Henry Cavill Looks Buff in New Close-up ‘Superman: Man of Steel’ Images

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Perhaps more than any other comic book character, Superman is a true global icon, which is why every scrap of information from the set of Zack Snyder’s Superman: Man of Steel has been dissected and debated endlessly on the Internet.

Now, we have even more material to pore over, as three very interesting close-up images from the film’s set have made their way online.

Fans have already spent countless hours arguing how Henry Cavill looks as Superman in the first official image from the film, and also in subsequent set images, but these new pictures give us the best look yet at Cavill in costume.

The pictures, which come our way from the Superhero Hype forums (via Think McFly Think), show Cavill rehearsing for a fight scene – featuring a CGI enemy. In addition to giving us a closer look at Superman sans red tights, the set images show off how much Cavill bulked up for the role.


I still have some questions about the texture of the suit, and of course the missing red tights, but it’s hard to argue that Henry Cavill doesn’t physically look the part of Superman. The guy’s biceps are practically busting out of his spandex. In fact, Cavill looks so buff that I almost wonder whether there’s some musculature built into the design of the suit. Whatever the case, he definitely looks ready to rumble.

Between the film’s familiar premise and its relative proximity to the so-so Superman Returns, there are a lot of people that still have doubts as to whether Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan can successfully reboot this franchise. One of the big things that will convince them is Henry Cavill’s performance as the Man of Steel.

As these pictures show, Cavill certainly looks the part, but how will the actor’s approach to the character be different than any of the other Superman actors that came before him? What will he do to separate himself from Christopher Reeve, Brandon Routh, and even TV’s Tom Welling? Hopefully, the first trailer for Superman: Man of Steel will answer some of these questions. At the very least, it will start a whole new round of discussions.

Which of course leads to our closing questions: What do you think of these images? Do you like the look of Superman’s new costume?

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Source: Superhero Hype forums (via Think McFly Think)

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  1. That new costume is HORRIBLE!

    They’ve changed the colors, removing any semblance to the colors of the US Flag and adding a darkness that is not reflective of the light-hearted nature of the man of steel. Superman isn’t dark and gothic, he’s vibrant and colorful. ARGHHHH!!!!

    They’ve made the texture look stupid and added plastic styling that is just hideous.

    Why do people feel the need to change iconic things that are perfect the way they are?

    This new suit sucks! And the fact that they hired a Brit to play Superman is another affront to “truth, justice, [and especially] the American way”.

    How can people that supposedly care about an existing character so callously destroy their iconic image?

    I am disgusted. The subliminal connotations of the changes they made to the symbolic colors and costume are suggestive on a psychological level in a negative way that strays from the traditional values of Superman.

    • this an alien not a american. his based off an alien culture, is like saying thor would be an american . he can’t and secondly i really don’t know whats so great about our country , invading country and sending our brothers to die for a country that doesn’t even want us ,sure i would defend it with my last blood , . Superman is gonna change if you like it or not. he has to , what makes him symbolicis his action not his custome, his an alien. He can adopted “American way” but his custome can’t . it remain a symbol of his past , his home that was destroyed. don’t destroy supermans culture inother to put us on him. this character his not real.

      • Obviously you have not traveled abroad and been to either a second world country or one where they do not speak english first. If you had some experience you would understand the greatness of our country and comprehend the nuances of freedom.

    • I think anyone who is going to put this film down before its been shown on any screen what so ever and say bad things about the costume, are people who are bringing other films out and are trying to put the normal person who cannot wait for this film to come out off going to see it.Do not pay any attention to them people who have nothing better to do with there life, but have a say on somthing thay have not even watched yet. I MEAN WOW, how do you know what this film is going to be like just becouse the main actor is british and the costume is a little different. Make your own mind up and stop making other peoples minds up from them.

    • well the guy that did the original superman movies was british his name was Christopher Reeve Superman is not american he is an alien from another planet that adopts earth not just america as his home and he would defend it and its inhabitants to his last breath

      • Christopher Reeve was born in New York City….that makes him American!

      • He was very much an American. The original film had a large number of segments filmed in Pinewood in the UK and many Brits were used in the production staff, but Chris was an American, born in New York.

    • The new costume is not the old traditional one for sure but I think it is a good design, more realistic (okay, maybe not)and less cartoon-like than the old one – which looks great on kids at a Halloween party, but not so much on a 21st century adult man. The old costumes make Superman look like he might be a eunuch, or the studios were merely shy about showing his, um, manhood. The new one doesn’t shy away from showing S-man to be a well hung stud which is fine except that it does look a little, um, like, gay. But so what?

