Henry Cavill Talks ‘Man of Steel’ Costume & Playing James Bond

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henry cavill talks man of steel and james bond Henry Cavill Talks Man of Steel Costume & Playing James Bond

Say what you will about Zack Snyder and Man of Steel, but the casting for the film has been pretty great so far  – Henry Cavill (the man himself), Amy Adams (Lois Lane), Russell Crowe (Jor El), Kevin Costner (Pa Kent), Diane Lane (Ma Kent), Lawrence Fishburne (Perry White) and more.

Today, Henry Cavill talked about what it was like to put the suit on for the very first time, as well as his desire to play James Bond if ever the opportunity arose. Also, check out the first pictures of Cavill’s new look – sans costume, of course – as Superman/Clark Kent.

Courtesy of Total Film, Cavill talked about preparing for the role of Superman:

“I’m on 5000 calories a day… You’ve got to eat protein first, then a little bit of carbs…you’ve gotta keep your hunger levels going. I’m training two and a half hours a day, pushing my body beyond its normal limits, putting on a lot of muscle mass and just making myself look like Superman.”

On putting on the costume for the first time [Update: An official image of Henry Cavill’s Superman costume has been released by Warner Bros., check it out here]:

“It’s extremely cool. There’s no other feeling like it. […] They just put it on, I turned around and look in the mirror and you can’t really play it cool – you sort of guffaw and laugh. I thought ‘OK, holy hell, this is real, it’s not a joke anymore. This is it…you’re doing it, you’re right in the middle of it.’”

On the role of James Bond, which he was up for when Daniel Craig was cast:

“That would be absolutely amazing. If they approached me on that I’d leap at the opportunity to do it. But that’s of course well away for the time being…”

What Daniel Craig’s James Bond lacked in brunette follicles, he more than made up for with rugged masculinity, an essential attribute for any portrayal of James Bond. While it would be unfair to suggest that Cavill is completely lacking in ruggedness and/or masculinity, he’s far more known for his pretty boy looks – which is probably what won him the starring role in Man of Steel, at least in part.

British nationality notwithstanding, Cavill is pretty spot-on for Superman – or at least a version of Superman, as there are many.  They certainly could’ve done far worse, too. Of the potential candidates for the role – including Armie Hammer (The Social Network), Ian Somerhalder (The Vampire Diaries), and Joe Manganiello (True Blood) – Cavill was by far the best.

What are your feelings on Cavill as Superman? Good choice? Bad choice? Would you have preferred someone else? Let us know in the comments.

Man of Steel hits theaters July 14, 2013.


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Sources: Total Film, MrCavill.com (via Movie Hole)

Header Image from Justice League #2 by Jim Lee.

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  1. Clark Kent= yes
    James Bond= no

    • agreed no way he would be James Bond

  2. Cavill still has a ways to go in the bulking up department. However, he does have the looks down pat for Superman.

  3. My boyfriend is infuriated that they have a non-American playing the quintessential American superhero (disregarding Capt. America of course. He would be as such in my opinion, by name alone, but one could likely argue that the Cap is more generation-specific while Superman is eternal). I’m no comic lore pro though..I only know as much as the movie and the boyfriend tell me. All I know is I’ll have to see Superman alone, as he refuses to even acknowledge the movie production even exists most of the time.

    I’m definitely interested in how this goes, beyond my objectifying, feminine intrigue :] After seeing how the Wonderwoman endeavor ended up, I’m curious if Superman will face similar trials.

    • I dont get why its such a big deal, as long the actor/actress does the character they’re portraying justice their nationality doesnt really matter right? I mean Christian Bale is welsh yet hes doing a good job as Batman, Thor was based off a Norse god but was played by an Aussie, Wolverine is Canadian but is again played by an Aussie. Its just a part they portray, its their job.

      • I’m not entirely sure, but I definitely agree with those points. I’m not particularly picky about where he comes from at all, though it would be a little awkward if he played the character with a strong accent. It could have something to do with the nostalgia of it perhaps?

        • @Myszt, Your Avatar (or Gravatar) cracks me up, LoL

          Is that just some random picture off the inter-web? Or is that you, your sister or a friend or something?

