Henry Cavill Officially Cast as Zack Snyder’s Superman

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superman cast henry cavill Henry Cavill Officially Cast as Zack Snyders Superman

Put aside the rumors of True Blood star Joe Manganiello as a frontrunner to play Clark Kent in the next Superman film as Zack Snyder and co. have found someone else to play their Kryptonian hero.

Henry Cavill (The Tudors, Stardust) has been officially cast as Clark Kent/Superman in Superman: Man of Steel. Warner Bros. confirmed the news this morning along with Zack Snyder’s comments on Cavill as his leading star.

“In the pantheon of superheroes, Superman is the most recognized and revered character of all time, and I am honored to be a part of his return to the big screen. I also join Warner Bros., Legendary and the producers in saying how excited we are about the casting of Henry. He is the perfect choice to don the cape and S shield.”

The 27 year-old Cavill, while relatively unknown compared to fellow DC superhero actors Christian Bale and Ryan Reynolds, is a growing star and certainly has the look to play a younger Clark Kent, a much younger Clark Kent compared to the rumors of 40 year-old Jon Hamm of Mad Men fame playing the iconic character.

Cavill can be seen later this year playing Theseus in Immortals, starring alongside Mickey Rourke, John Hurt and Kellan Lutz and was a key character in The Tudors for its entire run, working with Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

henry cavill clark kent superman 280x288 Henry Cavill Officially Cast as Zack Snyders Superman

The story of the Superman reboot won’t be a full origin story and may differ from the comic books significantly in that respect. The story originates from the minds of Christopher Nolan, who was previously set to produce the project, and comic book movie veteran, David S. Goyer. Goyer is penning the script for Zack Snyder.

As for what the story of the new Superman movie will be about, Snyder explains it has no ties to previous franchise films and is not based on any specific comic book story.

“As I have already explained, the film will focus on early days of Superman, so there will be no links with other films. This is not a remake then. Similarly, although I still can not talk about the script, I can assure you that this new Superman will not be based on a comic book in particular.”

What do you think of Cavill as the new Clark Kent and who should play Lois Lane?

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[Update: Click here for more on the story behind Henry Cavill’s casting as Superman!]

Superman: Man of Steel is targeting a December 2012 release date.

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  2. Let’s see how this plays out. But I still remember that rumor that script is rushed and the movie is merely an act to keep the rights to the superman franchise. Still lookin forward to the movie tho. nice choice

  3. I’m thrilled with any news on the movie! Christopher Nolan’s storytelling influence combined with Snyder’s visual style will certainly be a spectacle. It’s yet to be seen if it’ll be a good or Superman Returns spectacle.

  4. Consider me interested in this now. This guy is a really good choice.

  5. never really heard of him so i have no idea how this will turn out, but i’ll remain optimistic

  6. Still was cheerin for Matthew Bomer tho.

  7. He was awesome in “The Tudors”, probably my favorite character since he seemed to be the morale center for Henry.

  8. I am not really familiar with his work, but I am pissed off that once again a huge and largely American iconic part is going to a foreigner! I mean are there no American male actors left?

    • Who cares if he is a foreigner?

      • Agreed Kique, what the heck Adam? No need to get mad about it, he’s just better then what “amreican” actors can do. Infact alot of foregn actors are fantastic in what ever roll they do. And if they happen to have an accent most of them can hide it very very well. So maybe take that kryptonite sliver out and just relax and wait and see what this guy can offer us. And another thing I’M FORIGN! So I’m wondering then do you have a problem with me? I mean that as a question NOT an attack.

      • We need some Like buttons on this forum.

        Exactly! Kal-El IS NOT an American name, and that IS Superman’s birthright. So, why does it have to be an American playing his part? It would finally be more believable to have someone who has had to deal with two languages, for I’m sure that Baby Kal’s ship had some kind of educational Walkman set-up spouting out Kryptonian during the trip. And while he was raised in America since then, his heritage has been shown to be pretty ingrained into his conscience. At least that’s the feeling I’ve gotten from Superman lore.

        One reason I’ve always liked Tom Welling in Smallville is that his features aren’t THAT American. They are rather exotic in my opinion… maybe even a bit alien!

        • On one hand, I do understand why people are getting upset about the nationality of the actor.