    • You realize first of all the origin of the actors nation does not matter seeing as superman is an alien right? Plus, lets be honest. There are just alot more better British actors out there to choose from. secondly a fun fact: Superman was actually created by a Canadian, so get over yourself. Superman actually represents the will of all mankind, even though, yes he is also loyal to his earth, home country, Thirdly, the suit design is actually taken straight from the new suit design in the most recent DC Superman comic books. So you cant blame anyone on the production team for that one. You would have to blame DC. They are simply creating a new generational superman to coincide with the new generation of superman comics. AND as for being a “colorful”, “bright” superman, try reading some of the comics. Superman has some pretty dark stuff to deal with himself. He isnt just all fun and games.

      • Nicely put.

    • Look at the Dark knight trilogy…those are a wonder in the superhero cinamatography catagory. christopher nolan changed things so he could make a movie that was his own but kept things the same in order to keep the same batman. this director chose henry cavill for reasons that will most likely benefit the movie and people shouldnt knock something that has a year till release. this teaser trailer, teaser i repeat again brought tears to my eyes and i love the christopher reeves superman and i dont feel like i am betraying the old superman. i am not saying in with the new and out with the old because that would never be possible. i am just saying that a redesine of the classic nature of superman would be a nice touch to those young people out there who are now just getting into the time when movies like superman and superman II were legendary. Maybe this is just a temporary costume that he dawns for a brief period and then he turns to the red and blue. all i ask is for people to think a little before commenting on a beautiful looking movie being created by a team of other worldly class movie makers…no offense

    • Not saying you’re an idiot but I find it ignorant of you to say hiring a British actor is an insult of Superman’s values. as long he can deliver a solid performance, and embody the values Superman stands for well, what does his race matter? From his previous work Cavill’s a ten times better actor than Brandon Routhe or Tom Welling. Also Cavill can do a great american accent. Finally this is not a film for the fans, there’s a general audience this films being released to. This is film is not just for you and the Richard Donner loyalists.

  2. @ Lord Sterling….Unlike you, Snyder see’s that Superman is an alien, and his suit is alien. So its pretty stupid to continue making an alien look like an american flag. It’s about time they change his costume for a movie. lol spandex and baby blue? and red underwear??? get outa here! If a superman movie was made today with an actor wearing the same costume as Reeve…Then that would look hideous! There are justs some things in the comic world that don’t work for the live action world. Christopher Reeve looked like a panzy arss joke lmao! o well cry some more and just don’t watch the movie. As for me? I can’t wait to see what this turns out to be. horrible or great…I just can’t wait.

    • @ DR – He is NOT an alien. He was born on another earth, sure, but arrived here as a toddler and was raised for as long as he can remember by the Kents. He is the Protector of the innocent and he resides in the USA. His costume is representative of the flag, Stirling is correct. If you need more proof, Superman has a 20 ft statue of himself in Metropolis with his forearm raised and what do you think is on it? A bald eagle, perched on his arm as he proudly stands as a beacon for ‘TRUTH, JUSTICE and the AMERICAN WAY.’ You are thoroughly out of your element, sir. It is an affront to his fans to have him played by a british actor and that suit is an atrocity. The symbol is changed . . . AGAIN. it has some sort of scaly texture, the red tights are gone and there is ridiculous piping and muscle added, unless you really believe you can see the man’s abs and veins through the suit. I am deeply offended by this portrayal of my childhood hero. Furthermore, Superman is intended to be a family icon. Suitable for all ages. This guy looks like he is walking off the set of a poorly produced porno, but since the suit is so different, he wouldn’t even be sued for copyright infringement. I want a movie about SUPERMAN, not whoever the hell this is.

      • His an alien not an america. So what if i was born in africa and brought to america i would be an ameirca. listen to yourself. Secondly muscles are really, look up his work-routen.
        This is a brief history of superman:he was born Kal-El on the planet Krypton, before being rocketed to Earth as an infant by his scientist father Jor-El, moments before Krypton’s destruction. Discovered and adopted by a Kansas farmer and his wife, the child is raised as Clark Kent and imbued with a strong moral compass. Very early he started to display superhuman abilities, which upon reaching maturity he resolved to use for the benefit of humanity.

        • I think you missed a huge part of the history bud…the red and blue’s are what his family sent him here in, so representing america or not….that’s changing the back story. He has always been “truth, justice and the american way”….But hell if we’re changing the costume, why not take the big S off his chest and make it a K for Krypton.

