Henry Cavill’s Superman Will Be ‘Different But Not Unrecognizable’

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henry cavill as clark kent in superman man of steel Henry Cavills Superman Will Be Different But Not Unrecognizable

From the moment it was announced that Zack Snyder would be calling the shots on Superman: Man of Steel, the project became a lightning rod for controversy. Though many fans lauded his rather slavish devotion to comic book source material in films like 300 and Watchmen, there were still some concerns that his sensibilities as a filmmaker might be at odds with the cornerstones of Superman‘s mythology.

His detractors became even more impassioned when Snyder chose British actor Henry Cavill for the title role. Peruse any recent article related to Superman: Man of Steel and you’ll find that some fans think that Cavill is too short, others think that his hair’s too curly, and a large majority still believe that Brandon Routh (Superman Returns) or Tom Welling (Smallville) deserve the part.

To be fair, when you’re dealing with an adaptation of something as beloved and recognizable as Superman, any decision is going to generate mixed reactions¬† – just take a look at how divisive opinions were last week over the casting of Oscar-nominated Amy Adams as Lois Lane. However, no other aspect of the film seems to have sparked quite as big a reaction as Cavill’s involvement – and I imagine that debate will continue long after Superman: Man of Steel is released.

It probably won’t convince any of the naysayers to rescind their opinions, but Cavill recently sat down with MTV to briefly talk about the film – and his take on the iconic character. He begins by confirming what Snyder, producer Christopher Nolan, and screenwriter David S. Goyer have indicated from the get-go: that this film will examine Superman in a more modern context. However, Cavill claims that the fundamentals of the mythology will still be honored:

“I have read the script … it’s true to the source material, but basically there’s so little I can say about it. It’s basically just a re-imagining and modernization of an iconic character.”

He then acknowledges that Superman Returns was cut from the same cloth as Richard Donner’s Superman movies and that Routh’s performance has a great deal in common with Christopher Reeve’s portrayal of the character. When asked if that means he’ll be making a deliberate departure from their work, Cavill explains:

“That’s tough to say. It’s very early days yet. Superman is Superman after all. There’s only so much of a change you can make to that. It’s certainly going to be different, but not so different that it’s unrecognizable.”

henry cavill as superman Henry Cavills Superman Will Be Different But Not Unrecognizable

Fan art depicting Henry Cavill as The Man of Steel

Snyder’s definitely facing an uphill battle when it comes to fan reaction at the moment and I’ll be honest – I’ve never been that fond of his work. You can count me in the minority when it comes to his Dawn of the Dead remake – it had a few fun moments, but I’ve just never understood the love for it. I also couldn’t really get into 300 and I thought Watchmen missed as often as it hit. Quite frankly – I feel the exact same way about the majority of his casting decisions.

Some of them are absolutely inspired (Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschach) and some of them are baffling (Malin Akerman as Silk Spectre) – and there’s even the rare occurrence where hiring someone like Mathew Goode as Adrian Veidt almost completely contradicts some of the most integral aspects of the character.

I know that not everyone feels the same way and if you’re a fan of Snyder’s work, I can absolutely respect that. My point is just that I understand how some people can get so worked up over these things. Having said that, I’m still incredibly optimistic about Cavill playing Clark Kent/Superman.

At first glance he may not strike many as Man of Steel material, but after he packs on some muscle, gets a new haircut, and we see him in the suit – I think he might ultimately win over quite a few of the skeptics. I believe he’s a solid actor and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that his casting winds up falling into the inspired category, rather than the baffling.

Superman: Man of Steel is scheduled to hit theaters in December 2012.

Source: MTV and Ralph Damiani (Fan Art)

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  1. I have no problems with Cavill whatsoever. It’s Snyder I’m worried about. I agree with this article. I don’t think he’s made an incredible movie yet and Superman has to be just that to win us all over.

    • agreed. his directing is the eqivalent of prison rape.

  2. I’m hoping that this movie can bring Superman back and jump start him into a new era. I’m a fan of the Reeves films, but I think that the series needs to be updated. Here’s hoping that this movie pays homage to the Superman we know and love while providing a story that we can believe in and get behind.

    • I agree. Superman has been “irrelevant” for a long time.