          Maybe it’s the economy, the job outlook and political tension all playing a part?

          But I, myself, don’t see it as that much of a problem.
          While, in the past I’ve argued about the need for race-specific casting in certain roles, and I still do, nationality isn’t nearly as big a gap to leap over, if at all, in my opinion.

          In acting, an actor playing a white character, should be white. And the same goes for an Asian character, a black one, Latino one, etc.
          But as for where they’re from, so long as they can pull off the proper accent and mannerisms, I’m fine with them, regardless of nationality.

          But IF they cannot do that, then it’s a problem. But, hopefully, they chose the right actor.

          To use a recent example, I think they should have cast an Asian-American actor for the role of Kato in the Green Hornet movie, or at least an Asian person who actually knew how to speak English and didn’t have to take a crash course in English a mere couple months or so before filming began.

          I think a handle on English is needed in a bro-mance comedy, where quick quips, good handling and turns of phrase, and even spontaneity, can go a long way.

          So, anyway, I just hope he can play it well. Not since Reeve have I been super-impressed with any Superman actor.

    • but yet American actors been play all the foreigner characters

    • Adam, as another American here… so what?

    • To me, nationality isn’t that big of a deal for many roles, including Superman.
      I’m more concerned about whether he can pull off the Clark Kent character. He must be convincing there. I think any of the top actors who were in the running for the role could be Superman. That’s the easier part, I think.
      I don’t think Brandon Routh did a good job as Kent.
      Can Cavill? I’m not sure.
      I was wanting Joe Manganiello to get the role. I can see him as being able to pull of both Kent and Superman.

    • Superman was an anchor baby…

      • @ acslaterson: Ha-ha-ha! Jor-El had his own secret agenda then did he? Very funny!

        • @Jessie: Yes, he did! Depending on which origin you go with, one of them had him destined to rule earth! :)

      • HA! Jor-El sent him to Earth for free health care!

    • Very funny coming from someone who’s ancestors were living in Europe 700 years ago….

      History, it’s your friend…

  9. I think Superman has been made too often with too little success. Plus I don’t know what was wrong with Brandon Routh, in fact he was pretty good. It was like Superman stepped out of the comic book pages of DC. His costume was bad though. With the 3-D shield and that little red over-under-wear. There should have been a sequel with a better story and a better costume and then I would have been happier.

    But i ain’t complaining as any news about a new superhero movie is always welcome cos in my opinion superhero movies are the perfect blend of all movie emotions. It’s just that continuity would have been much better.
    Just a thought.

    • Brandon Routh was horrible. I think he was the worst Superman I ever saw. He didn’t look the part and he can’t act. I’m not familiar with this new actor at all but he seems to have the look better than Routh did so if the guy can act, he will definitely be a major improvement !

      • @ Mike: You don’t think that Brandon Routh LOOKED like Clark Kent/Superman? I only saw the movie once and under duress so I can’t vouch for the acting cause I wasn’t paying that much attention, but the boy DEFINITELY looked the part.

        • I think he looked the part, but his acting WAS horrible. But so was the directing, so there you go.


  11. @Adam P

    That is what pisses me off. Why do you have to want region specific actors? How does it even matter?
    It’s all about the acting and the direction’s vision that is important with the casting.
    Shallow thinking like that is irritating.

  12. Interesting! As “ASIA” said, only time will tell!

  13. We’ve added a poll, and no, we didn’t make one of the choices “Dammit! Why didn’t they cast Tom Welling!” (although it might be funny). :-P


    • lol You got to put that one on there, I bet it would get a good 40% on here

  14. I’ll give the guy a chance just like the skeptics for having Andrew Garfield as the new Spiderman. But I was more keen for Tom Welling to be Superman and Erica Durance for Lois Lane, just like everyone else who’s a fan of the two.

  15. This casting sure brings back memories
    of the casting wars at Superhero Hype
    and then BlueTights where Cavill had
    a fierce following among many there.

    I was for Caviezel at the time.
    Time has passed on Jim now and
    out of the remaining field Henry Cavill
    to my mind is the very best possible casting.

    I have never been more encouraged that
    the powers that be just might get this right.

    A childhood hero remains part of who you are.
    More than anything I want my hero to fly again.

