Henry Cavill Talks Similarities Between ‘Man of Steel’ and DC’s ‘The New 52′

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Henry Cavill Compares Man of Steel to The New 52 Superman Henry Cavill Talks Similarities Between Man of Steel and DCs The New 52

Much like The Dark Knight Rises before it, Man of Steel continues to be an incredibly popular news topic, thanks to the various rumors, leaked photos, and interviews from the cast and crew.

Today, we have an interview from the man who will be Superman in the upcoming film, Henry Cavill, where he comments on the similarities between Man of Steel and the Superman of DC’s The New 52.

With regard to those similarities – courtesy of The Washington Examiner – Henry Cavill said:

“When that came out, everyone went, ‘Arrhhh! Everything’s changed.’ It’s part of the evolution of the character. There is a modernization to it, and certainly our style is making him easier to associate with because it’s pretty tough to associate with an invulnerable alien.”

The parallels between the Superman of The New 52 and the one in Man of Steel have been discussed more than a few times – especially with regard to the supersuit. Most obviously, both suits lack the classic red trunks. Furthermore, they’re both Krytonian garb (armor?) as opposed to something Ma Kent sewed together in her rocking chair.

The question is: Are there additional similarities that we’ve yet to notice? Both Man of Steel and Grant Morrison’s Action Comics detail Superman’s beginnings – might there be some overlap between the two that goes beyond the superficial?

Superman in Action Comics 1 by Grant Morrison Henry Cavill Talks Similarities Between Man of Steel and DCs The New 52

Action Comics #1 by Grant Morrison and Rags Morales

Honestly, it’s doubtful, considering how recently The New 52 was developed. That said, it would be a welcome overlap – seeing as how well-received Action Comics #1-3 have been so far (both critically and financially).

On previously being up for the role of McG’s (undeveloped) version of Superman and losing to Brandon Routh when Bryan Singer came onboard, Cavill said:

“It’s actually been proven that just because I didn’t get Superman then doesn’t mean that I can’t get Superman now. You can’t let [losing a part] get you down. You’ve got to look at the positives. I got to meet with Warner Bros. and everyone there. It’s beneficial, really.”

Indeed, the same thing happened to Timothy Dalton, up for the role of James Bond after You Only Live Twice but deemed too young (by himself) – as well as Pierce Brosnan, up for the role of Bond after Roger Moore, but his contract for Remington Steele got in the way. Both actors eventually got the role much later on.

On the fan reaction to Man of Steel and whether or not it matters, Cavill said:

“There are a lot of people who have dedicated their life to loving this character. … Their opinion does matter. I’ve done my research on the source material. I have my opinions on the various bits and bobs, but sometimes there will be a little gem out there about one of the books, and I’ll say to myself, ‘Yeah. That’s a good point.’”

Honestly, Cavill sounds like one of the more down-to-Earth actors to be cast in these sorts of films. Either that or he has a really good publicist.

What’s your take on Man of Steel being similar to the Superman of The New 52? Let us know in the comments.


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Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel hits theaters June 14, 2013. The Immortals, starring Henry Cavill, hits theaters November 11, 2011. Or as the commercials keep telling us: “11-11-11.”

Source: The Washington Examiner [via Comic Book Movie]

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  1. I am sorry, but Superman needs his shorts. And Ma Kent sewed the suit. Enough of screwing up the mythos.
    However at least they didn’t have that stupid ground effect lighting suit they had planned for Cage!!!

    • Well i walked all about town without my red shorts on today and everyone thought I was great! ^-^

      Just messin’. Seriously though, I’m not that familiar with all the ins and outs of the Superman comics only having read a select few. However, from what I’ve seen so far it looks like it’s going to be very similar (The beginning at least) to “Superman Birthright”. That was a great little series. It showed Clark backpacking around the world trying to find out where he fits in and how he can help people.

      I however am not familiar with this recent reboot in the comics. I think it was pushed forward because of rights issues with the owners of the “Superman” creators estates.

      • I agree with Azrael. Plus while the trunks work in comics, they never really worked in RL and always did look a bit silly. Of course, if I had to choose between red trunks and a teflon textured blue-grey latex suit with stupid filigree around the waist and down the legs, the red trunks win every time.