      • Oh I do love even people say Superman is ‘irrelevant’ makes me chuckle.
        He is timeless. A character that has endured for 80 years and will continue to do so for many decades to come. The last thing he is is irrelevant, far from it, he should show us a better way to live our lives. He isn’t a problem. We are.

        • Bingo. =-)

        • I agree with the “timeless” statement, but i think DC & WB have done very little to bring him into the modern era, hence why i agreed with Talby and called him “irrelevant”. Superman Returns didn’t make matters any better, since it was more like a tribute to Donner’s film and nothing else really. Superman is THE American superhero, he stands for hope, freedom, and democracy. Superman Returns didn’t instill any of that into. This is why I’m worried Snyder, with his way of doing things, may try to change what Superman stands for.

          • I’ve probably said this in other Superman discussions, but the most disappointing aspect of Superman Returns for me was that it didn’t keep its own promises.

            Leading up to the release, Singer talked endlessly about how Superman would be returning to a world that didn’t need him anymore. I thought that was perfect considering our culture’s current attitude towards the character (too much of a boy scout, not enough pathos, too colorful, etc.)

            That seemed like an incredibly insightful way to approach the film – to address how cynical we as a society have become and how that means we really need a guy like Superman more than ever.

            But that’s not really the movie we got at all. Instead, there’s one shot of the headline for Lois’ article “Why The World Doesn’t Need Superman” and that’s pretty much it. She’s not all that happy to see him, but everyone else couldn’t be more thrilled to have him back. Heck, he gets a standing ovation the second he lands in that stadium.

            That was such a huge missed opportunity.

            • I wholehartedly agree, Snyder’s got a lot live to up to. This film dosen’t just have to meet expectations, it has to surpass them. And with his track record, I’m not sure he’s capable of getting the job done.

            • I agree. They could have had Superman not only dealing with the fact that not only has the woman he loves moved on in his 5 year absence, but so has the rest of the world. Lois mentions it, but you’re right, it’s never actually touched on in the film.

              Singer should have had it where the people are almost bitter towards Superman. Not only for leaving them for 5 years to fend for themselves when disaster struck, but also sticking his nose in their business. Almost like they hate him for lording his power over them, like he’s better than them.

              There are many things they could have done with Superman Returns. But I personally thought that Singer’s biggest mistake was trying to continue in the same universe as the Donner films. In the decade of the remake/reboot, I thought it was stupid that Singer chose to make Superman Returns a continuance to the Christopher Reeve Superman films.

              • You hit the nail right on the head. Setting it in Donner’s universe was a huge no-no. Singer should have let it be it’s own thing instead of continuing the story that someone else started. He had a great cast, he just didn’t use them to their full potential, it’s a shame, really.

          • What killed it for me was CGI Superman in scenes they didnt need to use it in. The fact they left out truth, justice and the American way.

        • well played friend.

          • last comment directed @ drsambeckett. well played sir.

        • Agreed. I always like the fact that he does the right thing and is a beacon of hope for the world. Especially the way the world is today. Set down and watch Superman and Superman II with my 2 year old yesterday.

      • Superman is far from irrevelant. His ethics,morals, and ideals is still what most people aspire to. Even today.

        So him being a boyscout, has never been the problem. The world loves a boyscout. For me it has always been funny that a pair of glasses is his disquise.

        Now before anyone says “that an alien flying around stopping crime and saving people from disasters? And all you can point out, is the fact that glasses is a unbelievable disquise?”.

        I say calm down and yes it does take away some of my experience with Superman and his believability. Maybe a change from glasses to no glasses worked back in the day but not for me in current times.

        As times has become more sophisticated, technical, and knowledge based so has Superman, his powers, and biology. I am just saying maybe they can upgrade Superman where he has some type of control over his body.

        Where he can grow or shrink his muscles and bone a few inches, grow his hair longer and such. Heck, maybe just a better disquise. I mean he can change in blink of an eye how bout add a fake beard and wig.

        I don’t know but anything better than a simple suit and putting some glasses on. I not saying change the ideals of the man because that what makes him an hero.

        For the most part all heroes share the same ideal and morals. Captain America stands for just as much justice, freedom,etc as Superman does. As does Wonder Woman, Spider Man, Green Latern, Mr. Fantasic, etc. etc.

        I am truly sorry if offended anyone with my post. I understand Superman is the most iconic super hero of all time. Hey, he’s the originator of it all. These subjects can get touchy. So, I truly do apologize. To the point, he is far from irrevelant.

