Alan Moore Wants Fans to Boycott Brett Ratner’s ‘Hercules’

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Alan Moore vs Hercules with The Rock Alan Moore Wants Fans to Boycott Brett Ratners Hercules
Legendary comic book writer Alan Moore (WatchmenFrom HellV for Vendetta) has never been shy about his utter disdain for movie adaptations of his work. He preemptively disowns any film version of his books, even famously removing his name from Zack Snyder’s Watchmen movie and publicly denouncing DC’s Before Watchmen prequel series.

Having once stated that his experience with DC on Watchmen was “a toxic cloud of memories,” it goes without saying that fans of Moore shouldn’t expect to see his name anywhere near the big screen, presumably ever. Recently, however, Moore has gone on the record in defense of the late comic book writer Steve Moore (no relation), Moore’s friend for forty years, whose Radical Comics series Hercules: The Thracian Wars is hitting theaters in less than a week as the Brett Ratner-directed Hercules, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as the titular demigod.

Moore spoke to Bleeding Cool at length about the situation, and related how Steve Moore learned of the film adaptation of The Thracian Wars a few months before he died and was not pleased.

According to Moore:

Now, Steve had had quite a few problems with Radical Comics in producing the comic book and there were compromises that he had been assured that he would not have to make which he had, in fact, been told to make. So that relationship wasn’t an entirely happy one.

Hercules Trailer 2 Alan Moore Wants Fans to Boycott Brett Ratners Hercules

Alan Moore went on to explain how the compromises Steve Moore had to make with Radical soured him on the publishing company, and given the meticulous research which went into the writing of The Thracian Wars, Steve Moore assumed the film version would be “idiotic s**t.” 

According to Moore:

So, Steve wouldn’t be getting any money from this. The only consolation was that his name wouldn’t be going on it.

In the months leading up to the film’s release, however, Moore claims that the promotional materials for Hercules have featured Steve Moore’s name as a way to exploit the interest surrounding his friend’s death as free publicity. Moore’s view of such behavior is simple:

Now I’d have to look at my thesaurus and see if there are any words other than “vile” which I could use for that. But even in the low estimation in which I hold the greater part of the comic industry, that is a new low.

Hercules The Thracian Wars 4 Cover 570x883 Alan Moore Wants Fans to Boycott Brett Ratners Hercules

Hercules: The Thracian Wars #4 (CLICK FOR FULL SIZE)

After suggesting that anyone interested take a look at promotional materials for Hercules such as posters and banners before and after Steve Moore’s death, Alan Moore also flatly called for a boycott of the movie, saying:

I would also ask that anybody out there who gives a damn about Steve Moore or his legacy not go to see this wretched film. It is the last thing that Steve would’ve wanted. And I cannot un-recommend it too highly or anybody involved in it.


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  1. Who cares what he thinks any…moore.

  2. I dont care,
    I am goin to watch it 1st day first show, big fan of Rock!

  3. Erm tough call but this movie looks really fun and the 3D looks awesome on the trailer so if the reviews are okay il go see this..

  4. I won’t be seeing it, not due to the writer’s complaint, but because it looks lame. Every time I hear Dwayne Johnson speak in the trailers for the movie, he does not impress as Hercules, but rather, a mediocre actor reading lines.

  5. Wait…this movie is based on a comic? Was the original Greek Myth not good enough? And what makes this movie all that similar to the comic? Seems like it’s just a typical adaptation of the myth to me.

    • Apparently, the comic and the film are based on Hercules after his “retirement” and being convinced to come back into the spotlight to lead an army.

  6. I would like to know what Mr Moore thought of Watchmen, surely, even after everything that went down even he’s got agree that the movie was faithful to the book, even to it detriment.

    About the Hercules issue, I don’t know, it seems like the issue is between Radical Comics and Steve Moore. The movie, as it seems to me, is an innocent bystander. Still seeing this movie though because it looks really good. And I’m starting to enjoy Hollywoods use of 3D, it seems like they’re getting better at it.

    • Nope, he hated it.

      • That’s a shame because it was really good.

        • Actually he hasn’t seen it, but he was kinda actively not supporting it.

  7. Sorry, my dear, but I don’t give a damn. If I think a movie looks fun I will see it, and Hercules looks fun, if more than a little mindless. And Steve Moore doesn’t exactly have the time to care about being screwed over (Read: Not actually reading his contract) seeing as he’s, you know, dead.

  8. Since Moore is so concerned about creator’s rights, I’m going to do him a favor and boycott all of the Superman comics that bloviating hypocrite wrote despite the fact that he knew full well how DC had treated Siegel and Schuster.

    • +1



      wholeheartedly agree.

    • Then I assume you’ll just burn all your excellent League of Extraordinary Gentlemen comics. Don’t get so uppity about him, we’re all hypocrites when it suits us, even you. Even more so when we tell ourselves we’re not.

      Also, even if he’s being hypocritical, he still has a point.

