Henry Cavill Talks Superman and Lois Lane’s Relationship in the ‘Man of Steel’ Sequel

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man steel sequel superman lois lane Henry Cavill Talks Superman and Lois Lanes Relationship in the Man of Steel Sequel

Warner Bros./DC fast-tracked development on the sequel to Man of Steel even before director Zack Snyder’s Superman franchise reboot had opened in theaters. However, it wasn’t until the 2013 Comic-Con when everyone found out that another staple DC superhero will make an appearance in the film: Batman, to be exact. The Caped Crusader won’t just make a throwaway cameo in the sequel, either, based on the announcement – by returning screenwriter David S. Goyer – that the official title for Man of Steel 2 will probably be Batman Vs. Superman (or possibly Superman Vs. Batman).

The new Bruce Wayne could make things complicated for Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) in both his work and in his personal life, especially if Goyer’s script takes its cues from some of the most famous Batman/Superman stories that’ve been told in the past. For example, in the World’s Finest animated movie (released in 1997), Wayne begins a relationship with Kent’s fellow Daily Planet journalist and romantic interest, Lois Lane – who, in that universe, is still oblivious about her co-worker’s real identity.








Things are going to be different in the Man of Steel sequel, if only because Snyder and Goyer’s take on the Superman mythos changes things up – so that Lois (Amy Adams) is well-aware that Clark Kent and Kal-El are, in fact, one and the same – that is, before Clark starts to work at the Daily Planet. Cavill spoke with IGN just before the Batman/Superman announcement at Comic-Con, so the site didn’t have a chance to pick his brains about the Clark/Lois/Bruce dynamic in the film.

Amy Adams as Lois Lane in Man of Steel Henry Cavill Talks Superman and Lois Lanes Relationship in the Man of Steel Sequel

Nonetheless, Cavill did address the benefits of having Lois know who Clark really is (logistically-speaking):

“I think it’s essential [for Lois to know Clark's secret] because if we’re trying to base it reality, there’s no way that Lois has these direct interactions with Superman, and then doesn’t recognize Clark sitting next to her in the office. If she falls in love with Superman, and she’s ignoring a guy who looks just like Superman, behaves just like him, and has the same kind of mannerisms and behavior, then what does that say about Lois? I like this relationship. She saves him just as much as he saves her.”

Goyer’s Man of Steel script included a couple scenes that established how Lois was a pivotal factor in Kal-El’s decision to make himself visible to the public’s eye; not to mention, she provided him with emotional support when he killed General Zod. However, while the pair are on more equal footing from an emotional perspective, when IGN asked Cavill if he wanted Clark and Lois to be more equals, he responded:

“More equals? Well… Can you be equal in power to Superman? I don’t know.”

The interviewer then clarified they meant in terms of emotional power, to which Cavill added (while pausing to think for a moment):

“Yes, absolutely, but [brief pause] 100 percent.”

Cavill’s response calls attention to a simple truth about Superman: no matter how emotionally-vulnerable he becomes, he is still a super-powered alien who is without an equal on Earth (as far as pure strength and physical power goes). That is why Snyder’s indicated that the Man of Steel sequel will address the fallout from the first movie - rather than attempt to top its predecessor in terms of pure world-destroying spectacle (by pitting Kal-El against another equally-powerful opponent). Instead, it sounds as though the sequel will challenge Supe on a more personal/psychological level, with the addition of a character like Batman.

Superman Versus Batman Movie Henry Cavill Talks Superman and Lois Lanes Relationship in the Man of Steel Sequel

Similarly, Cavill assured IGN that the comparatively light-hearted final minutes from Man of Steel do not foreshadow a more jokey tone in the sequel:

“It wasn’t necessarily a comic effect that I was going for. I mean, I’m not looking at it from your perspective — how you see it — when I’m playing a character. I’m looking at it from a character’s personal experience, and what he’s going through internally. And at that stage of the story, he’s finally reached the [point] where he can be himself. And someone’s in on his secret, so he’s not alone any more. And there’s a different kind of energy behind that. There’s no longer this sense of, ‘I’m alone. What do I do? And now there are aliens invading, who are my people, who want to destroy my planet, and the people I’ve come to love.’ It’s now moved on from that. And so I don’t see that as a chance to play comedy, I see it more as Superman evolving and coming into his own.”

Superman’s newfound confidence might not go over so well with Bruce Wayne, who will probably be less than trusting of a super-powered individual who flies around the planet and does whatever he feels is right (not after the destruction he caused in Man of Steel). Similarly, now that Lois knows Clark’s secret, the latter will have yet another person to answer to – whenever he makes a mistake or does anything questionable as Superman, that is. Could Batman therefore use the Clark-Lois relationship to his advantage in the Man of Steel sequel? (Short answer: it’s a definite possibility.)

Let us know how you think Clark Kent and Lois Lane’s relationship will come into play in the Man of Steel sequel, in the comments section of this article.


Man of Steel 2/Batman Vs. Superman is tentatively slated to reach theaters by Summer 2015.

Source: IGN

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  1. The one thing I think ‘Man of Steel’ did not do very well (well, there were a few things for me, but…) was validate Superman’s reasons for wanting to save Earth. Indeed, his father seemed to base everything on whether or not he wanted the ‘V’ and if anything, Zod’s motivations were more pure in terms of narrative.

    That said, I agree with the emphasis detailed above. The one thing Singer’s movie nailed (well , there were a lot of things I thought it nailed, but…) was the need Superman has for the people of earth (whether Lois is included in that or not). He needs them as much as they need him. Now that the obligatory origin story is over, maybe we’ll get more of that in the sequel.

    • Sorry. This is the ultimate sin, but I just had an afterthought.

      Maybe this whole idea of Batman v Superman will play on the idea of worth to Earth. Do we choose an alien or a human in a bat suit to look up to people? At some point, Batman will be winning in the ‘polls’, but the Lois factor keeps Superman in the fight so to speak.

      Just a thought.

    • why he wanted to save Earth? Are you kidding me? He grew up as a Human,his mother lives there, he identifies himself as human – that is a ridiculous “problem” to have with the movie

      • Yeah, jack, almost as ridiculous as labeling someone else’s observations and questions as ridiculous.

    • Are you serious?
      Earth is THE ONLY HOME hes EVER known for 33 yrs… he doesnt NEEED any validation for wanting to save it &stop the genocide of 7billion ppl for a races he barely knows and a DEAD civilisation he knows jack about……. COME ONNNN DUDE REALLY???

  2. Imagine Bruce Wayne coming to Metropolis and taking Clarks girl from him. I think around the time Superman and Batman, I think Batman might not know how to stop him because he hasnt had experience with super-powered beings yet. I hope this movie will show how Kal-El had to kill the last member of race. If this movie is handled this can be a great film.

    • There is no way someone is gonna sweep Lois off her feet now she knows who superman is and is involved romantically with him. I mean, every other guy she meets just isn’t gonna be Superman. Even Bruce Wayne.

      • But at least they’ll be the same species. I always saw Supe’s romantic involvement with an inferior species as a form of bestiality.

        • Don’t be such a kill-joy.


          • This comment offends me

        • Bestiality is sexual relations between a person and an animal.
          I am afraid you are reaching for a non-existant insult.
          Lois is not an animal in any way to Superman.

          Humans are not inferior to Kryptonians and are virtually
          identical sparing a few chromosomes that enable one to
          developed powers under the yellow sun another cannot.

          • He was joking bro calm down.

            • No he was not joking. And I’m quite calm, thank you.

  3. You think your theater is safe? I will WATCH this. I WILL watch this. I WILL WATCH THIS! Get ready for the showdown, something tells me the psychological
    warfare with Clark and Bruce will be followed by an epic throw down to remember! Can’t wait!

    • If this site had likes good sir, you would have plenty.

    • Jasca_Ducato likes this comment.

    • Someone help me here. I love both Batman and Superman. However, Superman can be tossed through a mountain, a building, slam into heavy equipment and do things because he’s the most bad ass superhero out there. How can Batman possibly have a chance against and alien that seemingly is indestructible? I’ve never seen Batman tossed through a skyscraper and survive. How cna this showdown even be possible? Not getting this at all. Unless they team up for the greater good, I don’t see a VS movie being in Batman’s best interest.

      • In any of the comics batman has gotten the better of superman in a fight because he can out think superman. read Frank millers the dark knight returns and Batman: Hush, brains over brawn. Plus I doubt Batman will go into a fight with a meta-human like superman without a lil something

      • When Kryptonite is involved Superman is no longer a meta human and that is the ace up The Dark Knight sleeves that changes everything. There is plenty of animated work and comics that has illustrated this already that maybe you should look up. Its some of the most compelling aspects of their relationship. They are not only epic in action but in dialogue as well.