        The MoS suit should have had JUST a red belt design similar to the new look and it would have been ok.

        • Sorry, guys, but you would never catch me in red trunks. IMO the new suit looks much better, it looks like a man might actually wear it.

          • Maybe some other man/hero but the MoS suit is NOT Superman-esque so it fails even more that red shorts.

          • so your saying that christopher reeves was not a man?

    • These are new “mythos”

    • “I am sorry, but Superman needs his shorts”

      No, not really. Removing the trunks imo was one of the better ideas to implementing a more modernized suit.

  2. Really? Ma Kent sewing the suit together is an important part of the mythos?

  3. Mythos? Superman couldnt even fly at the beginning, he jumped. Most people welcome tweaks that make sense. Ma Kent’s sewing job would leave superman’s suit on the ground when he’s deflecting hails of bullets or whatever.

    • Yeah, some of those early cartoons from the 40′s showed a more powered down Superman. However, it was somewhat more exciting in places because it showed his struggling to rip open steel vaults and doors etc… Instead of just doing it with no effort, as if he’s opening a refrigerator.

    • @ Vanguard

      And no show or film has really shown Superman’s full strength. Because the show or movie could be over within minutes if they do that & the show or film wouldn’t be good if it doesn’t show Superman struggle because you’d want the audience to struggle with him.

      Imo, they should keep the costume the way it was, only modernize the colors & costume material. Kinda like they did with Routh’s Superman costume. Could of looked better, but was fine. Superman died in his finest costume at the hands of Doomsday. Imo, they should of made the blue little more lighter in case they use Bizarro in a sequel because his costume is gonna have to be even more darker blue than Cavill’s. That is if the character wears a superman-like costume w/ the “S” backwards or whatever.

      • Smallville showe his full strength. He move an entire planet in the series finale when he became Supeman.

    • I’m fairly sure she sewed it out of like strands of fibre that made up his Kryptonian blankets that were in the ship he crash landed in when he was a baby. That or she had Supes form the strands from pieces of the wreckage. Pretty sure the first is correct though. I found it to be pretty important seeing as his “mother” made it for him, it would be like a mother making a uniform for her son who is a cop or soldier. It would be sentimentally important.

      • “Correct?” There’s a half-dozen different versions, how would you decide which is “correct?”

  4. It’s 2011 people! When Obama said we needed change people voted for him. Why is everyone against changing Superman?

    • haaa how’s that workin out for obama?

      • It’s working out better than if we’d elected McCain or any of those buffoons trying to capture the nomination as the republican candidate this year.

        • hah

        • And Todd hits a home run!

    • hahahaha nice one and true that!

  5. It’s worth noting that Henry Cavill was also considered to take over Bond before Daniel Craig was cast. Cavill was considered to be too young for the role just like Dalton and Brosnan had been, respectively.
    If this pattern continues, Cavill may indeed inherit the mantle of Bond in the years ahead.
    It’s fantastic that we finally have a real actor with true talent and substance willing to take on the role of Superman/Clark Kent. Cavill’s track record as an actor is proven and is only gaining more credentials. “Immortals” opens tomorrow and he’s got at least one other film coming out before MOS called “Cold Light Of Day” where he stars opposite Sigourney Weaver and Bruce Willis.
    As a matter of fact, Henry Cavill brings much more to the role of Superman than Chris Reeve did. Before being cast in the first Donner 78 movie, Reeve had only a acted in a couple of minor TV roles.
    After having a string of b grade actors assume the role of Supes/Clark Kent ( Brandon Routh, Tom Welling, Dean Cain etc ) it’s fitting we have an actor ofHenry Cavill’s caliber embody the character. Superman deserves the best.
    For those of you who have a problem with the natural evolution of The Last Son Of Krypton, I suppose you can stay home and wear YOUR underwear on the outside.

    • thank you. the world needed to hear that

      • lmao yea right.

    • Cavill’s caliber? What has he really been in before Immortal’s and Superman?

      • Immortals. Immortal’s is possessive.

    • @”As a matter of fact, Henry Cavill brings much more to the role of Superman than Chris Reeve did.”