    • That’s very ironic considering Superman isn’t even from earth.

      • Hes still regarded as an iconic american symbol,(even more so than Cap) because of him standing up for “truth, justice and the american way”. He may be an alien but he also represented the ideal of being an immigrant from another place who came and made a name for themselves in America.

      • I’m pissed about it. How dare they cast a none kyrptonian as Superman

        • I know eh, felt the same way when they didnt cast an actual mutant for wolverine

        • They were probably all already casting for Bond =/

      • FTW!

  4. Okay he’s got the look down alright, BUT can he play a nerdy Clark Kent as Brandon Routh did?? I hope so. And wow he’s handsome!!

  5. Dear DC.

    Please don’t screw it up.. Please don’t screw it up.. Please don’t screw it up.. Please don’t screw it up.. Please don’t screw it up.. Please don’t screw it up.. Please don’t screw it up.. Please don’t screw it up..


    • ^^^^^
      What he said.

    • Too late.

      • Not.

        Coming along nicely…

    • I don’t understand what you are saying? 8-)

  6. I wish him the best of luck, but I gotta say, maybe I’m counting my chickens when I do… with a big budget film like this under his belt… no chance he’ll be Bond now. If he wanted to be Bond so badly then he should have turned down Superman. The only reason he didn’t get the Bond role is because he was too young. By the time Craig would finish his contract Cavill would have been the right age to take over. Now he’ll have too high of a profile to play Bond. BTW, I’m glad they chose Craig, he’s the best Bond since Dalton.

  7. Older Superman. JON HAMM.

  8. I’m starting to lose my interest in this reboot. They did not need to recast Superman/Clark/Kal El the perfect one is already out there. His name is Tom Welling. They already have the perfect Lois Lane – Erica Durance. As much as I like Amy Adams she’s no Lois Lane. The same for Laurence Fishburn as Perry White. Whose stupid idea was that? I guess Jimmy Olsen will be played by former NBA great Larry Bird and maybe Lex Luther played by Alice Cooper.

    They are totally screwing up this version. The point of doing a reboot is to make it better not unrecognizable.

    • If there’s one thing I can never get enough of, it’s Smallville fans complaining about the movies not being a continuation of the series.

    • Alice Cooper rules!

    • Smallville is so far removed from the canon of Superman that it is technically ‘alt-world’. It is not within the accepted continuity. Their blatant hackneyed plots are evidence enough of that. I enjoyed Smallville for the first half of the series, but the second half I felt obligated to watch more than wanting to watch. Tom Welling is a terrible actor, and he doesn’t even have the ‘look’. That is why he is relegated to television and not the silver screen.

      • To me Tom Welling was the weakest aspect of Smallville. After 10 seasons not once did I believe he was Superman.

        • FTW…again.

        • You never believed because Tom Welling was NOT allowed to be Superman. That was the major weakness of “Smallville” For crying out loud, the show did not even have a Superboy. Welling would be great in the movie version…a huge upgrade over Brandon Routh.

    • OMG i’m loving this idea maybe Lex Luther played by Alice Cooper. ;)

  9. If it wasn’t Cavill that had taken the role, I would’ve prefered Matt Bomer.

    • Totally agree with you there. Bomer would’ve been an excellent choice.

      • This hadn’t crossed my mind before but I completely agree with you. Bomer would have been brilliant.
        To me Cavill just isn’t Superman, and he certainly isn’t Clark Kent.

  10. IMHO I think Bomer looks like the version of Superman drawn by the late Micheal Turner. Don’t know why he wasn’t cast, nothing against Cavill of course. But I’m guessing he’ll do the voice of The Man of Steel in an upcoming DC animated movie? Maybe we’ll see. Fingers crossed lol.

  11. I hope Herny Cavill does a great job as Superman.

    Cavill as James Bond? He’s still too young so maybe few years, he might get the role.

  12. booooo on kent look

    • Don’t worry, that isn’t a picture of his look for Man Of Steel, that’s a photo of him at Comic Con about to enter the building. The curl was just coincidental, it was probably windy. Check out photo’s from his appearance there, he is wearing the exact same clothes.

      • I thought the same thing. This is his appearance at Comic Con.

