Heroes Creator On Season 2: ‘We Made A Mistake’

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heroes Heroes Creator On Season 2: We Made A MistakeAs one of our commenters pointed out quite strongly in my Flip Side of the Writers’ Strike post (you’ll need to scroll down a bit), season two of Heroes has been less than stellar, especially when compared to season one. It turns out series creator Tim Kring is acutely aware of the shortcomings of the series so far this season.

Kring sat down with Entertainment Weekly to talk about the show’s weak ratings (compared to last year) and the problems with the series. Among the items he mentioned were the romances on the show that didn’t work, the slow pace, introducing new characters completely unconnected to the ones we already know and getting to the central focus way too late.

He said that part of the problem is that they assumed that viewers would like the same slow unfolding of the story that they did in season 1 of Heroes… but that as it turns out we just wanted them to get on with the story since we already know the framework and the characters:

“We assumed the audience wanted season 1 — a buildup of intrigue about these characters and the discovery of their powers. We taught [them] to expect a certain kind of storytelling. They wanted adrenaline. We made a mistake”

Kring also thinks (correctly) that they left Hiro in feudal Japan far too long. They definitely could have tied that up more quickly. He says the romance between Hiro and the princess didn’t work, but I actually liked the way the relationship served as a catalyst for him to grow up and mature. One thing Kring didn’t address was how obvious it was that Kensei is the big, evil villain behind the whole thing. Gotta say I saw that one coming a mile away.

Regarding how new heroes Monica and the incredibly annoying Maya and Alejandro were introduced into the story:

“[they] shouldn’t have been introduced in separate story lines that felt unattached to the show.”

Some of the new heroes won’t make it past Volume 2, which wraps up on December 3rd. Hopefully Maya and Alejandro will be among the casualties.

And if you haven’t already heard, the December 3rd episode has been tweaked so that it can function as a season finale if necessary due to the increasingly omnipresent writers’ strike.

Source: Entertainment Weekly via Superherohype

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  1. Wow. I’m kinda surpised to hear Tim K say that. I guess the ratings say bad but I say good. I’ve liked every episode and think the show is moving along fine.

  2. I hear that Kring refused to write the ending for Vol. 2 on Dec. 3, and it won’t really be a finale. But who knows, that’s probably just a rumor.


  3. Hmm… goes against what I’ve heard. I’m sure that despite how he feels about the strike he wouldn’t want to alienate the fans.


  4. Heroes will end the way it usually does at its midway point on a “to be continued” ending.
    After reading Tim’s comments I feel he’s writing a good show but the ratings are all some people talk about so he’s giving the plan B answer to the media.
    The rumor that there’s a possible quick end due to the strike I think is false. Tim wants to a quality show and after reading his comments I feel he’s going to stay on track regaurdless of the ratings. Ratings at this point are not the end-all be-all right now. The writers strike has more to do with effecting the show.
    Alot of shows are getting the drift that the strike is going to last long enough to screw the season anyway and quick rewrites are not going to happen.
    I think Tim knows what’s coming in the next few episodes and he believes that they will capture the audience so that when the strike is over they will want to see the last half of the season.
    If this strike isn’t over by December you prob won’t see Heroes till around the time Star Trek 11 comes out.
    What you will get,”all you that think Heroes is lame this season” is an extended season of Idol and So you think you can dance.
    24 is has been pushed back as well and won’t come out in Jan 08 if the strike goes to December.
    So you really think Heroes sucks so far well, reality tv is going to suck your mind off.
    Tv is in the crapper until this strike os over.
    Sorry for any typos I typed this fast.

  5. TV studios and even writers think the season is toast, regardless of the strike. Many critics and fans (and abysmal ratings are proving it) are saying this is the worst season in years, and the studios are happy to have a re-boot.

    But yeah, if the strike ends next summer, as many speculate, you can count on the 08/09 season starting in late 2008/early 2009.

    Guess I’ll watch seasons 1-4 of 24, plus the end of 6…Maybe I’ll watch some of LOST, too. Reality TV? Help me, Lord!


  6. I’m still on season 1 here.
    ‘Parasite’ was the last episode here.
    I hope season 2 will not disappoint me.
    Ratings went down for Lost for season 2 and some of 3. I always loved the show even though ratings and opinions went down, I hope it stays that way for me for Heroes.

