Henry Cavill Officially Cast as Zack Snyder’s Superman

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superman cast henry cavill Henry Cavill Officially Cast as Zack Snyders Superman

Put aside the rumors of True Blood star Joe Manganiello as a frontrunner to play Clark Kent in the next Superman film as Zack Snyder and co. have found someone else to play their Kryptonian hero.

Henry Cavill (The Tudors, Stardust) has been officially cast as Clark Kent/Superman in Superman: Man of Steel. Warner Bros. confirmed the news this morning along with Zack Snyder’s comments on Cavill as his leading star.

“In the pantheon of superheroes, Superman is the most recognized and revered character of all time, and I am honored to be a part of his return to the big screen. I also join Warner Bros., Legendary and the producers in saying how excited we are about the casting of Henry. He is the perfect choice to don the cape and S shield.”

The 27 year-old Cavill, while relatively unknown compared to fellow DC superhero actors Christian Bale and Ryan Reynolds, is a growing star and certainly has the look to play a younger Clark Kent, a much younger Clark Kent compared to the rumors of 40 year-old Jon Hamm of Mad Men fame playing the iconic character.

Cavill can be seen later this year playing Theseus in Immortals, starring alongside Mickey Rourke, John Hurt and Kellan Lutz and was a key character in The Tudors for its entire run, working with Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

henry cavill clark kent superman 280x288 Henry Cavill Officially Cast as Zack Snyders Superman

The story of the Superman reboot won’t be a full origin story and may differ from the comic books significantly in that respect. The story originates from the minds of Christopher Nolan, who was previously set to produce the project, and comic book movie veteran, David S. Goyer. Goyer is penning the script for Zack Snyder.

As for what the story of the new Superman movie will be about, Snyder explains it has no ties to previous franchise films and is not based on any specific comic book story.

“As I have already explained, the film will focus on early days of Superman, so there will be no links with other films. This is not a remake then. Similarly, although I still can not talk about the script, I can assure you that this new Superman will not be based on a comic book in particular.”

What do you think of Cavill as the new Clark Kent and who should play Lois Lane?

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[Update: Click here for more on the story behind Henry Cavill’s casting as Superman!]

Superman: Man of Steel is targeting a December 2012 release date.

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  1. 1-looks too young
    2-i love reeves
    3-has too much of a pretty face, delicate
    4-i highly dislike routh,
    5-superman is not a bodybuilder nor a male-supermodel, he is thick muscular and tough
    5-hamm would have made an awesome middle-aged tough superman, with issues
    6-snyder is absolutely great at what he does, i’ll wait and see

  2. IMO it’s an awful choice. Not at all the Superman type. He doesn’t look the part at all. Sad to see yet another bad casting job on these films and yet another miss step in this production.

    • Daniel, like you were gonna see this anyway with all the Snyder bashing you do LOL. but yeah I do ageree he doesn’t look the part :)

      • Anthony if they had cast Jon Hamm I would of watched it in the theater and had they cast the True Blood guy I would of gave it a dollar theater or DVD viewing. Either one would of been a good choice. There are actually maybe a 7 or 8 actors that if they were cast I would of eventually watched this one way or another be it opening day, Dollar theater or a DVD rental. However this is not one of those choices. There were rumors of so many actors and nearly everyone of them was good or acceptable and they went with the one that looks the least like Clark/Superman. It’s the only one of the options that literally doesn’t look the part in any way at all.

        • Yea I really don’t know much about this guy. But I am a fan of Snyder, so depending on other casting and villain choices, well its pretty much a waiting game for me I guess really.

        • @ Daniel F

          So you’re not gonna see it? I hate to say that i have a hunch that i’ll probly skip this reboot. Even though i have different opinions on who i thought should have the role, i agree this guy just doesn’t look that good for the role. For me to see the film, it will take one heck of a plot/villain or villains in the script otherwise i’ll to rent it for $1.00 on dvd.

  3. I liked his character in Stardust and the transformation that takes place in the movie. I like the casting decision because it came out of left field. I’ll see the movie.

    • @ Joe K: Cavill’s character in “Stardust” didn’t change. He played Humphrey not Trisan.

      • We watched it last night and I kept looking at Tristan and thinking, “that’s not him.” Got the actors confused. Though, techinically he does change at the end from being straight to the hint that he’s actually gay thanks to the wink from Robert DeNiro.

        Thanks for the catch. As soon as we watched Stardust, I knew I had mistyped.