    • Caviezel pulled off Jesus too well for me…i think asking for the next best thing is abit too much. Besides his voice is all funny for Superman.

      I love british actors, and i always knew they were gonna give the part to a foreigner.

      Cavill is gonna nail it.

  16. @ Vic, hell ya that would have been GREAT

  17. OK well i dont like it but were see um i still dont like it MY CHOICE matt bomer or tom wellin

  18. good choice for superman but im just going to complain about som meaningless fanboy nitpick cause you know my opinion really matters…

    i have faith in this 100% snyder with a goyer script can go nowhere but in the direction of awsome heres hoping for braniac or even darksied

  19. Brandon Routh!

    • nah

  20. I don’t care who plays Clark Kent/Superman hell they could use Jason Biggs As long as we get a real good movie this time

    Till next time

  21. I’m taking a wait-and-see approach.
    Looks-wise, from the photos I’ve seen, I can’t see him in the role, but I guess they’ll work their Hollywood magic on him.
    The biggest test is not how he plays Superman, but is he believable as Clark Kent?
    Christopher Reeve was great playing both Kent and Superman. Can Cavill do the same? As of now, I don’t see him playing Kent anywhere near as well as Reeve did.

  22. America needs a hug. From a British guy. :)

    • Now my post sounds funny, very funny, without the original thread here. :) Almost even political and out there. :P

  23. Gee, I really hope that your comment is deleted and that you are banned.
    Because, that right there is racism.

    • I think people in general, whether here or elsewhere on the Net, should look at themselves in the mirror and check their prejudices at the door. I find it bothersome when people are only sensitive to those prejudices that affect them or their close family members/friends, while blatantly ignoring, and even perpetuating, other -isms.

  24. Please be kidding, man. Did we forget to take our meds this morning? Who cares what nationality the guys has, you shame yourself, and embarrass the rest of us by posting such a knuckleheaded comment.

    • How did that not get caught by the censor stuff? Throw him in the dumpster, we dont need someone getting on here typing crap like that.

      • I second that. Racial ignorance has no place here.

  25. On the subject of this casting, it’s not who I would have chosen, but I’m willing to give the guy a chance.
    It’s Zack “all style, no substance” Snyder directing and David “the only good films I have been involved with were Batman and how much of those did I really write?” Goyer that concern me.

    • you dont know what your talking about. perfect casting choice and all of snyders films have been awsome. and the only thing goyers done that sucked hard was blade3 go back and actually pay attention to the film instead of going in on your high horse

      • Excuse me?

        Am I not allowed to venture an opinion? I never said anything about the casting being bad, just that I wasn’t familiar with the actor.

        I know exactly what I’m talking about, I’m talking about my opinion. So why dont you get off your “high horse” and stop telling me what to think.

        • no shut up

          • WTF is your problem? Why don’t you piss off pal!

          • Damn! Cool comeback, bro. :|

          • “hola”

            You’d better watch yourself. I’ve put you on auto moderate before – keep in mind I can see your IP address.

            I have no problem doing it again, especially when I see multiple user names from the same IP address.


            • Thanks Vic. And I apologise for my language, but I hate being attacked like that just for sharing my opinion.

              • Don’t provoke me sunshine.

                • Who is provoking you Sam, want I should take care of him? lol :)

                  • Anthony, break out the batarang of sarcasm. Hurl it. May your aim be true sir.

                    • I have been gone most of the day, I missed much happyman. Surprised on how heated this thread became LOL.

                    • Yea, I thought about asking ( in general ) if anybody at SR ever got their casting choice, I have not. Nevertheless I have been priveleged to watch some great comic book movies.

                    • Lets get Vic to post a fake article about Daniel Radcliffe not playing HP in the last movie, get the Rickster all stirred up? :)

                    • HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA you are evil. But that would be DAMN funny.

                  • Nah its ok, the comments were deleted hence my comment now seems very random.

              • Damn, I’m gone all day and I come back to someone else raising hell besides me! I’m curious about this though, never heard of the guy, and I mean to me he doesn’t have the Clack Kent look.
                But it is Snyder and I wanna see where he goes with this. I’m actually glad he went with a lesser known actor.

