Henry Cavill Looks Buff in New Close-up ‘Superman: Man of Steel’ Images

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Perhaps more than any other comic book character, Superman is a true global icon, which is why every scrap of information from the set of Zack Snyder’s Superman: Man of Steel has been dissected and debated endlessly on the Internet.

Now, we have even more material to pore over, as three very interesting close-up images from the film’s set have made their way online.

Fans have already spent countless hours arguing how Henry Cavill looks as Superman in the first official image from the film, and also in subsequent set images, but these new pictures give us the best look yet at Cavill in costume.

The pictures, which come our way from the Superhero Hype forums (via Think McFly Think), show Cavill rehearsing for a fight scene – featuring a CGI enemy. In addition to giving us a closer look at Superman sans red tights, the set images show off how much Cavill bulked up for the role.


I still have some questions about the texture of the suit, and of course the missing red tights, but it’s hard to argue that Henry Cavill doesn’t physically look the part of Superman. The guy’s biceps are practically busting out of his spandex. In fact, Cavill looks so buff that I almost wonder whether there’s some musculature built into the design of the suit. Whatever the case, he definitely looks ready to rumble.

Between the film’s familiar premise and its relative proximity to the so-so Superman Returns, there are a lot of people that still have doubts as to whether Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan can successfully reboot this franchise. One of the big things that will convince them is Henry Cavill’s performance as the Man of Steel.

As these pictures show, Cavill certainly looks the part, but how will the actor’s approach to the character be different than any of the other Superman actors that came before him? What will he do to separate himself from Christopher Reeve, Brandon Routh, and even TV’s Tom Welling? Hopefully, the first trailer for Superman: Man of Steel will answer some of these questions. At the very least, it will start a whole new round of discussions.

Which of course leads to our closing questions: What do you think of these images? Do you like the look of Superman’s new costume?

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Source: Superhero Hype forums (via Think McFly Think)

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  1. Why is he not wearing his iconic red underwear…. is that removed from the costume or will he wear it, once the shot is ready.

    • The red underwear was left out of the film design, just like it was removed from the comics costume.

      • A new line was started with an Alternate costume, SUPERMAN has red tights. Period.

  2. I like it. I was never a fan of the red undies anyway. Plus there was an iteration of the suit that looked like that anyway. To me, he definitely looks the part, suit and all. Whether the movie itself will shed the shackles of the past while painting a grand picture of the future remains to be seen.

    • Cavill… look at those arms

      • LMAO! Foam padding doesn’t beat real muscle and Cavill’s head doesn’t even reach Hemsworth’s chest. Cavil would get squashed like a bug. Even those crew guys in the background of all these pics are bigger than Cavill.

  3. I actually like this suit.

  4. I dont like the suit… I FREACKING LOVE THIS SUIT!!

    Great job!

  5. I sure do like these pics and I think he looks the part really well, can’t wait for the movie to be released.

  6. There has to be at least some padding in the suit right? No one has biceps that huge and average sized forearms like that.

    • Possibly, but he wasn’t wimpy to begin with. Those brits take their acting seriously! I have no complaints about the suit.

      • Yes we do Patrick, for evdence just check Christian Bales weight fluctuations and the size of Tom Hardy’s Bane / Bronson. This guy Cavill, I was sceptical but I was also this way about Ledger as Joker and my mouth was firmly shut. Lets hope Hollywood finally do justice to Superman – of course Superman 1 and Superman Donners Cut were fantastic but as the first was released in the year of my birth there was no ‘going to the cinema to watch’.

    • I do think there’s some padding there, but I actually know a guy who’s bicep to forearm ratio is pretty much spot on

    • There MAY be padding, and there’s definitely some airbrushing on the suit…you have to do a bit of enhancing to make the muscle definition pop on-screen, otherwise it looks flat.

    • Well i thought so at first as well but i dont think there is padding. Look at the image at the top than the image at the bottom. Notice while his arm is flexed up in defensive position (while his right arm is on the offensive) you can see how his bicep lifts up like a real muscle would. Padding would remain static or bunch up like a wrinkle.
      However, i think there is some clever airbrushing to enhance the definition.

      • Glad someone else saw that too. I was just pointing that out lol.

      • I’m thinkin the veins and the abs could be added (I could be wrong), but that’s him fillin out the suit definitely

    • He looks on par with Hemsworth as far as size goes.

      • Actually i would say Cavill is a bit more stocky. Judging by the arm to waist ratio. However, i do believe that Hemsworth is taller by a few inches.

    • Absolutely, it is. There is no way you could see his abs and all that crap through the suit, and even if it was thin enough for that, there is absolutely no way his VEINS would be visible, furthermore, there are two pics from the side above, in one his arm is straight down, the other bent at the elbow. If a person has veins like those, they will make S shapes, like a squiggly line when you shorten the part of the body they are on, like say, by bending your elbow.

