Henry Cavill Officially Cast as Zack Snyder’s Superman

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superman cast henry cavill Henry Cavill Officially Cast as Zack Snyders Superman

Put aside the rumors of True Blood star Joe Manganiello as a frontrunner to play Clark Kent in the next Superman film as Zack Snyder and co. have found someone else to play their Kryptonian hero.

Henry Cavill (The Tudors, Stardust) has been officially cast as Clark Kent/Superman in Superman: Man of Steel. Warner Bros. confirmed the news this morning along with Zack Snyder’s comments on Cavill as his leading star.

“In the pantheon of superheroes, Superman is the most recognized and revered character of all time, and I am honored to be a part of his return to the big screen. I also join Warner Bros., Legendary and the producers in saying how excited we are about the casting of Henry. He is the perfect choice to don the cape and S shield.”

The 27 year-old Cavill, while relatively unknown compared to fellow DC superhero actors Christian Bale and Ryan Reynolds, is a growing star and certainly has the look to play a younger Clark Kent, a much younger Clark Kent compared to the rumors of 40 year-old Jon Hamm of Mad Men fame playing the iconic character.

Cavill can be seen later this year playing Theseus in Immortals, starring alongside Mickey Rourke, John Hurt and Kellan Lutz and was a key character in The Tudors for its entire run, working with Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

henry cavill clark kent superman 280x288 Henry Cavill Officially Cast as Zack Snyders Superman

The story of the Superman reboot won’t be a full origin story and may differ from the comic books significantly in that respect. The story originates from the minds of Christopher Nolan, who was previously set to produce the project, and comic book movie veteran, David S. Goyer. Goyer is penning the script for Zack Snyder.

As for what the story of the new Superman movie will be about, Snyder explains it has no ties to previous franchise films and is not based on any specific comic book story.

“As I have already explained, the film will focus on early days of Superman, so there will be no links with other films. This is not a remake then. Similarly, although I still can not talk about the script, I can assure you that this new Superman will not be based on a comic book in particular.”

What do you think of Cavill as the new Clark Kent and who should play Lois Lane?

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[Update: Click here for more on the story behind Henry Cavill’s casting as Superman!]

Superman: Man of Steel is targeting a December 2012 release date.

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  1. Interesting casting, can’t wait to see how this works out

  2. Absolutely perfect casting. I never would’ve guessed the king himself would step down from the crown to don the red and blue outfit. :)

    Now they just need to announce the villains and supporting characters and the actors that play as both.

    My vote for Braniac would be: Viggo Mortensen, Hugo Weaving, Paul Bettany, or Daniel Craig.

    • I think Mortensen should play Lex. And Rachel Mcadams for Lois.

      • Cavill, Mortensen, and McAdams all in this movie? I would forget all of my doubts if I had any and go see this opening night.

        • It’d be awesome, let’s hope they keep up with intelligent casting decisions, I’m back to being interested. For the moment.

          • I’m the same, I dont know wat the age difference is but the girl who plays Lois in the Smallville show would be a good pick, but I’d rather have McAdams.

            Hopefully we will have another villain other than Lex, may be Darkseid? Get Ron Pearlman to be him

            • I wouldn’t have Lex as the main villain, I’d have him as a scientist character in the background.
              But I absolutely love Pearlman for Darkseid!!!!!!

              • scientist character in the background what do u mean. Lex should be like his character in the comics i agree he should not be the main villain he should be a minor character.

              • Or have Lex be a fried of Clark, untill Darkseid comes down…or something but having those 4 in this movie would be brilliant.

              • Love the thought of Pearlman for Darkseid.
                I’d like to have the character of Bizarro as I don’t want other Lex Luthor centric film.

                • I would go with someone like Michael Clarke Duncan or Laurence Fishburne for Darkseid. I like Perlman but I just don’t think he suits Darkseid.

                  • I don’t think Duncan suits Darkseid either. His Kingpin was weak! Weaker than Perlman’s Hellboy as far as bad-assery goes. Fishburne could pull it off though.

                    • Your crazy, Duncan’s Kingpin was great, and so was Pearlman’s Hellboy. True they are a bit different from their comic form but that happens.

              • @ DSB

                Love the idea of Viggo Mortensen, Rachel Mcadams and Ron Pearlman as possible candidates.

                • It’s a dream combination if you ask me, putting a great cast in this movie is the only way to save it.
                  I’d also like to see Superman battling some other foe (Metallo perhaps) early on in the film and have Darkseid as the main villain.
                  They won’t come up with a cast that good though :)

                  • Wow Sam, you really were serious about Viggo huh. Thinking more about it, it could be interesting, I mean if Spacey can be Lex why not Viggo. He did play the Devil once upon a time ago.