      • My first thought to the texture of the suit was chicken skin. Chicken skin should not be any where a reference to his suit. I really don’t care if the suit changes a little, but leave the colors alone, they don’t run, or fade., but for some reason they do in the minds of today’s creators of Superman (I do hate that). What’s so wrong about leaving it alone, hopefully he doesn’t have a son in this next movie.

      • I agree with you! This new 52 Dc Comics crap sucks they have totally ruined Superman, and this New Movie Superman is based a lot on the DC New 52 Rebooted Superman. Travesty to be sure. This isn’t Superman… He is Bizarro!

      • just for the record James, alien is the technical place for someone that is born of a different origin then that which they end up. So alien would be the correct turn.

           [eyl-yuhn, ey-lee-uhn]
        a resident born in or belonging to another country who has not acquired citizenship by naturalization ( distinguished from citizen).
        a foreigner.
        a person who has been estranged or excluded.
        a creature from outer space; extraterrestrial.

        superman being all of these things…until of course he earns the key to the city…then he just becomes someone from outerspace….therefore still an alien

      • Have you seen any footage of Cavill’s Superman? Superman’s not just a symbol for America, he’s a symbol for the whole world. To say Superman can’t be played be a british actor is like saying he shouldn’t have gone to paris in Superman 2.

      • “You are thoroughly out of your element, sir”

        Firstly I can’t stand people who use ‘sir’ when making a point. What is that meant to prove? Tosser.

        Secondly as a brit in London, the greatest city in the world, (yeah i’m going to get all patriotic like you yanks haha) I think its great a brit is Superman. He has worked so hard to get himself into that shape. 2 hours a day in the gym lifting weights, 5000 calories a day. I bet you can’t even do 1 push up you lazy git.

        Superman is an alien end of story. He’s not a human is he. Dear me. I don’t care how many 20 ft statues there are in Metropolis of him with his forearm raised. You can stick that bald eagle up your arse for all I care.

        I can’t wait to see this film. I hope its great. I want it to shut all those people up that are saying its no good based on a few pictures and articles. If it does turn out to be the best comic book film ever made you’ll still put it down anyway. Which would be great because you’d have to hide the fact you secretly love it… ‘sir’ :)

    • Those of you who are saying that it’s ok to change the costume because Superman is alien and his costume is alien have obviously never read the comics. Martha Kent made the original costume SPECIFICALLY to mirror the American flag. This one doesn’t. Kal-El’s own Kryptonian costume is jet black and has no cape so the new costume is not faithful to either. The new costume is the result of licening and money squabbles, there’s nothing artistic about it. The movie might be good but it won’t feel like Superman to me without the right suit.

      • Kal El was wrapped in blankets with the colors of red, blue and yellow . They came from His parents, from his planet. When Clark grew up, Martha Kent made the costume out of those materials…..and u say to ppl they “obviously never read the comics” PFFT!

      • @ happygrump

        You have valid points there my friend that i agree on.

      • http://www.fastcocreate.com/1679104/grant-morrison-reinvents-superman-can-he-rescue-dc-comics

        take a look at this link happygrump. I think you need to catch up on your comic reading. Superman actually has a new suit design in comics. The new suit has nothing to do with licensing or money. Its actually taken straight from the new comics, and is actually, therefore, more true to this generations superman

  3. James…. You just said He was born on another Earth…you just implied he is from a different planet…Making him an alien! Have you seen this guys green card??? His costume obviously represents the flag derf durf! Thats because when he was created it was a form of propaganda. He is still an alien…FROM ANOTHER PLANET!And you say I am out of my element???? lol ppl like you make me explode in laughter. Can you say OBSESSED!?!?

    • DR I agree with you wholeheartedly.
      Think of it this way: Would The Dark Knight have been as successful as it was if his suit was the traditional gray spandex/black briefs? No, it’s called realistic adaptation. Personally, I feel it works. It wouldn’t have been my first choice, but it works. I do have to get over the symbol, though. I would’ve kept that the same. The Superman Returns symbol was pretty nice too, except for the whole “mini shields within the shields” thing. I don’t understand why you guys are so set on him being an American hero. I love America, sure, but why can’t he be a UNIVERSAL hero? Let him represent a universal good. “Ohhh his suit’s too dark! He’s not a bright flying flag!” SO?!
      Can he fly? Does he have super strength/speed/hearing/vision/breath? Does he fight for good? Yea?
      That’s all that matters.

      • @ Alex Parker. Thank you for understanding my point of view.

    • His colors are actually Red, Blue and Yellow. The tradition colors of altruistic heroes of early pulp fiction.