      • chances are they’ll focus in on batman’s incredible detective skills…he’ll learn about superman, where he’s from, etc. Then he might do some research and either create/discover kryptonite or some version of it? I dunno…just throwing stuff out there…but regardless I have a feeling batman will need to rely on his brains more than his braun if he goes head to head with supes

        • brawn*

        • I agree about Batman’s detective skills. That was one thing lacking in Nolan’s series. Batman is such a superb detective that no one is more prepared going into a situation. He’s always packing kryptonite in his belt.
          Lets not forget that there will also be a villian in this movie (possibly President-elect Luthor?). That will shed some light on Superman’s weakness i think.
          I cant wait, Batman and Superman have one of the most interesting relationships in all of comics.

        • eva braun ?

  4. I still cant wait to see who will be playing Bruce Wayne/Batman

    • My pick is Liam McIntire from Spartacus war of the dammed. If you don’t know who he is youtube Spartacus vs and you will see. 6’2, all the athletic ability Batman needs, awesome and I mean perfect Batman voice with the acting chops to carry the weight of the character. He does not lack anything you want and the ladies like him which always help.

      • I looked him up.
        I do not know much of his work, but by sheer looks and description he seems to fit the bill. I am not sure about Bruce Wayne but Batman, sure he can do it.

    • I think we’ll be looking at Bale. The dude is just as ambitious as anyone else. You can’t turn this down, Chris.

      • Bale has said he was out of being Batman. That he felt that it was time to pass the torch to another. He isn’t going to be Batman again.

        • But to come back to stop Superman going mental – I’d do that for free, Bale is not a fool – he is an angry spoiled brat but he is no mug. In all fairness, my nan is Welsh so I understand how grumpy those Welsh people get!! :)

    • What about Tyler Hoechlin

      • I’m not familiar with his work, but I am intrigued by this possibility.

        • He is 6 foot. He has a menacing look. He is already ripped, but he might need to gain like 5-10 pounds of muscle. Watch Teen Wolf

          • It is his age that really is bothering me at this point.
            I don’t about him as an actor, but the actor for Batman should be similar to Henry Cavill’s age.

    • All these guys people are suggestion are too old, too short or too small in my opinion.


      • Keep in mind that Comic book Batman is one inch shorter than comic book Superman, and Henry Cavill is 6’1″. I’ve heard Bale, Urban, Brolin, and Macht, who are all too old. I’ve heard Armie Hammer who’s too tall. With everyone else that I’ve heard mentioned it comes down to acting chops, overall look, or someone thinks they’re too young.

        Also, Manganiello is a touch older than I’d prefer, and he’s 6’5″, making him a little too tall.

        • @trnhope05:

          Well, if we’re going to go by the comics, Supes is supposed to be taller, 6’3″ with Bats at 6’2″.

          They can always do something about height with Bats standing next to Supes. I just think having a tall, large Batman is more intimidating than a 6″ thin one.

          Plus, Manganiello is AMERICAN. :) (Sorry Dark Cow, I left my corner)

          • Err… “6′ thin one.”

            A 6″ Batman wouldn’t work either.

  5. I think the extent of Lois and Bruce’s interactions will be limited to her reporting on his company’s efforts to rebuild Metropolis, maybe a few harsh words exchanged when she confronts him personally at a press event…

    When Bruce, who inevitably finds out Kal-El’s identity, does learn it, I think hje’ll leave Lois alone. (Hell, I think it’s likely Bruce will know Kal-El’s identity before the film even starts, given how much capital he has in the bank to research such things.)

  6. I hope batman plays the psychogical card to defeat superman. I dont want him defeated via kryptonite, i want him to mesa with his mind, remind him that he killed someone (something that obviously effected him), remind him that society doesnt trust him, hell remind him of his fathera death. Till he gives up

  7. my preference since i was a kid is marvel, but that being said MOS is best comic book movie so far this summer unless . does something monumental and not ridiculously silly like iron man 3 did. moving forward warners,synder
    and goyer just need to keep script tighter and more refined and they should be fine. (minus anymore neckbreck scenes)

    • That script will need to be revised for sure! Loved Man of Steel, one of favorite superhero films but even I have to admit the script was a little off in some parts.

      • I agree entirely.
        Man of Steel just needed a bit of revision to be even better than it was.
        Snyder and his excellent casting did wonders for the film, Goyer has great ideas, just needs help executing them.

        • Exactly, as good as the team is now, that one piece is keeping it from being a dream team.

    • Go back under your bridge, troll. MoS the best superhero movie of the year? Let me guess, you think Lone Ranger is the best western of the past decade.

      • He is not alone. I thought Man Of Steel was the best superhero movie of the year.
        And I thought Iron Man 3 was the worst. The Lone Ranger was a joke not a movie.

        • +1

          Everyone has their preferences though. Personally, Man of Steel is one of my all time favorite superhero movies.

          • Man Of Steel is one of my all-time faves too.
            Right up there with Superman The Movie.
            Kind of book ends to different eras.

            • I haven’t seen the original Superman movie in about 10 year now aha. I remember a couple of parts though. Man of Steel is up there with Batman Begins and The Dark Knight for me.

              • +1

              • Definitely in the class of those two.

        • Some folk dont pay attention. I dont really care for nolan or synder but i will give props where props is due. My preference is marvel but the final act of that movie (iron man 3) was one of the lamest i have ever seen in a movie ever.

          • The third act. Yes. That is where it fell apart.
            I was bewildered by the what was happening.

        • +1 All the way.
          Man of Steel is currently is one of my top super hero films all time!
          I agree that while I do not dislike or hate Iron Man 3 by any means, it was very underwhelming and just okay- still better than Iron Man 2

          • I still haven’t seen Iron Man 3, wonder what all the fuss is about. I’m about to find out soon enough though. I find the first Iron Man brilliant, best Marvel movie to date for me.

            • The first Iron Man is my favorite Marvel film to date.
              Perfect blend of character drama, and fun.

              Iron Man 3 to me was full of unrealized potential.
              It focused a lot on comedy where I felt I was watching a meta parody. The Avengers felt more like a serious film in comparison which I found surprising in retrospect.

              It is not bad by any means, but I found myself underwhelmed and felt some set pieces lacked an emotional dramatic drive for me, which I did experience in Man of Steel.

              • Ah understood. The Avengers felt more serious? Geez, judging by the trailers, I would think Iron Man 3 would be a serious flick with loads of character development.

              • You’re right. The Avengers was actually more serious.
                The IM3 concept went off the rails to borderline silliness.

  8. i meant THOR doing something monumental.

  9. Snyder is awsome…

    • I concur.

      Sucker Punch? We all make mistakes…

      Dawn of the Dead, 300, Watchmen, Man of Steel.

      All very snotty “geek appeal” movies, where Zack shows no signs of compromise.

      Mad respect for that.

      • Zack Snyder swung for the fences with Sucker Punch.
        He did not reach them but I give him high marks for trying.

      • I have soft spot for Zach Snyder who usually improves and becomes ambitious as he moves along.

        Man of Steel in my opinion is his best film to date. The film was amazing visually and very restrained compared to what everyone expected from such director.

        He is unapologetic in his geekyness which is admirable and constantly looking to better himself as a story teller.

        • +1

          Completely agree, he ain’t the best but he is one geeky and passionate guy. I would honestly pick him over several other acclaimed directors.

          Wasn’t really a fan of the Watchmen film, than again I was on the laptop while watching so I definitely missed a lot. I really enjoyed Dawn of the Dead and 300 though.

          Half way through Man of Steel, I started thinking about whether or not Snyder really did direct it lol. So different than his other movies.

          • I like all his films that I have seen.
            Watchmen as a film itself I thought was good. Is it great? Not really, but I had fun and it delivered the message across and I actually thought the ending was an improvement.

            Dawn of the Dead and 300 are really good popcorn films to watch and have fun.

            Man of Steel has some of his mark, but there was some shots that I wondered if Snyder went and stole some unused shots from artsy films. It was definitely much more sophisticated than his usual work and as a director really enhanced the film and executed much of Goyer’s screenplay better than what it could have been.

            I really think Snyder is really coming on to his own. He is not there quite yet, but he is getting there. Just like Whedon must improve in directing and scale, Snyder must work on some more of the subtle storytelling character aspects- but both have respectfully shown improvements in areas they are lacking.

            • I do think that Nolan as Godfather behind the scenes
              lead to some serious mentoring for Zack helping
              him to reach deeper with focused reserve.

  10. Can’t wait to own this movie on BluRay! And the sequel will hopefully be amazing like the first.

  11. Can they please just settle on a Damn Story…. First they give the Line from The Dark Knight Returns, now thier going off on a Worlds Finest Tangent. Would WB/DC please for the love of god make up thier minds what story they are going to tell. Dont just pogo stick through the stories taking whatever they want. If this is any indication of what the movie is going to be like lets just call it and say WB/DC has shot itself in the foot and call it a day.