  13. Cavill looks GREAT in his Clark outfit; I can easily see him putting on the glasses and hunching down a bit. I am happier now that I see he really CAN look the part (I already hoped and thought so). I am very much anticipating “Man of Steel”.


    • That’s not his Clark outfit. That’s him at Comic Con. Look at the thing around the guys neck next to him. The writer of this article needs to be more clear.

      • Even better…If those are casual clothes, and he STILL pulls off the basic look of Clark Kent (minus the glasses), that instills me with just that much more confidence.

  14. I honestly think they should of gone with Arnnie Hammer, but I’m okay with this.

  15. “While it would be unfair to suggest that Cavill is completely lacking in ruggedness and/or masculinity, he’s far more known for his pretty boy looks”

    That was quite harsh and off the mark.

    Henry was quite naturally rugged and masculine in
    the Tudors and being extremely handsome
    does not make him a pretty boy.

    And for the record, while I like Craig
    as an actor he failed at Bond for me.

    • gotta disagree. I saw Tudors and he didn’t even seem remotely rugged IMO.

    • First of all, I said it would be unfair to say he had no ruggedness and/or masculinity. So not only did I not say he had none, I said pretty much the complete opposite. Secondly, I’m not using pretty boy as a negative term. You may think of it as a bad thing, but I don’t. Furthermore, I don’t even mean he can’t play characters that are rugged and masculine — I simply mean he doesn’t “look” rugged or masculine in the way that James Bond is meant to.

      • You said not completely lacking, emphasizing comepletely,
        which is stating he is lacking — just not completely.

        • You’re inferring, while I was simply using hyperbolically humorous language.

          • Well alrighty, then, Ben.
            That’s how it reads to me
            and to me I am not inferring.

            Of course, I accept your intent.
            Humor sometimes is not conveyed.

  16. I was waiting to see Cavill in the role of Clark and I must say he looks great. He even reminds me of Christopher Reeve a little.

  17. Lookie too scrawny.. He needith some Hulk Hogan pythons and instead has spaghetti arms

    Brandon Routh got screwed

  18. Ppl are complaining that he isn’t big enough yet. How do they know that exactly? That shirt he wore for comic con was baggy as hell possibly on purpose. He looks like he is building a big frame and seems fine to me.

    It all depends on the costume, once it isn’t rubber like in SR and can show off his muscularity we’re good.

  19. i laugh every time I see some one say the casting has been great. Considering how horribly miscast nearly everyone in the film has been.

    Amy Adams as Louis ? Henry looks nothing like Clark or Superman and is one of the worst possible choices they could of made and lets not even start on the new casting of Perry White which is laughably bad. Yes the casting should be good actors, but it has to be good actors that fit the role. They have not cast any of these three roles with one person that even close to fits the roles.

    • You can laugh as much as you’d like, but (as you, yourself, have pointed out many times) people have the right to their opinions. I, for example, not only like the actors chosen but also think they will do great in their respective roles…including Cavill as the titular character. Your opinion, like everyone else’s, is just that: an opinion.

      Amy Adams can easily play a wide range of characters, including a cocky, strong-willed, quirky Lois. Laurence Fishburne can call forth the powerful, authoritative presence needed to portray Perry. Henry Cavill has shown (I and others DO believe so, even if you and others don’t) that he can be tough when necessary, down-to-earth when needed for the dual roles of Superman and Clark.

    • Who’s Louis?

      • What A typo ? My god kill me now I’m such a horrible pig.

        • Hah, I was just teasing you.

      • “Who’s Louis?”

        lmao!….. Louis Lane

      • Bizarro Lois. 8-)

    • You can laugh all you want. Your opinion is inconsequential to the people making the movie. I trust Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder’s casting choices because they have actually made a movie. What movie have you made? By the way, Amy Adams is playing Lois. L-O-I-S. There is no character named Louis in the movie.

      • Christopher Nolan had nothing to do with the casting by the way. He has had very little involvement in this film what so ever. Basically stepped back as producer and made public statements to distance himself. He has not cast the actors.