      Secondly the American flag is Red White and Blue {You should seriously know this}.

      Third he was first illustrated by a Canadian {Joe Shuster co-creator of Superman}.

      Fourth Metropolis was meant to be a symbolic version of Toronto, just as Gotham was meant to be Chicago {not New york like so many seem to think}.

      Fifth propaganda for what exactly?? The First World War was over for nearly two decades and the second one was still a year away from beginning {for everyone except the USA which didn’t join until December of 1941} when the first Action Comics was published.

      Please, next time you decide to scream into the internet with your ignorance. . . just don’t.

      • So just because He doesn’t have white, this says he isn’t modeled after the american flag. Superman was the first superhero. So how many other characters would wear red blue and yellow like you say back then??? And then Joe Shuster…The words you used (co-creator not The Creator) and Canadian. A Canadian that worked FOR an American company is what u left out. :) And yea having Superman standing next to an American flag or holding a bald eagle all the time is “totally not propoganda” lol . And u also say “Propoganda for what?” just cause world war 2 didn’t start for another year? World War 2 was already happening and America feared it coming to the USA. So you can’t say it can’t be propoganda just cause America wasn’t a part of it yet. and here you are talking about ignorance.

      • Oby the way smartass,according to Joe Shuster and only Joe Shuster, Metropolis was modeled after Toronto…That doesn’t mean it is though. Just to him. But Metropolis is NYC but in the DC universe, its called Metropolis. Metropolis is on the East coast and has notable landmarks that are based on real life landmarks in NEW YORK CITY.The earliest specific reference to Metropolis located it in New York State: in Superman #2 (1939) Clark Kent sent a telegram to the editor of the daily planet…and the adress was “Metropolis N.Y” there is more proof on it. But hey. Go ahead and feel stupid. Maybe u love Canada or was born there. who cares.

      • The eagle on top of flag poles is often colored as yellow/gold. Say Metropolis is where every you want,but the guy (fictional character) grew up in Kansas, where he was raised and learned small town values and ways (American Values). We love because of what he stands for so we claim him as we should. If they wanted him to be alien-Canadian have him grow up in Canada.

      • My first thought to the texture of the suit was chicken skin. Chicken skin should not be any where a reference to his suit. I really don’t care if the suit changes a little, but leave the colors alone, they don’t run, or fade., but for some reason they do in the minds of today’s creators of Superman (I do hate that). What’s so wrong about leaving it alone, hopefully he doesn’t have a son in this next movie. Singer messed things up leaving more questions that I really did not want the answers to. The bright colors would be better and the blue needs to be broken up, if it’s red underwear (so be it) maybe just a belt. I do hate the extra spiderman webbing effect just looks like they aren’t making me think alien just making me think oh yeah they did that with spidey (stupid for Superman).

  4. he’s from Krypton so he’s an alien…

    PS: That’s the new 52 costume!

  5. I don’t care much for New 52 comics. DC should of focused more on makin lesser known heroes in the DC universe more interesting, even giving them new costume if so be it. Heroes like Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Vixen, Firestorm, etc. On JLU, they did a good job imo bringing villains to animation & makin them different like Dr.Polaris, Queen Bee, Cheetah, Bizarro, among others.

  6. I’m not quite sure what the big fuss is about the symbol, it does look a little grainy, but it will take a minute probably to get over the no trunks part, I can entertain the concept of Snyder potraying him as an alien, Thor is from another world as well and so he is considered an alien, but I don’t see how keeping some form of trunks would’ve negated the fact that he’s alien, I think that was just a personal choice by Snyder,and the added muscle mass makes sense to me, Superman is supposed to be super in every way, meaning the perfect physical sculpture of a man so having the abs and pecs and muscles fits,I think he has taken elements of some of the characters from Watchmen for the idea and design of his look for the man of steel, keep in mind that Batman went through approximately 5 different costume changes for all of the movies, even Nolan changed it from Batman Begins to The Dark Knight, Personally I think Batman Begins costume design was the definitive, but also keep in mind that WB is trying to replicate the success that Nolan and the writers achieved for Batman so that’s why they are making the tone grittier and more realistic, fact is they set the bar with the Batman reboot and audiences aren’t gonna be clammering for a hokey animated version of Superman set in the realistic world,that’s been done several times before, I just hope that there is a balance of light heartedness in the movie, I think the mistake they made in Superman Returns imo was focusing more on the drama and romance between he and Lois Lane than the justice and heroism part, that movie felt like it was more for women than men or families, it felt like a chick flick with the superhero aspect thrown in, the biggest gamble of the movie ino will be the opening credit sequence and score, not sure will use it or create something new, that would be the most disapointing thing for audiences if he doesn’t, it would be the equivilent of changing the score for Star Wars or Indiana Jones, some things are just too beloved and synonymous to take away, my guess is that WB will insist on him keeping in some way, but depending on his overall vision of the movie it may be more logical to create something new.The hard fact is this is a bigger gamble for WB that the Batman reboot was, if audiences don’t embrace this then it will be curtains for Superman in movies, and not everyone will like Snyder’s version, I think he already expects that but cudos to him for still tackling it. But as much as I’m a huge fan of Batman and excited to see TDKR I am anticipating The Man of Steel more..