  4. Great choice. He was the one i was pulling for!

    Now lets get Emily Blunt as Lois Lane and ill be one extremely happy camper!

  5. I don’t know this guy but my wife got really excited.
    I’m just glad its out of the way. Who else is going to be in it and who is Superman gonna be throwing down with?
    Perhaps the Welling / Routh feud can finally be laid to rest.

  6. This doesn’t have anything to do with the Superman movie, but it looks like Supergirl and Zod will be returning to Smallville before the series is over.


  7. It better have one heck of a plot & script to it, aswell as villain/villains. Otherwise this will be another reboot i’ll be skipping & stick to what Christopher Reeve started.

    • The Christopher Reeve films are tired and outdated, and they have a lot of character flaws. Such as Lois being a chain-smoking skank, Luthor being a goofball with a sidekick, and Superman being a puny looking wimp.

      But as a reboot, it’ll have a better chance than Superman Returns. Superman Returns was picking up in the same universe as the Christopher Reeve films.

      This reboot will finally give us a chance of washing the bad taste out of our mouths that was started in 1984 with Superman 3, and took a steady decline.

      • @ Gary

        You have some valid points in your statement,but the first two Christopher Reeve films were great. Superman 3 could of been better aswell as the 4th film if the studio didn’t stretch out money with that film & that piece of crap Masters Of The Universe film. I agree about Luthor having Otis by his side but im sure he was for comedy relief & yes I couldn’t stand Margot Kidder as Lois Lane. I forget the other choices they had & forget her name, i think her last name was Warren. But id rather seen her than Kidder. I thought Reeve looked great as Superman as alot of people do.

      • Lois Lane has always smoked. She even did in Smallville.

        • @ Dr.SamBeckett

          I just found Margot Kidder as annoying in the films, thats just me. Teri Hatcher & Erica Durance are great in that role, i like them both so much that i can’t decide who i like more lol.

          • Erica Durance is the best Lois in my opinion, certainly in the most recent seasons.

            And to be honest, I found Margot Kidder very annoying too.

            • DSM,

              As you know I don’t think Smallville is the best thing ever, but I do agree that Erica Durance is the best on-screen incarnation of Lois out of all the actresses who’ve played her.


              • And Michael Rosenbaum was also the best Lex Luthor too.

            • @ Dr.SamBeckett

              Lol like i said, its’s a tie between Erica & Teri. But i do agree that Erica grown into the character more since she appeared in season 4. I was glad Teri Hatcher made a cameo appearance as her mother on Smallville on those video tapes. In a way, i think of the two as the same in a way while being different at the sametime. Lol probly don’t know what im talkin about huh.

              • I think they both made Lois into a very strong character, much more so than in any of the films, but as is so often the way with television they had the time to truly develop those characters.

                • @ Dr.SamBeckett

                  I agree.

  8. I am not racist or sexist or any of those things, but I am a realist. I HATE REAL PEOPLE! Cast a Kryptonian or I’m not seeing the movie. Thats my final. They might as well figure out how to do it. To satisfy this crowd DC WB will eventually need a Thanagarian, an imp, a Martian,,maybe more Kryptonians, an Amazon, etc.. Does anyone know if you’re supposed to capitalize fictional proper nouns? Sorry Ants, I had some sarcasm of my own to hurl. :)

    • You were hurling something, but I wouldn’t call it sarcasm, I would use another word starting with S. :-D

      • After (very brief) consideration, yea, you’re right.lol. :)

  9. Wow!

    Can’t believe WB’s finally got their man and it seems like Nolan and Snyder were on board with casting Cavill, since he beat out the others that were contention for the role. After years of being the runner up in previous Superman projects and losing out to Craig as Bond and also being under consideration for Hal Jordan in Green Lantern…it seems the time is NOW for Cavill!

    Interesting to see who the other contenders were for the Supes role at the link below.

    Not much of a surprise though, except hearing that Goode seems to have been the runner up for the role? I still have a feeling this may not be the last we hear of Goode.

    I can see Goode being considered as Lex Luthor, Braniac or even The Eradicator in this next Supes film. My two top choices were Cavill and Hammer for the role of Supes. Now lets get this kick ass Superman film rolling baby!


  10. Other contenders for the role of Superman whom Cavill beat out!


  11. Oh…Oh…it’s time for the whiney crying little DC Hating fan girl trolls to start moaning and b***ing about Cavill being cast as Supes.


    Casting Cavill as Superman has been a loooong time coming and the time is NOW to meet his destiny!

