Is Heroes Coming To An End?

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Heroes Is Heroes Coming To An End?

The cancellation that everyone has been speculating for the past 2 years may finally be upon us as the end may finally be near for our (used to be) favorite Heroes. Word is that everyone connected to the show expects the season to be the show’s last (makes this season’s title, “Redemption” seem like an ironic joke, huh?).

Said a source close to the show;

“Everyone is expecting this to be the last season. The cast, the crew, everyone.”

Not only is the entire production betting on the series ending, but main characters are now being cast in other shows. Our favorite geneticist, Mohinder Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy) has already been cast in the upcoming pilot (featuring a former Doctor Who) Rex Is Not My Lawyer – meanwhile, Dr. Suresh’s presence has been scarce this season, which doesn’t speak well for the future of the show.

While nobody could actually say that they’re surprised and keep a straight face, I have to say that I’m saddened by this news. Heroes started off with a bang: everyone loved it. I remember watching a red carpet pre-show to the first season finale… and then the second season happened.

Things just seemed different in the second season and people began to turn on the superheroes they once loved. Some would say that the show began going downhill once the always-genius Bryan Fuller (Wonderfalls, Dead Like Me) left to create Pushing Daises and I, for one, would have to agree. Love him or hate him, you can’t deny that Fuller knows how to tell a unique story with unique characters.

heroes s4 Is Heroes Coming To An End?

Although, maybe that’s where the show went wrong. Without Fuller there were no more unique characters. It seemed as if everyone and their mother (my mother included) had super powers and the once small group soon turned so large that it was hard become attached or care about any of them, including those from the first season.

Even with the cancellation of Pushing Daises and the partial return of the almighty Bryan Fuller, there was no saving this show (last year, we even pleaded with NBC execs to have Fuller brought back full-time to run Heroes. They didn’t listen, of course). The stories ultimately fell short of what was delivered in the first season and unfortunately it looks like we won’t get to see exactly what the showrunners were trying to accomplish with the series.

I firmly believe that if given enough seasons, Heroes would go the way of Lost and return to its former glory. Sadly, unlike ABC, NBC is not one to give more than a year of room to play with things and Heroes has already used that time up and then some .

I’m surprised it hasn’t happened sooner, but it’ll be sad to see it go. Hopefully they’ve got a good finale coming up… hopefully.

heroes robert Is Heroes Coming To An End?Even Robert Knepper couldn’t save Heroes

Sure, you may agree with me as I tend to think I’m always right, but if I’m not,  how will I know if you guys don’t tell me in the comments?

Are you glad Heroes is ending? Would you like to see more? Has the show made any advances since its horrible second season?

Catch Heroes Mondays at 8PM on NBC

Source: E! Online [via: Slash Film]

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  1. Good, it deserves to die for getting all our hopes up, after season one we all couldn’t wait for me heroes. How wrong we all were!

    A constant disappointment that never lived up to it’s premise, I am amazed it limped on this long. Heroes managed to stay fresh and interesting… For a year!

  2. Worst news ever… I have fully enjoyed this season and the last few episodes of the last (starting with Cold Snap)… working in the entertainment industry it’s really a shame to see such a definite line between artists and suits. Suits never listen and artists never get enough say, like water and oil. I personally hope the show can keep delivering as they have been this season, that NBC can take that stick out their behinds, take out their ear plugs and for once listen. Can’t say I expect anything to change, but so long as this is still just hear say, then you can’t blame me for hoping.

  3. That is sad. This season has been a lot stronger. Maybe they can deliver the goods in January, and hang on for one more season.

    It is sad that this concept never got any traction. I would love to see a spin off show set in the same universe with different characters (and better writers).

  4. I like to pretend the series ended with the season one finale. Besides, you know a show is doomed when not even Kristen Bell can make it worth enduring.

    What’s sad, from my point of view, was that I was able to see the group panel they gave at ComicCon between seasons one and two. I had never watched the show before but a friend’s high regards for the series convinced me to attend the panel. Sure they’re actors, but, the majority of them seemed like a great group who couldn’t have been more deeply touched by the support of the fans. Having seen the first season only on DVD, I found it incredibly satisfying and even a complete tale. What happened afterward made ‘Freejack’ seem epic.