      How do you know? We’ve only seen set pictures, and have yet to see how he acts in the role.

    • You didn’t just slam Reeve did you? He did a superb job of portraying Superman so your dissing of him for no reason while elevating Cavill (without seeing him in the role) really tells me how little I can trust your personal opinion

      • Did I slam Chris Reeve? No. I merely stated the fact that Cavill assumed the role of Superman having had much more experience as an actor than Chris Reeve did.
        Chistopher Reeve is the benchmark for all other actors who take on the role of Supes. Cavill himself is aware of this.
        However, Chris Reeve was not the first actor to portay MOS nor will he be the last.
        There was a time when most people would only accept Sean Connerey as the quintessential James Bond. But now, there are fans who have their own particular favorite actor who has portrayed the character.
        A new generation, a new and different interpretation and vision, a new audience.

        • @”I merely stated the fact that Cavill assumed the role of Superman having had much more experience as an actor than Chris Reeve did.”

          You keep saying he’s assumed the role more the other actors, but we’ve only seen him in pictures. We’ve yet to see how he acts in the role. Him having experience doesn’t mean he will autiomatically be good in it. Sure, he looks the part, but it’s alot more than just looking the part.

        • He already isnt the last seeing as Brandon Routh and Tom Welling have already been in the shoes :P

    • “For those of you who have a problem with the natural evolution of The Last Son Of Krypton, I suppose you can stay home and wear YOUR underwear on the outside.”

      Thank you. Finally, someone said it. Granted I am a young guy, I didn’t grow up with Reeves. Sorry. I’m sure he was great. And only got into Superman during the New 52, or more accurately, because of it, And I love the character! He’s my Superman. The red underwear and spandex would look really foreign to me. Honestly, I think I’m the target demographic as well, for what it’s worth.

  6. I think if they were going to lose the red trunks they should lose the red boot too. It just doesn’t look right having all that blue and then when you get the knees bam red. IMO it looks silly they should have made the boots blue as well. And lose the cape too if he’s going with the kryptonian battle armor. But again that’s just my opinion.

  7. I think if they were going to lose the red trunks they should lose the red boot too. It just doesn’t look right having all that blue and then when you get the knees bam red. IMO it looks silly they should have made the boots blue as well.

    And lose the cape too if he’s going with the kryptonian battle armor. But again that’s just my opinion.

  8. I can live the changes as long as the film is bloody good!!!

    Hate that Amy Adams is Lois though, but hope to be proven wrong.

  9. I undertand that red trunks are memorable of superman but it this day and age the red trunks look funny we needed to update.. its just like the spiderman suite in the new movie they updated the suite not just the orginal plain suite. I understand original is the way to go and what not but in this day and age you need the new different types of suites. Also for people to be mad and say they don’t want to watch the movie is absurd in my opinion this could posssibly the best superman movie with all these big time actors and the pictures look good and finally we have a superman thats jacked! cant wait for a teaser trailer!

  10. Well, would you all rather he run around in the same suit he has in the comics? It wouldn’t work for Batman so why would it work for Superman? I’m really liking the looks of this so far. Plus Henry Cavill fills out the suit very nicely, yum!! Much better then Reeves, and Routh anyway. But my point is, the Nolan bat suit is based in reality so why not Superman’s? He’s from another planet, why not his suit too? So just calm down and wait for the finished product to get all grr about it. But by all means, have your opinions but just wait and see.

    • @ Ford Prefect

      Well Batman was seen in the comics to have more than one costume, Superman’s however pretty much stayed the same. It could still work for Superman, it’s some people don’t want it anymore obviously. Imo, Reeve’s costume is the best on film & in the comics. Routh’s was pretty good for a modern look but could of been better. Cavill’s looks good in the costume, & it looks ok, but needs work. Superman’s costume was always based in reality in the films, from Reeve’s films to Routh’s. And their costumes came from krypton in films just aswell as Cavill’s so this all Snyder & Nolan’s take on what the costume should look like in reality.

  11. Two of my favorite “character” moments this year were CAP”S “grenade scene” and LOGAN in FIRST CLASS – no claws – no suits – Cap had no muscles…
    BUT the writing NAILED the characters.