    • They have 2 chances to get it right, since Justice League is coming out a year later. If Snyder and Cavill fail, they can just spin off Justice League Superman, like they are doing Wonder Woman and Flash.

  3. Dude Cavill is great for superman. Snyder is awsome. Watchmen, Dawn of the dead & 300 good. I think he will pull it off. With Nolan and David in it there is not doubt that is going to be great. Nolan is a great producer/directero, David is an amazing writer and Snyder is a great visual effect guy. It will be good… Trust me. I can’t Waite for the villain. I hope is Generol Zod and Lex (as a side villian)

  4. Zack The Hack Snyder is the weak link here. Sucker Punch was an abomination.

  5. I like Cavill, think he is a better choice than Routh, he looks manly, yet kind, and likable. Routh looked a lil too pretty. I was disappointed with Watchmen, don’t really get why they had to change the ending. Kinda ruined the movie for me actually. Liked dawn of the dead, but not much since.

    • Cavill looks girlier than Routh. But he still has months to go in the gym. That could change his looks a lot, including toughening up his face. We’ll see.

      • Bulking up doesn’t toughen up your face. Brandon Routh did a lot of bulking up for Superman Returns (a lot more than Christopher Reeve did), and his face didn’t change at all. It doesn’t matter how much iron Cavill pumps from today until filming begins, but it’s not going to make him go from a “girly” face as you say, to a tough he-man face.

  6. I’m not worried about this movie in the least, not with the dream team at the helm. I’m sure with Goyer’s script,Nolan’s advice, and Snyder’s visuals this movie is gonna rock y socks off

    • nolan left the project long ago for batman 3 and won’t be returning . snyder said in a much earlier interview that goyers script needed “major work” (i.e. slo-mo and cartoon action, less character development most likely). the dream team is gone, supes is left with a dipsh*t at the helm.

  7. snyder is a great director yeah SP was a miss but he will learn from his mistakes hell captain america director did the awful wolfman before cap

    cavill already looks like superman imo

    snyder casts his movies extremely well – billy crudup as manhattan was brilliant casting

    • Cavill looks nothing like Superman to me at the moment. Too small and too weak in both face and demeanor. But he still has 5 months of training to go through, which can change his look a lot, so it is too soon to give up hope.

    • unbeleivable statement. every great director should be insulted by that snyder comment. asa a film fan, i know i am.

  8. I’m totally on Board with Synder’s cast for MOS so far. The fact of the matter there were going to be complaints about whoever was cast as Superman and Lois Lane because everyone has their own image of what Superman and Lois Lane should look and act like. Synder’s got a tough job because unlike Watchmen, Superman is a pop culture icon which means everybody is gonna have a laser like focus on the choices he makes. That being said, he took the job , and its clear he’s got a heavy burden in living up to expectations.

    • The vision of what Lois and Superman look and act like should be what it is in the comic books.

      And Snyder living up to the expectation, many people already hate the film, and it hasn’t even began shooting yet. That is what killed Superman Returns, the costume and other aspects had people declaring it awful before the first teaser trailer came out. So when those people saw it, they instantly hated it because they talked themselves into hating it before it’s release.

      Snyder’s film will suffer the same fate. Comic book fans will be angry with it from the get-go when they see the costume (because I know Snyder is going to want to stray from the source material on that, like he did with Watchmen.) I’m indifferent right now. But I think I’m going to hate it, just from the fact of how I hate Snyder’s visual style that he uses in his movies, not to mention the overuse of slow motion scenes.

    • that’s the thing here, superman is not watchmen, he’s not just for comic fans. he has huge fans who have never read a comic book. watchmen is for comic fans, which apparently, with it’s poor box office returns, was only seen by comic fans.

      • must appeal to the masses, not just fanboys.

  9. I don’t hate Clavill as an actor but don’t think he is right from the part. He’s just doesn’t have the physique that makes him look imposing like Supes needs to be.

    Snyder is pretty middle of the road for me. Dawn of the Dead was ok but really didn’t bring anything new to the story. I liked how 300 was done but was at times a bit too over the top. Watchmen was eh. I thought they did a poor job bringing the overall story together but I did like many of the characters (and the gratuitous sex scene was just unnecessary and silly). I haven’t seen Guardians or Sucker Punch so I can’t comment on those. So from what I have seen he has done, he isn’t exactly instilling me with confidence.

