Is Heroes Coming To An End?

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Heroes Is Heroes Coming To An End?

The cancellation that everyone has been speculating for the past 2 years may finally be upon us as the end may finally be near for our (used to be) favorite Heroes. Word is that everyone connected to the show expects the season to be the show’s last (makes this season’s title, “Redemption” seem like an ironic joke, huh?).

Said a source close to the show;

“Everyone is expecting this to be the last season. The cast, the crew, everyone.”

Not only is the entire production betting on the series ending, but main characters are now being cast in other shows. Our favorite geneticist, Mohinder Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy) has already been cast in the upcoming pilot (featuring a former Doctor Who) Rex Is Not My Lawyer – meanwhile, Dr. Suresh’s presence has been scarce this season, which doesn’t speak well for the future of the show.

While nobody could actually say that they’re surprised and keep a straight face, I have to say that I’m saddened by this news. Heroes started off with a bang: everyone loved it. I remember watching a red carpet pre-show to the first season finale… and then the second season happened.

Things just seemed different in the second season and people began to turn on the superheroes they once loved. Some would say that the show began going downhill once the always-genius Bryan Fuller (Wonderfalls, Dead Like Me) left to create Pushing Daises and I, for one, would have to agree. Love him or hate him, you can’t deny that Fuller knows how to tell a unique story with unique characters.

heroes s4 Is Heroes Coming To An End?

Although, maybe that’s where the show went wrong. Without Fuller there were no more unique characters. It seemed as if everyone and their mother (my mother included) had super powers and the once small group soon turned so large that it was hard become attached or care about any of them, including those from the first season.

Even with the cancellation of Pushing Daises and the partial return of the almighty Bryan Fuller, there was no saving this show (last year, we even pleaded with NBC execs to have Fuller brought back full-time to run Heroes. They didn’t listen, of course). The stories ultimately fell short of what was delivered in the first season and unfortunately it looks like we won’t get to see exactly what the showrunners were trying to accomplish with the series.

I firmly believe that if given enough seasons, Heroes would go the way of Lost and return to its former glory. Sadly, unlike ABC, NBC is not one to give more than a year of room to play with things and Heroes has already used that time up and then some .

I’m surprised it hasn’t happened sooner, but it’ll be sad to see it go. Hopefully they’ve got a good finale coming up… hopefully.

heroes robert Is Heroes Coming To An End?Even Robert Knepper couldn’t save Heroes

Sure, you may agree with me as I tend to think I’m always right, but if I’m not,  how will I know if you guys don’t tell me in the comments?

Are you glad Heroes is ending? Would you like to see more? Has the show made any advances since its horrible second season?

Catch Heroes Mondays at 8PM on NBC

Source: E! Online [via: Slash Film]

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  1. +1 for peter gettin his full ability back, sylar needs his equal/slightly better. I would love to see the all out show down between those two. It needs to happen, weve all been dying for it since season one, and all we got was that little teaser.

  2. All the band wagon super nerd haters and their constant negative ranting is what has doomed this show. Nerds can be fickle farts. Season 1 was classic that doomed the strike season 2. Season 3 I think was guilty of paying to much attention to fans whining and tried to make it an all out crazy action and ruined characters and tripped over time travel and death. I think season 4 has been pretty good but the train appears tohave to much negative momentum to stop now. With good writing this series could of been classic. As it stands I’ll just enjoy the ride no matter how short it might be.

  3. I figured as much.
    Quite a shame, really. The first season was pretty darned good, and the characters were wonderful. But then the characters almost all got derailed and went OOC as it went on.

    But all the fanservice! Oh, the fanservice…! *anguished sob*

  4. Robert Knepper is one of my favorite actors, so underrated.

  5. After the terrible second season, I was more than willing to give the show another chance, so I watched season 3. It was excruciatingly bad, the acting, the effects, the plotlines!

    Heroes never lived up to its initial premise, Smallville is and has been, a million times better in every way!

