New ‘Legend of Hercules’ Trailer: A Half-God Goes to War [Updated]

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There will be two Hercules movies hitting theaters in 2014. One stars Dwayne Johnson (Fast & Furious 7) – playing an older version of Herc who has devolved into a world-weary mercenary for hire – while the other is titled Hercules: The Legend Begins  (UPDATE: Summit has retitled the film The Legend of Hercules) and features Twilight alum Kellan Lutz playing a younger version of Zeus’ son (who could be mistaken for a JCrew model).

Much like the Comic-Con preview footage, the newly-unveiled trailer for The Legend of Hercules illustrates the continuing influence of Zack Snyder’s 300 on the swords and sandals genre. Question is, following less impressionable acts like the Clash of the Titans remake and Tarsem Singh’s Immortals, have audiences grown tired of seeing ancient world mythology given the modern pop-action movie treatment (see: slick digital visuals, 3D effects, etc.)?

The Legend of Hercules follows the adventures of young Herc (Lutz), as he must decide whether to run away to live with his true love – the Princess of Crete, Hebe (Gaia Weiss) – or embrace his destiny, as the half-god prophesied to overthrow the tyrannical King Amphitryon (Scott Adkins) and restore peace to Ancient Greece. It you detect more than a few similarities to the archetypal modern superhero origin story in that synopsis, well, that’s not a coincidence – the characters of ancient mythology are the ancestors of present-day comic book superheroes, after all.

hercules legend begins trailer 570x294 New Legend of Hercules Trailer: A Half God Goes to War [Updated]

Legend of Hercules was co-written and directed by Renny Harlin (Die Hard 2, The Long Kiss Goodnight), whose old-world action movie will be unable to escape comparisons to other recent entries in the genre (even more grounded installments, like Gladiator). In terms of visuals, Harlin’s film seems to have a higher-budgeted design than Starz’ Spartacus - minus the show’s eye-catching color palette – but also looks to be less sophisticated than the upcoming prequel/sequel, 300: Rise of an Empire (not directed by Snyder).

As for Lutz as Hercules: he seems like a pretty vanilla and poker-faced protagonist on his own; probably more so, once we see The Rock in the trailer for Brett Ratner’s Hercules movie. Otherwise, Legend of Hercules seems to be a perfectly acceptable time waster (read: too derivative for much else), for those in the mood to munch some popcorn and watch hunky warriors fight one another – be it on the battlefield or in the gladiatorial arena - during the early goings of 2014.


The Legend of Hercules opens in 2D and 3D theaters on January 10th, 2014.

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  1. Did I just see Liam McIntyre in that trailer?!

    Funny too,because I was going to say that this looks like a Spartacus/300 mash-up.

  2. Russell Crowe??? Oh Sorry.. I thought I just watched a trailer for ‘Gladiator’.. My mistake.

    • That’s what I was thinking.

  3. I thought it was a trailer for the new season of Spartacus.

    We can only hope so.

  4. I think it looks good but I feel like the trailer just shows a little too much

  5. Oh God, this is terrible.

  6. That does not make me want to see more.

  7. Ironic that Liam is in it because this looks so ridiculously like a ripoff of Spartacus it’s not even funny. Lutz’ gladiatorial costume is a carbon copy of Spartacus’. This looks like a straight-to-dvd movie at best. A trailer’s not supposed to make you NOT want to see a movie.

  8. The Legend Begins? Are they planning a franchise? I look forward to seeing Scott Adkins in a more major role. I’ve been watching his C-movies for a while and as cheesy as they can be, that guy’s got crazy kicks and acrobatics for someone so bulky. He would’ve been a superstar if he was making action movies in the 80s.

    • Hey,I have a question.Why does everyone have such a hard on for Scott Adkins?

      Only thing that I saw him in that I can remember is Expendables 2.Not saying that he’s not a good actor or anything,but I’m wondering why this guy is slowly turning into the next Nathan Fillion in respect to nerd fantasy casting demand.