    I don’t want another “meh” Superman film but from the cast to director to villain choices, that’s what I feel I am going to end up getting.

  10. Spot on Mathew Goode as Adrian Veidt being a bad casting choice… that was the one thing about the Watchmen movie that bothered me the most.

    Willing to give him a chance on this movie, though. It’s very unlikely to me that any new Superman movie will ever top the first Christopher Reeve Superman movie to me so they can try whatever they want.

  11. As for Cavill, he needs to talk to Chris Evans and get some tips from him. If he can’t bulk up as much as Chris Evans did for his own role, then he doesn’t deserve this role.

  12. I really like Snyder’s style, but I really hate Cavill in this role. Cavill looks like a nobleman/aristocrat, which is why he mostly gets cast as that. I think the thought process for a few people is “Superman is noble/honorable in character.” “Cavill looks like an noble/aristocrat.” “Cavill can pass as Superman.” Noble character and aristocrat are getting mixed up. Clark is a farmboy and Superman is very “of the people”. He should look more like the linebacker from a Midwest college. Handsome and wholesome overgrown boyscout. I look at Cavill and can see James Bond or any number of suave aristocrats, but I see no farmboy or humble journalist or just plain Superman.

  13. I will only rate the look of Cavill for Superman when I see him in the suit. As of Snyder can’t say I’m a fan of his, the visual effects he uses are great but other than that.

    I’m still curious who Snyder will cast as Jor El, and who will be the villain.

  14. Now ive been waiting 4eva for this. cavill I think is a good but risky choice, jus needs 2 put on a few pounds I think.
    But what I would love 2 see I more of a super fight unlike superman returns and maybe a bit darker n not 4 kids like batman.
    Lets hope they find a good jor-el 2 start the film with.
    Please make an epic film!!!!

  15. If cavill can beef up and look like that fan art pic in the article, then he’s a great superman in my book. I know the.cast so far can act their parts, so let’s hope all the other bases are covered. I think this has a high possibility of exceeding everyone’s expectations.

  16. He actually looks like a good fit for Bond, a part I believe he has been up for in the past.

  17. Very fair, well thought-out article, Chris. We disagree on some of its points, but you explained your reasoning quite clearly and civilly. I appreciated that.

    I think Cavill will make a great Clark/Superman. He has the look to play Superman, once he bulks up. We have no reason to doubt that he will not do so, because obviously Superman must look strong (which, naysayers aside, both Cavill AND Snyder understand). As for his ability to play smalltown, corn-fed football physique, nice guy, his face seems nice enough, with an intense gaze that, in the role, should serve nicely for those times when he must portray a man with a secret and the intelligence to keep that secret successfully. Some people are saying that he looks too pretty or too aristocratic; I disagree. I DO, however, know for a fact that many of the “down-home” heroes, the “cool” guys, and the “in-crowd” look much like this…one of the reasons they ARE so popular.

    Here’s the catch: Many dorky, geeky, nerdy people look great too…or have a definite potential to look great in the future. Cavill can change his demeanor, his behavior, and make himself geeky or dorky enough to be convincing when he’s NOT in the blue and red tights…if he’s a good enough actor. I believe he is.

    As for Snyder, I will simply say that I know he’s not a fantastic director, but he CAN and has been a really good director (I thought “Watchmen”, “300”, and “Guardians of Ga’Hoole” were great fun WITH great casting and, even, some appropriate changes–live-action psychic squid=dumb ending versus unimaginable explosion=tragically believable, Matthew Goode’s smaller frame WITH intelligent, “harmless” eyes and expression, but extreme confidence=less suspicious antagonist). He DOES, have Nolan as a source, even if there’s no direct intervention in the direction or day-to-days.

    Snyder said the film will be based on no specific storyline; I don’t understand why more people don’t simply think that this means he will take elements from various stories and interpretations to create this generation’s Superman film…THE LAST DAYS OF KRYPTON did a great job of taking diverse elements and creating a wholly new, yet familiar, origin story in novel form.

    I have great faith in this film, ESPECIALLY after the last few casting decisions…

    • BTW, excuse my overuse of “nice” early on…self-editing sometimes leaves a lot to be desired…sigh.

      • It probably didn’t come across this way in the article, but I actually do like Cavill – and I greatly prefer him to other names that were being suggested.

