First Trailer for Clint Eastwood’s ‘Hereafter’ Steps into the Light

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Hereafter trailer First Trailer for Clint Eastwoods Hereafter Steps into the Light

Clint Eastwood is one of the most renowned directors in Hollywood today, but his films can be an acquired taste. Some consider his work dull, while others announce them as cinematic legend. His latest collaboration with Matt Damon (Invictus) on Hereafter finally has a trailer and it gives both sides fuel for their respective fires.

Eastwood’s 35th film as director is a supernatural thriller – a far cry from his typical reality-based stories. But the trailer for Hereafter looks and feels just like the moody, thought-provoking work he has presented in years past.

In fact, the trailer already delves deep into the plot of Hereafter - instead of relying on exciting music and quick images to pump up the anticipation. This approach isn’t a total surprise – considering Eastwood’s film follow a similar technique.

Hereafter explores the afterlife through the interconnected actions of three people across the globe. You might recognize some of these tragic events instantly – specifically the deadly tsunami of 2004. Each are connected through George (Matt Damon), a psychic who can “genuinely talk with the dead.”

Watch the trailer below and uncover the meaning for yourself:

It will be interesting to see how Damon and Eastwood’s continue to collaborate after Invictus. After all, Matt Damon did get an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor as a result of his performance.

While Damon is the central figure in Hereafter, it is likely more about the three supporting characters. The film relies on three intertwined plots – the relationship between George (Damon) and his girlfriend (Bryce Dallas Howard), a reporter (Cecilia de France) who experiences the horrifying 2004 tsunami, and a young boy who is torn from his twin brother by the death.

Matt Damon Hereafter trailer First Trailer for Clint Eastwoods Hereafter Steps into the Light

On a lighter note, I couldn’t help but think of Miles from Lost when reading the plot. The story is feels like a spin-off film about the abrasive, talk to the dead,┬áspiritualist. If you stripped Miles of his trademark humor, replaced Ken Leung with Matt Damon and put Eastwood in the director’s chair, I imagine you’d get something like Hereafter. I know it is a stretch, but the resemblance was overpowering.

What do you think about the trailer for Hereafter. Are you more or less intrigued now that you have seen the first glimpse of Eastwood’s latest?

Hereafter hits theaters on October 22nd, 2010.

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  1. Looks interesting. Worth a peek opening weekend.

  2. Big box office bucks??? This will be lucky of it makes 50 million.

    I like Eastwood as an actor but his directing style is not for me.

    • i wanna see a aging kickass Philo Beddoe return…..

    • Well fortunately most people would disagree.

  3. looks good. Eastwood is a fantastic director Gran torino was amazing on every level for me.

  4. Looks good. two of the events i recognized as The Tsunami Disaster and the London subway bombing (I think). It will be interesting to find out what Clint Eastwood believes about the Afterlife…thats maybe the only reason i would see it.

  5. Looks like it will be a tearjerker. I will probably check it out on DVD, though. I generally like Damon’s films and the same goes for Clint’s.

  6. As long as moviegoers don’t take that psychic nonsense seriously, this looks as if it might be another feather in Eastwood’s cap.

    How could it be at all logical that someone could fortell a future event when the physical circumstances necessary for that event to happen have not yet come togther. To do that one would have to be able to manipulate the physical forces of the universe. If there is such a thing as psychic ability how come, out of all the thousands of self proclaimed psychics, not one came forth on September 10, 2001 and predicted the horror of the following day?

    • This is a fictional tale. Nobody is arguing otherwise.

    • Damon’s character can talk to the dead. I may have missed it, but I don’t think he was making predictions of the future.

      No offense, but why should “psychic nonsense” not be taken seriously? I don’t believe in it, but that doesn’t mean that others can’t. I’m sure there are things that you believe in that others think you a fool for.

    • Uhm, retard, the article says and I quote “Hereafter explores the afterlife.” Also Mike Eisenberg adds near the end of the article; “The story feels like a spin-off film about the abrasive, talk to the dead, spiritualist.”