  9. I will not be seeing this movie. While the effects look good the film itself appears to be the typical attack by Haded style garbage of the Titans films and other similar media. Not to mention the hack known as Ratner is involved and nothing he has ever made has been better than a mildly entertaining waste of time. Moore has points however nutty he may be and that would have turned me off from the movie even if I had been interested

  10. But he appeared in the Simpsons…

  11. I wish Alan Moore would just keep his pen active but his mouth shut.

    We get it, you hate the comics industry as a whole and like the film industry even less, you have made that point quite clear.

    Now please go back to writing great comic books that we love for an industry you hate so they can be adapted into (mostly) mediocre films for another industry you hate

  12. I to was surprised to hear this is based off a comic, not the Greek Myth. Why can’t Hollywood just use the rich material of the Greek Myths, and in turn make a boat load of cash! After all, that’s what Hollywood wants.

    • Because it’s based on a comic that tells more about the character than the myths (it’s set “after the myth” as it were with a weary and disenfranchised Hercules giving up the hero’s life).

  13. Regardless of what Moore thinks, the film shouldnt be seen because of its director.

    • I Couldn’t agree with you more kale. Brett Rattner is a terrible director. Jesus Christ. His X-men movie was the worst in the series

    • Yes, yes, and YES!!!

    • Truer words were never spoken my friend. Let Alan Moore think what he wants, but Brett Ratner? Yeah seriously I can live without the guy. Now we sit back and wait for the Ratner fans to get their panties in a twist because someone has the gall to criticize him as a director. :)

  14. All i got is respect for Alan Moore and his friend Steve. Alan is a good person, seeing how he defended his friend.

    I will not see this.

  15. Well, I’ll be seeing it because it looks pretty good. Aside from Guardians, this was my second most anticipated summer film.

    People saying they won’t see it because Ratner directed? Sorry but so far, the only good movie Bryan Singer has directed was The Usual Suspects but people still pay to see his crap, what’s the difference here? Plus, you knew X-Men 3 was gonna suck based on the trailers, the trailers for this look great.

    As for Alan Moore, he’s a comics legend but I stopped taking the guy seriously a long time ago. It’s almost like he has to complain about something just to get himself noticed again because the spotlight has slipped away from himself and it just diminishes the great stuff he’s written over the decades (almost like when you find out Marlon Brando acted like a dick to people and it tarnished his legacy as a great actor for a lot of people).

    • Agreed on Singer, but Ratner has directed how many good movies again? Oh, right: none.

  16. Alan Moore is full of himself. Sure, the comics and movie industries screw over writers and artists. What else is new? There are thousands of workers whose livelihoods depend on these movies, people who aren’t fortunate enough to get jobs writing and drawing comic books. Integrity? If Alan Moore cared about integrity, then he’d have stopped writing for comics decades ago.

  17. Alan Moore needs to seriously get over himself. His only contribution to the comic world that actually matters is The Killing Joke. I won’t boycott this film because, rankly, I DON’T give a damn about Steve Moore or what he wanted or what Alan Moore wants now. These guys are so pretentious, it’s sickening.

    • Watchmen? Captain Britain? Time when he made Radioactive Man into a powerless junkie?

    • V for Vendetta? From Hell? League of Extraordinary Gentlemen? Swamp Thing? Supreme? Top 10? Lost Girls? Not to mention that he created the character of John Constantine. The guy has more than a few reasons to be pretentious – not saying that he should, but you can’t deny he’s one of the most important comic book writers out there in terms of creativity and how he revolutionized the medium. Now how about boycotting the movie because, well, Brett Ratner?

  18. Always that battle between prima donna creative and cut throat corporate, but honestly, you have to think WWE is compelling storytelling to be drawn into this rot, I AM HERCULES!!!!!! Really? Not the This is Sparta thing is it?

  19. While I have respect for his work and talent, I don’t listen to Moore. All he does is complain these days. I just can’t take him seriously.

  20. The fact that Ratner is directing is enough to keep me away.

  21. The only reason i see to avoid it is due to Brett Ratner directing it i am not a fan of his.

  22. I think The Rock is great but I will not see this movie because of the director of this film Brett Rattner. Rattner is a horrible director. His only watchable movies are the Rush Hour franchise. This guy has no respect for comic any material. He always has to put his vision( even it is wrong) to all of his films. Rattner is on a ego trip.

  23. “I want you to boycott a Brett Ratner movie.” “Yeah, that’s cool. I was gonna do that anyway. Don’t twist my arm. Ha!”

  24. Alan Moore should’ve played both Gandalf AND Dumbledoore.

  25. Not to fond of ratners work rush hour and red dragon were good but thats it. X3 sucked.

  26. Wow! The internet is so full of hypocrisy it’s frightening. People want to see this even though it deviates from the source material, but they don’t want to see the FF reboot for precisely that reason.

    • No, we don’t want to see this. Not because of it deviating from the source material, but because of Ratner and The Rock. One of them is bad enough, but the two together?! Get me outta here!

  27. Honestly, Moore needs to back off. If he did not want his movies being made into films, he should have had better foresight. If he would have kept control of his intellectual property, this would not have happened. But instead he let it go and now bitches every time a movie is made. Its been going on for 20 years.


  28. I want to see this movie, but I won’t be going on opening weekend. I’m going to see Lucy instead. *shrug*