  12. Great casting! This time is right for Cavill since he is now 28. He lost out on the roles previously mainly due to his age and he lost out to Craig as Bond due to his age as well.

    Can’t wait to see him in about 5 months when he bulked up and in great shape. He is already in solid shape, but I’m sure he will add about 15-20 more pounds of muscle by the time the cameras start to role in July.

    I see them going with Rachel McAdams or Emily Blunt as Lois Lane. Olivia Wilde might have a shot also…but she needs to gain some weight.

  13. Poor Tom Welling, never had a chance… Why Tom, why couldn’t you just get a little better at acting? =(

  14. I looked at a bunch of videos and pictures of the guy and he has a lot of different looks depending on the hairstyle and facial hair he is sporting. So I think he might just pull off a passable Superman/Clark look. His English accent isn’t all that heavy so should be all right there too. All in all he might just work. I don’t think he’ll be quite as dead on as Reeves but he’ll do.

    • No one will ever fit the image of Superman as well as Reeve did, he will always be Superman. Legend.

      • 100 percent correct DSB!!

        • I think someone needed to say it. It doesnt matter how many other people play Superman, when everyone has forgotten Tom Welling, Dean Cain, Brandon Routh and Henry Cavill, Christopher Reeve will still be Superman.
          His first 2 Superman films are a testament to what comic book films should be, it is impossible to think of Superman without thinking of him, he made Superman earnest and super human. And he was a great guy in real life too.

          • @ Dr.SamBeckett

            I think it was Dana Delany from the Look, Up In The Sky! The Amazing Story Of Superman dvd when she mentioned when it comes to shows or films, neither is better than the other. They’re all great in their own way. Especially who plays Superman.

            • Playing Superman is such a big thing isnt it? You go down in history for playing the role.
              And everyone has brought something different to it, but Chris Reeve defined what playing Superman means, his Superman was inspirational, at least to me.

              • @ Dr.SamBeckett

                I agree. He was the first ive seen as Superman & always be my favorite. One of my life-long dreams would be to see all 4 films in the theater cause i never had the pleasure of seeing them on the big screen. I wasn’t born yet when the first film came out & considered too young to see the rest. So it would be a let down to me knowing i only seen Superman Returns in theaters unless i see this reboot for the heck of it.

                • Same here, I wasnt even born when those films came out, but I still watch them constantly.
                  Superman Returns was actually best viewed at the cinema, the plane crash was aewsome on the big screen.

                  • @ Dr.SamBeckett

                    I don’t know about you, but i wished i had all 4 films in full-screen. Voice in my head says maybe i should be like the guy from Shawshank Redemption film & mail WB a letter everyday requesting them if they could re-release all 4 films in theaters everwhere, atleast the first two films before the new film comes out. I did like that Plane sequence in Superman Returns. Reminded me of part 2 of Superman:TAS pilot episode where the wing breaks off, only Superman says to himself– Nice one Clark,lol. Another scene i liked is the one he holds the car as he does in the first issue of Action Comics Superman #1.

              • Sam…

                I happen to agree (though I think Routh did a great job) because he embodied the essence of the character in his acting (even in a couple of other roles in which I watched him that had NOTHING to do with Superman) AND in his life, particularly after the tragic accident. I DO, however, think that there is plenty of room in the Superman mythos for others, hence my enjoyment of Welling, Cain, and Routh. Tim Daly and the other animated version voice actors have done respectable jobs in their portrayals. George Reeves didn’t quite work for me, but he seemed to respect at least the idea of the character (playing him as an impertubable force for good). I very much enjoyed the lighter portrayals, as well, of the Superboy T.V. shows, although they obviously were not of the same quality as most of these others.

                Christopher Reeve, hoever, was the one they all (except Reeves, of course) aspired to be…

                • …ummm, that SHOULD be “HOWever”…otherwise, it sounds a bit disturbing…sigh.

      • Amen to that Dr.Sam

        • Jeez you and Doc are making me feel old , I actually saw all of them in the theater. There was something great about the first time I saw superman fly across the big screen larger then life. I have like and respected pretty much eevry interpetation of the Hero, from George Reeves Tom Welling and everyone in between, Tv cartoon, Movie I have liked them all , some more then others, but overall their respect for the character has always been done with respect, well except for Returns, which i dont blame Routh for , I squarely lay that on Singer, he disrespected the character, and that why I dislike that movie so much, Make a bad movie , ok I mean superman 3 and 4 where horrible , but they didnt disrespect the character.
          That how i feel about Cavill as Kal -El, Im fine with it now its up to Snyder to deliver us a Superman that makes see him bigger then life again. I want to be able to take my son to see it and say, see thats Superman.

