Heroes: One Shall Soon Fall [Updated]

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heroes s4 Heroes: One Shall Soon Fall [Updated]

Update: Find out who is going to go (If you dare)!

Alot of us having been saying it for sometime: One of these characters on Heroes has got to die. And stay dead. For good.

Well, it seems like somebody up in the big office over at NBC FINALLY heard our collective cries, because E! Online is reporting that Heroes will be rocked by a major death this season and “this is not one that will go unnoticed by even the most casual fan.”

Better start catching up on your episodes of Heroes: Redemption now if you don’t want to be left out of the loop come kill time!

E! Online drops a clue as to which character will be getting the ax – but we here at Screen Rant try to stay SPOILER FREE – so if you’re the type who fancies a little tidbit to get them wondering, I’ll point to where you can get a leg-up on your best guestimate. The clue is pretty vague, so it won’t RUIN things for you:




Man, I just hope this death is a real death and not some bait-and-switch movie like (OLD SPOILER ALERT) Nathan’s “death” was last season. This show has been begging for a move like this to get made (we’ve even been discussing a few candidates), and, in the end, I think the showrunners will appreciate just how much narrative space a well-executed death (pun intended) frees up.

Which Hero do you think will go? Which one would you like to see go?

Catch Heroes Monday @ 8pm on NBC

Source: E! Online

Update Source: Sci-fi Wire

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  1. I’ve kinda given up on the show in general. If it had made this kind of commitment in Season 2, I would have been riveted to hear this news, but as it is, can’t get to worked up about it.

    If I had to bet, I’d bet on it being Noah Bennet. I’d rather they took out one of the others, but given the name “Redemption”, makes me think he’s got the most sins to atone for, and shown the desire to make up for them as well.

  2. i havent given up on the show and last nights episode was good. had that lost kinda twist too it with the invisible girl and i like the direction sylar is going. i want either the blonde stripper/slut whatever her name is ive always hated her or matt cuz his power is kinda cool but he doesnt do anything with it.

  3. Would I sound like a jerk if I said I’d stop watching the show if Sylar died? Not out of any sort of revenge but just because he really is the only reason I watch the show now. It’s sad considering I was very much a fan the first season.

  4. do the writers even know what kind of show they are working on ?
    it was supposed to be a show about people with super human abilities who are ‘HEROES ‘ ; or as I like to call them SUPER HEROES.

    super costumes?

    super villains?
    not so much.

    super battles?
    few and far between.

    what the heck are they doing spending time on college semi-lesbian flirtation ? ;
    if I need a lesbian fix I’ll watch The L Word.
    whats with the cute deaf girl?
    such a lovely pretty power and the scene recently with Peter and CDG playing the piano together ?
    heartwarming and touching and I nearly barfed from a sugar overload.
    whats next ?
    I know , they can have a ” hero ” who has the ability to control and command butterflies and unicorns ( and puppies too ).

    why why why am I still watching this show ?

  5. @RastaZen, the show was never about the things you just complained about, you should have stopped watching a long time ago lol. Its about “real” people with POWERS. The show is called HEROES not SUPERHEROES.


    I think Nathan is gone for good now :) lol

  6. I actually enjoyed the last few episodes, i like that cast is down to a few major characters, the storylines are easy to follow, and there’s no more Suresh! What more could a guy want, well, except the death of Matt Parkman, Angela Petrelli and Noah Bennet :)

  7. Noah Bennett is gonna die!!!!!!!!!!!You heard it hear first

  8. I’ll tell you who’s going to die,,,,,

    Here it comes,,,,,,

    Spoilers,,,, ;-)

    The Series is doomed! Highly doubtful it will return after this season…
    They should just start killing characters off now!

    Its their only hope for high ratings,,,

  9. I think Hiro will die because his brain is swelling or has some kind of brain tumor. He is a major character from the beginning of Heroes. I don’t want Hiro to be the one who dies, but throughout this volume he’s been having trouble when using his powers… nose bleeds, freezing himself, passing out, ect…

    Also, in the previews for next week you see Hiro teleport to Peter and fall down. Another scene shows him in a hospital bed telling Peter he’s dying. I’m not sure who’s going to have this major death but there could be some other characters that leave besides Hiro.

  10. Ali larter

  11. No its not ali larter I think im gonna cry… Sylar… i need a moment…

  12. Parkman is gonna blow is brain out, because it won’t be able to deal whit Sylar. Or Suresh will be back just to die, could be cool.

  13. Hiro dying would tie up the problem of having a time traveler in the mix. His power has always been the big problem with the storylines in Heroes. Eliminating him would solve that problem.