                • Lol Jeez Doc , getting alot of fanboy love huh. did you say something bad about Goyer again, lol

                  • It would seem so yes. I usually just ignore things like that, but I am as entitled to my opinion as much as anyone else.

      • Snyder’s directing of actors is horrible one dimensional, thats why….
        I have watched all his movies with commentary and this guy cares not for acting or story.
        He calls his actors “awesome” or “rockstar”, thats it, never goes into detail about why he cast them or in depth character development…cuz there is none.
        Then he blabs the rest of the time about effects shots, camera’s,shutter speed, tech babble, more things that are awesome and rockstar…etc.

        His movie’s are like very “awesome” video games…but without worse actors.

        Get ready for a soulless SuperRockstarAwesome man.

        • Correction….

          “His movie’s are like very “awesome” video games…but WITH worse actors.”

      • your wrong what about “The Unborn” plus Goyer script writting for a few films are weak he works better when someone else co-writter with him.

        • The Unborn was TERRIBLE.

    • Watchmen was all substance, little action. That’s actually the big complaint from a lot of moviegoers about it.

      • True…

        But of the cast, only 4(Manhattan, Rorschach, Comedian, Night-owl)of the characters were interesting to watch, the rest of the cast were ok to really bad, the old age make up was horrible and the look and feel of the world was very flat….

        He is very good at action and visuals but very poorly at directing a compelling story with interesting characters.

        Also…everything he does is an adaption of something and Suckerpunch is just a flick filled with everything he thinks is “awesome” and/or “rockstar”…

        The Superman flick will look very good and have some big action pieces, knowing Zack, but another origin story with his limited skill in directing actors…

        I’ll catch this online…

      • I’ll take substance over action any day.. There is a reason Watchmen is the only film of his I like. 300 was all action almost no substance which is why it was only just barely watchable. Watchmen was fantastic though. The owl movie just sucked and Sucker Punch looks to be his worst film.

        I thought he was gonna go on to good things after Watchmen and I was wrong.

        • Same here…

        • Yeah that’s the thing that gets me. We have a sky full of action movies but little or no tolerance for the one in ten thousand that makes you think.

      • Snyder is way too overrated. I really hope this one is good.

  26. This news just made my day! I’ve been campaigning for Henry Cavill to play Superman since I first watched The Tudors on Netflix a few months ago. He’s an amazing actor. He definitely has the look and style to play the Man of Steel! He was born to play this role! Finally, we have a handsome man playing Superman! It’s about time. This is a good day for comic book movies. With Snyder at the helm, this film will be epic. I am even more excited for this film now!!


    Less than 2 years to go!!! Can’t wait to see some images!

    • I knew you’d be happy Julissa! I see you on every Superman thread campaigning for Cavill lol.

    • I was thinking there’d be one female poster out here that’d be happy as I had seen her pushing for Henry Cavill.
      I should have figured it was Julissa, as she’s the only woman I see posting here thus far.
      I wonder if now a bunch of guys are going to start hitting on her?? :)
      Or maybe we’re all just so nerdy, we don’t even know how to approach a woman?!? :P

      • Uhh there are other Females that comment on here.

        • @

        • @ Anthony: If that’s how he’s reacting to us, then we don’t really want him to know we’re here. Shhhhhhhh! ;)

  27. Another I did not read any any racist or homophobic comments made by brits when they cast RDJ as Sherlock Holmes… how would you like it America if we did that every time they updated new info on Sherlock Holmes 2.

    • It’s because it’s the actor and their skills, not their nationality, that matters.

      • Try saying that about Mickey Rourke as Genghis Kahn and see where it gets you…

        • Nationality/nationalism is one thing, but race/racism are another. Yes, they are often connected, but they are two different things.

          The casting of Rourke as Genghis Khan is typical racist casting from Hollywood — another instance of whitewashing.

        • thats not the same thing

    • Hey, it was ONE MORON spouting out nonsense! Don’t stick us all into the same basket of nuts, otherwise you are as bad as that jerk!

      • I think by America, he was referring to the individual who posted the offensive comment, not Americans in general.

      • No the dude name was AMERICA, not saying America as a country, so RandomHero89 was talking about the guy not the country

  28. Not who I would have picked (would have went with Jim Caviezl) but he can do the job.