        Me having made a movie or not doesn’t matter at all. Had I made a movie it wouldn’t suddenly change the physical appearance of the actors and how they are nothing like their counterparts. Doesn’t fit the part means doesn’t fit the part. I have already admired MOST of them are good actors, but poorly cast and are not right for the role for very obvious reasons.

        How dear god I made a typo? Please do attack me and be little me for a tiny single typo. Clearly it’s the most important part of any post. I should be shot. Clearly I deserve to die for my minor mistake. I am the devil. If I give you my address would you take care of this issue and finish me for good for my horrid mistake?

        • You not having made a movie does matter. You are criticizing the casting and the fact that you have never cast a movie before makes your opinion inconsequential. I don’t know how to fly a plane so I don’t give pilots advice on how they can improve their flying.

          “MOST of them are good actors, but poorly cast and are not right for the role for very obvious reasons.” It is not obvious. It is merely your opinion that the movie is poorly cast. Whatever you think is obvious is only obvious to you. Your opinion is not a fact.

          If you are going to criticize then expect to be criticized. That includes typos. By the way, ‘belittle’ is one word.

          • Sorry Red but you are wrong.

            That’s like saying it’s impossible to know what good acting is or to know if a film is bad unless you’ve made a movie.

            Having read the comics for years I know what the characters look like I know what their personalities are.

            For instance I know that Perry White is a none physically imposing character who has a strong personality. I also know that Superman should be the most physically imposing figure on screen unless he’s facing Doomsday or something. He should not be less intimidating and imposing than Perry Freaking White. Superman is a down to earth strong character with a strong presence over shadowed only by his villain in extreme cases. Henry doesn’t stack up to Fishburne one bit. Fishburne has a commanding presence, is physically imposing and has a powerful voice that eclipses any who challenge. Also doesn’t hurt that Perry White is indeed white. Casting Fishburne is simply the film equivalent have saying “No I have black friends see” there is no logical reason to cast him other than to place a black actor in the film because it was a little to white.

            I’ve also had the luxury of getting to know Superman over the years and getting to see him drawn over and over again. Never has he looked like Henry. Also in all of Henrys work he has never done anything close to Superman and really is just a pretty boy. Even in Tudors which is the most cited reference for him being more than a pretty boy he still wasn’t. He was just a pretty boy. The character isn’t as tough as some want to pretend and the acting wasn’t that convincing in those rare moments.

            The movie screams rushed casting and a cheap attempt of throwing well known actors in it to try and sell tickets good casting or not.

            Comparing casting to piloting is a joke. Casting is less about skill than it is perception visual and hearing sensations. Casting isn’t a skill you learn it’s a job that just about anyone can do like basic security. Saying that it’s like piloting and you can’t judge it unless you have made a film is like telling a reviewer they can’t critique a film or it’s cast unless they made a movie or saying that you your self can not judge a film because you haven’t made one. The fact of the matter is these ‘professionals’ have made bad decisions in the past despite having made movies before and some of them have made great choices with out having made one yet or even having gone to school.

            Criticizing typos is simply pathetic. I have no problem with you critiquing my opinion since I’m criticizing others opinions. Sadly I’ve not gone out of my way to point out minor typos and make fun of people for it so trashing me for a typos proves nothing and has nothing to do with the argument. It’s simply childish and rude. End of the day you knew what I was saying and a typo doesn’t make someone right or wrong it’s just a cheap shot to take when you have no evidence to back up your argument.

            By all means continue to belittle (that’s just for you enjoy) me for small typos. I’ll continue to know that you’ve got no argument.

            • Sorry Daniel, I am not wrong. I simply hold a view that is contrary to yours. That’s my main point. Everything you said is your personal opinion. It carries no more weight than that. Let me share my opinion with you: I think Henry Cavill looks more like Superman – as drawn in the comics – than Christopher Reeve did. That does not make me wrong. It means I have a different opinion to you. Now as to whether Mr. Cavill ‘s portrayal of Superman/Clark Kent will be as good as Mr. Reeve’s – I can only say, ‘I don’t know’. I haven’t seen Henry Cavill play Superman yet so I’ll reserve judgement until I see the finished movie. Yes, it’s true that in all of Henry’s work he has never done anything close to Superman, but that was also true of Christopher Reeve until he landed the part.