    • What’s stopping them from using more than one source of inspiration?

      • +1

        • X 1,000

    • ^ my thoughts, and the thoughts of millions of other DC fans, exactly.

      • +1000

        • -1,001

    • Snyder said himself at Comic-Con that they weren’t adapting TDKR, they just wanted that line for the announcement and there hasn’t been any word saying it will be World’s Finest.
      Even if that wasn’t the case what’s wrong with using different arcs?
      Nolan used different elements from different storylines in all 3 Dark Knight films and I think we can say that turned out fine. Also, it would be kind of lame if they just adapted on particular story. Most of us would know the entire movie before a second of footage was shot.

      • Could not have said it better myself.

      • If they adapted a comic book, I would be very upset to be honest. Especially with a mythos such as Superman’s. You gotta take advantage of something like that.

        • Hence which is why I liked Man of Steel, The Dark Knight, and Batman Begins, The Avengers, X2, Spider-Man 2:

          Each of those films used multiple story arcs and specific tales to tell the story each set out to tell. They took the best pieces and blended them together along with much original ideas and inspiration.
          Also, by not completely adapting the books entirely- picking out the parts needed- there was still material left over to be used such as what occurred in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight which both had elements of Batman Year One, The Long Halloween, and others spread across multiple films.

          Superman’s mythology needed an update and Snyder/Goyer laid the groundwork perfectly in my opinion in Man of Steel.

  12. I think Anson Mont (One of the 5 picks from screenrant to play the next Batman) would be perfect for the Batman/Bruce Wayne role. He definitely has that dark brooding look.

    • Anson Mount

  13. It’s going to be tough to develop a Lois/Clark relationship, Bats/Supes dynamic and villain storyline in one movie.

    Unless… Lois Lane is secretly The Joker.

  14. I am really curious how they will handle Batman in BvS. Will they reference the Nolan trilogy? If they do, there are a lot of questions on how they’ll handle the chronology, Bale’s Batman “leaving”, JGL entering the Batcave, returning any of the actors from the trilogy? If they don’t reference it, how do they “introduce” Batman in BvS? Or do they just assume everyone knows who Batman is and leave an “introduction” out or just to a quick explanation?

    • This isn’t going to be Nolan’s Batman, they’re introducing a new one. I don’t think they will have an explanation for who Batman is. We just got through a trilogy about him and to be honest, everyone knows Batman. Introducing him as if it’s the first time for the audience is just a waste of effort and time.

      • Hence it would make sense if they take advantage of it.
        Introduce the new Batman in the context of the story while using Batman Begins (maybe also The Dark Knight) as a basic essential template.

        No need to make specific mentions of what occurred in those films, but develop it as if it was the same Batman that went into a new direction because of the appearance of Batman.

        Separate and new but the Batman can instantly recognizable as well.

        • Hmm interesting, I think I’d be cool with that. Batman Begins is a great start off for a less realistic Batman as well. How would the main audience know it comes after Batman Begins though? I really think they should start putting short notes after each trailer or something to let general audiences know aha, especially with all the reboots going on.

          • I think Batman Begins and Man of Steel work well together lol

            Well no one wants to see a new or repeated origins.
            I am not saying to follow it completely within the film universe but from a writing/execution standpoint in terms of back-story and development on screen, it would be ideal to start here and assume audiences have seen or aware of the gist of the origins.

            About the audiences, chances are there would be some asking where Bale is when the film premiers or wondering where does all of this fit into the story of the trilogy. But then again most audiences accept the X-Men franchise with its continuity issues, the James Bond franchise which picks and chooses which continuity to have if they need any for a particular film, or The Fast and the Furious films which the last three films are actually prequels to the third film but are numbered differently etc.

            So some audiences may ask why Batman is different, some would just a new Batman just as they see a new Bond, some would just let Nolan’s story to rest, and some like Patrick would refuse to watch the film because Batman is not Bale…

            No biggie really.

            • Good points. As long as the film can stand on it’s own 2 feet, the audience can enjoy it. Felt the same with Fast and Furious 6, haven’t watched any of the previous films but was still able to enjoy it.

    • Actually the Dark Knight Rises plays into the events of Man of Steel perfectly since Bruce Wayne is “retired”. And that is the problem…by not using the characters from the Dark Knight movies (which is the current plan) Warner Brothers is about to screw the DC Universe for yet another generation. This has got to be one of the most boneheaded strategies in film history.

      • You don’t seem to realize that it won’t matter one bit. People are going to flock to see Batman and Superman regardless of who is playing Batman and what version of Batman it is.

        I’m happy that we get a new Batman so soon. Believe it or not, there are plenty of other people who feel the same way.

        • What makes you so sure people are going to “flock” to see Batman and Superman. Wasn’t man of Steel supposed to be THE movie event of this year. It has fallen to now the THIRD Highest grossing film BOTH worldwide and domestically behind Despicable Me 2. That is the problem when you have a movie that does not resonate with the general public as much as it does with comic book geeks. The Dark Knight and to some extent Iron Man 3 accomplished this. I guarantee you that if Iron man was fighting a Dragon as many comic book nerds would have loved it would not have done as well as it did. i don’t think the vast majority of people spend a huge amount of time dreaming about Superman and Batman having a fight. In fact i think it could turn a lot of people off since neither one is a true villain. Most people would have no one to root for.

          • Uh huh. It’s a shame that you think the success of an animated family film negatively reflects on completely different film. This is again the kind of misguided thinking that because MoS didn’t make a billion dollars that means it’s a failure.

            • +1

            • though I disagree with him he aint wrong, I have had atleast 10 people ask my why in the hell superman would fight batman, but the movie can explain that

              • Than YOU for being honest!

            • I don’t think it should have made a billion dollars but a fair comparison is the Amazing Spiderman. Man of Steel has not made its worldwide haul which I think does worry Warner Brothers.

              • Considering the climate Man Of Steel was released into
                and the bloodbath of the competition I think the film
                proved its inherent strength by being so successful.
                And Warner’s is so “worried” they greenlit the sequel.

                • I am not suggesting that it was not successful…it was and it was a movie I enjoyed. But Warner Brothers wants something to replace Harry Potter (movies that averaged $965 million and the Dark Knight films which averaged over $700 million (and yes I know Batman Begins did not do that well). But if a brand like Superman cannot match The Amazing Spiderman’s $752 million (and both are reboots), then they are worried it never will. That is why they threw Batman in the mix. they did not green light a straight sequel but a team up.

                  • Dude… WB has Hunger Games. They are not “desperate” in the sense that you are portraying them.

                    • Don’t they also have Godzilla coming up? Also The Hobbit films.

                    • Hunger Games is distributed by Lion’s Gate and I don’t think they have a relationship with Warner Brothers…but I could be wrong.

                    • @ ColdSc

                      No body knows how Godzilla will do…but I did forgot about the Hobbit.

                    • @ Patrick Bayard
                      True, Godzilla really is up in the air at the moment. They gotta kill the marketing for that movie to make it into a box office smash, especially with the competition surrounding it in the same month.

              • I should add too had MOS been released when
                either The Amazing Spider-Man or Iron Man 3
                was instead of those films it likely would have
                done far better in those favorable climates.

                This past summer seemed to almost be a
                sea change for tentpole films and that
                is something that has all studios very
                concerned about for the future.

                • You could be right about that!

            • +1

  15. So I was watching JLU on Netflix and noticed a lot more nods from Man of Steel. My favorite one was the Supes vs Shazam fight where they total Luthor’s city. At one point Supes crashes into a bank vault like in the Smallville fight against Faora.

    • Man of Steel to me is the live action interpretation of the animated series of Superman in action and scale but also in personality and tone.

      I love it. Hopefully they can match it with the new Batman.

  16. I’m glad they’re ditching the idea of Louis being oblivious to Clark’s disguise, that always annoyed me. It also makes Louis seem kinda dumb, she’s a reported who investigates several cases yet you don’t know Clark’s Superman, weird. Sure it’s that much easier to write but I highly doubt you can do this in a live action film in this time.

    I’m hoping the secondary characters play a bigger role this time around, would really like to see their reactions to Batman being in town. The Daily Planet will explode with articles on it. So many possibilities! I wonder if Luthor will play a big role as well.

    It’s also cool that they’re not following a more lighthearted tone for the sequel, it would probably take me out of it. I’d love some raw emotion running through the film’s veins without it limiting itself to how intense it can get.

    • Who’s Louis?

      • Damn, Lois!

        • Hee hee. I had to be “That Guy”. (^-^)

          • Aha s’all good. At least I won’t be making the same mistake again!

