involved in the stories and have the mental capacity to take in more than one story at a time can enjoy the show in all its glory. Those that struggle wit it…read a book!

  5. You know why? No one cares about some creepy homeless looking guy (Samuel). His story arc was short, underwhelming, and a complete waste of time.

  6. The comic posted on the NBC-Heroes site showed a much better climax, where Samuel literally breaks up city streets. Now of course, budgetary demands forbade any such scenes in the finale. What a better episode it would have been if they could have had a massive earthquake in New York scene, instead of the stare down with Peter.

  7. I stopped watching twenty minutes into the first episode of this season… Heroes just isn't what it used to be during the first season

  8. Why don't NBC sack Tim Kring and the writers and start a fresh

  9. This show needs to finish off one more season, with an end date specifically set, so that they can wrap things up. Then, years from now, remake it and do it right. It's worked for other shows that were worse than Heroes.

  10. Is Heroes still on TV? I gave up on it after the second season. I still watch first season episodes every now and then though.

  11. Is Heroes still on TV? I gave up on it after the second season. I still watch first season episodes every now and then though.

  12. I haven’t watched Heroes in a couple years, but I used to be a devoted fan. I’ll tell you what happened.

    One or two plot twists is nice, it can even be poetic to see someone who wants to “Save the world” become corrupted by the very world he is trying to save.

    But keep changing everything, down to even the overall tone the show started off with, and you will lose viewers.

    Sorry, guys, you dropped the ball. I have no idea what is going on in the show now, but I do know that I lost interest sometime after Season 2.

    • I agree.

      I’ll tell you where I think it started to suck. Right in the second season they made all the ultra-powerful people lame.

      Think about it – Peter was virtually a God, I came back every week just wondering what power he would have next, and now he’s an atomic wussy. Same thing with Hero.

      They didn’t want characters to have unlimited power, but that’s what made the show great, was the mystery of greatness and ‘what would happen next’? They killed it by stripping away the character’s greatness.

      Heroes sucks now, bigtime, I’m amazed it’s still on.

      This is like if Marvel comics made ‘Professor X’ or ‘Magneto’ a wussy, because they had too much power – it would ruin the X-men.


  13. Ok first off don’t comment bad stuff if u seen 4 episode because you don’t know nothing, this show was good. If you don’t like it then why are u commenting on something about the show, seem to me like you want to know about the show.

  14. It didnt suck they just could have done other things to make it more intrest and should have cutt off alor of dialouge and people would have more intrest in it.

  15. I actually liked the series, up until they brought the Petrelli Father (which they should’ve left out) and he took the powers of his son. I kept watching it thinking “maybe next week’s episode Peter will get his powers back, or they in time might evolve”. That was the only reason I watched till the end so they could propel the hero to what he once was. They essentially made Peter from a prodigy, to a leech.

    But what really sucked for me was the bipolarity of the villain/hero Sylar. Make up your damn minds, is he evil or is he good? Or just kill him off and bring a villain with a defined power and actual goal. Sylar didn’t have much of a purpose apart from snatching powers, and the writers just kept milking it, he lost his powers (like the hero) then they made him look for some more.

    The scenes set in the future looked incredible, but only because you could see the characters and the setting at their ultimate potencial. Peter and Sylar fought with incredible powers, the world knew of their existence, and new york evolved to a war zone between government, and power users: both good and bad.

    Let’s not forget Hiro, who seemed to master his powers enough so that when he used them he didn’t look like he was taking a 4 pound dump. They kept taking him to the past to fix crap that didn’t even have to be in the series in the first place, which made his purpose vague and ultimately stupid. I mean the whole “i am a hero! crap got old reaaaally quick. They even went as far as to give his best friend an amplifying power, which he never really used to amplify much..

    The whole concept of the series is what I fell in love with, and have been waiting since childhood for someone to actually make a series like this. Ordinary people in present day suddenly develop powers and realize they can do amazing things. Its a concept that can be exponentially expanded, but the writers secluded it to New York of all places, the characters traveled a bit here and there but everything worth watching happened there. It made everything too closed off.

    Who’s to say the characters couldn’t develop somewhere else, meet new characters and have them stay together, not having them run off everywhere and then have them congregate for a single end at exactly the right time. The very few action scenes also affected the quality of the overall series, some more power fights would’ve helped with the ratings I think.


    With good and bad influences in the world, you would think the writers could’ve thought more globally, imagine if leader’s from a country so oppressed and abused could actually tip the scales in an all out, no holds barred, super powered world war for control… I mean who wouldn’t love it??

    Sorry if the post was a bit too long. :)

  16. I think the fans killed the show!

  17. Hey I have to agree with both sides they should’nt start out with these awsome powers then get stripped. I would have to agree wth david.
    I also have to agree that things have to evolve. You cant please all the people all the time.

  18. Heroes first season really pulled me in. I agree with David, it is not what it used to be :(

  19. Simply put, Heroes just didn’t survive the loss of its writers after the writers strike. What they had written was strong, what those who replaced them wrote was a pale shadow.

    What I WOULD be interested in seeing is a reboot of the series and its concept with the original writers. Ignore second and later seasons ever happened, and do it right with the writers who proved they knew what they were doing.

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