Henry Cavill Talks ‘Justice League,’ ‘Batman/Superman’ & ‘Man of Steel 2′

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Henry Cavill Talks Batman and Superman Movie Henry Cavill Talks Justice League, Batman/Superman & Man of Steel 2

With Man of Steel – Zack Snyder’s cinematic reboot of the Superman franchise – practically in theaters at this point (give or take a week), questions about potential films that’ll follow in its wake seem to be at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Will it be the oft-discussed Justice League film in 2015? Will it be a Batman/Superman crossover? Or will the Warner Bros. powers-that-be forgo all of that in favor of Man of Steel 2?

As with most films, it likely depends on what happens with this one first. Still, Henry Cavill has some ideas of his own about where he’d like to see the DC movie universe go in the next few years (some of which he’s already shared).

On the sort of Man of Steel follow-up Cavill would prefer to see – courtesy of IGN – he said:

“Well, if any of these things were to happen – which I don’t know if they are, I don’t know if they’ve even been spoken about – I think, ultimately, a ‘Justice League’ movie could be fun, but to get to that stage, you have to do other movies in between. You can’t just suddenly have a world full of gods when one god has just arrived.

So – how do you get to that stage? I think a ‘Batman/Superman’ movie would be great because it brings that world together. Whether they’re going to let that happen, I don’t know. But a sequel to continue ['Man of Steel'] would certainly be amazing…and maybe start introducing some other things. Every single one of those…[which comes] next? I don’t know.”

Yes, sure, Henry Cavill says that he’s merely speculating, but it’s hard to believe that he’s heard absolutely nothing about potential Superman-related films that could be coming down the pike if Man of Steel is successful.

Henry Cavill as Superman Henry Cavill Talks Justice League, Batman/Superman & Man of Steel 2

Regardless, it seems to be more and more apparent that a Justice League movie coming immediately on the heels of MoS just isn’t in the cards. And Cavill isn’t the only person to downplay the possibility – Zack Snyder also recently indicated that the previously reported 2015 release date is out of the question (while simultaneously voicing excitement about the idea of a Batman/Superman crossover). Might a Batman/Superman – or World’s Finest – film be next in line instead? Is it the most sensible choice?

Fans may recall that a Batman Vs. Superman film was already in the works back in the early 2000s with Wolfgang Petersen directing and Colin Farrell/Christian Bale and Jude Law/Josh Hartnett as Batman and Superman, respectively. The film (which was visually referenced in I Am Legend) was pretty far along when contractual complications forced Petersen to abandon it for the Greek war movie Troy starring Brad Pitt.

Batman Versus Superman in I Am Legend Henry Cavill Talks Justice League, Batman/Superman & Man of Steel 2

‘Batman Vs. Superman’ in ‘I Am Legend’

Going with a Batman/Superman movie after Man of Steel wouldn’t exactly be replicating Marvel’s Phase 1, 2, 3 formula, but it’s a lot more in line with that than moving straight to the team-up payoff like they originally intended to do. And of course, there’s nothing that says Warners can’t have concurrent film productions for the other Justice League members (Flash, Wonder Woman, et cetera) to pad the ranks.

What do you think, Screen Ranters? After Man of Steel, would you prefer to see Man of Steel 2, Batman/Superman, or a Justice League film? Drop us a line in the comments.


Man of Steel hits theaters June 14th, 2013.

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Source: IGN

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  1. For those that think Chris Nolan is not going to be involved in the Justice League, he has routinely avoided the question. In this article in the Examiner…


    …Nolan basically states unequivocally that he is done with the Dark Knight Trilogy. Everything else is left up in the air including Justice League. He is likely awaiting the fallout from the negotiations between Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures. If they come to an agreement, i expect to see Nolan producing the DC films on behalf of Warner with Christian Bale also involved since he stated he would come back if Nolan did.

  2. I dont think they should do an entire movie for wonderwoman … they should do like magneto in xmen first class, show her life nd her meeting superman nd batman nd at the end they could meet the flash, nd start the JL…. itcould be based after the batman/superman movie and maybe after the flash movie, nd dnt do a reboot, do a sequel to batman followng the john blake story

    • You can’t have a JL movie with just superman batman flash and wonderwoman. You need to have the founding seven. So that means aqua man, cyborg, and green lantern which he already has a movie. Now Wonder Woman should have her own movie because she is one of the original characters on the jla so she does deserve her own movie but the only question is who is going to play her part?? I think don’t reboot batman and work on those other movies to have the Jk movie. Like marvel they introduced all of their characters before avengers. DC should do the same.

  3. Words finest!!!! Batman and supes first

  4. “You will give the people an ideal to strive towards. They will race behind you, they will stumble, they will fall. But in time, they will join you in the sun. In time, you will help them accomplish wonders.” -Jor-El

    This I think is something to consider when approaching JLA/World’s Finest etc. speculation. Its a chilling quote, it gives me shivers every time I hear it delivered. Hopeful and certain, but also honest in is difficulty.

    It seems to me that Jor-El knows the horrors that are going to beset Earth, even without drawing attention to it by sending Kal-El, and wants to send his son to prepare them for the coming of the hostile universe.

    It sounds like he is instructing him to “activate” the earthlings potential, and much like in real life – be the first superhero to inspire others to take up their mantles and strive towards greatness.

    It also indicates that Superman alone cannot protect earth, that he will need the people to help defend themselves, but that Kal-El will show them how.

    “For every one you save, we shall kill a million more”.

    Exactly. He needs help. Even Superman.

    I see the set up for a superhero team just in these trailers.