              No, you don’t have to have made a movie to criticize a movie, as reviewers do. But if you have made a movie, your opinion carries more weight and credibility. I would pay my hard earned money – and have done – to attend a seminar where filmmaking professionals like Christopher Nolan, Zack Snyder, James Cameron, David Fincher etc. share their views on filmmaking, and so would thousands around the world. Would anyone pay money to attend a seminar where you shared views on filmmaking? This is not an attack on you. This is reality. No one would pay to hear me talk about filmmaking either.

              Is criticizing typos pathetic? Well, in your opinion it is. I do not share this opinion.

              • Thank goodness I’m on the internet where I’m not asking for people to pay to see my opinion. I offer it for free. The argument was never about who would pay to hear me speak. Your argument was that my opinion was worthless because I have not made a movie. I’ve never asked anyone to pay me for my opinion heck I don’t even ask that you read my opinion. Heck I’d be happier if you didn’t given how you argue a point.

                I find it funny to see you suddenly argue that it’s all opinion when you were the one attacking me for offering mine.

        • Kahless wants to take you up on your offer. All he asks is don’t have any tribbles around.

          Psst! I’ll send them FedEx.


      • Yes Red, let’s thank the producers for the casting instead of the casting directors.

      • Um, I’m sorry but if you’re saying Snyders casting of Malin Akerman as Silk Spectre or Matthew Goode as Ozymandias were great casting choices, then you are out of touch with both the source material and reality. Casting directors do make mistakes, they’re not infallible. That is why crappy movies are made.

  20. Am I the only one who thinks he kind of looks like David Hasselhoff?

  21. I would RECAST this whole Movie, Starting with Clark/Kal-el. I would have Matt Bomer as Clark, I kind like Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent, so I would leave that one, Micheal Ironside would be the ONLY hold over from Smallville as General Sam Lane, Zooey Deschanel as Lois Lane, Robert De Niro as Perry White, Hugo Weaving as Lex but NOT as the main Villain, I would use Brainiac in THAT role, but as the Brain Interactive Construct, as created by Jor-el. I would have Sam Huntington reprise his role as Jimmy, I would consider Russell Crowe as Jor-el, and I would have a cameo from General Zod in some form, as well as Fiora and NOT Ursa. Maybe I would throw in a cameo from Terrence Stamp in some form as well. Just a thought….

    • I agree with Chris O on the role of Kal-el. Matt Bomer Clark would make a greatSuperman (If he buffs up that is…)

    • neal caffrey as the man of steal, could never see that, than again the dude from tudors and count of monte cristo was hard to see either and he looks good now

    • I dont really understand why matt bomer would be a better change from henry cavill. they look exactly alike except for one feature that cavill has over bomer that is a superman quality and that is the jaw. cavill has very strong jaw look just like supes so, imo, cavill fits the part much better

    • Just remember casting is more than just the look. Some of these names are great but getting all these people together at the same time is your next challenge. We dont always get what we want….

  22. Why is a black man playing, er, Perry White?! White was white, and should remain white, not changed just to be politically correct, as only the liberals call it (I call it discrimination). I am not anti-any-ethnic-background. I just think the parts should be left as originally imagined. I did not like having a black Nick Fury, either, as excellent as the actor and movies are. It is just, well, would you want someone tinkering with your original concepts if you created a character? Should we wait, then, for marvel to release a White Panther movie? of course not! I wonder who I should sue because Perry White is not Danish, or Welsh, or Scottish, or English? I am all of the above, but does that mean I therefore am entitled to have the character be one of those 4 nationalities just because I am? Absolutely not! Why can’t people leave well-enough alone with these characters?!

    • Guess you also didnt like that Heimdall was played by a black man in Thor eh? And you do know that in the Ultimate Universe, in which Marvel films are (somewhat) influenced by, that their Nick Fury is black and solely based off of Sam jackson himself..

    • I love the comparison here — changing a minor white character in a sea of white characters whose race is not pertinent whatsoever to a black character because a particular black actor is excellent is somehow the same as changing a major black character (of the very few black characters in existence!) whose race is incredibly pertinent (Black Panther, the badass African King) to a white character. Yessir, those are perfectly weighted examples.