  5. It’s bad news. I stuck with it through crappy and aimless season 2. Season 3 had it’s bright spots, and 4 has been pretty good — especially that last 5 or 6 episodes — despite some “huh?” moments…

    If I am not mistaken, season 4 was a full order. So, if it does end, hopefully it will have a definite and final arc to wrap it up.

  6. I’m disappointed, but not surprised. I have really enjoyed this season, more than any other since season 1. They definitely had too many characters the past few seasons and seems like they didn’t have an ultimate goal like “Save the cheerleader, save the world.” There have been a couple of dull spots this season, though, primarily the the deaf woman who sees sounds. The show has spent WAY too much time with that one…maybe because the effects are cheaper? They need to do something with the character or get rid of her to Sylar.

  7. Man what horrible news This show is my favorite and I just want to say that even though i respect other’s opinions I found many bad reviews for this show untrue I mean i found seasons 2 & 3 excellent and it really bothers me some of the lousy things are said about this show when astupider shows that accomplish abosutely nothing like several dumb reality shows and unfunny animated sitcoms are getting new seasons and emmys . C’mon WHY HEROES ! WHY WHY WHY! Can’t you just let us fans have our show like we let you guys WHY! this bites and this does not make me happy.

  8. I think Heroes would benefit from being canceled at the end of this season. Then maybe they do a straight to DVD movie twice a season that airs in the fall and another in the spring. They could be released on DVD and air on TV a month later. Maybe make it a four part epic to conclude the series.


    Fall 2010 – Heroes movie 1 on DVD (Beginning of series)
    Spring 2011 – Heroes movie 2 on DVD
    Fall 2011 – Heroes movie 3 on DVD
    Spring 2012 – Heroes movie 4 on DVD (To conclude the series for good)

    That would be kind of cool and I’m sure they’d make enough money back from each DVD to cover the cost of doing the 8 episodes.

  9. I’ll be sad to see Heroes end. :( while I definitely agree that it has been going steadily downhill, I still HAVE to watch it every week. Monday nights just won’t be the same :(

  10. “Even Robert Knepper couldn’t save Heroes”

    I don’t know if that is serious or facetious. I am not familiar with his body of work apart from heroes, but I think he is a very compelling character (especially within the last 5 or 6 episodes), and I have enjoyed his performance.

    Apart from Sylar, he is the only villain the show has ever had that has been at all interesting. He has basically become a superhuman cult leader. I hope that his arc (and possibly the show’s) finishes strong.

  11. Here is a quote from Wendy Lynn, the make up artist who tweets daily. @wendilynnmakeup

    When or if we get cancelled…their will be no secret about it. So let it lie… ;)
    4:40 PM Dec 3rd from twidroid
    Reply Retweet Heroes is not cancelled! Everyone calm down.
    4:12 PM Dec 3rd from twidroid

    I choose to believe Wendy. Also, Heroes still gets better ratings than Leno.

  12. My teenage son and I were hooked on the first season, and it added to the fun that we could enjoy it together. The second season lost me about halfway through, I’m afraid, and I have never really gone back.

    I might try and catch up when the DVDs show up in my local library, but I kind of doubt it judging by what others have said.

  13. Lol, I predicted this months ago,,,

  14. I’m a big heroes fan… I hope that it doesn’t end. The problem they have been having is their inability to stay with a story and develop it. For instance they had the whole we have to bring this family together thing last season… why did we need to bring the family together… then they were together for what half a hamburger at the diner and it was over. This season has had a little of that but not as much. I was so excited to see what would happen with the save the cheerleader episode after Hiro changed the past with sylar… What happened? Anyway, for the most part they’ve been way better this season and they’ve had some episodes that were easly as good as season 1. If they can keep with it next year then I think they could keep going. Besides they’re competing with freaking House MD. What could anyone put in that same spot that would have as many viewers. I’m hoping they make the show worth keeping, and if they do I bet they do keep it.