                    • Yeah I was totally serious! The guy can do menacing and intelligence, thats Lex Luthor to me. Smallville got the closest with it’s version of Lex, but he needs the scientific background to actually make him a credible threat to Superman.
                      If it was was Viggo, I wouldnt have him bald either. At least not to begin with.

        • I still say Evangaline Lilly would be perfect as lois,

      • No more Lex Luthor, please.

        • Rob, Superman without Lex is like Batman without Alfred.

            • Yeah Lex from TAS was cool too. And you’re absolutely right on John Shea, he was a great Lex. Proved that the character doesnt have to be bald.
              I actually Lois And Clark was a very good show, it was daft at times but very well acted and they did lots of good stories considering the budget and when it was made.

                • yeah I always thought it was odd that they didnt just make him Zod?!
                  It was very much a show of its time, but I liked the confident Clark, hell, I liked almost everything about it to be honest. I used to love sitting down and watching it on a saturday evening.
                  The core cast were very good, and some of the stories were excellent, it’s a real shame it never got a proper ending, or the respect it really deserved.
                  Superman/Clark Kent as characters have had a longer life on television than they have had on film, whereas Batman seemed to exist better on the big screen. Kinda seems like that should be the other way around.

                    • A live action weekly Batman show could be brilliant, but it would need to be a cross between 24 and The Crow, add some real darkness to it, some of the craziness of Batman, but the production values and scripting of a show like 24.

                    • Also, David Boreanaz has to play Batman in this live action tv show!

        • Agreed it’s been done to death and if this film ends up being a stand alone film I dont want it all to be about Luthor it would be too much of a wasted opportunity.

          • Doesn’t have to be about Luthor, but his character has to be involved in some capacity.

            • I can agree with that like a researcher or scientist in the background as a nod to the Superman legacy however i’d like them to explore other avenues with the villains such as Bizarro or Darkseid.

              • That would be cool.

            • Like his friend, untill Darkseid or whoever comes and then he gets turned…

              • See I like the Smallville Lex-Clark friend origin but I don’t believ it should be explored here and I don’t think they should be friends at all if you saw Lex in this film it should be showing his hatred for Superman as the Earth’s self appointed saviour.

                • I think Lex and Clarke and their relationship have already explored. Maybe a reference here and there, but not a focus for the plot.

                  For the other villains in the film series (most likely to happen) would be: Darkseid, Doomsday, Metallo, Parasite, Zod and his lackeys, and Brainiac.


  4. You’re obviously not a real American because THAT is NOT American thinking!

  5. I really didn’t see what was wrong with Tom Welling. If anyone knows the part and could play both sides of Superman, it’s him.
    I can understand the departure from all of the other branches of superman though. They seem to really not want to be associated with anything prior, but I hope that doesn’t mean we get some weird Superman Lives bull****.

    The guy looks the part and from what I hear can act, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt; but why would we give it to a newcomer when we could have someone who is already an established superman actor, and plays a version of him that ALREADY strays very far from the source material.

    Bottom line is a trust the filmmakers, think Cavill looks the part, and Tom Welling could have been another great choice.

    Also: The people who care what his nationality is aren’t very intelligent.

    • I like Tom Welling, and him gettin a chance to be Superman would have been cool (now just wait for the planned TV Superman movie after the series is over with). But they dont want this connected to the show or the past movies, so its understandable.

  6. I’m sorry but am I the only one that feels based on the timing of when this film will most likely be made that we should just see Tom Welling and Smallville graduate to the big screen. Call it Metropolis or The Daily Planet in keeping with the TV name and move into the Superman period of his career. You wouldn’t have to do all that back ground story again, and could get right into the action that is Superman. I think he and Erica Durance have proved themselves admirably and are ready for this next step in the evolution of the characters. Just my RANT and both the small and big SCREEN.

    • Well since they wont be in this, you can look forward to the planned Smallville TV movie (Hopefully? Does anyone know if its still a go?). I would like to see them actually become what they are working towards on a big movie but seeing them on a TV movie would be alright too

  7. So what if the guy is British? I mean Superman himself isn’t American. Heck, he’s not even of this planet. He’s just playing the part. Remember,Clark Kent is the alter ego. If you really want to get technical then shouldn’t a Kryptonian be cast as Superman? Jeez people.

    • Christian Bale and Ryan Reynolds aren’t American either, but people are ignoring that.

      • well RDJ is playing a British icon Sherlock Holmes but theres no issue about that.

    • Personally, I’m outraged they didn’t cast a Kryptonian in the role.


      • Hahaha as I was reading the comments I was about to post the same thing. Damn you Vic for being 41 minutes ahead of me! Hahahaha

      • Damn Vic that made me laugh!

