Heroes Cancelation Not The End; Series Still Alive

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This week, when NBC announced their 2010/2011 primetime schedule, the news that every Heroes fan was dreading became reality – the series was canceled.

Considering the series has been on a decline since the second season, the announcement of Heroes cancelation was inevitable. Although, creator Tim Kring and NBC have both commented that while the series has technically been canceled, Heroes is NOT over.

On Monday, NBC executives confirmed that they will be talking to series creator Tim Kring after their upfront presentation about the possibility of a Heroes television movie. Yesterday, Tim Kring released a heartfelt statement not only thanking the 45 million fans around the world for watching, but also confirming that he is indeed close to finalizing a deal that would not only continue the series, but bring closure to superhero drama.

You can read Tim Kring’s statement below:

I want to first extend my deepest gratitude and heartfelt appreciation to the legion of enthusiastic fans who have watched ‘Heroes’ on TV, online,  DVR, DVD and mobile over the last four seasons. Every week more than 45 million TV viewers around the world, as well as millions of social and digital media-based fans, have made ‘Heroes’ one of the five most-watched shows across traditional and digital media screens in the history of television. For NBC, I certainly understand the challenge of creating a business model around a show which arrived precisely as the audience was finding new ways to watch traditional content on multiple screens. I personally have had 12 great years with my friends at NBC, and with ‘Heroes,’ they provided me a rare opportunity to put a message of hope, interconnectivity and global consciousness into the world.  For that I am grateful and look forward to finalizing our discussion about a number of ways to keep the ‘Heroes’ universe alive for its fans.

If Heroes is such an international phenomenon, with fans around the world wanting the series to continue, perhaps this would the perfect situation for a foreign network to step in and share the production costs of the show.

That way, NBC won’t have to foot the entire bill and will be able to be more lenient with its ratings expectations. Although, with NBC’s recently announced primetime line-up looking incredibly weak, Heroes, like Chuck, just might be what the network needs – guaranteed ratings.

What do you think about the possibility of Heroes returning? Would you watch a Heroes television movie?

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Source: Collider and Hollywood Reporter

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  1. I really hope that if it does come back in some way, we get a look at some new characters, instead of the same cast it’s been with for the whole show. If not that, I’d really like to see John Glover come back as Samson Gray and do something.

    • i hope they bring the series back if they make a movie it would be nice but i still hope the series comes back for more sesons

      • heroes is what nbc needs for their reviws heroes is a great show dont cancell it

    • I think your headed in the wrong direction but not completely, although they could use new and fresh faces they need Sylar, Zac Quinto and Pete Petrelli Milo love both of them as an actor and Milo period the way they play there characters would be a disgrace to the show one thing they have to do is bring Pete his original powers back and bring Sylar to the light side like they were doing but we can not forget Hiro all 3 of those and ill be watching non stop i love the whole cast but i know others as well as my self would love to see fresh blood Tim kring and Milo are geniuses.

    • I just finished watching the entire series on netflix. One word…….AWESOME! I hope they continue the series, It’s a shame that this perfect combination of story line and actors had to end because of money.

      Hmmm.. if everyone of those 45 million people gave $1.00, that could help with costs…. imagine $2.00 from every one of those people ;)

      • Me too !!!! And I know. I bet there will be many willing to do that for their fave show!!!

      • I would def put in a dollar i watched the whole thing on netflix and was extremely disappointed when i found out there is no ending this was easily my favorite show and at the very least asking to just end the story with a final season or movie and not leaving everyone wondering what might have happened and at best continuing the show with multiple seasons

  2. Heroes was lost after the first season. The creators seemed to have no belief that they would be picked up and seemed to only plan for one season. I stopped watching so long ago and am still upset about the way the show totally went downhill.

  3. There is absolutely no reason for this to return. There’s nothing to “tie-up” in this series – there’s absolutely nothing happening to the characters that needs resolving. All they’re gonna do is either expose them all to the world finally and live in harmony or go back into hiding and start the whole thing over again. Waste of time and money, but have at it if you wish, Kring.

    • You are right about it having no reason to come back,but you are wrong about tying things up.There’s so many loose end to tie up that it would be impossible to do.

    • Yes there is!!!!!Did u even see the last episode???

  4. i think heroes should come back because its awesome i think the idea a movie ening is coooool

  5. The problem is, Heroes failed to live up to its potential, over and over again. So the same problem presents itself with a TV movie. It could be great, but I have no reason to expect anything better than what has already been.

    • Exactly right.They spent way too much time introducing new characters every single week of season 1 that they didn’t even bother developing a coherent plot for any of them.The better characters that had potential,they killed off,like DL,The nuclear dude(can’t remember his name now),and the artist(can’t remember his name either).

      They completely ruined the show be making Syler way too powerful and tinkering with other peoples powers,like Peter,Matt,and even Hiro to and extent.