      • Check out a undisputed 2 fight with him on youtube.. He is a crazy impressive fighter.
        Also wouldn’t you love to see Nathan Fillion as a gladiator?!

        • haha, what about seeing him as Gladiator?

        • Now that would be awesome

          (Have to post this here since Screen Rant still doesn’t have edits)

  9. Wow..One of the few trailers that I’ve seen that actually makes me not want to see a movie. Really bad clichéd ‘Heroic type music’, pantomime bad guys, awful dialogue delivered badly, and a main character whose not allowed to talk during most of the trailer, just doing modelling poses and “trying to put on my emotional acting face“.
    Straight to the vhs!

  10. Lol

  11. ummm…isn’t The Rock already making a Hercules movie? Why would a studio do this to themselves?

  12. Hercules: The legend begins,…. and hopefully ends..

  13. Summit/Millennium you sir/madame have shamed the legacy of Kevin Sorbo…

  14. Spartacus!!! Can’t wait for this movie. Tbh the trailer is alight. However after seeing the NYC Comic Con Panel with Liam pumping everyone up with his unbridled enthusiasm, I can’t wait!!

    I was there at Comic Con, at the panel for this movie and it was great! The director was right on about what he was talking about, during the panel. He’s an awesome guy. I’d go see this movie just to see if he can back his words up.

    Out of all the cast at the panel, Liam was by far the most energetic over this movie. He was more excited than the director lol. Then again, this is the 1st time Liam is in a movie.

  15. I loved Hercules: The legendary journeys so i thought that this movie was going to be great but sorry, not even worth a pirate copy.

  16. this will be on the History channel about a month after its release

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    • uh-oh, someone has had a bit too much jesus juice today.

  18. I hope for once Hollywood would actually call him Heracles.

  19. Hercules??? Ok this is not Hercules, we all know the story of Hercules and as a Greek i had to say no to this crap!!!!

  20. What is it about this trailer that really put me off? There was something really cornball about it and I can’t put my finger on it. Reminded me of that bad Thor knock-off “Hammer of the Gods”

    • Thor knock-off?


  21. Does it bug anyone else when period pieces like this feature guys with basically buzzed heads? Drives me crazy. That and inconsistent accents. Have accents or don’t..not some do and some don’t. I couldn’t quite tell if this has that issue but it often goes hand in hand with the hair thing. Anyone else?

  22. Agreed Justin!

  23. Everything was somehow tolerable re-using all the 300 / Spartacus / Gladiator elements but why did they had to shove that magical lightning in there? that’s what ruined it for me.

  24. I dont know about that. No monsters ? Hmm. I will see it anyway.

  25. You know a movie is total b******* when you see Hercules using a cheap CGI (or more like free CGI) thunder whip. Greek mythology has so much to offer, I wish Hollywood (because who else) could give us a fair representation for once.
    The ‘Percy Jackson’-movies have nothing but names in common with the mythology, the ‘Titans’-movies are b******* as well as the ‘Immortals’ movie, and even the Disney ‘Hercules’ had nothing to do with Hercules (or Heracles, if you so will…).

    How hard can it be?

  26. I’d rather watch Gladiator,Spartacus & 300 All over again before watching this!!!!

  27. WOW!!!! This is going to suck!!!

  28. Wow, this looks horrible.

  29. Uh, am I the only one that noticed that, Hercules, a GREEK Hero, is being portrayed as a Roman? In a image of his armor, you see the eagle, which is the ROMAN symbol of Jupiter (Zeus’ Roman version. Those are Roman helmets, Roman armor (the emphasized armor on the dominant arm), Roman weapons (Romans used spears more so than the Greeks did), Roman haircuts, and the arenas are Roman. Hell, the whole sold into slavery/made to fight for entertainment is an aspect of ancient Roman culture.

    That they couldn’t even hire an intern to do basic research into ancient Greek culture shows how bad this film will be.