  6. I really find it hard to believe that people did not enjoy season 2. I mean, yeah okay it was short (because of the writer’s strike) but I thought that overall it was good and I am sure if tehy would have continued the volume it would have ended better. Volume’s 4 and especially volume 3 were just TERRIBLE and I think that is why the show has lost lots of its support. They guy they brought on to write volume 3 is a moron and should not be allowed to ever write anything again. He is to blame for the falling out of Heroes.
    Nevertheless this season (Volume 5) has been pretty good and I thought that it was putting the show back on track. I am not going to go as far as to say that it is better than season 1 but it is still a good season. They shoudl just have more deaths in the show. Sylar at this point should just have been killed off, he has been teh villain for too long. Suresh should have been permanently killed off, along with Mr. Bennett, Mrs Patrelli, Tracy, and possibly even Matt Parkman. To be honest I think that Nathan Patrelli was a major aspect of teh show and killing him off instead of teh other characters may not have been the best choice. The whole brotherly theme between Nathan and Peter was a crucial part of the show and brought lots of emotion into the show. Sad to see them do away with that, but this could maybe lead to a dark sided Peter which might be good. Also Peter needs to get his powers back, this whole absorbing just one power at a time thing is ridiculous.
    The show could still be saved I think but I am not sure that the audience cares anymore at this point

  7. I really wish Peter would get his powers back too. But one thing everyone has to remember, they killed off Nathan and this is Heroes they’ve proved in Volume 5 alone that they can just bring back anyone who’s been killed off look what they did with Charlie. Also Volume 4 was great, volume 3 not so good. They SHOULD NOT kill Mr.Bennet at all he’s a key part in all of Heroes not to mention he’s a great character. Although I do agree Angela Petrelli should be killed off this way Peter’s lost everything and could go down a really dark path, maybe even becoming the next villain?

  8. gotta argue no on the peter as a villan thing. We saw that when he took sylars power. he was badish for an episode and a half or so… just didn’t do much for me. Pete is too good a person and needs to stay the good guy. They have teased us about him getting his freaking power back long enough (the healing power that he gave up and never used – except to save sylar/parkman, hiro going back in time, etc) Anyway, I’m hoping they fix the writing and keep heroes. It looks like it’s changing time slots (chuck is going to be on at 8pm against House now) so if they have it later maybe it could be a bit darker, which is in right now – and not competing with house should boost the numbers if they can make it good again.

  9. “I really find it hard to believe that people did not enjoy season 2.”

    I’m sorry you find it hard to believe, but it is true for many people. I’m one of them. After the disaster of Season 2, I gave Heroes one more shot at grabbing me back during Season 3. I couldn’t even finish watching the travesty that was the very first episode. I was horrendously disappointed and decided at that point to not waste any more time watching the show.

  10. For me at least what made season one the best was that these abilities were at least somewhat plausible, the result of genetic mutation. Telekinesis, time travel, rapid healing while pretty far fetched were presented in a believable manner.

    Then the formula, and Parkman’s unexplained sudden ability to draw the future.. and plausibility went downhill from there.

    The current season is OK, better than previous, but still not as epic as season one. I will regret hearing the show is indeed finished, there is only one other series I’m even interested in watching these days.

  11. You know it doesn’t help “Heroes” cause when the dang show moves all around the schedule. It’s on Wednesday, no Monday, 8:00PM? No 9:00PM. Ooh, it’s not on this week…

  12. Heores will be back January 4 for a two hour special. Then moving back an hour which is best for this show. The crew tweet us fans all the time and are being optimistic. They have NOT been told anything yet.

  13. The problem with the show is they kept changing writers and rewriting past seasons by going back in time and screwing with already dead storylines. Hiro went back to the diner 3 times in time – and that affected nothing? Hiro went back to his childhood in season 3, took some kind of special spirit out away from Claire, and that affected nothing from season 1 or 2?

    After a while, Time travel as a plot device becomes too laden with implications to sustain believability. The problem with this show is managment by a holding company and no care about respecting your audience.

  14. I'm so confused by this series now with the different chapters and timelines and traveling back and forth, etc. VERY CONFUSING!!! Not much of a fan anymore.
    This last season was a let down, very anti-climactic ending.

  15. Please keep Heroes akive!!We love it!

  16. OH MY GOODNESS! I LOVE HEROES! Stop dissing it! Every season of Heroes was absolutely awesome! I love everything about this show and Tim Kring is a legend for making it! Ah! Don’t take it away from me! DON’T TAAAKE IT AWAY FROM MEEEEEEEE!!!!! … please?

  17. I absolutely loved Heroes I It brought me super hero action in a mature way unlike that CW show. I don’t really think the show has it for another season but I do think that a feature length movie Made for TV or box office Just something to expand on the “Brave New World” tease at the end of season 5.