    • I like the direction they are taking with this. Personally I liked this Lois and I love that she knows. We can now fully explore this relationship fully in a new context.

      It is no longer Lois love with a superman but in love with the man.
      Add Bruce Wayne into the mix as competition for Clark and do it right: gold!
      Gold I say :)

      But yes, I would like to see more of the supporting cast including Perry White which I felt he did not have much in the first film to do.

      They better keep the tone. I love the tone being where I feel everyone is in danger while I know better.

  17. how will batman be able to fight superman tho? hes human

    • Kryptonite, maybe something similar to the Krypton atmosphere used in Man of Steel, mentally overwhelming him and a couple of others. In combat, I agree Superman can wipe the floor with him so I doubt there will be any intense physical fights between him and Superman.

      • I said something similar about atmospherics before I saw your point, ColdSc .
        If we both sensed that there may be a real possibility it’s what we’ll see.

        • I don’t see Batman using them against Superman though.
          I see that by another whom Batman and Superman
          end up going against together by the ending.

        • I think they should use the atmosphere aspect to their advantage, maybe use it more than Kryptonite. It’s something people haven’t seen very much of in a Superman tv show or movie.

          @ second post
          True, I see Batman using something small like Kryptonite. Maybe Lex Luthor?

          • My guess is Lex ends up the common foe by the end they team up to fight.
            Initially I could see Bruce Wayne, fellow industrialist, being fooled by Lex.

    • Guerrilla warfare, my friend. Guerrilla warfare. Earth is a human planet, Batman is a human being. Knowing the intellect of his mind, it wouldn’t take long for him to study Superman and strategize.

      • Kryptonite coupled with the fact that Batman is a ninja, i think he’ll be fine.

    • I see Bats and Supes as adversaries in this and not combatants.
      And with a uniting by the end as a team against a common foe.

      • I agree with you and ColdSc

        Tactics and the use of atmospheric weakness maybe.
        But I feel they would be more of ideological adversaries than physical.

        • +1

          It’d make the most sense it they were ideological enemies. It’d be weird if they just started fighting, don’t think it’d be very true to both their characters.

  18. Lois has to protect Clark’s identity. That’s her job now. Bruce is the detective who sleuths Superman out. Lois has to get in between them.

    That said, I’m totally not sold on the “versus” part of this movie. Batman having a physical battle with Superman is ridiculous, even with Kryptonite, which is kind of unfashionable these days as it’s seen as a bit of a writing cop out. Miller’s TDKR was epic because of their long history together and the grumpy old men angle, which this movie will not have. Further, introducing Batman as a physical rival to Superman will no doubt confuse the average movie goer who will be most familiar with Bale’s Batman, who is no physical match for Superman.

    This movie has some super challenges if it’s going to fly. I LOVED MoS, and have my fingers crossed for sequel.

  19. If they dont do say kryptonite , they could possibly use say Red Sun Ray or something like that to make him not as powerful.

    • Remember the atmospherics on Zod’s ship that neutralized Supes.
      I have thought we might be seeing a recreation of that by someone.

      • I’ve said it before i’ll say it again. Our atmosphere contains alot of elements(including radioactive) that in higher dose would easily kill us. Same here. Their atmosphere already contains kryptonite element just not in lethal dose.
        And don’t forget that huge chunk of Earth was already terraformed.
        So yes, getting kryptonite itself is not a problem. But i always thought Lex would be the one who’ll get it. Lex has also access to kryptonian armor that left on one of his buildings.

        • There is also remnants of Zod’s ships that
          possibly could be reverse engineered by
          someone smart enough to recreate the
          atmospherics that neutralized Supes.

          • The way that us fans and just regulars viewers are already hypothesizing similar ideas just go to show the plausibility and possibility of the route the filmmakers are going for the sequel.

            I however would like to stay away from kryptonite.

            • Yes. No magic little rocks, please.

  20. This is what Goyer said on MTV before the release of Man Of Steel:

    “The ‘Dark Knight’ films do not exist in the same universe. Zack [Snyder] has gone on record. The fact that we have Wayne Industries on the satellite, Bruce Wayne exists in this universe. Lex Luthor exists in this universe. Other metahumans do exist in this universe, so the hope is, depending on how the film does, that we’ll be able to roll into some other films.”

    Goyer rules out any Dark Kniught Batman returning.
    Many want to see Bale again but it ain’t happening.

    Notice too David Goyer says Bruce Wayne exists.
    And does not say Batman exists in MOS’s universe.
    David is sort of implying Bruce is not yet The Batman.

    • This is EXACTLY why the DC Universe is going to be set back a decade after 2015. I don’t even think there will be a Justice League movie in 2017. Warner Brothers has done it before and now they are doing it again!

      • I don not see a Justice League film in 2017 either
        and that was never officially confirmed by Warner.

        I do see a solo Batman film after MOS 2 and that
        is about the only certainty of what likely is next.
        I’d rather that time is taken anyway to do things
        right and not effectively rush any Justice League.

      • So don’t watch it.

        Er mah gawd, thrve sacrewd iz oll.

        Seriously, could you whine more? I’d love to know. I’m sure you’re a great guy outside of these discussions, but all you do is praise those who want what isn’t going to happen and bash those who think otherwise.

        Yeah, I don’t have to read your comments, but it’s hard not to when you target every single freaking person who disagrees with you.

        • I am sorry but – P L E A S E – P L E A S E – find a quote from me where I bash anyone on here. I only bash Warner Brothers! Like you acknowledge you don’t have to read my comments but I suspect that the reason it upsets you so much is because you know it is the truth. But let me ask you something. If I disagree with what is being discussed, is it your assertion that I should NOT voice that opinion. What then is the point of this website? Is it an echo chamber and we are all supposed to agree on everything.

          • No disrespect, but you have been saying same thing about the situation in literally every article that has anything to do with DC. It gets to a point where it’s just annoying. I try ignoring it but it’s running throughout the comment section. I’m in no way saying you shouldn’t voice your opinion, but it’s a whole other thing to constantly voice the same thing even when the decision of including Nolan’s bats is final. Let it go and move on.

            • the same thing*

            • not including*

            • Right? Just like YOU and others have been saying the same thing in every article. That’s the point! Nobody is expressing the opinion that I have or if they do they are shouted down by you and others who think that somehow their opinions are inferior. Yet AFTER I make my points (on this site and others) a bunch of people chime in and agree with me like the person below. I equally find it annoying that people like yourself are on here practically declaring that this is somehow a good thing. So because I am annoyed are you going to stop…didn’t think so. The only reason I state the same thing is because the same false points are made and no one corrects them. LOOK! Just every time you see my name just move along don’t even respond. I will have a conversation with the many other people who want to explore ideas they might not agree with. Clearly you just want to hear from people that agree with you.

              • No clearly, like I said, it’s annoying. I appreciate different opinions, whether they agree with me or not, it leads to interesting conversations but you’re not doing that. In every article you clearly show your distaste for a decision that’s been made one whole year ago, and most times, not even taking into account the subject of the article. You’re way of thinking is pretty much, “Hey it’s DC, time to say what I feel about Nolan’s Batman again.” Not only that, you respond to comments from people who show they can see reasons why Nolan’s Batman isn’t included in the movie with the exact same statement you posted earlier in the same article. If you say the same thing several times, you’re bound to have at least one conversation starter. It’s like taking several shots in the dark, you’re obviously going to get a hit. But by all means, continue you’re obsessive arguing.

                Also Rod22 is a horrible example, have you seen his distaste for both The Amazing Spider-Man and X-Men? No reason at all but continues to say, “Give the rights back to Marvel”, in every single article that has Spider-Man in the headline. Doesn’t even take into account what the article is actually about. It gets to a point where it’s not even voicing your opinion, it’s simple wining and showcases your narrow mind. The film industry is massive, can’t always get what you want.

                In the end, I can’t stop you, so do whatever you please. I’ll be heading into this franchise being cautiously optimistic and open minded.

                • And you too sir are annoying to me. I CLEARLY don’t like the decision that was made and I represent a significant group that does not also. Why is it a bad thing for the studio to KNOW that people don’t like the decision…just because you like it?

                  “Not only that, you respond to comments from people who show they can see reasons why Nolan’s Batman isn’t included in the movie with the exact same statement you posted earlier in the same article.”

                  That is a flat out false statement and I will leave it at that. I offer EVIDENCE for everything I write and rarely does anyone refute it. Their response is “just accept it” which is crazy to me. I don’t just go “Hey everyone Warner Brothers told us we are supposed to like something…so shut up and accept whatever it is they give us.” You and I are the fans…the consumers …and we absolutely have the right to state what we would like to see. The time to ask for that is not a week before the film comes out. It is now. For example: I am not saying that this is a good thing the way it happened but when fans were up in arms about Shailene Woodley being Mary Jane it may have influenced a change in direction good or bad. Why would I sit back and go along with something I feel pretty confident is a bad move…which I back up with history, stats, and opinions that other people express that are similar. Right this very minute there is a poll going on


                  In it, almost 40% of respondents think it is TOO SOON to for another Batman movie. But according to you their opinions don’t matter because Warner Brother’s has already made a decision. That is just not right!