      • While Black Panther is a terrible example I do agree with his over all point. He probably should of went with War machine or John Stewart GL.

        If a White character is changed to a black actor every one is expected to keep their mouth shut or be declared racist. If a white actor gets placed in to a black role it would be a horrible outrage.

        I don’t buy the crap about how many black characters there are compared to how many white. The amount of a certain race in comics shouldn’t dictate if it’s ok to change or not. There was no need to change the actor and lets not pretend that this was by far the best choice for Perry White. It was cast the way it was so they can claim to be diverse . So they don’t have to have an all white cast. Which essentially makes it racist lol. It’s like saying I’m not racist I have friends that are black.

        Not only is Perry White a white man but he’s also not usually depicted as a intimidating strong figure physically. He has a strong personality not appearance. The casting is wrong not only because of race, but because of his physical appearance size and his voice. It should require more than good acting to be cast in a role. Bale is a great actor doesn’t mean he should play Thor. There is more to casting these things than simply being a great actor. There is a balancing act to it. This film has not followed that basic principle at all. Merely casting good actors in roles they don’t fit at all be it physical appearance, voice or age.

        • I think it’s stupid that people scream racism just because we aren’t happy with a studio changing the nationality of a famous character AGAIN! Nick Fury is an exception, because ultimate Nick Fury is a black man who is based off of Sam Jackson (fitting that he was cast as Fury in Marvel’s movies).

          And I also agree that there is a massive double standard. If Rhodey in the Iron man films would have been changed to a white guy, we’d have to listen to people screaming racism about a black man being denied the role because they decided to change the character. Why is it a crime to expect Perry White to be depicted on film the way he’s been in the comics for over 60 years!?

          IT’s like if they did a movie about Black Panther and cast Matt Damon as T’Challa. We’d watch all of the whining on tv about the racist crackers holding the black man down again. But let us get the slightest bit irritated about some director making senseless changes just because the black/white ratio in the comics isn’t equel, than suddenly we’re called RACIST!!!

          I want to see Rhodey recast in Iron man 3 and get a white actor to play him. IF anyone says that Rhodey is black, I will cry racism!!

      • @Ben Moore,

        Just because the main cast of the Superman comics doesn’t contain any african american’s doesn’t mean it’s okay to change the character on a whim. Fishbourne’s a terrible actor. Snyder can’t tell me that he couldn’t find a white actor who looked like Perry to play the character?

        I’m not trying to sound racist here, but being a comic book fan since I was a small child, I like to see things translated correctly to the big screen.

        What if Ron Weasley and the entire Weasley family had been changed to black characters in the Harry Potter films? Would it be considered racist to point out that Ron’s a ginger kid?

        There is a huge double standard of what’s racist and what’s not. And on the topic of racism, every racist I’ve ever met in my life has been black people racist against whites. It’s socially exceptable for a black man to call me a cracker, but not socially exceptable for me to want a WHITE Perry White.

      • You are absolutely right. What difference does it make if a character’s race is changed as long as the integrity of the story is being told? And, a white Black Panther…? What a stretch.

    • Wow, Goldilocks…You manage to sound politically silly AND idealogically dumb at the same time.


      • LOL

          • *ISNT

          • Is there a point to this comment? Why does it matter how black he is?

      • I remember a lot of gripes when Green Lantern was changed to black in Justice League, the animated series. The producers responded and said the reason they changed it was because they didn’t want young kids that watched it to think the only super-heroes in their universe were white. That made sense to me because growing up in the sixties as a black kid, I loved all the super-hero cartoons on Saturday morning — and there were a lot of them — but no black super heroes. I, and other black kids of the era, had no role models and it can produce a lot of self-hatred. I was ecstatic when Marvel introduced T’Challa when I was 11! I applaud producers for making decisions like this because I expose my nephews to the super heroes I loved as a kid and I’m sure on a subconscious level it means something to see a black Aqualad on Young Justice, a black Pete Ross on Smallville, and a black Green Lantern on Justice League.