          • @ Loco Lobo73

            You’re Lucky to see them in theaters. As a kid i can’t remember which film i saw first, i remember it was etheir Superman 2 or 4 cause it was on tv. I think Superman 2 was the one but the 4th film was first movie i got on vhs for some reason, my mother or one of my relatives made a copy for me. George Reeves is the person my mother talks about more as Superman. She took my brothers to Superman 2 in theaters & didn’t like that Sleepover w/ Lois scene. I have to listen to her say Superman wouldn’t do that,lol. I never seen Kirk Alyn as Superman, knowing he was first actor to play the character before Reeves. Then again i havn’t search for serial films under Superman.

  15. Well I understand why they wouldn’t want to use Tom Welling since people might expect a movie following the Smallville mythos which can’t really translate to the movies because of certain things. Hopefully the guy works out, I’ve never seen any of his stuff ,but I put my faith in Zack Snyder and how he casts relative unknowns who work out great and shoot to superstardom. I just pray we don’t have another Brandon Routh on our hands. Come on make Superman a badass and have him actually fight a supervillain not frickin Lex Luthor for the uptinth time.

  16. Thank God the wait is over. I have been so tired of the endless debating on who the next Superman would be. As I have said before, I wanted Welling. Oh well, at least our next Supermans name will not be Armie Hammer. I think I would have shot my parents in the face if they named me that.

    Now on to the next debate. Who will be Lex and who is going to be the real bad guy? At least give me Metallo. As long as he can go toe to toe with big blue, I will be satisfied. I would love to see Lobo myself.

  17. I wouldnt mind some unconvrentional casting for Lois .
    Someone like Grace Park.
    It doesnt have to be her,
    But I just hope WB is thinking out of the box when it comes to casting the other roles .

    • @ Gary S: I’ve never thought of her like that but I love Grace Park. That’s a great idea.

  18. I know im late to the Party, took the weekend off from the computer to hang with the Missus. Though I really have no comment on Him being picked for Supes, I do have a comment on some of the comments made such as: “I can assure you that this new Superman will not be based on a comic book in particular.” So who are they basing him on, its not like there multiple choices on the character , there is basically 4 versions in my mind of the character and that would be 1. Earth Prime Superman, 2. Pre Crisis Supes 3. Kingdom Come Supes 4.All Star Superman.

    • Since the quotation just says it won’t be a PARTICULAR version or story, I believe it will likely combine elements from multiple sources, hopefully providing a unique, at least refreshing, take on the character and/or mythos.

  19. My biggest concern is the script, not necessarily the actors. Sounds like they’re going with that ridiculous “Superman finds himself” idea. We just went through ten years of that crap on Smallville and sounds like it’s starting up on Spiderman. Is anyone going to wise up and just give us a straight up Superman movie with a decent villian. Good Grief it’s not that hard!
    The best of the lot was Superman II. Why? It was Superman, not super-wimp finding himself. It also had a good villian. There’s nothing wrong with exploring/developing the relationship between Superman/Clark and Lois. But do you have to reinvent things every time? Give us a break.
    I’ll be shocked if this isn’t a bust!

    • I agree. I’d like to see just a big epic adventure rather than the “Let’s make Superman more human and personal bs”. Also I’m totally overdosed on both Lois and Luthor. They should just send him off into space to battle some invading space armada. Have him tear through a buttload of automated ships and finally throw down against a really powerful foe like Darkseid or Brainiac or even a return of Zod.

  20. I’m done with this movie now.

    • Good…more popcorn and Cokes for me when I see it… :)

  21. Actually ,Daniel did originall sign for only Seven films .
    The splitting idea came later, so, you never know!

  22. @ Dr. SamBeckett

    Seeing the opening credits of Birds Of Prey, im sure a new Batman show would be possible. Heck the way Dina Meyer’s Batgirl looked on one episode of that show, i bet they could work Robin or Batgirl into the show. Not every episode. but like i said it would take great a cast & writers. Id watch a new Batman show than Raven.

  23. Totally didn’t expect casting confirmed this soon. So happy clark/superman has been cast though. Can’t wait to see who else joins the cast. As for cavill not my first choice but he is a solid pick. I hope he hits it out of the park.