  14. Now that you mention it Sean, having Hiro go out saving the day sounds like something these writers would do.

    Problem is they could always bring Hiro back from the dead as he theoretically has duplicates of himself scattered through the timeline. ?
    Who knows,,,

  15. You know… Hiro seems so obvious that it almost cannot be him. They have been setting it up for him to die or whatever since last season but it’s a show with plot twists so it seems like if someone was to die they wouldn’t show it coming and that since they show hiro getting ready to die then someone will save him. Nathan was already dead, now it’s just official so I don’t think he would count. Pete and Sylar are the two the show cannot do without. I’d guess HRG, but I’m excited for them to trim some fat. This season has been great so far.

  16. as much as I love him

    my vote goes to Hiro

  17. @ Suknot says:
    “i really don’t think that they are gonna start killing people just to get higher ratings.”
    Well that’s pretty much what’s flying at us, but overall I like your comments Suknot,,, :-D

  18. Ali Larter is going to die then return as the third sister with the power of super sonic farts or something equally stupdi

  19. both sylar and noah bennet has to stay in the show! i mean theres no human that is in the show, or well i mean a human without powers:p and sylar being the most powerful and awesome:o

    those who can die matt, hiro and that petrelli woman:o cant recall her name:\ oh yeah angela! those are just unimportant..
    peter, sylar, claire and bennet cant die. it wud suck!

  20. *Spoiler*

    If you read the E article that he has linked to the article then you know the character that dies is a male and is a lead character. It also says that he will have been with the group and his not being there would be noticed by even a casual fan. That means there is a fairly short list of who it could be. And although everyone wishes Ali L. would die and stay dead or that Angela would do something or die; it’s a male and so…

  21. Either Hiro or Nathan.
    They say it’ll be a shock, so Matt is out of the question (I think everybody would be relieved), and Suresh and Hiro’s sidekick as well.
    If Peter dies, ratings will drop even further.
    This is the show’s last season anyway, I’m sure of it. Finally.

  22. Hiro is too obvious as he has been diagnosed with a tumor; Nathan is already dead; Suresh hasn’t even been on the show this season; since the E article says even a casual viewer will notice, and the actors that play Sylar and Peter, respectively, have gone on to play in movies, I say it’s going to be one of them (unfortunately). But, it could be Ando; would a casual viewer notice his absence though?

  23. Nathan is already dead, why is everyone talking about Nathan? He’s dead already!

  24. - Hiro screws things over and over again.
    - Peter goes emo but something drags him into action, again.
    - Sylar becomes bad. Then tries good. Then bad again.
    - Claire tries prove herself like shes 6 even she is almost 20. I believe she won’t stop ever since she’s immortal. She’s college chick(?!) instead of cheery leader.
    - Noah leaves company then get into again.
    - Ali Larter (honestly i stop counting her characters) will die again but suprisingly we’ll find out she had another twin.

    That’s what heroes for last 2 seasons. I must admit i was curious when i saw Sylar’s rising but after last episode i want my 45 mins back! I can’t believe they are so desperate that they need some lesbian action. %90 of cast wasn’t on the episode. 40 mins of Claire, 2 mins of Peter and just a minute for Sylar. Seriously??

  25. I gave up, didnt watch the last episode and dont plan on watching them anymore. This season definately is better than teh last, but I just dont care anymore. I think that NOah Bennet needs to die, and should, but they will probably off Sylar because he’ll be to engaged in star trek to care about heroes anymore.
    I think these characters should die ( in oredr of who should die the most):

    1-Mrs Patrelli
    2-Sylar (love the character but they are ruining him by keeping him in the show so long)
    3-Noah Bennet (needs to die so Claire can grow up)
    4-Matt Parman ( I like his character but most people clearly dont care about him)
    5-Nathan Patrelli (he is dead already, just stop the sharade and take him off the show)
    6-Ali Larters characters ( too confusing and she technically died twice, she should be out)
    Must keeps:
    1-Peter Patrelli- most popular character and most interesting story…he is hoe Neo was to the Matrix…show shoudl centralize more around him.
    2-Hiro- second most popular character and there are many things possible with him in the show.
    3-CLaire- She brings in teh guys and appeals to teh younger crowd.
    4-Surresh- We need him without powers though, how they had him in the first season. He is a good narrarator and we need a solid person with no powers in the show

  26. Suresh a good narrator? Pffffrrrmuuuhahaha.

  27. no no, dont laugh at that! suresh was a good narrator, i mean if u’ve heard some of the others on the show it was terrible. and they have to keep him in the show.. or bring him back? cause he hasnt appeared (i think) in this season:\

    and if u havent noticed.. sylar can probably do another season of heroes before star trek starts shooting.. i mean they havent written the story or script yet so dont look forward to a release soon. perhaps a 2012.. and i dont think pendling between heroes and star trek wud be so amazingly heavy. so i hope to.. ye.. i hope they dont kill him:\