      • Vic, oh how you make me laugh sometimes. :)

        • I do what I can. :-P


      • If they had picked a certain Martian, they would’ve had the perfect Clark and Kal-El…John Jones is a shapeshifter, after all, and has covered for Clark before…


        • J’onn J’onzz

          • Although is Smallville he is Detective John Jones.

          • Actually, no. John Jones is right. It’s the name of his human identity.

      • LOL!!

        Well, they could get a Candorian if a Krytonian is too busy. 8-)

    • Clark Kent is the “real person”, Superman is the disguise…just as Bruce Wayne is the masquerade, and Batman is the real person.

      • According to Quentin Tarantino in Kill Bill, Clark is how Kal El sees humans from his alien viewpoint. Weak, clumsy, flawed physically and mentally.

        • Yes, and Tarantino clearly understands the Superman mythos…

          Pffft. Not.

  8. At this point, who on Earth doesn’t know Superman’s origins?
    First we had the Original Superman, with Reeves. (Dealt with his origins and Lex Luthor)
    Then “Superman Returns” with Routh. (Delt with his origins and Lex Luthor)
    Alas, “Smallville”, (delt totally with his origins and Lex Luthor)
    So here I am, 40+ years old, and all my life the Superman I know, never gets beyond his origins.
    How many villains are in the Superman lexicon? I will probably never see any of them, because its taken 30+ years to move past his origins.

    Excuse me if I don’t give a crap about Superman. :)

    • It being an origin story is the biggest problem.

    • I said it once, I said it again, and I’m saying it now…HAVE SUPERMAN FIGHT SOMEONE BRUTALLY STRONG LIKE HIM!!!! I’m with you 790, and DrSam. This origin stuff is meaningless to the civilized world. Was every Bond film an origin film? Or every Indiana Jones or even Batman? We need to get passed that crap and get to more of Supes story.

      • “Was every Bond film an origin film? Or every Indiana Jones or even Batman?”

        Thank you. Best comment ever.


  9. The movie already sucks. And they haven’t. Even started making it yet. I grew up watching the Reeve films and waited for years for a new Superman flick to get the rubbish of Superman Returns, the best part of that movie was the opening credits and the plane rescue. Routh was delt a bad hand. They should have gave him another shot. The last straw for me now will be if they change the Superman main theme, I bet they will. if that happens Superman in the movies for me is over. I will give up the wait and wait for a Wonder Twins movie. Give the score to John Williams please…………

  10. I was still hoping for Routh… Never mind Henry Cavill is great too

  11. The makers of the Superman reboot have stated that they will have a new approach that apparently has nothing to do with past Superman movies or TV shows. Now they have come up with an actor who looks nothing like the Superman we see depicted on posters and T shirts. Why don’t they just change the costume and give the character a different name. Since copyright doesn’t seem to be involved why not be more original in their approach? A Superman hybrid just sucks . . . big time.

  12. He is a hybrid because he doesnt look like Brandon Routh or Christopher Reeve?
    interesting Logic.
    He may look closer to the character we know by the the time the story is done.
    We shall see.

    • Good point. Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans looked nothing like their characters, but boy did they bulk up.

  13. I am curious as who will play/voice jor el since they wouldn’t use the brando voice over since its past related… the typical response would be Terrence Stamp which would be awesome!!! Since he already voice Jor El…but who else do you have in mind? Please get Joe Magniello to play Zod or Bizzaro.

    • Maybe he was always in the running to play Zod?

      • I don’t know bu he has the look to play Zod. If this is a brand new movie non related to pass movies. Please can they please introduce all the dp staff like Cat Grant, Steve Lombard, Ron Troupe,Franklin Stern. I know Jimmy Olsen, Lois Lane and Perry White aren’t the only employees at the dp lol the movie needs some comic relief….I don’t want it to be all serious. Maybe a cameo from Gen. Sam Lane associating with Waller something to do with the goverment.

    • I would like to see doomsday, but not like that tim burton thing… that was nothing like the real thing…

      bizzaro would be cool, but how would they (or would they) add in htrae (earth spelt backward)?

    • Joe Magniello : I said it before and I’ll say it again would be perfect as Zod

  14. Superman is an alien so I don’t see how an American or British would matter.

    All the etablished comics have done as cemented him as a caucasion.

    • Well he was raised by farmers in Kansas? I think. So maybe they should make hims sound like a redneck with a country twang. Heh

      • LOL

  15. Routh was perfect for this role – it was Spacey and Bosworth who were miscast. I think they made a huge mistake. Also, they need to make Lex more like Michael Rosenbaum’s portrayal…so much better than the campy crap of the movies.