    • @ Mchotti

      Wow, that’s alot you wrote lol. Imo i liked the yellow belt/red trunks simply not only was it traditional but it also broke up the blue. Even Routh’s Superman costume looked better to be realistic. Cavill’s costume looks little too dark aswell so say, if they were to bring in Bizarro as a villain then his costume’s colors would have to be more darker. Superman was always seen as alien/not human in previous films. I don’t see how Snyder’s approach can have that much impact on that issue unless theres reason like Batman changes costume from costume design in each of Nolan’s films. As for added muscle mass, all i can say is, make sure nothing bad is shown on film that makes the actor’s arms & stuff look fake lookin in certain shots or people will just nod their heads that notices it. Id like to a reboot where Batman doesn’t change costumes in each film. Instead id rather have Batman have a different utility belt, new gaunlets, somthing added to the costume.

      I agree about what you’ve said about Superman Returns. I also felt that Singer made the film too much like the original film instead of a return story. Mostly the thing i did not like was him & Lois having a son. When i read about plan for the sequel, despite the villains & action i don’t think i would of liked how that film turned out because of those two having a son.

      As for MOS, If they don’t use Score i loved, so be it. Best be left with the films Christopher Reeve started imo while Snyder’s film will have hope people like his film’s score.

      Whatever the outcome is for Snyder’s film, it be curtains for Superman. Because the character already past the test of time. I already know some people who don’t like Snyder’s approach with Superman, myself included. I was hoping for different things but hopefully MOS won’t disappoint.

  7. I like Snyder, and I like Nolan. While I think that “Watchmen” wasn’t a success, I don’t blame Snyer. Before it was made it was said to be unfilmable and I think Snyder did his level, respectful best to adapt a story that was very much of its time and its medium.

    So I’m totally for the combination of Nolan and Snyder to guide this, and it’s impossible to argue with Cavill looking the part. As far as him being British, so what? He’s a freaking *actor.* I was surprised when I found out Hugh Laurie was English. If he can get the accent, inhabit the part and make me believe he’s Clark that’s all I care about.

    That costume though … Man, I just don’t know. I felt one of the biggest problems with “Returns” was the angst. Superman abandoning Earth and Lois just didn’t sit right. Wooing her when he came back when she was involved with someone else just turned my stomach. That’s not how the character would behave. And it wasn’t a good story for him to be in. I thought Spacey was awesome as Luthor. I wish they hadn’t made him a gigolo, but that wasn’t Spacey’s call. It was another example of the script not understanding the milieu.

    But back to this costume. People make fun of superheroes who have “underwear on the outside” but this outfit makes Cavill look like he’s painted blue, like Mystique. Superman’s costume doesn’t need detail to look armored or textured. He’s Superman. I’m not saying spandex, but I think simple-looking cloth would better highlight how tough he is. When bullets bounce off Cavill you could easily get the impression the suit was protecting him.

    And the colors … Ok, I know the country’s maudlin mood is continuing, but now is exactly when we need a fictional character who’s a brightly-colored, positive, optimistic beacon of hope. This outfit looks depressed. Being around this Superman wouldn’t give you hope, he’d just sadden or scare you. It’s uninspiring. When Cavill walks into the bad guy’s lair wearing this all you can expect is an angry beating, not a spirit-lifting triumph.

    Yeah. Thumbs down for me.

  8. I think there are lots of people who really won’t like this film regardless if its good. All this, “he not an American actor”, “the outfit is to dark” pathetic. If your not happy the actor is British then you really need to get out more. How about don’t watch it? that’s a good idea. Go watch the 1978 version. Jesus its a film. Lighten up. Seems like people won’t be happy unless he’s in a bright red and blue outfit with an American flag up his arse singing the national anthem with CGI Christopher Reeve face.
    You know they might even have mobile phones, Ipods and the Internet to in this film. But how? its 1978 isn’t it? Suppose people won’t be happy its set in 2013. Oh know what are we going to do!!!! It’s going to be fantastic.