        As for Goode in Watchmen… it wasn’t that he looked too different from Veidt in the comics. It was his effeminate and borderline creepy performance that bothered me. For those who were unfamiliar with the comic, it probably tipped them off immediately that something was up with him. It really takes away the power of that third act twist – at least for me.

        I didn’t miss the squid one bit, but Veidt’s characterization in the film is still a major point of contention for me.

        And I also appreciate how articulately and respectfully you stated your case. I think we’ve probably all experienced how quickly these discussions can nosedive into something a lot more unpleasant.

        • of course he was effeminate, veidt is gay! i can’t be the only one who saw him holding hands with david bowie outside of studio 54 in the opening credits. it’s metioned in the comic and the film. also has the “boys” folder on his computer.

          • Yeah, but his sexuality is not the issue. It’s the fact that overall I thought he was too creepy, cold, and conceited – and I thought the way he was depicted in the comic made for a far more effective reveal when you learn what he’s been up to.

            In the movie, Veidt seemed suspicious right away. I just felt that was a really poor choice.

  18. He can bulk up, change his hairstyle and put on the suit but that doesn’t change the fact that facially he looks nothing like any incarnation of Superman I have ever seen.
    And that Lois is much older than he is, and that Martha is hotter than Lois, now that’s just wrong!

    • …but that’s the whole point, isn’t it? Cavill WILL be a different PORTRAYAL of Superman than we’ve seen in the past. I thoroughly enjoyed Dean Cain’s version as much as I’ve enjoyed Tom Welling’s version, both of whom had different versions than Christopher Reeve…all three of whom played the part VASTLY differently from George Reeves. I’m not even including the “Superboy” shows or the animated series. I have enjoyed all of these portrayals for a variety of reasons.

      I will simply have to disagree with you that Cavill doesn’t have the look to play the character…

      As for the two female characters, Diane Lane (I think) will play the nuturing matron wonderfully well, and Amy Adams can EASILY play the gorgeous, headstrong reporter who becomes the love of a near-god. I know you don’t think she’s particularly attractive, but I do (as do a great many others).

      I remain happy and hopeful…

      • And I remain sceptical and disappointed. I might feel different when I see Cavill in the suit.
        I’m far more concerned about Snyder, who I simply don’t think is a good director and no one will change my view on that, and the script, which no one has anything nice about.

        • How’s your “break” going?

          • ChewyB aka Coop aka MJC05,

            Don’t be an ass.

            And someone using multiple user names always rubs me the wrong way and moves that person towards a ban.


            • More than one person on this computer Vic :) Sorry

  19. @ Archaeon, I completely agree. I for one love Snyder’s work, especially Dawn of the Dead. As for the cast, no complaints here, love them all. Can’t wait! :)

  20. I’ll admit I enjoyed 300, but Watchmen was garbage, and for the most part I’m on the fence for this movie. Amy Adams just doesn’t look like Lois Lane to me. She looks more like Lana Lang, but maybe it’s just me. Rachel McAdams or Zooey Deschanel would have made a better Lois, Annette O’Tool made Martha Kent Hot, but that wasn’t the only reason to watch Smallville. I did like Costner as Jonathan Kent, now if they get Viggo Mortensen as Zod, or better yet as Brainiac, then I’ll see the movie. Otherwise we’ll see a Re-Reboot of Superman in 4 or 5 years from now.

  21. If you watched Smallville, you can see how Superman can be done differently and still work. Times have changed and so should Superman. It doesn’t need to be any drastic change, but George Reeves’s Superman wouldn’t quite be right for today’s audience…

    • And I’ll add that even Christopher Reeve’s Superman wouldn’t work for today.
      The tough thing seems to be making a Superman movie edgy when the character itself is not. He’s not an anti-hero, and it seems that since around the time of the Vietnam War a lot of America moviegoers (with a few exceptions here and there) like anti-heroes. But Superman is not Batman or any other individual who takes to vigilantism. He’s no Dirty Harry.
      They have to stop making the MOVIE nice, sweet and “aw shucks” in nature. But definitely do not change who Superman is — that will smell of selling out Superman and make for a Superman who’s more of a marketing tool to reach out to teens who like big, cool things with lots of ‘splosions.
      Keep Superman the same, but change the world around him — lots of gray areas, people just doing what they have to do to survive, and the villains more evil than ever.
      And show him struggling with that evil side of human nature. That’s one setting that worked for Batman and can work for Superman, too.
      It did work in Smallville.