      This show is so unwatchable that if they tried to bring it back,I’m almost 100% positive that it would just turn out to be a disaster on all levels.

      • I mean, it was a good show and maybe you’re kind of right, but I love HEROES and I need to know what happens next!!!!

  6. Heroes is still good, better than most of the pap on TV these days. I hope a deal CAN be made to the fans satisfaction. Still, we can write to SyFy channel to ask them to pick up the show from nbc.

    • I’ve been thinking the same thing in regards to SyFy picking it up. With the ratings they were getting towards the end, those would still be good numbers on almost any cable network. It would also allow the creators and writers a little more freedom (I seem to recall Kring saying that when he started the show, he didn’t want to have core characters every season, but explore peopel finding new powers all around the world but NBC brass felt the audience needed to connect and come back to characters). I stuck with the show all the way through and was a little sad to hear it had been cancelled (not surprised though), so I hope they can come up with something to continue on.

  7. I doubt it will come back as a series.
    But yes,I might watch A heroes TV Movie.

  8. TV movie will satisfy the fans but in thinking about it there are way too many characters and things to do in a two hour event. I mean, they took down Samuel already and Sylar is good presumeably so what is left to do? Who will they go up against? Another villain? No time for that. What will the goal be of the movie? There really is no reason when I think about it. Its just sad because this really was a great show in its first season and I thought the second was pretty good as well. Its just a shame that it went down this way but the last two seasons (especially the 3rd) were pretty bad. Last season’s “Redemption” started well but ended terribly. Problem with this show is that they took no risks and did not kill of anyone. They should have also kept a smaller cast and focused in on fewer characters.
    Nevertheless, I think the show will be back in some form. Maybe a miniseries (6 episodes) or maybe a 2 hour event.

    • My guess on what the movie would cover would be the transition from people with powers being unknown to publicly accepted, kind of pick up with what they started at the start of season 2 when Nathan wanted to go public but then altered it.

    • Idk i thought I was good the last episode though I really need to be cleared up on.

  9. Heroes lost his soul and purpose long time ago.
    Characters lost them self due poor writing..no idea what they are and who they wann be.

    Claire baer telling the world who she is should have happened long time ago..same as for all the others. Season 2…something like x men might have been good to them. But then..they just were wandering around and not moving forward at all..always in circles again and again.
    Take Kring away…put someone else in ,best bring Fuller back and maybe,thats a big MAYBE…he can reboot the series,and go on were the first season ended,in a alternate version !

    • I love Kring, and I love the show. It’s perfect and I really, REALLY need to see what happens next.

  10. Heroes could do very well as a movie. I think where the TV show got in trouble had to do with refusing to let the characters and events progress as they should. I think the writers feared if they let things continue, they’d write themselves into a corner with nowhere to go. In the end, they just had their characters spinning their wheels… and the viewers all recognized it.

    Shows like Lost figured out the need to plan for an end and not wait for the viewers to abandon them to determine when it was over. Heroes should have followed this example. It could have been a much better show if they had.

  11. Guys Guys Guys…. even if it comes back its still going to be more of the same crap. These studios dont know what they’re doing. So No thanks. Its like making a 24 Movie so that people can say a 24 movie was made. Get excited and then get let down again. For what? its like with Watchmen. Do it right or dont do it at all.! and they gave it to snyder….. and we all know how that turned out……..

    • Cmon! To you it may not be a good show but to me and a bunch of others it is. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.

  12. Jack Coleman says it would be hard to get everyone together, as many have gone to other projects. The sets are being dismantled, and props sorted. WHile nbc talks about making a finale movie, they have ordered everything destroyed. Now who do you believe?

    • How do yu know?

  13. Now personally I think the Heroes Show was awesome, I believe it was better then half of the stuff they put on tv nowadays. So I hope we get to see a Heroes TV Movie to tie it all up and stuff.

    • You think Heroes is better than half the tv shows out today??? Man I dont know wat to say to that. TV in general is bad. Yes I agree. But heroes is one of the worst shows to ever air. Excluding season 1. Sorry man. Its the truth.

      • No it isn’t its ur opinion and not mine or his either. If u have nothing nice 2 say, don’t say it at all. I LOVE that show!

  14. Heroes started off a great show and did drop in quality as time went on but to say it is a bad show is going to far. When it ended it was an ok but it was frustrating because of all the potential lost. I personally would have continued to watch Heroes to see how the story ends. I would watch a tv movie or the show picked up again. I really wish they would get some writers from Lost and BSG to revamp the idea with keeping only necessary characters to complete the story of what the future looks like. Peter left that Irish girl in the future, future Sylar is good and has a son, future Hiro. That is the story line that needs to be resolved and until it does it sucks losing Heroes like this. The main story lines dragged on too long though they were great. The most interesting character they had they killed off in Adam!! And the only opportunity to have a worthy villain till the end they killed off in Arthur P. But I would watch it again in any format as it is still better than MORE than half the crap out there.