  9. Although this suit looks as if it’s a futuristic look to superman, it also kinda looks like an older look at the same time. However, if I remember correctly, Clark’s mom is the one who originally made his first suit….I’d like to know where she got the material from on the farm for this suit!!

    • In the comic book, Clark’s mom made the suit from the material that the baby Clark was wrapped in when he crash landed on Earth.

  10. The suit looks terrible and he does not look the part at all, they should have left it to bryan singer!

    • Singer’s superman was a glorified Chick flick. The fact that anyone would suggest putting this character back in his hands is apalling.

  11. Now that’s the superman I like to see built like in the comic books the looks awesome but different I can get use to it

  12. Is anyone else worried about the CGI superman? I know Snyder said that there will be things he will do in the film that a human couldn’t act out so CGI will be used. Was thinking of that CGI Neo in ‘matrix reloaded’. CGI has come along way since then I know but still. You never know

  13. The term “alien” to most of us means a creature from outer space. It can also mean an immigrant living in another country without any citizenship status. Superman is an immigrant, a foreigner who came to us because it was the only way that a piece of his homeworld could survive. Over the years,throughout the comic books and even in the original movie,his biological parents(especially his father) knew of earth and it’s atmospheric deposits could house their son. They also knew that earths gravitational element with the sun would yield their boy powers far those of mortal men. It is going to be exciting how the movie will focus on a young clark kent and his impending prelude to become the worlds greatest protector…SUPERMAN.

  14. I tink its looks new and different, I cant wait for the film to come out I have the hots for this guy big time so I know I’ll enjoy the film no matter what plus I cant wait until I make a name for myself in celeb land and have him as my boyfriend ;-)

  15. The new costume looks flat out terrible. I don’t care what excuses they give, that alien look nonsense or whatever. The costume looks like a grayish blue Aquaman with a superman emblem slapped on his chest. I had a much better look in mind. One that is hard to describe but has some slight innovations while maintaining the classic look. It’s funny though that Henry Cavill looks more like Superman in the shots where he’s shirtless sporting a beard than he does wearing the Superman costume. At first I thought it was a different actor and I said “Damn, that guy should play Superman” Well they got the right guy but they gave him the wrong look. He looks like one of the rejects when they were casting the first Christopher Reeve Superman. I have no enthusiasm to see this movie. I want to see Superman not fishy scale naked blue man.

    • Lou….Fan Boys like u are pathetic

      • Yeah! And damned proud OF it! Actually I’m not a fan boy. I just want to see a movie where the main character has the right look. Christopher Reeve had the right look. The moment you saw him people said Yeah, that’s Superman. Henry Cavill I think is a great choice, but if I can’t buy his look as Superman then this movie is something I’m not enthused to see. You’re not Christopher Nolan, are you?

  16. LOL! O yea Christopher Reeves superman costume didn’t look silly at all! yea….Right! Stay proud of being a bum who will complain about Superman not wearing his tight stupid red underwear!

    • Christopher Reeve’s Superman costume didn’t look silly at all. If you think it did then Superman’s costume has looked silly for over 65 years. Give or take some new concepts. But they always go back to the classic look. I never said Henry Cavill needed to wear a red underwear costume, but some red, yellow, and black in that empty field would make it look better. Try to imagine yellow or maybe even gold around the waist like a belt. Then red below that coming in from the sides of the waist toward the center, but stopping at the sides of mr happy filled in with an upside down black semi-triangular shape painted on to the costume not red underwear. And the part in his hair has to go too. The wild unkempt look in the photos wear he’s sporting the beard looks much better. In conclusion I would like to say it was Brandon Routh’s skimpy speedo underwear that looked stupid.

      • So ur saying if Henry Calvill could wear the same exact costume as Christopher Reeves, then this would be better? It would not look insane?….OMFG ur a joke!

        • YOU HAVE A SERIOUS READING COMPREHENSION PROBLEM. I SAID NOTHING OF THE KIND. UR TOO PATHETIC TO EVEN BE A JOKE. Look, the suit looks like it’s going to be the way you want it. Enjoy it and leave me alone. This thread was started for people to voice their opinion on the costume, not for you to berate everyone that disagrees with you, and I gave one. IT SUCKS! And no amount of u degrading me is going to change my mind. I don’t like it. I don’t have to like it. And I don’t want to like it.

          • u said Christopher Reeves suit didn’t look silly at all. Thats why I brought up Henry Calvill and the suit lol but whatever u wanna cry so keep cyin LOUIE lmao ur idea of the suit is crap. Damn cry baby nerds online…wow

            • snorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rmph snorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rmph snorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ooh wha, i’m sorry, did you say something?