    I think MAN OF STEEL is going to give us a whole movie’s worth.
    Can’t wait.

  12. If I have a choice between what I’ve seen so far about MoS, The New 52 from DC and Smallville. my TV will be keeping me warm for the forseeable future. I don’t know about the outside but I wear my undies all the time. Try it. By the way google my user ID and you can see I’m not shy about the way I think Supes and Lois should be treated in any medium. DC be warned.

    • What is the point you’re trying to make here?

      • Elevated testosterone???

  13. They better not make him powered down in this like the new comic. It is ridiculous, they say there trying to make him more relatable more human? HE ISN’T HUMAN! AND NOBODY CAN RELATE TO COMING TO EARTH IN A SPACESHIP GALAXIES AWAY! POWERED DOWN OR NOT!. He is superman, the guy that moves at the speed of light sometimes faster, can move multiple planets at the same time, and is invulnerable! That is superman! This guy that actually struggles and bleeds and bruises isn’t the krypton bad ass I know. They should just make a new character and call him something else. Like “kindasuperman.” Cause that’s who this new guy is.

    • He’s only “powered down” because his powers are still developing. He’s only been on Earth, where the sun has been charging his Kryptonian powers, for a relatively short time. They mention it a few times. He’s jumping further and further and getting strong and stronger.

      Remember, Action Comics takes place approximately 5-6 years in the past.

    • Superman gets stronger as he ages, in Kingdome Come graphic novel set in the future he is completly immune to kryptnite so it’s good he’s been powered down, it’s good character development

  14. I hope your right, as long as he eventually gets back to where he is supposed to be..

  15. I’m still not to keen on the suit… (I quite like the ‘New 52′ suit, but this one looks boring IMO), that said, I’m sure Cavil will overshadow the suit anyway — he seems to have done his homework, he cares about the fans, he actually has some real muscles, and from the interviews I’ve seen, he kinda reminds me of Superman anyway (his personality): I’m assuming he’ll be a great Supes…

    Although… I still have a sneaking suspicion that this movie is going to bomb (the same type of suspicion I had about Green Lantern…), I hope that’s not the case though, because as much as I hate Snyder and want him to fail, I actually REALLY want to see MoS turn out to be a great movie.
    It has a lot of potential and can really bring in some new comic readers (like ‘Rickform80′ said, these days, most kids don’t care about comics/superheroes anymore — except if they appear in a movie that “all the other kids thought was so cool” — then they’ll jump at any merchandise they can get… I digress)

    I’m very excited for 2013, and I can’t wait to see how MoS will turn out (you can count me in on opening night) :D

    • @ TheAvenger

      I agree with most of what you mentioned. It’s conflicting for me as i want the film to do well but not when the film is directed by Snyder. It’s hard for me to see the Superman films to be taken as realistic, knowing what kind of villains he has to go by. I mean Batman was easy for Nolan to do for a realistic tone cause Batman’s a mortal aswell as most of his foes.

      Most kids & adult people i know don’t care about superhero films having so much a realistic tone. Aslong as the film is great is what they care about most. With all the talk about Superman’s costume, i always thought why not make changes to Batman’s in the next reboot? What i mean is have Batman’s costume be made outta same material as Cavill’s Superman costume or something like it. Batman is agile & would be easy for the actor to move faster probly. It would be a break from the bullet proof body armor costumes we’ve seen in the movies.

      Can’t wait for 2012 & 2013.

      • Well Batman is the man who killed Darkseid the ruler of Apokolips. who is basically A God. Superman never really came close.

        So while your correct superman fights more cosmic level baddies you cant just say oh well batman is week and human to dismiss him.

  16. I think its going to confuse the general movie going public if its based that much on the reboot.

    • Care to elaborate on that theory?

  17. With his suit changing the way the story has changed and Superman not being completely powered yet. I think it will confuse the general public that dont know Superman has been completely rebooted.