  15. personally i think the entire show was great i like watching every episode from season one to four. Although most of you hated season for (for some reason) I enjoyed watching it and I thought it was some of Kring’s best work. But thats in my opinion so im not contradicting

    • I totally agree with you.I loved season and i REALLY looking forward for the Heroes television movie!

      • Heroes was a good show…till season 4. And, parts of season 4 were good, too. But…let’s face it,… network tv syfy is not the place to explore in-depth (i.e., storyline over weeks) on homosexuality (or any deep sexuality for that matter, homo or hetero). The wonderful fantasy was lost for for parents who don’t want to deal with it with their kids…there’s lots more that could have been done with the time to develop what was neat about the show…the heroes/villians.

        Would watch if it came back…

    • THANK YOU, so far you are the only smart person on this page.


      • opps haha taymour is whom i was referring to.

  16. peters power was better when it was his original i loved these series but if u missed 1 episode u were screwed they needed to slow down and explain alot of stuff if they did that a new series could be made

  17. I loved heroes and now its gone please find a way to keep it going atlest for and nice ending

  18. How much is the cost to continue the seasons 5 ? Maybe we can sit and down and discuss.. please do e-mail me for further communication.. tq

    • I hope you are serious about doing this; I know it would be a profitable, wise investment.

      • I am serious, i will invest no matter how much the cost is as long i get to watch what i want..

  19. WHAT A TERRIBLE SHAME!!! This show was underadvertised for and scrutinized ever so much. This show is by far better than most shows and absolutely TOP NOTCH. I know that it would bring enough ratings to make NBC happy if only given one more chance. Please reconsider doing this – It is a mistake.

  20. I love love love love love love love that show sooooo much!!!!!I was devestated when it came to an end. Although its fictional, it teaches all who watch to be okay ith being different and they’re not alone. I used to be bullied and that served more or less as a comfort to me. While watching and following up on current events, it came to me that I was not alone and that I could make a difference. There will be other kids who get bullied and some will take their pain and blame themselves for it. Most of the characters in the show have a common goal of saving the world . Their abilities would probably not be accepted by others, and they may have felt like freaks, but they chose to use their abilities to benefit others and prevent the world from destruction. This show inspired me. I started a group in my school to bring good to the victims of bullying in my school called the Up Standers. To think all of this began with one show should really make the creators proud and I relly hope this isn’t the end of it! Thank You HEROES!!!!♥

  21. I would love to see what happens next in heroes world… and would like to know what happened with Molly, and the irish girl friend of Peter.. and I never knew how Claire returned to the present after Hiro took her to travel into the past and Hiro losted his powers, I couldn’t understand why in the next chapter Claire was in present, how did she traveled?… well, there are a lot of things to do with the story line, maybe they do something like the justice league and fight versus other villian organization… I would like to see Sylar fightinh among Peter versus another most powerfull villian… Also I never understood why they never revived Nathan with Claire’s blood, cause Noah was revived in that way… well, in such things I was dissapointed by the writers but nevermind, I love Heroes and I hope it come back!!!

  22. Yes please give Heroes a proper ending. I prefer for the show to continue, I loved Heroes. There does need to be a ending for the fans.

  23. Claire got back because peters dad used Hiro’s powers to send her after he took them from Hiro and pushed him off the building. I think the writers did an amazing job with heroes, i just started watching it on Netflix a week ago and I’m already on the 50th episode. I can’t turn it off. It’s even got me yelling at the tv sometimes. I just love the story and how many creative powers they came up with.

    • same here, i started to watch on netflix and i just couldn’t stop, i think i finished it within 3-4 days, watching it till 3-4 at night. i still can’t belive that they cancel every good show. yes, maybe others aren’t watching it, but you should care for the fans who love this show.

  24. I just watched all the episodes on NETFLIX and i really had to think hard and be creative to answer my own questions about the show. Sometimes the HINTS that answered questions werent so obvious and they did have a few mistakes but i only noticed because i LOVE HEROES so much !~

    I cant wait for HEROES the movie and i hope NBC partners with someone to bring the series back…… i’ll definitely be watching :)

  25. I would love to see how it all ends, there are far too many tv series out there that never had the chance to end! The incredible hulk, Airwolf, Knight Rider, to name but a few. Give this series a chance to have a good ending,.
    Pete should get his powers back – as they were in series 1 and 2 and we should see the end for all the characters, is this not what we deserve?

  26. I want the series beack, not a short ending movie. Season 5 must be screened immediately. NBC is gonna have much more profit than ever before. Believe in that.



  29. We want the Heroes!!!!

    • Is there anywhere to add your name to a list for getting Heroes back on the air or a movie. Too many unfinished things and so many bad shows on TV how can there not be room for Heroes? How about that Irish girlfriend of Peter that is stuck in the future?

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