    • I dont think skin colour should even come into the equation, if an actor/writer can own the character’s personality then that’s all that’s needed from them. It should not matter what ethnic origin they are from. At the same time I wouldn’t want actors to get parts just because they are a certain colour/nationality unless of course it makes complete sense: example a black man playing JFK or a white man playing James Brown.

      I remember Chloe Sullivan (who even haters of Smallville have said is the best thing about the show) was written as a black character so when a blonde white girl showed up for the audition and owned the role they embraced it because she embodied the essence of the character. That’s all that should count. Lawrence F is a mighty fine actor and I’m sure will do a fantastic job as Perry – he wouldn’t have been my choice but I believe he can pull it off.

      The argument about things being left as they were originally intended is not valid in my humble opinion – because that logic would lead to Superman not even being able to fly but jump tall buildings. This is a modern retelling of the Superman story in it’s own universe, just like Donner films, Reeves TV show, Lois & Clark and Smallville.

      The Superman Returns universe (which should be thrown into a black hole quickly) tried to be the old Donner films and it stank on so many levels.

      • Superman Returns isn’t in its own universe, as you put it, it is a direct sequel to Superman 2.

        • Rofl just like Man of Steel is a direct remake of Superman 2 lol

          • Certainly seems that way at the moment.

            • I really don’t see how other than the characters. I mean, Zack Snyder said Zod wasn’t the main villain didn’t he? If I remember correctly Zod WAS in Superman: The Movie, but he wasn’t the villain.

              Unless I missed something (which is very possible and if I did I ask that you correct me in a kind way lol) I haven’t seen anything regarding the STORY of “The Man of Steel”

              • You and I are thinking alike on this matter, foopher. Other than having SOME of the same characters ( does NOT have Non; DOES have Jonathon and Martha), what little we’ve heard of the plot sounds NOTHING like S2.

    • “I am not anti-any-ethnic-background”

      Just against anyone who looks, acts or talks differently.

    • Black Nick Fury was tolerable. Because in the ultimate comics, they changed Fury to a black man modeled after Samuel L. Jackson (which is why him being cast as Nick Fury was fitting), especially considering how David Hasselhoff tainted white Nick Fury.

      And I agree, if they are going to adapt a character to the big screen, they need to do as good a job as they can getting someone who looks like a living breathing version of that character. IT’s not racist to want to see a character portrayed on the screen the way they appear in the comics. It’s stupid that people cry racism because some people want a literal adaptation.

      And I’m with you on White Panther. If they can change nationalities on a whim to keep it culturally diverse, than I don’t see why we can’t get a great white actor to play King T’Challa.

      • Gary…

        Your tolerance of a black Nick Fury directly contradicts your dislike of the same thing happening to Perry White. You cannot have it both ways.

        Also, people have already tried to explain why you need to think of better what-if examples to support your statements; you refuse to listen.

        Oh, well…good luck to you.

      • @Gary — Uh, maybe because Black Panther is leader of the Wakanda tribe in AFRICA? Wasn’t Tarzan bad enough…?!

    • My thoughts exactly. Like with what they did with Prince of Persia lead cast. So silly.

  23. wat comic does that picture on top belong to?
    is super like a bad guy or somthing looks like GL
    tryna help batman from getting killed

    • The DC reboot Justice League #2 cover coming in October.

  24. “Say what you will about Zack Snyder​ and Man of Steel, but the casting for the film has been pretty great so far”

    That’s a bold statement. And wildly inaccurate, from the people I know, most are in the opinion that the casting has been awful.

    As for Cavill playing Bond…Well, maybe. But I still say Tom Hardy should be the next Bond. Or Michael Fassbender.

    • Fassbender FTW, I’ve been saying that for a while now that he should be the next Bond.

      • I think he’d be great, bring some real intensity to the role, but also the refinement that the character needs.

        • He’s half Irish. He was raised in Ireland. And I have a friend who would certainly find that comment racist.

          • I can comment whenever I like, about whatever I like. Tell you what, lets hate all American actors, because Americans have killed people. Or Japanese actors.

            You’re comments are racist. Simple as that. I’m reporting you to Vic, and I’m very surprised that your comments are still on here at all.

            • Seriously DSB I couldn’t agree more. This guy is way out of line and horridly ignorant.

