Heroes Cancelation Not The End; Series Still Alive

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This week, when NBC announced their 2010/2011 primetime schedule, the news that every Heroes fan was dreading became reality – the series was canceled.

Considering the series has been on a decline since the second season, the announcement of Heroes cancelation was inevitable. Although, creator Tim Kring and NBC have both commented that while the series has technically been canceled, Heroes is NOT over.

On Monday, NBC executives confirmed that they will be talking to series creator Tim Kring after their upfront presentation about the possibility of a Heroes television movie. Yesterday, Tim Kring released a heartfelt statement not only thanking the 45 million fans around the world for watching, but also confirming that he is indeed close to finalizing a deal that would not only continue the series, but bring closure to superhero drama.

You can read Tim Kring’s statement below:

I want to first extend my deepest gratitude and heartfelt appreciation to the legion of enthusiastic fans who have watched ‘Heroes’ on TV, online,  DVR, DVD and mobile over the last four seasons. Every week more than 45 million TV viewers around the world, as well as millions of social and digital media-based fans, have made ‘Heroes’ one of the five most-watched shows across traditional and digital media screens in the history of television. For NBC, I certainly understand the challenge of creating a business model around a show which arrived precisely as the audience was finding new ways to watch traditional content on multiple screens. I personally have had 12 great years with my friends at NBC, and with ‘Heroes,’ they provided me a rare opportunity to put a message of hope, interconnectivity and global consciousness into the world.  For that I am grateful and look forward to finalizing our discussion about a number of ways to keep the ‘Heroes’ universe alive for its fans.

If Heroes is such an international phenomenon, with fans around the world wanting the series to continue, perhaps this would the perfect situation for a foreign network to step in and share the production costs of the show.

That way, NBC won’t have to foot the entire bill and will be able to be more lenient with its ratings expectations. Although, with NBC’s recently announced primetime line-up looking incredibly weak, Heroes, like Chuck, just might be what the network needs – guaranteed ratings.

What do you think about the possibility of Heroes returning? Would you watch a Heroes television movie?

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Source: Collider and Hollywood Reporter

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  1. okay okay, i too like many became hooked on Heroes… at the end of season 4 so many questions remained unanswered. we need a season 5 or at the very least a movie to close all the loose ends. the show evolved dramatically over 4 seasons, i am curious to see where it would have lead.

    if you have 45 million fans watching, then i would think that would warrant at the very least another season. i know the showed kind of fizzled towards the end of season 4, but that is to be expected. that leaves us hanging for a great final end.

  2. I just watched all 4 seasons in the time span of 3-4 weeks on Netflix and I am unbelievably disappointed that they just stopped there. There is still so much they can do with the series and it’s one of the coolest show’s I’ve ever watched. I couldn’t stop watching, and yes I would absolutely watch a movie too. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!

    • OMG ME TOO! i watched them all in about 3-4 weeks and last night just finnished seas]on 4, i love heroes, im such an addict now, hopefully there will be another series’:(

  3. if I had a power, I would air a season 5 of heroes on every channel across the world.

  4. this is just bad television by NBC’S part..if not on tv, make it a online thing, we need an end to this.

  5. Can’t believe how they ended it, so much you can do with it now or at least make it into a trilogy of movies would be awesome too, especially with the 3D effects we have now!

  6. im so gutted hero has been canceled its so interesting the way their abilities evolve so how long will it be till the actually continue??!
    [im just excited that they havent finished XD XP]

    • I never watched Heroes when it was actually on tv but just watched all four seasons in the span of a week and a half on Netflix. I got that hooked! This show was awesome! I did think the last season was subpar to the first couple but was just as hooked.

      I am bumfuzzled how they could end it like they did. While I don’t see them bringing it back as a full season…..just not realistic, studios never do that…and many of the cast has probably moved on. It would be nice to have a Heroes movie mini series to tie it all up. Maybe three two hour movies?

      NBC program has sucked the last few years. Used to be the go to channel for quality entertainment.

      I’m happy I found Heroes because it was spectacular…..but sad I watched them all and crave more.

  7. They better do another 10 seasons of heroes, it was my favourite series of all time, and i’ve watched a lot of series

  8. I was hooked since the start. Heroes was an amazing series… It was very entertaining… I think it was not a good move on NBC’s part to cancel the show… I know I can speak for most of the 45 million Heroes fans when I say that there are many other shows/series that should have been canceled before they chose to cancel Heroes… I was very disappointed when I heard that the show had been canceled…. NBC needs to bring it back, or like others have said, turn it into a movie series… Or make a Movie.. If the season would have ended, this would be the only TV series I would have purchased… I don’t purchase series, but this one would have been worth it…. NBC should definatly consider doing something and bringing Heroes back in some way…

  9. Today i have finished the shows” Heroes” and i loved it! I hope one day they’ll continue making the shows maybe even more viewer will watch Heroes.

  10. Please bring this show back!!! I just watched the seasons on Netflix and I was very disappointed for a second time that it was cancelled.

    • Heroes nerds!!!! Lets stand up and get our show back!!!

  11. OMG im hooked to Heroes and i cant believe they stopped the show there i have a lot of questions unanswered we need at least another season or two all i could do is imagine what happens next but they should really start planing on making a new season cant they see they have fans who want to see more damn , i just finished watching every single episode it breaks my hear t it ended this way but when i go to see Hayden im going to be asking her a lot of questions :)

  12. I just finished the series on netflix and and am kinda disappointed that its over I would love if it kept going I think it should return!!