  24. Appears to be an excellent choice. I don’t know much about the actor, but it seems to be the traditional and widely accepted approach when it comes to casting Superman to cast a relatively unknown actor. Not to mention one that has the chops to pull off the role and seperate it from your typical superhero movie in the same way that the 1978 Donner film did. Of course, Superman doesn’t wear a mask, so I can see where an American Hollywood/Tabloid megastar that we see everyday would more than likely spoil the illusion. Needless to say that the role requires a thespian and not just a personality as they don’t have the luxury of hiring someone to play the “secret identity”, then relying on CGI and stuntpeople for our hero. (Iron Man, Spidey..)
    As far as Brandon Routh goes, aside from being hired to be a clone of Christopher Reeve in a Superman movie that was mostly a tribute to the early films… though I found Superman Returns to be visually stunning and I got myself a decent big-budget Superman fix out of it afer 20 yrs… I’m still extremely let down and shocked that Singer couldn’t have been more original, and what he attempted to do just did not work at the end of the day, plain and simple. 9 times out of 10, I will still pop in the 1978 Donner film before I watch Superman Returns. Back to Routh, he got a bad deal and it’s unfortunate that he will just have to go in the boxset with the Reeve movies and stay there, honored that he had the chance to dawn the suit and be forever a part of Superman history. Because I highly doubt that he ever really had a chance of being cast in this reboot under this director.
    Tom Welling has been the closest thing we’ve had to a live action Superman over the past ten years, even though he was tasked to play the younger “Growing Pains” version who I have sincerely enjoyed watching become the “Man of Steel” he represents on the show today, and despite the fact that we’ll be lucky to see him dawn the traditional uniform before the series concludes this year. Not to mention the fact that he’s had the longest run as the Kryptonian ever. However, he belongs on Smallville with their alternate mythology and that particular fanbase, so I’m not really sorry to hear that he did not win the role. I WILL admit that dispite my misgivings about mixing Superman actors with other incarnations, that I agree with some of the other writers in that I would love to see more of Erica Durance as Lois Lane. She’s been my favorite. Kind of reminds me of Sandra Bullock, who would have made a perfect Lois back in the day. Wasn’t she actually cast in one of the earlier reboots that fell through?
    Anyhow, at the end of the day, the one thing this reboot has had since we first heard of it… is a brilliant team when it comes to these types of movies. I can’t think of anyone better suited for this project more than Zack Snyder. Not to mention Christopher Nolan’s involvement, and David Goyer, who’s brilliant when it comes to writing this stuff. So, that said, the project is in excellent hands and we can trust that their casting and story decisions will be what’s best. I’m already excited just thinking about it, can’t wait to see it next year.

  25. s not based on any specific comic book story, what is that about? that really worries me I mean there has to be some kind of parallel between the movie and the source material

    • Well the impression is that the source is filtered through the scriptwriters sense of the source material not a panel by panel interpretation of any kind. So whomever has passed judgment on the script has approved it based on their own sense and view of who and what Superman should be. The Nolans, Goyer, and no doubt Snyder have all had their say, but I wouldn’t doubt that the most influential DC creators of the recent Superman comics from the last few years haven’t at least had their say…

  26. it should have been tom welling

    • I AGREE 100 PERCENT! Not really sure who this new guy is…

  27. it should have been tom weling

    • yh should have o well

  28. A very big mistake that could very well punish us all for decades b/c SUPERMAN will not get another shot on the big screen for a decade or 2 should this one do poorly at the box office.

    No matter whether you like him or not Tom Welling should have been the choice if Superman were going to be portaryed by someone around the 30 year old range. I know the fad in Hollywood is to cast against the grain but just because it has worked for some doesn’t mean it always will work for all films.

    Zack Snyder, you better not muck this up. I stood and still stand behind THE WATCHMEN as being a great film and appreciate how you did your best to make the film as close to the original material as possible. If however it turns out that this casting choice was clearly a bad one I hope you are re-cast to direct only straight to DVD, Walmart Bargain bin cartoons for kids!

  29. Uuummmm… Wtf? They screwed Brandon Routh. He looked like Mr. Reeves… I want Braniac. If this veers from the comics… Then, um… What the hell is he gonna be doing? DC got it right with the Batman reboot. They effed up not letting Wheadon script WW, loosing him to Disney owned Marvel to script The Avengers. They effed up AGAIN with the casting of GL, I mean, Ryan Reynolds is OBVIOUSLY The friggin’ Flash!

    If you’re gonna have Snyder direct another DC book, give him Doom Patrol… NOT SUPERMAN!