                  • It’s a case where you know nothing about the situation, don’t know the script, don’t know the direction it’s taking or anything. I agree with Shailene Woodley (that situation annoyed the hell out of me if it’s true =/). Though I also think it’s sort of the same situation, we don’t know what they’re doing, for all we know, having a new Batman greatly benefits the shared universe and I can for sure see why it would.

                    The creators behind this sequel were involved with the Dark Knight trilogy as well as Man of Steel so I’m not going to worry about the decisions they’re making. I’m not trying to say I’ll take whatever I can get, I’m still cautious but to be up in arms about this is just plain silly.

                    You want a trilogy that wasn’t planned to be part of a shared universe to be part of shared universe? I remember the huge up roar with Anne Hathaway, yet she was one of the best parts of TDKR, same with Heath Ledger, ended up being the best part of TDK. Fans should definitely have a say but to have total control in a situation like this, NO WAY. Goyer, Snyder and Nolan indeed have a vision, I’ll be waiting to see it but to shoehorn a trilogy into the script that may or may not be finished for the sake of fans that have already complained before and been proven wrong is just an odd move.

                    • Here is what I know 1) that WB is ditching their MOST successful DC franchise and are HOPING that people will accept a new Batman 2) that the director’s LAST THREE films were critically panned 3) Christian Bale is the most popular Batman out of four iterations, and whoever they get to replace him is gauranteed to get compared to him ~ an Oscar winner 4) that there is no room in the movie to introduce Batman, deal with the consequences of what happened in MOS, explore the Lois/Clark relationship and delve into Clarks evolution as a Superhero. Not to mention I don’t believe people most people want to see Batman fight Superman.

                      You are absolutely RIGHT people did decry the choice of Heath Ledger and Anne Hathaway…heck you can even add Michael Keaton but the difference between you and me is that I support their right to voice their opinions. I would never say to anyone they should not say what they want to say because it “annoys” me.

                      I give Goyer credit for infusing the Dark Knight movies with Comic book imagery and storylines but I think the other part of that team is a huge loss that Zack Snyder cannot fill. They might come up with a good story but it will likely be crammed with too much subplot. But adding the Dark Knight films would in no way be shoehorning anything since they ocurred first. You would be expanding that universe to include other heroes and you would not need to take risky chances on unproven characters. The Dark Knight movies proved (twice) they were popular and successful so much so it is highly unlikely to be matched…so why are they even trying?

                    • Dude, I honestly think they can’t just say the Dark Knight Trilogy came first. One of the best parts of the trilogy are the themes, ideas and the story. By attaching that to Man of Steel, that’s a lot of stuff to take account for and should not be ignored. People will rip it apart if they introduce an easy way of having Bruce Wayne back as Batman and ignoring everything that made the Dark Knight trilogy so great. A lot more than introducing an entirely new Batman.

                      As for Christian Bale returning, ain’t gonna happen, he’s got six movies ahead of him. If he’s not going to be in it, what’s the point?

                      There will always be comparisons, there’s even comparisons between Reeve and Cavil.

                      They don’t need to outdo the Dark Knight trilogy (while unlikely, I hope they do), they just need to offer something different that can fit in the shared universe and that can stand on its own two feet.

                    • Honestly, I’m tired of this debate aha. Let’s just agree to disagree, cool? lol

          • Dont let some these cats get to you patrick, some of them know each other and kiss each others behinds and like to agree on everything. Trust me if your opinions are welcomed just like everyone else here. Iam willing to bet that some here go to google or wikipedia to formulate their nonsense because papa and mama wont take them to the movie theater. Relax bro.

            • It does not bother me. But I don’t get why ideas that are different from theirs is so frightening to them. They are welcome to debate my points which they never do…or ignore them. Telling people they need to just basically shut up and accept something they don’t agree with is not what I think this site should be about. Thanks for your support!

            • DC/WB has said since the very end of TDKR that this Batman is DONE!! that they will reboot him it was just a matter of when!
              I cannot FOR THE LIFE OF ME figure out why you (Patrick) don’t understand this!
              It may hurt your butt, but that is the END OF THE STORY! Bale, Nolan THEY ARE DONE! Bale just recently said so himself, Im not very happy about it (Just because I have seen the Batman origins OVER AND OVER) it is really VERY played out!
              THIS MOS world or universe is a new one so in turn will be a new batman, Would we rather see maybe other characters? YES, Is DC doing this because they are still a little skittish about making a 150-200million dollar movie about a character that the General Public will not see in MASS AMOUNTS? PROBABLY!

              They want to make sure the general public buys into a new Batman before they put 250 Million into a JL movie that could flop! If this next MOS or batman Vs. superman does not haul in a HUGE amount of money we may (again) be faced with the fact that we will never see a JL or a full cast of DCU characters and movies!!
              I hate that they are rebooting Batman, but since I have had a year or even longer (since Nolan stated BEFORE TDKR this batman is DONE and NOT part of a bigger universe) I can and have accepted that we are getting a new retooled batman!!
              LETS ALL JUST HOPE THEY PICK THE RIGHT ACTOR or it will be doomed from the very beginning

              • I don’t care what WB said they were going to do. It does not make it the right decision. They also said they were going to make Green Lantern… everyone on this site talks about what DC SHOULD do…who they should cast..and who the villain should be. I am doing the same thing.

                As far as me being “but hurt” it is more like I am “clear minded” and logical. Pointing out that logic seems to make your but hurt. What I am suggesting would ONLY benefit the fans and Warner Brothers.

                I think it is pretty evident what WB is trying to do with the team up and it is a gamble that makes little sense. The point you make about picking the right actor is excellent. But I have read the different potential people they could cast. Whoever they pick will not have an entire movie to develop the character and make it his own. Superman had a whole movie to himself and people are still saying he needs further development. Christian Bale is an Oscar winning actor who has carried the MOST successful superhero franchise with high powered actors around him. Who are they going to get to replace him?

                • I said BUTT HURT, NOT but hurt!!! Get it right!!
                  As in your butthole is hurting, With the way your arguing about this you either have a man crush on Bale or your just completely blind

                  BALE IS D-O-N-E with the role, + he was NOT all that good! was he OK yes, was he great HELL NO!!

                  I really don’t think that having an Oscar makes you a quality actor!
                  there are a TON OF SHI**Y actors and actresses that have Oscars!
                  Sure the guy can act but a lot of ppl would say the same as me and that is BALE was not all that great in the role of batman!!

                  • You seem to be an expert on “BUTT HURT”

                    Bale has been the most popular and most successful iteration of Batman on film in history. End of discussion!…and therefor BALE should not be done! It does not mean that it is the direction that the Studio should pursue. It is not important that YOU or your ten or so friends think Bale is good or bad. What is the consensus? You represent an EXTREME minority in your dislike or sort-of-dislike (whatever) of Bale, and that is the problem! The studio does not need to listen to EXTREME minorities which is what will drive these movies to failure. BUT if they do go with another actor as planned it will be Warner Brother’s fault when it under performs and quite possibly derails its future plans for a Justice League film. I am sure that will just thrill you because – BALE IS D-O-N-E!

          • Patrick
            Personally my thoughts about this situation:
            Anyone and everyone should allowed to make and state an informed opinion and prediction based on the evidence and information he or she possesses. There would always be subjectivity to it but as long as someone can be somewhat objective in execution, all is well.

            Patrick, your point of view is legitimate and you have every right to say what you believe in, but I can see why others may find it “annoying” in terms of it execution.

            Please understand this is not a criticism nor do I wish to bash you down.

            Patrick, you are correct that there is a number of people who think WB/DC is making this decision to soon or too lightly. However, there is also an equal group on the other side ready to move on and exciting, or waiting to see how everything turns out.

            No side is louder or larger by any quantifiable means at this time. You linked a poll in which circa 40% shared similar thoughts as yourself. I voted and wrote my opinion down detailing why I voted as such on that poll. But apart from us, Screenrant, and the rest of our circle or niche on the internet, we cannot quantify the opinions of every movie goer who do not keep up with movie news or genre films etc.

            All we know is that main audiences will flock to watch what they perceive to be a great film with only marketing and word of mouth as their only information prior to the film. You may say that fans are more important, but one must remember that we actually represent a minority in the grand scheme of things.