              I’ve had a relative killed by a white man should I hate all white people? I hate my self now I don’t want to see white people cast in any role ever.

              This is pathetic.

            • Looks like the comment was taken down. What on earth did the guy say?

        • I agree with you on Tom Hardy. I would disagree with Fassbender only because I know how much you hate Craig in the role and he comes off like a Daniel Craig type to me more than anything else. He would come off very intense and serious and doesn’t really ooze charm like Hardy.

          • I think there needs to be some medium ground with the character, I agree that Fassbender would likely keep it in a serious tone but I don’t have a huge issue with that. Its the quality of stories, if they can do a dead serious Bond with a great story, then I’m all for it.
            But honestly, I’d prefer Hardy in the role. He can act, he looks good in a suit, he can be serious but also has a degree of charm. If he were to play Bond, I’d want it to similar to his character in Inception, in tone at least.
            Maybe Craig can turn me around with Bond 23 (Come on people, it needs a name already, not a number), it has a better director than the previous entry and defintiely has a better cast so far. Craig has said himself that he wants to bring in a little more humour, if they can do that, give the character a brain, and give a cool story, then Craig can redeem himself. If not, he goes down as worst Bond.

        • Lol

          • All self taught

        • I like the way you think

  25. And Joe Manganiello would have been a much better choice. But Jon Hamm would have owned the role.

    • Drasam I agree completely. Joe would of been a great choice and hamm was the perfect choice. sadly they wanted to start all over and go for the young hip model type.

      • It’s the typical mistake, Superman shouldnt be young, he should be in his late 30s, early 40s, the character should have gravitas and command respect and admiration. Something that a 26 year old simply cannot do.

        Hamm would have made for a great Superman, looking very much like the classic Alex Ross illustrations.
        Manganiello has the same commading presence, plus he has the right face for Superman.

        • Not only is it the typical casting mistake it’s the typical writing mistake for most comic book films. When an origin is well known and been shown to death on TV and movies you shouldn’t have to start all over again. I’d much rather see a mid 30′s to early 40′s superman. Already well in to his time as the man of steel. Tell an action packed compelling story that spends very little time dealing with the troubles of a young Superman.

          I agree though that Hamm has the perfect face for Superman. He has a commanding presence and has the look of the man of steel.

          Joe is a solid actor who has the body for Superman and his face is very convincing. It may not look like it was sculpted right out of the comics like Hamm, but it has many similar features.

          • Agree with everything you said.

            • Obviously lol or as a friend of ours would say

              Of Course

        • When you do an origin story, you can’t get a middleaged man. Superman isn’t even portrayed as a 40 something year old in the comics, it’s stupid to expect them to get an old man to play him in the origin story.

          Many people point out Robert Downey Jr. as a reason for why Hamm should have been Superman, but considering how Tony Stark has always been drawn to look a lot older than some of the other Avengers, it’s okay that Downey was cast.

          Besides, Hamm isn’t the great actor everyone pretends he is. “Mad Men” isn’t even that good of a show

          • Gary your last sentence helps me to know that your opinion is absolutely meaningless to me. Thanks for adding it helps me not to take any of your comments serious in the future.

          • @Gary — “Mad Men” is a GREAT show, but that’s subjective. But, you’re right about Superman being cast as younger. DC explained EONS ago that Clark Kent/Superman would be perpetually 29 years old when they ran into a continuity problem with the “Superboy” comic books. While Superman was moving through the decades, Superboy was stuck in the 1930s (they even had a story about Superboy meeting Bonnie and Clyde!). So, DC made the decision to move Superboy through the decades along with Superman, but keeping Superman at age 29.

      • JM would look out of place in the super suit…almost Nic Cage clownish, and he would NOT be able to pull off humble Clark. I think Cavill will.

    • By the way….I was always a big Welling supporter when casting was being announced…but now I see pics I am becoming a Cavill fan….

  26. John Hamm would have been awesome, but that was just a pipe dream. I think Cavill will do well. But I’m going to hold off further judgment until I see some footage. I’m really looking forward to this film.

    • Check out my post above to see him in superman suit…!!!

  27. Superman needs some hair gel…