              • well it obviously got ur attention lol .dumbass

                • This is my Avatar saying, first off, your kind of a jerk. And I am not saying it to call you names to be mean, you just seem kind of arrogant. You seem to think you are better than everyone else, flinging insults around like monkeys throwing Feces at a zoo. Second you are kind of a hypocrite because posting stuff (several times I might add ) on a site about Superman kind of screams that you yourself are a fanboy, which is fine, I am a huge Fan of Superman, and this is just one more interpretation of Superman, I however, like everything about the suit except the metal pieces attached to the suit, it looks like Superman needs an exoskeleton to function as Superman, and the bracelets kind of look more silly than Superman ever did wearing red shorts. Did he steal them from Wonder Woman?

    • @ This is my Avata saying

      Sorry butt in. But i have to say it’s hard to say or think Christopher Reeve’s Superman costume looked silly. Afterall Superman passed the test of time wearing those red undies for… how many years now? Now if Cavill’s costume & the so called (cough)New 52 Superman costume design survive the test of time without the (red undies) not included, id be surprised if im still alive. I thought Routh’s costume looked alittle bad, but Cavill’s looks worst.

      Imo, i think they could of used Christopher Reeve’s costume design but made the costume outta the same kind of that of Cavill’s costume to for today’s audience. It would be old fashioned & moderned both. To say it can’t be done is simply rubbish. There’s still plenty of faithful Superman fans who dislike Cavill’s costume design.

      As Agent Coulson mentioned in The Avengers- ” Some people could use alittle old-fashion”.

      • The only problem i had with Rouths’s costume is the red being crimson and the cape looking like a damn huge fruit role up was thrown on his back. I do think Henry’s blue is way to dark. Other than that, I don’t care. I love superman but,I just think these hard core fans should settle down cause we have seen the same live action superman for…Forever? I think its about time we see something different…If u asked me, I would say have superman with the black suit the whole movie with the silver S cause when i first saw that in comics i was like “thats wicked!” but then again, i can understand fans saying ” this is superman, not another dark gritty Nolan flick”

  17. Well personally for me i am so excited for the movie! As for the suit i think it looks great time to give soup a revamp and when the movie comes to the big screen i am 100% sure it will look a whole load better then it already does. Also i am so pleased for mr Cavill i think he will do the part justice and with Kevin Costner and Diane Lane playing the parents i think they will bring the sincerity and seriousness of the kent family, June the 14th 2013 cant come soon enough.

    • looks good, You seem to be kinder and a whole lot smarter than the other person who takes a venomous stance against me just because I don’t like the costume. But who knows maybe over time I’ll get used to it. Besides I have seen various looks and maybe what we’re being shown are just test photos. I too think the movie itself will offer a new level of intensity that maybe the look will work out after all.

      • sneakin on the band wagon now?

        • not yet as far as the costume goes, but warming up to the movie.

  18. I think it will grow on you Lou when you are sat in the cinema and the music starts to play and he dons the costume for the first time I think everyone’s hair will be standing up and it will be spectacular! I remember the first time I watched superman and wow chris reeve was perfect and that I think is the hard part to get your head around because we all remember him. But as time goes by and movies move forward I think we all have to embrace the change and zack’s vision superhero movies are moving forward all the time not least with the latest avengers movie. I did like the suit in superman returns and there was certain spine tingling moments I thought Brandon routh was ok but after all the negative reaction for the movie I think it’s time for a shake up and I for one cannot wait.

  19. s*** seriously!!! this is the first real change to superman since he was created and theres more bitching about his costume than any comic characters when there has been a hell of a lot more with others combine aka batman, accept it people things change! superman is not untouchable to change and barely has been touched so be happy it lasted this long…grow up and accept costumes change…. this seems familiar oh i know, this is like a comic book and how every series has different costumes designs…i hate such hardcore fans that hate this new style putting it down and fighting as if this movie itself isnt like a comic if you think about it, you dudes need to get over it because this is coming out no matter what you think…since you have such spite against this movie even beyond just the costume theres no need for you for to write anything knowing your going to start an argument

  20. Wow…people really get this heated over some costume changes?

    First off, just to clarify, this is NOT the new 52 superman costume. The new 52 costume is a lighter blue, has a higher neck line that goes half way up superman’s neck, has a red belt, and does have all the “alien” accent pieces. Also, the “S” on the chest of superman in the new 52 is thicker and less stylized. Pretty much the only similarities between this costume and the new 52 costume is where the cape connects to the suit.