  7. I haven’t been disappointed in this season so far, but I can certainly understand why others are.

    In any case, I would have been shocked it Mr. Kring had agreed to rewrite the ending of the episode in question, especially since I don’t recalling hearing anything about it until after the strike began on Monday. Depending on whan he was asked, doing so could have been a violation of WGA strike rules, and he could be punished for that by the WGA.

    Even if it wasn’t, I can see the story turning out even worse if he did rush things like that. One of the hardest things a writer can deal with is maintaining the proper pacing for a story, and to have to compress things mid-story, and on short notice, would probably make that even harder.

  8. Btw, I believe actors appearing in TV commercials went on strike a few years back. Remember all the commercials that had no voiceovers, only music and animation; or no actors, just real people?


  9. My score card on Heroes goes something like this:

    Positives -

    Noah Benett remains of the strongest, if not the strongest characterizations and performances on the show. If they follow through with the Issac’s predictions, I’ll be mightily sad to see him go. It would be some consolation though if they gave him a death worthy of the character.

    After a prolonged introduction in ancient Japan, the Adam storyline has real potential. It should be continued regardless of the other changes.

    The Peter storyline started weak, but now that it’s starting to connect with some of the others (with Hiro via Adam) it’s starting to build. Wish they didn’t fall back on the amnesia thing.

    The stuff with Parkman and his dad was powerful stuff. Want more.

    The negatives -

    The new characters aren’t really working out, much as Kring admitted. They need to find they’re way out of the story as soon as possible. Streamline the plot. Micah’s cousin has some promise, but she needs something bigger to do than stop a guy robbing the burger joint. The wonder twins have to go, however. Their virus story running parallel to the other virus story is redundant and confusing.

    Unbelievable coincidences have to be cut down. The epitome of this was the wonder twins happening upon the unconscious body of Sylar in the middle of nowhere.

  10. Good analysis. I have to say though the coincidences in “Heroes” completely and utterly PALE before those in “Lost.”

    I think I must roll my eyes at least once per episode on that show due to the never ending string of connecting threads between the characters.


  11. Nicely put Heath..

    I don’t mind the twins, however it would be cool to see Sylar take their powers as a way to get his back from (Adam,I bet).
    Seems logical*…I mean you have to have victims around Sylar anyway. Heath get ready there more than likely Sylar fodder!
    I read online that Next weeks episode is going to be a stand alone flashback episode.like lasts seasons “Five years Gone”.
    My opinion: last seasons best..
    So I think the last few Heroes episodes are going to really kick ass!

  12. Thank God this show can flashbacks to the best times of the show!


  13. Vic, the coincidences on LOST are not actually coincidences. The idea that all the characters on lost were somehow connected to each other before they crashed is a running theme on the show. Unlike what heroes is doing, lost does not use coincidences to propel the story forward (for example Locke meeting Sayid’s ex-girlfriend in a flashback does not have any effect on the main plot) the characters on lost are not even aware that these connections exist so it has no impact on the story from the pov of the characters. Those coincidences/connections are there only for the benefit of the viewer, to suggest that there is maybe something more sinister going on. Sylar just happens to found by the twins is a coincidence that feels contrived, it clearly effects the story and only exists as cheap way for the writers to insert sylar into that storyline. I don’t think they have ever used such a contrived plot device on Lost.

  14. I’m surprised the scene with Sylar showing up on the road and being found by the twins is causing a problem with viewers. The last time we left Sylar he was in the middle of a tropical forest. Mexico has alot of those.
    I would think the audience would bring up the fact that the shapechanging girl was a different actress.
    I don’t know her name but the hot actress that played Lindermans version of Mystique is on the show “Reapers” and coundnt make it on season2.
    That’s the real story here. But Sylar killed her so its a shame all around.

  15. I’m surprised the scene with Sylar showing up on the road and being found by the twins is causing a problem with viewers. The last time we left Sylar he was in the middle of a tropical forest. Mexico has alot of those.
    I would think the audience would bring up the fact that the shapechanging girl was a different actress.
    I don’t know her name but the hot actress that played Lindermans version of Mystique is on the show “Reapers” and coundnt make it on season2.
    That’s the real story here. But Sylar killed her so its a shame all around.

  16. Jim,

    I realize that, but the connections strain credulity, even on a fantasy show.


  17. Heath. After watching tonights episode 11-12-07 “4 months ago”.
    I had to laugh at your resent post.
    It is good they can go back to flashbakc episodes

    I’ve never seen a show do such a great job of that.

    Heroes is kicking ass!

  18. I liked this season. Yes it wasn’t as good as the last but the show is still very good.