    • also, you can tell his shoulders are padded because the medial deltoid joins the upper arm at level, you should only see shadow under the anterior and posterior deltoid, no the medial deltoid. Fake Fake Fake.

  7. I don’t know who’s suit I hate MORE, Spider-man in Amazing Spider-Man or THIS. The suit looks AWFUL.

    • I have to agree…

    • Aside from the Moose Knuckle I like it. Unfortunately there will always be Moose Knuckle =/
      Damn you David Bowie.

      • David Bowie!!! I was thinking that too

  8. The suit looks great in my opinion…the more people try to look at it with a fresh perspective instead of talking about what’s missing, the more people will become accepting of it. Also, I think as more people realize this new costume reflects current comic continuity, the more they’ll like it.

    • I’m okay with a fresh perspective, but the designeers should work with designs that fit the context. For example, how is it that nerdy Peter Parker was apparently molding rubber detail for his costume? You would really need an outside fashion designer to Supers, an Edna Mode, if you will! Lol!

      Same with Smallville. Unless Cadmus or STAR Labs gets involved in costume design, is Ma Kent REALLY going to mold out specially designed decorative piping? Mmm, no.

  9. DCnU suit?

  10. Nice bulge.

  11. Sorry. But I will never accept THIS as Superman, I refuse to read the DC reboot of Superman in the comics either, DC and WB should just find a way to settle this lawsuit the families that created Superman instead messing with an icon. I have also notice that like on Lois and Clark the New Adventures of Superman in which Clark had the curl in the hair while he slicked his hair as Superman which this movie seems to be copying to a degree.

    • Geez, you sound like one of those “I’ll never accept THIS as the Joker” when we were getting images of Heath Ledger’s Joker. The character has endured for decades for reasons other than a pair of red undies or the shade of blue of the costume.

      • The Joker looked amazing, and, to be honest, I did question the acting before the film, but Ledger shut everyone’s mouth with that performance. I highly doubt this clown, Cavill, will do the same. I saw him in Immortals. There is much more wrong with this costume than shades of blue and missing tights. He looks stupid. So does anyone who claims to love superman and then supports that thing up there. Maybe this kind of crap would fly in Britain, but this is Superman’s homeland, you would think some of his fans would be more true to the character Jerry Seigel and Joel Schuster created. This is certainly not him. This is another example of trying to make a quick buck off of his name. Disgraceful.

    • Good one.

  12. I like it. Particularly the blue material’s color- really shows off the anatomy. I like how the yellowish/gold belt was handled. Could have done w/o the rest of the rubber details, but oh well.

    • like how they handled the belt? you mean by removing and placing a non functional ‘buckle’ on the front? I think that is just supposed to draw attention to his crotch, which the entire suit seems to highlight.

  13. That looks awesome. Singers version of Superman was very feminine. This guy looks as though he could do some serious damage. Hope he can act!

  14. I really don’t have a problem with the removal of the red tights. But… what’s the deal with the useless rubber details around the hips and down the legs? Couldn’t they have just completed a belt-like design with that? My biggest proble with the detailing is actually that part that extends down the leg and does… nothing. That extra curlicue seems to serve no purpose except to get snagged upon jagged pieces of shorn metals and debris strewn about an epic battlefield, needlessly forcing Ma to sew it up once more. The costume design doesn’t look earthly in nature, so I imagine either he got a preordained care package from Krypton, or Project Runway got involved. Either way, the design is as Hollywood contrived as Spider-Man’s various designs were.

  15. The new uniform looks absolutely fantastic in every single way. I’ve been a Superman reader since I was 5 (I’m now 33) and in all honesty I always thought the “red underwear” was ridiculous. The uniform looks modern, up-to-date with DC comics new “52” series coming out in a few days, and Cavill’s physique is reminiscient of comic-book artist Ed McGuiness’s rendering of the man of steel. With respect to Snyder & Nolan’s re-imagining of the world’s greatest superhero, it’s a WIN/WIN situation. BOTH of their work is outstanding and very detailed as well as highly creative and visually stunning. I believe this film will be excellent in every single way possible, to fanboys and newbies. SUPERMAN RETURNS was a complete travesty and absolutely nonsensical, abhorrent and downright offensive. THE MAN OF STEEL will be the best intepretation of Krypton’s Last Son ever seen on screen.

      • The movie is still in production. Why not wait and watch it when it’s released before judging it. Never say never. And Superman The Movie was awesome but it was not perfectly right. Example: Superman turning back time. Enough said.

      • Sounds like someone needs a happy pill.
        Get over it and move to the country and live off the land if this cbm bothers you so much. You sound like you need to disconnect anyway.

        He looks fine. All of this judging at screen shots means nothing.

  16. I just don’t see this guy hanging out with Batman.

    • its aknown fact. batman and superman would never get along read the dark knight returns. suit looks great the red undies were ridiculous. HERES TO A MODERN SUPERMAN! THE CHRISTOPHER REEVES VERSION WAS TERRIBLE YOU HAVE BAD TASTE FANBOYS

      • Right after this movie has been in theaters and gone people will still think Christopher Reeve version was the best. New uniform looks like crap. Whats with all the designs in the blue who is he Aquaman?