            Wide-spread, mainstream audience work a little bit differently. They manage to accept different interpretation of James Bond including shifting or non-existent continuity, changing actors, and tonal differences. They also accept most X-Men films despite continuity issues.

            They are many other examples. So to say WB must absolutely need the Nolan films is a bit of a stretch because they own what really is important- the iconography of the Batman.

            Batman is more popular than ever- thanks in great part no doubt to the masterful Nolan trilogy. People will go to see what is familiar and popular. Man of Steel did not have this advantage because at this point Superman’s popularity existed solely in cartoons, and even then is constantly overshadowed by Batman there as well.

            You have the right to express your thoughts and opinion, just make sure to keep everything in perspective. Execute and express your opinions fully and objectively as possible.

            For example, I believe ‘Batman Begins’ can be “in essence” the backstory of this new “updated” Batman. It has a similar tone, atmosphere, and approach to ‘Man of Steel’. I also think elements of “The Dark Knight” can be used as inspiration and jumping off points in developing who the character is and how will come to contact Superman. But this should be loosely and vaguely continued. Why do I think that? Because this upcoming film is more or less “another Superman film” and should be treated as such.

            The trilogy as a whole can be reinvented to fit it into the new universe, but Hollywood has tried stretching out solo works into larger franchises before and not always ending well. ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ started as a stand alone film that retroactively became the first of a trilogy that did not make sense in the end.

            Just because something make sense from a business standpoint, it will not make artistic sense. In fact, fans should rejoice. If this was really a cash grab- they would just announce it connected to Nolan’s trilogy but have a different actor playing Wayne. They are looking for another portrayal of The Dark Knight to make the final film as best as it could be.

            Keep an open mind, Patrick.
            Point is: if the final film can benefit from having a new Batman and a new direction, and be a better a film without including Nolan’s trilogy, will you still not support it?

            Sure it will not make it closer to making Justice League, or whichever, but isn’t making the best film you can- and not repeating ‘Green Lantern’- the highest priority?

            I will choose a great movie at the end of the day- no matter if it continues the other franchise of which the filmmakers said was done- not WB, the filmmakers. Artist should have a say of what happens to their work, the companies should broaden their efforts for the greatest film possible.

            Patrick, you’re going to have to make a choice and decide what kind of fan you want to be- to stand proudly in front of the line with your ticket, or not.

            • @The Archer:

              While I totally agree with your wall of text (yes… I read it all), some people will not change.

              Despite Patrick’s “opinion”, BvS is going to succeed, no matter who plays Bats (I hated Bale, but look how well it did :) ). As long as the story is decent, it will be very hard for it to “bomb” or be a “disappointment”.

              It’s funny how people argue that if X actor doesn’t play Batman, the movie will be bad. Does anyone really believe that? If no one knew Bale, and WB announced they are choosing a skinny British actor who is going to voice Batman with a lisp, I’m sure someone like Patrick would cite some poll where that would destroy the franchise.

              I’m just glad we are getting a movie with Batman AND Superman in it, to feel otherwise is… blasphemous. :)

            • @The Archer

              It is clear that none of you read what I write but that is alright. Thanks for the Essay. I am glad you affirmed my right to my opinion and I will always affirm yours and as long as that understanding exists I think it will be OK. I just want to address a few points you make. One in particular answers the following comment that was made…

              “It’s funny how people argue that if X actor doesn’t play Batman, the movie will be bad. Does anyone really believe that? If no one knew Bale, and WB announced they are choosing a skinny British actor who is going to voice Batman with a lisp, I’m sure someone like Patrick would cite some poll where that would destroy the franchise.”

              As part of the process of forming my opinion I looked at the James Bond movies that you cite and it in fact proves the point that I am making. Sean Connery played James Bond for five films before taking a hiatus and was replaced by George Lazenby. The public rejected him! The very next film Sean Connery returned to the role and the Bond film rebounded. In fact all seven films he starred in were commercially successful. The studio then lucked out and found Roger Moore who also went on to do seven successful Bond films. Then came the stagnant and disappointing Timothy Dalton era followed by the successful Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig versions. So what does that mean? ACTORS DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE! When the studio had a popular Bond actors…they were successful. The time they abruptly changed the character (Lazenby) the audience rejected it…and it flopped. When they got the wrong actor again (Dalton) it did OK but was disappointment (think Superman Returns). PLUS they were not even rebooting the James Bond character, just changing actors. WB is proposing to do BOTH which is worse.

              So I understand that SOMEDAY it will be LOGICAL time to reboot and replace Batman hopefully with an equally if not popular actor as Christian Bale BUT you need to understand and acknowledge the HUGE gamble that is being taken. Like with Lanzenby and Dalton, if WB chooses the wrong actor and story line you may very well sink the DC Universe going forward. Then what?..and for what reason? Please spare me the “Nolan and Bale don’t want to do it” nonsense. Nolan does not own the rights to Batman or even the films he made and no one has approached Bale about it. As a DC fan I am astounded at how much risk DC fans are ready to accept for absolutely NO REASON! I generally have an open mind but when the studio is acting in what I think is an illogical way, I choose not to just put my head in the sand and say I see no evil, hear no evil or speak no evil.

              “Patrick, you’re going to have to make a choice and decide what kind of fan you want to be- to stand proudly in front of the line with your ticket, or not.”

              I think there are more choices than that! But I appreciate your taking the time to write the piece which I found civil and constructive!

              • @Patrick:

                Nice apple to orange comparison there.

                You just don’t grasp the simple concept that the rumored title of the movie is telling you.

                It’s Batman AND Superman in the SAME movie… that does not compare to switching whoever is going to play Bond, especially back in 1969. I would hope movie goers nowadays are above such things as “Oh no… he’s not the actor I would have picked so I’m not going to see it”. But I guess that’s the group you claim to represent (which suddenly has grown from 25% to 40%!).

                The 100 ScreenRant dollars bet is still on… I think not only will Batman/Superman do great box office, but even you will see it more than once. No matter how much you don’t think so, Batman and Superman (even if played by Adam West and George Reeve) in one movie will not “bomb”… and water is still wet.

                • First…I was responding to ANOTHER person’s post who brought up the James Bond films when I stated “I just want to address a few points you make.”…But I guess you would have to read what I wrote to get that!

                  If you don’t like the comparisons then take it up with him/her or better yet offer a better one. I know they are in the same movie but OBVIOUSLY Batman is the featured draw to “Superman’s” movie. Here I will help you make a valid point…tell me a film that featured a character that was recast and the story rebooted FOLLOWING a successful one. Just to be clear success means it clearly performed BETTER than the previous film.

                  NOTE: Movies like Friday the 13th or Halloween don’t count since no one identifies the character with a specific actor…they are behind a mask.

                  • @Patrick:

                    No, what I found as an unfair comparison is that you harped on Lazenby which was the anomaly and happened in 1969. And then you continued on with the Connery vs. Moore, which ended up proving our point but you cited it as “luck”.

                    Overall, if you look at the history of the Bond franchise, no matter who played Bond, the film made a profit:


                    And you want an example? If you look at those numbers, other than Lazenby, whenever Bond changed, the next film usually did better (even with Dalton).

                    People get curious when an actor changes on an iconic role, that will make up for that mystical 25-44% “disappointed” number you keep throwing out.

                    Add that it’s Batman AND Superman (which was my point), and your informal poll percentages go bye bye.

                    • This is really funny…first you claim that it is NOT a good comparison…I believe your words were “apples and oranges” then you go on to say the comparison proves your point!?!?

                      Anyway it is apparent that the Dalton years were a dissapointment. His first year as Bond, the profit compared to the previous film went up $40 million and that was at a cost that was $10 million more than the previous film. It may have made a small profit but studios measure success by big profits. It does not prove your point because changing Bond has failed or met with modest success which is failure. The fact that they chose a successful Bond (Moore) after Connery does not in any way contradict what I stated since I NEVER stated that they could not find a good Batman. What I stated was that the bar is so high why take the chance? Think about it. If the Batman and Superman film does not make $1 billion worldwide people are going to label it as inferior to Marvel’s Avengers AND the last two Dark Knight films fair or not. The Dark Knight films built in audience would go a long way in helping it get there.

                    • @Patrick:

                      Uh… please reread my post. I told you the unfair comparison was George Lazenby because that was an anomaly and also 44 years ago.

                      Then I went on to say that your breakdown of the Bond change of actors is actually factually incorrect. The Archer was right in that changing those actors did not negatively affect the franchise based on the link I posted.

                      Your question was did the next film after an actor change do better than the previous, and even with Dalton, it did. The Dalton series as a whole may not have been as profitable (it still was) but the point is the movie he first starred in, made more than the previous (who by your words, Moore, was successful). And are you ignoring how much better Craig’s Bond did than Brosnan’s? Internet blindness is curable.