      Where did you get that this was about a psychic like person that can see the future? Try reading the article or watch the trailer closer. Damon’s character tells the little boy with the his brother’s earn that he doesn’t do that anymore. Meaning he doesn’t speak to the dead. DUURRRRRRR

      • I’m sorry if I didn’t make myself clear. I simply meant to point out that whether it is talking to the dead or predicting the future, both concepts are stupid and ridiculous. In regard to talking to the dead. When the brain dies all electric activity ceases and it becomes a lump of inert matter. It can no longer communicate in any way, except with flies attracted by the putrid decay, if that lump is left unattended. Most people cannot conceive of nothingness after death, so they must cling to the thought that there is an afterlife. And, if there is an afterlife it is only logical that there must be some way to talk to those who are enjoying it.

        That kind of thinking scares the hell out of me, but may be that is a good thing. Who needs hell in them anyway?

  7. It does look interesting, just hope its not as pretentious as Invictus though.

  8. I don’t like most of his movies, but I do understand that Clint is very talented at what he does I just don’t usually like the stories like Million Dollar baby for instance. Nolan, Copala or Martin S could of made it and I’d still hate it. When Clint tackles a story I like though it turns out wonderful. Gran Torino was amazing as was Mystic River. I would say Gran Torino was not only his best directing, but I think it was the best movie he’s been in.

    This movie looks pretty good Matt D is always a solid actor. Looking forward to it.

    I know it’s unlikely, but I was really wanting Inception to win an Oscar this year it didn’t really have any competition looks like it’s all pouring out now between this and The Town. I’m sure more is on the way. Looks like Inception won’t even be nominated.

    • Twitter is blowing up after the critics just saw the first showing of the movie. NOT good.

    • Inception will be nominated, doubt the Town will be though. And every precursur Oscar site is predicting Hereafter will be nominated although I think the film looks like it will be either really really good or really lreally bad. Personally I’d rather have Toy Story 3 win.

  9. Bad reviews or not, I’m still going to see it. It’s Eastwood and he’s getting better with each film. He’s a fabulous director and storyteller who doesn’t rely on special effects or frantic editing.

  10. I Love Clint Eastwood’s work and I can’t wait to support his film! :)

  11. The shot of the incoming tsunami from ground level as the trees get knocked over row by row is simply stunning. Plus it’s a movie for grownups and it’s been a loooooong,empty summer at the movies for us. I’ll be there.

  12. Mike made a mistake – it’s actually his 31st film as director.

  13. It looks good. Clint and Damon together should be another good 1. People are fascinated with the afterlife and the way Clint directs a film. Should fo very well meaning mire then was bugeted for. Every movie can’t be a comedy guys some have meaning and feeling. Look forward to seeing it in Oct.

  14. For Clint Eastwood only, I’ll watch this one…

  15. Strong Points: Eastwood directing. It’s a new story instead of yet another reboot, remake, or prequel.

    Weak Point: Damon.

  16. Got a very Shyamalan feel to it.

  17. Can’t wait to see this! Eastwood is an amazing director.

  18. Hereafter sounds like ‘Sixth Sense’ meets the Psychic Twins. Tsunami, bombings, prophecy, psychic twins, mediumship… struggling with a powerful gift..
    seems like the writer was more than a little inspired by the women who actually predicted 9/11 and most of the major events of the new millennium. Bryce Dallas Howard even looks exactly like them!
    Too many coincidences to ignore here.

  19. I’ll see the movie but I always get a little uneasy with films that deal with these kinds of themes. I’m afraid it will perpetuate the myth that there is life after death and perhap tip some that are on the fence into believing this mass delusion or reinforcing it among those who have already accepted it.

    I’ll go and hopefully enjoy the fantasy of it all. Just hope it doesn’t try to convey the idea that dead really isn’t dead.

  20. The trailer did enough for me to think it’s another great, engaging film that captures and tells the story of a very mysterious and human yearning. Millions will flock to the cinema to see the outcome and ideas in this film. Very clever and brilliant Mr Eastwood!