First ‘Hercules’ Clip: Dwayne Johnson Gets Ambushed

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What to do when you’re a demigod fresh off the heels of completing twelve epic labors as part of a penance tour? Adopt the life of a disillusioned mercenary and become a sell-sword whose skills are available to the highest bidder. That, in a nutshell, is the basic conceit behind Hercules, the second of two 2014 productions concerned with the legendary Greek hero’s most infamous exploits, and also the latest big-budget vehicle for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in his budding career as an action star.

A couple of weeks back, Paramount released the first trailer for the film, a brief spot that sets up the groundwork for Hercules‘ plot as well as the overall tone director Brett Ratner is shooting for. Now, a fresh clip has popped up online to join that initial promo, one that’s very obviously, very heavily edited – all the better to tease, of course. That still may leave some feeling like we’ve been given a less complete perspective on Hercules here, but it’s nice that the studio has extrapolated on footage presented in the last preview.

You may have a vague recollection of some of the imagery here courtesy of that original trailer: tattooed, bearded baddies bursting out of the ground, armed to the teeth and ready to scrap. The above clip gives us more proper context for that particular beat, as Hercules and some of his chums – including Rufus Sewell and John Hurt – walking headlong into a textbook ambush. They enter a scorched hamlet, still burning following an apparent off-screen raid and littered with the bodies of the fallen – except that they’re not dead, just napping, until Peter Mullan wanders too close and the trap is sprung.

Someone, somewhere, will want to make the obvious Admiral Ackbar reference here (Sewell does just that himself, though his sardonic delivery is almost more Serenity than Star Wars). Johnson, for his part, plays it cool, or perhaps more accurately he plays it badass, brandishing his sword and bedecked in his full Nemean lion regalia, letting go one seriously intimidating battle cry before we cut to black.

Hercules The Rock First Hercules Clip: Dwayne Johnson Gets Ambushed

Interspersed among this sequence are moments that are almost certainly lifted from another scene in the film entirely (unless we’re to believe that the small army Johnson faces here is being led by a clean-cut, refined soldier on horseback). What Paramount and MGM hope to accomplish by muddling the clip with tangential content is sort of unclear, but maybe it’s better they do that then show off too much of the movie for its own good.

At a glance, Hercules looks like a blend of 300, Lord of the Rings, the aforementioned space operas, and other influences – but it also doesn’t look too shabby, either. We’ll see how it turns out come July.


Hercules arrives in theaters on July 25th, 2014.

Source: MTV

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  1. Ok. NOW the lion head looks more accurate. :)

    • …but he doesn’t. Hercules was Greek.

  2. What, does Herc keep the lion’s head in a bag and only puts it on when he needs to?

    • One of those guys who wears many hats!

    • The lion’s head is attached to the pelt that he wears as a cape/armor. So think of the head part as sort of a hoodie that he can pull over when needed. In mythology, that lion was supposed to have impregnable hide that only it’s own claws and teeth could cut, so after defeating it, Hercules wore the pelt as armor.

      • A hoodie? How cute!

        Wonder if he has pajama bottoms with the feet in them as well.

    • Is that like letting the cat out of the bag?

  3. I will watch this on Netflix. Trailer looked kind of bland. In ambush scene, just when The Rock & Co. look like they are in trouble, I bet The Undertaker rushes in to save the day!

    • I’m still bummed that he lost to Brock Lesnar. I guess old age have finally caught up with him.

  4. So Hercules is a scrubby Mexican taking roids.

    • the rock is from new zealand s***head.

      • he’s Samoan and African American

        • …but not Greek.

          • Nor is Christian Bale Hebrew, Elizabeth Taylor Egyptian, or Ben Affleck Latino…but I’m guessing that’s not an issue.

          • If he has “9 out of 10″ things that help him play the character (a beard is a plus in my book) I can overlook ethnicity, especially when you consider the slew of actors who have also played Hercules in the past(and I’m pretty sure none have been Greek as well).

            • I agree…I just had to throw it out there, since everyone always seems to criticize caucasian actors when they play ethnic roles, but no one seems to have a problem with the reverse. Fairness in foolishness.

              • Apologies then: I completely misunderstood the tone of your comment. I do agree with you though…

  5. This is the Hercules for Young Adults and above… can’t wait

  6. Steve Reeves, though way before our time, still remains the Hercules to beat IMO. I recall watching those old movies he acted as a kid- ‘Hercules unchained’ etc and couldn’t but notice how suave but powerful he was in the role. Guy just stood out. It was no wonder he was asked to play Bond in Dr. No but turned it down. As an established body-builder Reeves inspired others like Arnie and Ferrigno to take up acting and eventually play the Hercules role. But Reeves’ Hercules was always a notch higher. I wouldn’t be surprised if The Rock draws from the same inspiration..though his version looks more like a ‘Conan the Barbarian’ type than a suave ‘Gannicus’ type.

    But it’s good to see Dwayne Johnson in a movie where he takes the solitary star role and here’s hoping he brings his A-game. He should make the role his own just like Henry Cavill did with Supes. Let’s see how this one pans out.

  7. This!
    It’ll be like Arnold’s Conan back in the day, cheesy, but super cool! can’t wait

  8. Hmmm,Did Herc in the graphic novel wield a sword too?

    • Nope, it was a very big bat. He will have it in the movie also, just not in this scene.

  9. “Uhhhhh we’ve walked into a trap” Uhhh remove that scene please.

  10. It’s a little jarring that everyone seems to be sporting an English accent in some form or another and then there’s just what the Rock is doing.


  12. @kt I know it’s fashionable and quaint nowadays for Queen’s English to be used by actors in ‘movies of yore’ even when they’re Roman, Viking, Greek or Arab classics…i.e. anything but English . However I don’t think it should be made a norm. It’s ok if the Rock talks different from the rest. After all, he’s a demi god. :)