      • The Christopher Reeve version your talking about, was based on the real Superman. This thing right here is bull crap fresh out of a bull’s ass. And you are not a true fan, because a real Superman fan would not say that about the real Superman costume, and even try to insult Christopher Reeve and the loyal fans that have been with him ever since. Real Superman fans, even the ones that did not grew up on the Christopher Reeve Superman movies, we all respect and admire him, even if there are somethings we might not like in some or all of his Superman movies. Christopher Reeve is and will always be the true representation of the real Superman. Not this travesty. This thing right here is just another Hollywood corporate crap.

        • You nailed it.

    • That’s why they make such a great team.

  17. The new uniform looks absolutely fantastic in every single way. I’ve been a Superman reader since I was 5 (I’m now 33) and in all honesty I always thought the “red underwear” was ridiculous. The uniform looks modern, up-to-date with DC comics new “52” series coming out in a few days, and Cavill’s physique is reminiscient of comic-book artist Ed McGuiness’s rendering of the man of steel. With respect to Snyder & Nolan’s re-imagining of the world’s greatest superhero, it’s a WIN/WIN situation. BOTH of their work is outstanding and very detailed as well as highly creative and visually stunning. I believe this film will be excellent in every single way possible, to fanboys and newbies. THE MAN OF STEEL will be the best intepretation of Krypton’s Last Son ever seen on screen.

  18. The suit needs a belt. a big one, to distract from the fact he’s wearing a spandex onesie…

    • Yes!

  19. Love it. Absolutely love it. Its a new era fellas. Time to say good bye to the past, and embrace the future while still paying homage to the past.

    C’mon superman, were ready for another shot…!

    **Superman music in my head**

    • There will be no traditional Superman music in this one.

      • really? theres going to be a whole new score? I know theres a whole new score for Batman Begins and TDK, but there was one part where he jumped off the roof in hong kong there was a quick few seconds of the old batman movie theme.

        But im down with a whole new score. I want it totally seperate and all new epic from its predecessors

  20. I’m glad the red underwear was left out, i like the new look, don’t mind the texture either, I see it more of a remastering. I just want them to stay true to the comics story wise. Then again it’s Snyder behind the camera, the man who directed two of the greatest comic to film adaptations respectfully in my opinion, next to Rodriquez. I could only imagine if he snatched up that Akira project. (Am I alone on this?)

    I make it a point not to get caught up in movie hype but when certain names are thrown out there, I can’t help but feel excited. I can’t wait to see a trailer for ‘Man Of Steel’, I have a feeling it’s gonna to be Super Badass!

  21. Superman will wear The Red Underwear.. WHEN HE PROVES HIS WORTH.

    • lol +1

      • Jolly good, i map knees. Someone get this man some internets.

  22. Oh and BTW, do superheroes make their own costumes? Cos if they ask someone to tailor it then bye bye secret identity. And if they do make their own, damn they got serious talent then, could earn money with that sht you know?

  23. Without the red underpants, he doesn’t need a belt. In fact, a regular yellow belt would look very odd on a onesie like this. I see it as more of a jumpsuit. The gold design where the belt would normally be looks good enough to break up the onesie look, yet still pay homage to the traditional suit.

    The whole suit may be a tad dark, but any lighter & he may look like a kid in his PJs on Christmas morning. I like that the “S” is BIG…it was way too small on Brandon Routh’s suit…not to mention the “S” on his belt looked silly.

  24. DC said that there new comics, movies and animations will all be in line with each other and in the new comics superman isn’t wearing the red trunks.

  25. Maybe they’ll add the underpants via CGI?

    I think the suit has extra musculature. Otherwise his shoulder is the wrong shape (first pic)

  26. I may be wrong but in one of the superman comic series his suit was made up of the material that was on his ship. It’s alien and should look more futuristic and unique. I love the suit! The dark blue texture wiill have a really cool look to it once Snyder puts hits glossy tone in post. Cavill is ripped as f***! man this just gets even more pumped!

  27. It looks great, Its time for a change anyway after the last dreadful, god-awful, terrible and pointless Superman movie i bet it looks superb with the cape. If they manage to pull this off and then when they reboot Batman…again (Still don’t know why they have to do that) that would set up the Justice League movie nicely, providing Flash and Wonder woman work, they use the same actors like The Avengers has…it could well blow it out of the water!

    My only concern would be that Nolan wont ever stick around for all of the films needed before they make Justice League, so you could end up with a great Superman movie with the rest being average…they should just push the boat out and get Bale to play Batman with the temptation of several gazillion dollars!

    Then when The Avengers and Justice League have eventually had their movies…then you could have a movie with them battling it out! Which would take one hell of a good director to pull that off.

    But im dreaming.

  28. its a spidey suit…. :)

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