  15. Good riddance. Heroes blew from the start.

  16. This news comes from E!’s watch with kristen….I wouldnt take it too seriously. Plus they base alot of it on the fact that Sendhil is on a pilot. We saw him in what, two episodes this season? Ill wait for more solid evidence before i actually get sad. This season has been a big upturn for the show, it started last season. I agree the second season wasnt that great, but it wasnt THAT BAD either.

  17. Finally!

    After the tremendous disappointment that was Season 2 and the start of Season 3, I could no longer bear to watch what ended up being a piece of nonsense. A travesty, really, since Heroes was my favorite show in its freshman year.

    Now I’m looking forward to when LOST gets kicked off for good.

    There were so many other shows more deserving of airtime than these two jokes.

  18. you could see the bad signs as early as the underwhelming season 1 finale. They traded logic for quick cliffhangers and then found they couldn’t make the overall story consistent when they cast too many characters and plotlines.

    season finales have always been underwhelming with heroes, doubt that will change.

  19. well i hope the best from them cast crew … saying that i also hope some one out there picks them up in a comic or a remake down the line hey maybe they can even do a reboot[those are popular] well who knows… i as a big fan of this show from the beging and even when it started to go down hill i will still like it and even the concept… sure there so many holes from season 1,2, and 3 but it wiil still be a show i will not soon forget… in many ways it made history on how we tell stories on t.v like ‘lost’… and thats what i have to say bout that

  20. liked the special effects, and some of the characters (mainly hiro) but overall the story was crap after season 1, all i remember now is peter constantly “losing his powers” only to gain them back.
    if they had introduced a new and better villain from season 2 and continued that ark onto season 3 that would have been good (something like a ultimate clan of villains that are ultra powerful and the team need to… team up to fight these guys. (i know something like this happened in season 2 but its wasnt as interesting as having a full season dedicated to these “legendary villains”)

  21. Hope this ins’t true as I think this season is turning it around. I think the writer’s strike really put a kink into this (and several other shows) flow. I’d be willing to bet that if you look back on the tv season’s from just before to maybe a season or two after the strike in about five years, you’ll find that some quality shows and shows with good potential were seriously hurt by the strike.

    I agree with a lot of the comments that a lot of the problems with seasons two and three were the introduction of too many characters and unresolved plotlines, but I think the writers have figured that out too and why this season is much better than in the past.

    I do want to say, the way they handled Nathan’s death in the last episode was done quite well and a nice recovery from the season 3 finale. I was kind of sad to find out that he was the one to be killed off (figured it was going to be Parkman) but also felt his storyline had run it’s course.
    ***END SPOILER***

  22. longshanks, ali larters character(s) had different powers because they were different characters. THey are clones. The ice queen going liquid makes sense, i mean if you can turn to ice, why cant you liquefy?

  23. I think Robert Knepper really adds a whole lot to the show, he’s always interesting (was my favourite actor in Prison Break too, “T-bag” is unforgettable!
    Also – don’t shoot, now – Hayden is great, they could do much more with her character. If they get rid of some of the “filler” characters and add some nasty uber-villain (someone to make Sylar shake like a leaf), I don’t see why the show couldn’t continue.
    Also, there is Hiro and Charlie, Peter and Nathan… so many great characters, it would be a shame not to see them anymore.

  24. I really would like this show to succeed but it is just continuing with the same old stories. I am really sick of Sylar doing the same things over and over again. I really like the actor but we have watched roughly the same stories play out several times. The show is just lame. It is really sad to me because they have this great mythology to work with and yet they keep drowning the same old rat.

    I find myself really excited the episode is about to begin, stoked that it is on, hopeful about what will happen. The next thing I know the news is on and I had fallen asleep before the end of the show had even finished. If they can’t keep a fan engaged how the hell can they restore it to its former glory.

  25. I think what could put this show back on track is, towards the end of this season, Peter gets his full abilities back, and has a to-the-death showdown with Sylar. Its gotta happen. Then, Peter and crew(Hiro, Claire, HRG, Mohinder, Ando, and Tracy) need to pull together to stop evel Samuel who is attempting to destroy w/e with his heightened powers.

  26. Amen to the Peter needs his powers back… If that happens I’m going to be rehooked on this show!