      • Well said! I agree completely. I’m hoping that this Superman is somewhat like the Superman from the animated series and the animated Justice League shows.

  22. I personally wanted to see a more mature take on superman. We’ve already done the young superman with smallville for a decade, and Routhe’s portrayal as still sort of young (almost cardboardish) and comparing the new guy to all iconic pictures of superman (over 40 yrs old I’d say) posted on most of these articles, im not really anticipating this upcoming story so much. I do hope it turns out better than I predict.

    • I was hoping for that, too. A lot of people already know of Superman’s origins — and if not, there’s still the Christopher Reeve movies and even the Smallville TV show there to help fill in gaps.

      I’m really getting tired of all these reboots treading over the same, old origins again and again.

      How many more times do they have to reboot Batman and Spider-Man and every single other known franchise or character.

      Are they going to reboot Hulk, too? And how soon until there’s a Thor or Captain America reboot? I bet they’re already planning them.

      • Thats another great thing about the first Tim Burton Batman movie no origin story!

        • They did have a flashback of Bruce encountering Jack Napier at his parents’ murder. They could just as easily have that kind of brief scene in this film. Don’t assume they’re going to tell the origin, in detail, again…

          • Weird kinda like what they did in Superman Returns.

      • I see what your saying, but when you leave it up to superman the movie and smallville to fill in the gaps, you don’t get a new fresh superman, your still going off everything else. I think that is what they are trying not to do. What about the younger audience that superman is going to be a new face to them, and they are to young to know about Christoper Reeves portrayal on the character?

        I’m happy to see a new origin. But that is just me.

        • But the story’s the same. I don’t need to see the same story, with different actors and slight differences. I rather they pretty much just jump in.
          They’re already casting familiar characters (Pa Kent, Ma Kent, Lois Lane, etc.) and I don’t need to be introduced to them.
          Filmmakers and studios need to stop pandering to the most clueless of people. They’re stretching things too thin with their greed.
          Besides, who’s really going to watch this? It’s going to be mostly people who are familiar with Superman.
          Look at what’s going on with Spider-Man. They just restarted it less than 10 years and now they’re going to start again? Why tread over the same paths again and again? I ask the same of Superman
          To me, unless Snyder’s going to go drastically different with it, I don’t need an hour full of backstory. It seems he might go that route since it has those familiar characters I mentioned above. I honestly rather have Superman already Superman or just on the verge of putting on the suit.

  23. Why does the word re-imagining and Superman really make me nervous about this movie. Bring back Brandon Routh.

    • yeah brandon routh is the closest superman,cavill was unfit for that role.. i don’t like him he is dull…they were destroying that iconic hero… geh duh

  24. I feel Caville is a great casting call. I truly feel this movie will be fantastic(I have been wrong before). I’m fan of Snyder and his work. I do see where others are not. But hey, we all have our own opinions. That is why we come here. To get great entertainment news and to share thoughts and feelings about a common interest, films and entertainment. Get them ScreenRant(lol)…nah really, I love this site.

  25. smallville = gheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey

    As long as he is wearing the traditional Supes suit and not some dipsh*t, venti latte sucking, distressed messenger bag wearing, Bay area graphic artist’s 2011 take then we should be fine
    The Alex Ross Kingdom Come suit would work nicely as well

    • spelling it differently doesn’t make it any less homophobic.

      • So now saying “something is gay” means the person saying it is homophobic?

        Yeah, whatever.


        • It’s a common part of the modern vernacular, so it wouldn’t really be fair to refer to everyone who says that as homophobic; this is true. However, it’s still a pretty profoundly stupid phrase that was certainly born out of homophobia. There is a wonderful plethora of words in the English language that can be used to express the same sentiment (in a much, much better way), so I don’t see the appeal in “That’s so gay.”

          Yay! Semantics and Superman!

          • Vincent,

            I never use the phrase, myself, but yeah, I’ve heard it a LOT – up until the recent dust up over its use in the trailer for that Ron Howard movie (I forget the title). And I don’t think it was borne of “homophobia” as much as it was from the perception of effeminate behavior coming from a guy.