                      So now $1b is you new measurement of “bomb”nation? What happened to $700m? I’ll see your new threshold and still bet those 100 ScreenRant dollars that Batman/Superman will make $1b, regardless of who they choose as Batman.

                      I say this with assurance because I don’t believe it was just Bale who made Batman successful, it was Batman who made Batman successful.

                      And you need to stop moving the goalposts, next week you’re going to say “If this movie does not make $1.5 billion it will be inferior!!!”.

                    • @ BigNerd

                      Uh I read your post….”The Archer was right in that changing those actors did not negatively affect the franchise based on the link I posted.”

                      WHAT?????? If that is true why then did they change the two actors? Nevermind…that would require a logical answer!

                      “Your question was did the next film after an actor change do better than the previous, and even with Dalton, it did.”

                      HERE IS MY QUOTE – “When they got the wrong actor again (Dalton) it did OK but was disappointment (think Superman Returns).”

                      “And are you ignoring how much better Craig’s Bond did than Brosnan’s?

                      HERE IS MY QUOTE – “…followed by the successful Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig versions.”

                      PLUS Why would saying Craig’s Bond was much better than Brosnan’s change anything that I have ever written? I have acknowledged that there COULD be a great Batman in fact why don’t I just quote myself…

                      “…since I NEVER stated that they could not find a good Batman. What I stated was that the bar is so high why take the chance?”

                      As far as what is successful. My point is that the previous TWO Batman films cracked the $1 billion worldwide mark. So adding Superman (or vice-versa) should logically boost that…RIGHT? If you are contending that $700 million is good enough (which is in fact really good and is successful) but it is also to me a $300 million dollar loss by NOT expanding on and leveraging the Dark Knight movies.

                      I am going to just ask you one question and this will sum up my points better than going in circles with you because you did not read what I wrote!


                      For all the reasons it is a completely insane idea…apply that to Batman!

                    • @Patrick:

                      Maybe you aren’t following the posts in order, this is what you wrote:

                      “…tell me a film that featured a character that was recast and the story rebooted FOLLOWING a successful one. Just to be clear success means it clearly performed BETTER than the previous film.”

                      Craig “clearly performed BETTER than the previous film” with Brosan… and that was a reboot. You say the Dalton “years” were a disappointment, but the first film Dalton did after Moore was $192m compared to $153m… that’s 30% better! Is that not “clear”?

                      I’m not talking in circles here. Didn’t you say that $700mil was a “bomb” before? Why do you think that combining Batman and Superman should make more than $700m? Just because Batman made $1bil doesn’t guarantee anything. Batman Begins didn’t make $1bil, what happened, did Batfans have babies to make up the difference? But I digress, I’ll take your new measuring stick and go on record (again) to say the Batman/Superman film will make $1b. Do you agree or disagree?


                      Was Skyfall the end of a trilogy? Did Daniel Craig say he was done after Skyfall. You are doing your apple/orange thing again. If Skyfall was the last Bond movie Craig was contracted for and he said he would not play Bond again… then YES… REBOOT AND RECAST IT… life goes on. Fans will still watch it… no kittens will die.

                      That’s what you need to understand… Bale the Dark Lisp is done. Thank goodness… now WB has a chance to give us a proper Batman. And it will go box office bonkers!

                  • @Patrick:

                    I think you are getting too hung up on recasting.

                    Historically, rebooting a franchise, especially iconic comic book movies, seems to do well.

                    Look at the numbers for Batman Begins, Superman Returns, Man of Steel and The Amazing Spiderman.

                    I think the data is against you on this one.

                    • Craig “clearly performed BETTER than the previous film” with Brosan… and that was a reboot. You say the Dalton “years” were a disappointment, but the first film Dalton did after Moore was $192m compared to $153m… that’s 30% better! Is that not “clear”?

                      Right I asked the question AFTER YOU STATED IT WAS A –
                      “Nice apple to orange comparison there”

                      So which is it?

                      “I’m not talking in circles here. Didn’t you say that $700mil was a “bomb” before? Why do you think that combining Batman and Superman should make more than $700m? Just because Batman made $1bil doesn’t guarantee anything. Batman Begins didn’t make $1bil, what happened, did Batfans have babies to make up the difference? But I digress, I’ll take your new measuring stick and go on record (again) to say the Batman/Superman film will make $1b. Do you agree or disagree?”

                      Right and I changed that term to “disappointment” AGREEING I should not have used the word “bomb” and i further stated “If you are contending that $700 million is good enough (which is in fact really good and is successful)” BUT I GUESS YOU WOULD HAVE HAD TO READ IT! Each successive movie SHOULD do better that the previous one JUST LIKE JAMES BOND (assuming it is relevant because I never know from one post to the other). But to your question…If Bale is Batman I am very confident it makes $1 Billion. If not I say NO!…around $700,000.

                      Was Skyfall the end of a trilogy?


                      “Did Daniel Craig say he was done after Skyfall”

                      YES! Not publicly but he had planned to leave…


                      “If Skyfall was the last Bond movie Craig was contracted for and he said he would not play Bond again… then YES… REBOOT AND RECAST IT”

                      Thank You for PERFECTLY making my point! Despite the fact Craig did not want to do it the STUDIO went after him and convinced him to do two more a total of 5 movies! Thank you sir! You can read about it here!


                    • @ Bignerd

                      But they followed very UNSUCCESSFUL films…except the Amazing Spider-man. And guess what…it is the least profitable of all four Spiderman films and that is despite benefiting from high ticket prices from 3D and IMAX so it is WORSE than what the numbers suggest.


                    • @Patrick:

                      Either you don’t want to read it or your keep missing it. I’ve clarified twice now that the apple/orange thing was about your example of George Lazenby being proof that Bond (and Batman) shouldn’t be recast.

                      You really should read what you write. How does me saying that Bond should be recast if Craig was done prove your point? So what if the studio convinced him to do otherwise. If they didn’t, then my opinion stands, recast him. I’m not going to miss him or cry endlessly on every Bond story telling everyone that the next Bond film will be a “disappointment” because Craig is not Bond. I’ll just watch it and judge for myself how the next Bond actor is… just like THE REST OF THE WORLD. People are used to Bond being recast, as are people used to superheroes being recast (they should be by now). That’s how it works, deal with it.

                      So the ScreenRant bet is on? No Bale, you think Bats/Supes will “only” make $700m (which is still huge)? That’s where you are shortsighted and comparing apples to orange. You think recasting is going to cost the studio $300m whereas you don’t understand that Batman AND Superman in the same movie will surely make up for that. People have been waiting for that forever.

                      If this was just an argument for a solo Batman reboot, you may have some traction (although as I said, the Bond example of Craig proved otherwise).

                      I say BvS will clear $1bil without Bale (you could probably even cast George Lazenby as Bats) . You are just too Bale-blind to see it.

            • +1
              Great post. Patrick is indeed allowed an opinion but he’s also gotta start looking at different perspectives of the situation instead of having what he wants steer his logic.

      • Calm down Patrick.

        To imply that Bruce Wayne exists is to imply that Batman exists. Bruce Wayne is the mask, remember.

        • I do find it hard to see a full blown Batman origin
          of sorts incorporated into a Man Of Steel sequel.

          I suppose we could see Bruce’s first public acts
          as The Batman and maybe inspired somehow from
          the facing the consequences and fallout from what
          happened in Man Of Steel Synder & Co.has alluded to.

          • But you have Batman co-headlining the movie (thus far). I think compelling villains can make or break a movie which I presume that Batman is acting in place of one. When I saw the Wolverine over the weekend, I liked it, but I would not call it a “great” movie. That is partly because the villains were so poorly written and half the time I did not even know they were even villains. The Superman/Batman film is proposing no villains essentially so they would need to explore Bruce Wayne/Batman at more than a superficial level other wise it will disappoint Batman fans and make for a lackluster film.

            • The film was presented at Comic-Con as the
              Man Of Steel sequel and “another Superman movie”
              that happens to include a well-known DC hero (Batman).

              I do not think either that Batman is a villain in this.
              I see Batman and Superman, as I’ve said before,
              adversaries and not combatants who later do
              team up to fight a common foe by the end.

              • lol at the very idea that batman will be the main villain. Anyone who even considers that’s the direction they’ll take automatically loses all credibility.

        • Well I am talking which version of Bruce Wayne/Batman. I know he exists in the Man of Steel universe given the Easter eggs but I am afraid of what he will be like. For example if they are truly and seriously considering Tyler Hoechlin – let’s just say I may have to sit this one out.

          • I think the Tyler Hoechlin rumor is fallacious.
            I find it utterly without any credibility at all.

            • I agree.
              It is a totally left field choice. In fact, its more beyond that.
              I won’t/don’t believe it.

              • Yes! BUT…

                There is now an online campaign to convince WB to cast a certain actor as the next Batman with a promotional video.