  13. Please bring it back! DON’T LEAVE US HANGING LIKE THAT! How could it end with all those questions!? It’s been 3 years from its ending of season 4. Why not a 5th season to finish the story without a cliffhanger? We need closure Tim Kring.

  14. i would love to see heros come back i loved the show

  15. Ok I have only just finished watching heroes…. Wow I thought my life was over when I found out that was the last season, i have enjoyed this programme beyond so many other TV series I have watched even some of the latest.
    Tim Kring I love your mind you have made me love and hate the same characters which is so difficult to pull off. I hope you will get this deal achieved and continue to blow us away with this amazing show wether by series or a movie if not I fear it will be a great thing remembered badly.

  16. I just finished the series today and to find out that they ended the series with “To Be Continued” broke my heart. They need to either continue the series, or they need to invent a new one. Heroes is too much of an interesting show. I for one found that seasons 1 and 3 are my favorite. So much can be done with the show. Claire’s dramatic exit to the series is a perfect way to make a new season. As intended, please make a new season or series, or movie of some-sorts!

  17. I agree with the people saying that it got a little repetitive, but I enjoyed the show. As much as I’d like the storyline from season 4 to continue, I don’t think it’s going to happen. If it’s going for a season 5 ever (dont think its going to happen), it’ll most likely be with a new cast instead of continuing the old storyline.

    Best show I’ve watched, can’t find one that I could watch now that I finished all 4 seasons.

  18. I think they should make a new series of heroes! Starting over but with mostly the same characters having them now being shown to the world .Heroes was a great program ,which millions of people watched and I think they should not make a “heroe’s movie ” makes no sense there is so many possibilities in what you can do with this show .So please do not turn this into a movie .

  19. Im a recent fan of heroes and omg i cant believe i saw the last episode on netflix. This cant be the end. I really love this t.v show. It makes you want to watch more and more of it. I hope u guys keep making if not episodes then movies… Cuz i just cant get enough of this show… Im really sad to think its over…. So could u please let me know when u bring it back. I dont want to miss out on this AWESOME TV SHOW!!!!!!

  20. This show is awesome!!!! In case my last comment wasn’t posted. Please let me know wen heroes starts again. Pleeeeeeeaaaaaase…. I’m so hooked as well i couldnt stop watching it and didnt want to. I heard of heroes on netflix thats where i found out about it. And i watched it all and fell in love i am now a fan so keep making progress we all want heroes back!!!!!!!… :)

    • I watched all 4 seasons while on TV and since the end of season 4 in 2009 I have rewatched the entire show about 15-20 times over. Heros to this day still has many fans why not give those of us dedicated to the show something, we were alp left with a giant cliff hanger with by far one of the best shows to ever be put on TV. I’m sure all fans to this day would love to have some kind of a finalization to this show. I know I would buy all seasons and movies (if that is done)

  21. this post was made 3 years ago, I wish it was true,because we’d have heard an announcement on t.v. or social media by now. I have a feeling it’s canned, but there’s still hope.. I hate how they left it,

  22. Omg please bring it back. There is nothing on tv now and I have 3 more shows before I complete season 4. Dont make a movie…Make a seri3s so we can have something good to watch. Theres nothing on tv like this and we need a good show. Keep the original sylar too!

  23. I love Heros and have enjoyed watching each and every episode. I would however love some closure on the series whether by film or follow up series. I will keep blinking in hope that I can time travel to the future after discussions have concluded to get my final fix of a fantastic tv show. Xx

  24. I just finished season 4 and I was very disappointed that it ended without an ending. I became hooked in the middle of season one and in love with Sylar by season 4. With 45million viewers I can’t understand why NBC would cancel the series. I hope another network picks it up quick! It is never to late.

  25. I am really sorry about being canceled of this great series but I am truly hopeful for continuing this work.
    I wish I would be able to watch the rest of it in short future.

  26. I just finished watching all four seasons on Netflix, and I tried looking for a season five because I figured there has to be more! I am very upset and disappointed that the show got cancelled. I am hoping that they will bring this awesome show back someday soon!!!

  27. soy de colombia,y puedo decirles que es una de mis series favoritas,ya se que es del 2006..pero aun asi me di cuenta de ella en el 2013,no se por que la cancelaron,por favor,aun hay muchos seguidores de la serie,no lo hagan por dinero,solo traten de continuar la historia,me la estoy viendo por netflix ya que en ningun canal de mi pais lo dan,continuen la serieee

  28. I watched every episode ( the good and bad). I would love to see it come back!!!!!

  29. Ok so I just finished Season 4 of Heroes and honestly I couldn’t of been more pissed about the cancelation of “Heroes”. Yes Season 3 sucked bad and Season 2 wasn’t that fantastic either and i believe that the writers strike is mainly to blam there but come on Season 4 was really good compared to Season 2 and 3. I lived how they incorporated the Carnival part into the show. They left on such a cliff hanger that it just makes you mad that they cancelled it. I have introduced this series to over a dozen people and they all said the same thing that they need to being this show back with all the same characters and actors. I mean ik Hauden Panittiere is in “Nashville” but honestly when that show ends (or gets cancelled) they really need to jump back on board with this show. It’s not to late.