            • Not not gay like Liberace lol
              the broad who plays Lois has nice cans!
              Smallville is Ghey like the South Park episode

        • Vic…

          It may not have to do with homophobia always, but it CERTAINLY does sound silly when used in any sort of negative context and does not make the speaker seem particularly intelligent.

          • I agree. Like I said, never use the term myself.


      • this won’t be gay like a man-pile, but pretty gay anyway. is that better? probably not. lighten up man, or boy, considering the overt political correctness on a friggin’ superman page.

  26. I dont see this Cavill guy pulling it off. They should have giving it to Brandon or Tom. SUPERMAN RETURN suck because of the story and stage of Superman they decided to go with. The director sucked and he always be changing good known characters to his gay vision… he shouldnt be allow to touch comic movies ever again!

    Brandon fits all that it is Superman, if not… people is dying to see Tom doing it as a mature/adult Superman but they would have to get rid of all Smallville cast.

    Henry Cavill is just wrong… he is going to pack about 20 pounds of solid muscle. He doesnt have a commanding-hero-save-the-day face. BUT ZACK SNYDER is awesome… aside from Watchmen(too long it lost me). Hopefully he spends time in what people wants to see. A Superman movie of just Superman 90% of the movie fighting and kicking ass and 10% Clark Kent.

    Everybody knows who is Superman and that he gotta be Clark Kent but if you read comics or watch his last cartoon movies… is pretty much all Superman and one ocurrence of CK.

    **SMALLVILLE… should have ended in season 7 or somewhere around there. Smallville was great but nowdays it is just a soap opera 80% and 10% Green Arrow and 10% Clark Kent. I am still watching it just because I want to see Clark fly and how he looks in costume. I hate Chloe and Lane characters, I cant stand them. Chloe is not even a real character in the life of Superman! The show should be call “How Clhoe met Clark” by now. Oliver never been such a good friend to Superman, could have been a younger Bruce Wayne before the darkness doing college at Metropolis or something.

    • POCHO…

      Actually, those of us who read and enjoy the comics and watch the shows and films know full-well that to make an updated Superman film successful, the filmmakers must be certain to include Clark’s “humanity” with Kal-El’s power, in balance.

      Your 90-10 formula is a recipe for disaster…Thankfully, most of us realize that AND are happy you are not responsible for this production.

      • Yes not showing Superman’s humanity and just fighthing through the whole movie wouldnt even be worth me seeing.

    • Green Arrow probably would have been Batman in Smallville, but there are rights issues involving the character. They couldn’t use Batman so the went with the closest approximation of the character…Green Arrow.

  27. It time for Superman to loose the red underwear. Keep the colors of red, blue and yellow, but not bright colors because that tends to look too comic and less realistic. As for his hair, it can be a little bit longer to get away from the prep look and may perhaps give a more raw and rough look to the later Superman comics. Please present a couple different suits to the public to see the overall feel of the general public prior to filming. Go big Mr. Snyder, but don’t loose him by making major changes to an icon.

    Oh yeah, I’m for a battle with Darkseid rather than Zod. Mainly because we haven’t seen that in a film yet.


  28. Chris,

    Umm…fans were not “divided” regarding the casting of Cavill and the casting of Adams as Lois. Most fans with a level head, LOVED the casting of Cavill and Adams. Maybe you listen to too many of the bias Routh and Welling fans and trolls of this site who don’t have any credibility and are just DC haters?

    That would explain your rationale in this write up of yours…because your completely off the mark on that one pal.

    • There are plenty of level headed opinions right here in this thread that are not sold on Cavill, trollhunter. And it’s not specific to this site.

      I’ve seen the same thing play out on other sites, forums, etc. I’ve seen it on Facebook and with discussions I’ve had with my friends. In fact, in my experience it’s been the DC fans and not “haters” who are most passionately opposed to it because they’re such big Superman fans.

      I don’t think to say that the reaction has been mixed or divided is an unfair statement. With any comic book adaptation, casting is pretty much always a controversial aspect.

      Perhaps you’re just surrounded by a larger number of like-minded individuals.

  29. have heard alot of petty hate over the actors and actresses. superman’s played by a british guy whine, whine, whine. keep the complaints directed at the hack of a director. you may not hate him chris, but you are right, he’s done nothing remotely impressive. dawn of the dead was as enjoyable as a castration performed with a hammer.