    Secondly, the way heroes look changes over time. When a new director or artist gets a chance to portray a hero they want to add something to the character that makes it their own. Look at the differences between Siegel and Shusters original Superman and Donner’s version from the Superman movie. It’s pretty easy to spot them. They may not be as extreme as these changes but they are present.

    The point is this isn’t Siegel and Shuster’s version of Superman or Donner’s version of Superman or Lee’s version of Superman (New 52), this is Synder’s version of Superman. And although I don’t care for the changes myself, I still respect his creativity and desire to give it his own style.

  21. Hey now i am English and why is it such a big deal that an English actor is playing Superman?? American actors have played Robin Hood before. Whats the big deal? I understand about the suite a bit although i am not a comic book geek and don’t see what the big deal is maybe his other suite is in the wash? lol Why does the colour of the suite matter isn’t it about the plot of the film and the quality of the acting that makes the film? Don’t judge it before you have seen it. There is an old saying of don’t judge a book by its cover!

    • Charlotte, Do the English spell suit s-u-i-t-e? Because here in the states that would be pronounced sweet, Which is two adjoining rooms in a hotel.

  22. I like the new suit and I want Zor as a villian in the movie and a Superman Cyborg and Bizzaro in the movie.

  23. Alien my ass.Martha kent made supermans suit. End of disscussion.

  24. All right, we all know that everyone here is gonna see this film, even the ones who say they aren’t. I can’t wait, really. Drop the “It’s not the right kinda brighty brights I wanna see!” stuff. The colors are darker because the whole thing is darker. You’re all gonna have to deal with it. Keep an open mind I mean. I like the spin on the suit. Plus, we haven’t seen everything yet. It’s all gonna be ok.

    Smile, everyone :) we get a new film


  25. Wohooooo ok the first official trailer is out, alot of mixed reactions but this looks great I am so excited for this movie soup is back !! http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ll39CAovGrg

  26. Cavill is a great actor and perfect fit for this part. He not only has the character down but the physical attributes as well. Looks like he bulked up tremendously.

    The costume is very flattering to his physique, but the question is, what’s up with the SUPER BULGE downstairs, it sticks out like crazy and ruins the whole thing lol !!!

    Cover that up damn lol

  27. There is nothing wrong with a British actor playing an American superhero. Christian Bale is from England and he sounds very American when the role calls for it. As far as what Superman is a symbol for, yes he is a symbol for America. People travel the world and visit many countries, but none of them have as many people wanting to become citizens like America. In a time when social classes were locked in around the rest of the world , it was America that changed the world for the common man to have oppurtunities to better himself. America is not merely just another country. It’s an idea. A foundation to make dreams come true. Our current physical world is corrupt, including America, but it’s the American ideals that the world strives for. This is why Superman is the symbol of America.

  28. I might have missed this, but have any of the nitwits that are freaking out about the suit color considered that it could be darker for lighting purposes and it appear brighter with the combo of film adjustment and stage lights? As for the scales…again it could be a lighting/visual on film issue, or a flexibility/breathability point for the design. I actually like it, it looks good, IMO.

    If you are going to bail on the whole movie because the suit design has been updated….it might be time to get a hobby.

  29. i’m sure cavill will be great but you don’t mess with the suit to that degree. he looks like a marvell character now. i f****** hate marvell. put the red pants back on it!

    • I’ve looked through these comments and just had to add my opinion.
      1) This suit is for the modern times. I hate to say it but the old suit stood for the apple pie times. I don’t mean any disrespect but this new suit is for my generation. The generation that has grown up in the chaos of a world where America is no longer beloved and of the 9/11 attacks. This suit is a symbol, in my opinion, of the now today MUCH more cynical U.S. population.
      When I look at it I ge the feeling that HARD TIMES are coming to America. It will be a storm but we will throw our feet into the ground, stand side by side with our fellow Americans and fight!
      2) Superman is a historical icon. Each generation sees an icon different. The director knows that and is making a superman of today. Superman stands for all of humanity as its best, not just America.
      3)People who judge this film before it is even out are stupid. Watch the film and then people can b**** and moan all they want.
      4) One last thing. Superman bright, colorful? Are you f****** kidding me? I’ve read the comics and superman goes throught some very dark stuff at times. Its just people complain when he does and they ignore it. The director is using his head. Imagine it, you have abilites that noone else has and are the last of your kind to your knowledge. That fact would make anyone feel like an outcast. The director knows that and is addressing it in the upcoming film.