                It has begun…and just as I have consistently stated, whoever they cast will alienate a specific portion of the population. There are people who REALLY want this certain actor and will be disappointed if he is not cast.

                • I think the guy is very lacking in ACTING, but that can be taught! He is for sure a bada$$ martial artist and I would not mind if WB hired him, BUT I THINK he may be a bit older than what WB wants for the role of Bruce Wayne, It would be GREAT to finally see a batman that could actually fight, FOR REAL!!

                  Besides What are you talking about by alienating fans? It says there are 78 people that have signed the petition!! I don’t really think WB gives two LARGE turds about 78 people!! If it was 78,000 MAYBE but NOT FOR 78 SORRY for hurting YOUR petitions chances at actually catching the attention of WB but with that many ppl NO ONE will ever see that thing unless you post it to EVERY SITE you go to!!

                  WB better NOT alienate Patrick and his 77 other work buddies, OR THEY WILL STOP WATCHING YOUR MOVIES WB!! don’t make them ANGRY!!

                  • I am not sure why you think I signed that petition since I am AGAINST the idea but….whatever. Even if it is 77 people on a petition it can easily be representative of views of 1000x that many people. But hey…you seem to think it might be a good idea so hopefully you signed it and you and YOUR 77 friends will get what you want. I will just stay home and comment on what a dumb decision it was.

  21. MOS Spolier alert!!! Bruce Wayne/Batman should come to Metropolis to investigate after hearing about Superman and experiencing the damage caused by the world engine in Gotham city first hand. He should use the guise of competing for the construction contracts as an excuse to be in Metropolis to investigate this new alien “threat”. This would put him in conflict with Lex Luthor who is also competing for the contracts to rebuild the city. While in the City he should fall in love with Lois Lane and create the love triangle as was the case in World’s Finest. By night he would be patroling as Batman to find out what he could about Superman resulting in a showdown where he is defeated. However, Superman refuses to kill him or hurt him. Thus giving Batman pause about Superman as threat and wanting mistrust him. Later Lex Luthor could discover Kryptonite and its effects on Superman and hatch a plan to destroy him (using Metallo who could be a part of a secret miltary program that he has been working on) that almost succeeds until foiled by Batman who helps him as a result of realizing Superman means him (and humanity no harm). Part of Batman’s motivation could be that Lois gets caught up and almost killed and Superman does his best to save her before being immobolized by the Kryptonite. The movie ends with Batman and Superman with mutual respect and in an uneasy truce. This could be underscored by the film ending with Clark/Superman finding tracking devices/hidden cameras all over his apartment and office at the daily planet.

    Also, the scene from world’s finest where superman uses x-ray vision to find out Batman’s identity should be included as the conclusion of their first meeting in costume. And Batman should also afix the tracking device to his cape and Clark should look out the window(using his “super” vision) and see Batman staring at him throught his Bat binoculars. Argueably one of the greatest comic book interactions/meetings in a team up movie that showcases each characters unique abilities.

    Bruce Wayne and Clark should meet prior at some function held in Bruce Wayne’s honor (first time in Metropolis,city officals wooing Wayne Enterprises)that is being covered by the daily planet and it should be clear that while talking Bruce is giving Clark the once over and has suspicions about who he is. He is after all the world’s greatest detective.

    They should also include scenes of Bruce Wayne reviewing the footage from the destroyed satellite of the superpowered battle between Zod and Superman.

    Just some ideas….

    • @Dejazmatch
      This is Perfect. I love it. :)

      • Give thanks!

    • I agree. +1

  22. I hope the movie focus more on Superman not Batman, this is still a Superman movie I hope we just had three of Batman which Love but need more sup standalone

    • Well, I agree there. I wanted another solo Supes next anyway.

    • I agree.
      It should all be in the context of “another Superman film” that includes Bruce Wayne/Batman-just as it could have used any other character in the DC universe.

  23. The more I think about it the more I dussapointing man of steel becomes to me unfortuneatley :( I’m glad for those of you that liked it though. This article makes the intro to batman sound very very interesting I look forward to it I wonder who they’ll cast. I think this movie needs to be about loneliness and finding a friend because when I thought about it batman and superman are both orphans and are the only ones left of their blood line as different as they are they have that incommon.

  24. Couple things: Batman better figure out Supe’s real identity etc pretty quickly, and I mean lightning quick because Louis Lane seemingly did it in no time. And with the destruction of Smallville.. How can it not be obvious at this point.
    -If kryptonite is introduced then I want Batman to be the one that discovers this weakness.
    -I want the Gov/Luthercorp/Wayne Enterprises all to “fight” for the various scraps of Kryptonian tech all over Metropolis. Heck, just the treasure trove that is the Genesis ship (albeit severely damaged) would be heavily wanted.

  25. Kal-El’s Xray vision can see throuhg her clothes and check out her tan-lines…what more do you need?

    In the meantime, a Flash/Green Lantern team-up flick, please!

    • They’re already making GL2 and Flash. If they will have atleast some scene with each other in those movies that would be great already. Then League and then their duo should be possible and trio for Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.

      • I thought those two flicks had been kind of put on hold in a development H*ll since DC/Warner got cold feet after GL#1. Please tell me they are REALLY doing these again now! I saw one little murmer about *maybe* a Flash in like 2017. Is there any definitive info on this, or am I just jumping at fantasies?

  26. Supes/bats….how about Brainiac for a villain?

  27. The best way to connect Batman and Superman (after a lot of confusion fallowing their first encounter in the sequel and later acknowledging each other) would be to wheel in Lex Luthor.

    From business magnate to Presidential candidate, Luthor can delve himself to victory in the elections by sheer ambition in his campaign to empower America. After becoming President, Luthor’s hatred for Batman and Superman (and other members of the Justice Society in cameos) drive him to establish the Suicide Squad with the help of Amanda Waller. This also serves as a common platform to showcase both Batman and Superman villains like Deadshot and Grundy.

    On second thought, Luthor’s corrupt administration and the Suicide Squad compels Lois to invetigate this conspiracy, which brings her under the crosshairs of Luthor and the Squad……

  28. i think lex will be the villain… with superman and batman fighting and getting to know each other i think it will be less distracting to have lex (someone that everyone pretty much knows) in it…. lex is the perfect guy to play mind games with them and he can be a business rival to bruce wayne

    snyder already hinted to superman winning the fight (it is his sequel) but if batman has kryptonite ( i hope he does discover the weekness first) then he will kick supermans butt….he is the most skilled fighter in the dc universe (probably marvel too)

    • Not in Marvel, unfortunately. Spider-Man has the upper hand with his spider sense, which could provide a counter attack for anything Bruce does.

      Aside from that, yes.

  29. Ultimate ACW: 007 Reloaded …. i LOVE spiderman HE IS MY FAVROITE OF ALL TIME and i agree with you…. spiderman is too quick for him to fight in the city and his spider sense makes him pretty much untouchable …spiderman wins hands down…. but spiderman doesnt know karate, kung fu, jujitsu, etc.. hand to hand combat batman is the greatest…

    i dont agree with this but a poll was taken awhile back with all comic creators and they agreed that given enough time batman has enough smarts, money and fighting skills to beat anyone… again i feel spiderman can kick his butt

    • @ACW: 007

      Its best you put an end to Spider-Man or any Marvel pestilence down here.

      Spider-Man’s spider-sense isn’t invulnerable. If Mysterio could dampen it using depressants, Batman can synthesize inhalant depressants that can shut it down competely, like Scarecrow’s toxin. Symbiotes are also undetected by spider-sense. Seconly, Batman’s sonic transponder can flock Spidey with bats to dampen the spider-sense in darkness. Thirdly, Mysterio could also vaporize Spidey’s webbing using chemicals that would be even more lethal if they’re synthesized by Batman.

      • True, very true. But Peter’s body resisted the effects, probably worked its way out of his system.

        ANYWAYS, Batman is obviously the better fighter. But even without his spider sense where it proves useless, like Mysterio, Venom, or Spot, it’s still a close battle because he has found ways to beat them.

      • @Vish Gos

        thats fine and all buuuuttttttt batman is still to slow to make any serious injury to spiderman even without his spidersense….also it all depends on the circumstances….spiderman is more of and dodge and evade fighter until he finds and opening or weekness then attacks….batman uses the shadows and strikes fear into the person he is fighting…now if its the first time they meet and he knows nothing about his spidersense then spiderman got him….only after returning to the batcave and researching spiderman he would be able to figure out a way to stop him(how he won almost every fight..using his resources)

        but then again i feel like smarts wise there both pretty equally matched so idk they both can figure out a way to stop each other but in a regular fist fight bruce can throw all the kicks and punches he wants but he aint hitting nothing but air!!!