  18. How did a Superman rant turn into a political debate? And the point that needs to be made is why are we changing things? If their is a legitament reason like in the comic book “Birth-Right” the suit is now made from a Kryptonian bannor/flag but Ma Kent sews it, it worked. It creativley melded mythos with a relevant point about it. The “it’s 2011 thing” is stupid and a logical fallacy. Their always needs to be a reason for change. A lot of political arguements are really based on an interpretation of the Constitution, but no but acknowledges it. Here the same point should be made. Let’s not ruin an American icon, that has worked for 75 years with no problem. But lets not jump on the hate train until the Credits roll. I am skeptical, but curious…

    • His is not an American icon. His is symbol to the world. He stands for justice and freedom of any race

      • Its from the classic Superman radio show in the mid to late 40%. they say Truth, Justice, and the American Way.

  19. I actually like the Superman suit for the upcoming film Man of Steel. It gives the character a unique look from the New 52 comics and a blend of reality. Not that I didn’t like the original Superman suit but I feel that if you want to give the character a modern look that is fitting for the Superman fan base and for anybody who has not ever read a comic book or even know who Superman is then this suit is fitting for the film. I as a Superman fan give my seal of approval to Zack Snyder’s Superman.

  20. It’s a double standard when it comes to Superman and his costume. What about Batman? There has only been one comic book accurate Batman costume ever. The Adam West Batman costume was based on the outfit from the comic book of that time period and it was pretty damn accurate compared to the comic books. But after Adam West and the classic 1966 batman show and film spinoff,we had Michael Keaton in a completely invented Batman outfit that had very little in common with the comic books followed by Kilmer,Clooney and then Christian Bale. Does anyone dispute Bale or Keaton as Batman? No. Those guys were batman yet their bat suits were nothing like the comic books. So why fuss over a new look for Superman? The costume does not make the character. The way he is portrayed does. He has a new modern suit but it is still very much Superman. It’s more Superman than the Bale suit is batman and that’s a fact. Cavill will do good and Superman lives on thankfully.

    • OMG you talked about nipples batman :( lol

  21. I think it’s a great change can’t wait and all you guys who think that red trunks need to stay and the outfit should be nitted by mother Kent! Well If you people were superman you would go out looking like morons in bright red undies over your suit wich serve no purpose (a belt can) and you would be naked pretty much all the time after taking bullets to the chest and putting out burning buildings! Think about the logical side guys so unless mumma Kent has any special sowing gadgets that are impenetrable then I’m afraid it doesn’t fit with a coherent story line but don’t worry you can still have some red undies over your trousers if you want! Lol

  22. Today is my birthday and I got my first issue of the new 52 it’s the tenth issue of superman, and y’know I never have been a real fan of DC except for the nolan movies and the Christopher Reeve superman stuff. After reading that comic though I was amazed on how much fun I had reading it they really found a new way to approach the character and it was a very human way I love the new suit a lot it looks sooooooooo awesome to me I love the new Lois and the new Jimmy and I couldn’t help laughing at the daily star name because that was the original name of the newspaper that Clark worked at in the Siegel and Shuster comics. I love how sometimes he’s just wearing a t shirt with an s and a red cape it really gives a more real feel to him. When I told my brother that they got rid of the red undies he said its about time lol. But I will say it will be easier for me at least to take him more seriously without them. I don’t know about you guys but I love the new superman looking forward to Cavill as the character. Im just surprised that they’re is no jimmy Olsen in the reboot what do you guys think of that if there’s a bigger story or reason to it please let me know thanks.

  23. without red short he looks gay.

    • Oh, but the red shorts (briefs, actually) make him look more manly and “straight” and put together? PLEASE, tell me you were not being serious…?!

  24. I’ve never had a problem with Superman’s red trunks, but I don’t have a problem losing them either. My only criticism about Henry Cavill’s suit is the lack of contrast in his mid-section. The New 52 suit works because of the red belt. Superman needs some kind of red around the mid-section, be it full-on trunks or just a belt. With the straight blue body suit and no contrast in the middle, he kinda looks like he’s wearing ballet tights

  25. It looked sooo good until the part where I saw they cast Amy whiny Adams as Lois lane. What a huge mistake!

    • I feel sorry for you and people like you, SenorBlues..

      Man of Steel is a happy day for the rest of us. I can’t wait.
      Cheers, A.