    • how about the story sucking super ass as well as Bosworth being Mis casted, Spacey would have been perfect for Luthor, Its the script that sucked

      • Ok, where’s that “like” butoon… 8-)

  16. I’m very excited about Henry Cavill. He’s going to be the real draw for me to see this movie.

    I’ve seen the Christopher Reeves ones up to Richard Pryor, but I didn’t grow up with them so I don’t have the nostalgia factor associated with them being great. I’ve only seen maybe a season and a half of “Smallville” because I felt I was missing out on something by having never read a “Superman” comic before in my life. And I’ve only seen the Brandon Routh one once and I wasn’t paying attention.

    But Henry Cavill I’ve watched since “The Count of Monte Cristo” (where he played Jim Caviezel’s son for those of you who liked him for Clark Kent/Superman)and he was my favorite character in “The Tudors.”

    I was just going to write this movie off as another blah blah blah, but Cavill has me officially interested.

    • I have to agree that this news actually has me excited about the next Superman film. I’ve been tepid about the reboot up until this point, but I think this is a great bit of casting. Cavill is just close enough in looks to be right for the part but still offers something different. I’ll be looking forward to this one.

    • That’s where I’ve seen him before! The Count of Monte Cristo! Was that even in this article? If so, I’ve very sorry Rob for not reading it all.


  18. Good, I’m OK with it.

  19. Really?

  20. Love Routh, but Henry Cavill is a great choice.

  21. Im satisfied!! He doesnt look like Brandon “superboy” Routh thats for sure & Im glad for that! So far, it looks promising! NOW I would love to see who the villains are & whos playing them! They definitely have to have Brainiac as the villain for part 1 with Luthor somehow pulling the strings in the background & I would love to see Bizarro (my favorite supes villain) for the villain for part 2 & somewhere along the mix, add Parasite & a very sick & sadistic version of Toyman!! I would love to see that!! I would also love to see Darkseid & Metallo & for the final film, a CGI Doomsday! No Mxy though! I hope they make 5 Superman movies instead of 3 & make them good! Nolan good!

  22. hmm… I think this is the first time I find myself unable to form an opinion for or against a casting decision. I’m intrigued to see where they are going with this to say the least.

  23. Yipe, Henry Cavill is all set to play “The Man of Steel” I cannot hardly wait. Also, I think Jennifer Love Hewitt to play Lois Lane

  24. I like your list of baddies, but considering the type of movies they usually make, a lot of them don’t work. Hence why some of those become cheesy on Smallville.

    There has to be an immediate reason for the existance of a bad guy in a movie. Bizarro would only work if that same movie builds up to him as a clone by small fries. Brianiac could work because he’s an alien, so he’s got the given “takes over the world” card built in. Doomsday needs LOTS of build up to be done right considering that “right” took I don’t know how many comic issues and all of the Justice League to make him grand. Metallo has the same problem as Bizarro.. he needs someone to make him. Toyman would need a completely different type of movie than we are used to, more of a Batman/Detective type of movie, to give us a great scare. It would be great but doubt they’d go for it. Darkseid is good; He’s a big threat and very alien. Atomic Skull needs to be made. Bloodsport, I had to look up, but he’d be a timely villain that would be very close to home and enhance Superman’s American adoptee credentials. Bruno Manheim can be a good “starter” villain. I’d like Conduit if they do a side-by-side Origins story, or focus on the bad guy while exlplaining the relevance of nature-vs-nurture in the creation of a good/evil dichotomy. Cyborg Superman I’d prefer as JUST Cyborg, since he didn’t become a Superman till after the original died. Faora needs Zod. Gog is god, or demi- at least. lol! Jeez! … Mxyzptlk would be a fun movie, but don’t think they are up to magical/extradimensional fantasy despite this being about a man WHO CAN FLY! … Sam Lane is a good choice if Superman gets treated like Hulk, and he could be used as the catalyst to some of the “man-made” villains. Way too many to keep going, but I think you get the idea! You’re right about this being an opportunity, and I wish they’d take on Superman from different angles so it wouldn’t just be a rock’em sock’em event!

    Although, if they HAVE to do rock’em sock’em, how about Lobo thrown in the mix?

  25. Despite saying it isnt based on any particular story, i think it IS going to have elements from the J. Michael Straczynski series Superman:Earth One. it seems to have a lot of the elements that snyder mentioned the movie being about.

    • which would be great if they did , but Im thinking No considering they stated that this will not be based on any Superman comics,

  26. brandon routh for all his non beleivers of returns; was actually the best choice since reeves to ever play the man in red, yellow and blue. I dont think the right casting was made for reboot, but as it clearly has been made apparent here in this forum, i guess well have to wait and see, cant wait for a trailer tho!

  27. I would have preferred Routh return in the role, but this guy looks like Superman to me. Definitely a better choice than Mangienello (sp?). I’m OK with this.