  5. Of course, Wb shouldn’t rush things. On the other hand, they can save quite some time by going the pre-JL-team-up route. Batman should either be subtly rebooted in JL itself or World’s Finest. Also, GL and Flash could work together, helping each other out since none of them have reached the Bats/Sups tier of DC heroes on the big screen, yet. WW however deserves a proper origins story due to her somewhat mythological background, offering the potential of a future crossover with Aquaman, thereby introducing ‘the hero fallen from grace’ more organically. So, all in all, ‘Phase One’ of DC’s counterstrike should consist of no more than five movies.
    - MOS
    - GL/Flash
    - WW
    - World’s Finest
    - JL
    … unless, of course, Snyder adamantly insists on further fleshing out Superman.

  6. Henry Cavill + Christian Bale = Success.

  7. Man of Steel 2 then bring in other DC characters.

  8. That would be the perfect way to launch the new Batman franchise

  9. I say, throw in Green Lantern 2 and maybe a Flash movie along with a Martian Manhunter movie to the next line up of DC movies. It would add a liddle variety to a possibly upcoming Justice League team. And I personally would be stoked to see Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) make a lap around mars and come across a jolly green man named J’onn J’onzz (Martian Manhunter) just chillin’ on mars… It would be pretty cool to see a movie about him.

  10. I believe if this movie does well then do a Man of Steel 2 and yes it maybe give a(1) Bruce Wayne tie in with a opening of a new building later fight screen it gets attacked (2) In one of the screens have Superman and the villain’s fight make its way to Gotham but not stay to long and at the end of the movie have Batman show up at Clark’s place and says something like ” NEXT TIME KNOCK ” and flies off in to the night .

  11. oh… i think a batman continuity or batman reboot is more & more important to be introduced than any other dc charcters.So a batman reboot or batman superman movie would be better before a justice league movie.Even if a justice league happens first it would be great to see the batman in the lead role than superman & others..believe in batman..he is the worlds superstar… best manly superhero.. and a mega hitmaker.No matter..Jake gyllenhaal,ryan gosling,joseph gordon levitt,wes bently,chris pine or whoever…the answer is batman is the superstar of hollywood.He should be back soon as soon as possible!

  12. MAN OF STEEL will make Over $1 BiLLiON Dollars Worldwide, Henry Cavill is a Great Actor & Amy Adams is a Multi-Oscar-Nominated-Actress & Very Beautiful Plus Multi-Oscar-Nominated: C-NOLAN is The Writer & Producer, i think The New Suit Looks Great & Much Better than The Old Light Blue Suit that Looked Like a SMURF & with The OutSide UnderWear was Real Bad, i Will See MAN OF STEEL in 3D.

  13. Yeah, I would definetly prefer to see a Superman & Batman film before a Justice League movie :D

    Better for DC Comics and Warner Brothers to do thier own thing, instead of just following Marvel’s Phase One formula.

  14. I would love to see a Bale/Cavill Superman/Batman movie! I think a Man Of Steel sequel should come before that though. Mainly because Bale would have 3 movies of development and a whole story. So Superman at least deserves a sequel before then. Now if it wasn’t Bale returning as Batman(which would highly disappoint me) my case would be the same but then the problem would be a Batman reboot before Superman/Batman or Justice League. So personally I think they need to do everything they can to get Bale back as Batman, make a Man Of Steel sequel; then we can talk about Superman/Batman and Justice League.

  15. Here’s what I think:
    - Flash movie
    - Introduce Green Lantern in Arrow
    - Green Lantern 2
    - Wonder Woman movie
    - Man of Steel 2
    - Justice League
    - Dark Knight 4 (introduce Dick Grayson Robin but have him leave by the end of the movie)
    - Static Shock movie (just because)


  16. henry cavil + cristian bale + erica durance = la mejor liga de la justicia

  17. batman & superman then man of steal 2….

  18. I think in order to compete with Marvel they have to cater to their fans. Do the original 7 in the JL. That is a solid start.
    Also, we NEED a BATMAN reboot. Nolan said that his batman exists in his OWN world. Maybe MoS2 could have a batman superman duo somehow. Idk. That’s up to the directors. They could definitely make it work.
    Marvel set up their Phases to introduce the superheroes and then bring them together. Now they’re exploring future plot lines and have the ground work for Avengers 2. DC has to have some kind of solid counterattack that can compete with that, otherwise we’re doomed to see a terrible JL movie. We as the fans cannot rush this. We have to be patient or else we’re going to get a movie that is like Spiderman 3. Too much going on to fit in one movie.

  19. If its not bale as batman they need to wait to reboot it and ad him why not just do a solo superman trilogy for now. besides Batman vs. superman should be a batman film about Bruce Wayne like the dark knight returns not a superman sequel.

  20. I wonder which version of the JL they’re gonna use… Will they have Aquaman, as in the original? The Martian Manhunter? I’d love to see Green Arrow– In my opinion the CW show has done a great job, and has begun introducing Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke(!), and should be given the opportunity to go big screen. What do you think?

  21. Hi guys,
    I’v been searching for an article like this since…well,very long time :)
    but finally found your website thank god for it..
    I believe that a “Man of steel 2″ movie with batman in would be great..the WB can’t do “justice league” movie before they introduce some of the characters first like wonder woman and flash at least .It’s more reasonable to introduce a New Batman too because Bale said he won’t come back to wear the suit and it’s a bid disappointment for all the fans in all over the world :(
    you can’t just put another actor in a movie based on the dark knight trilogy..it would be a Suicide -_- so we hope Bale would put on the suit for just 2 or 3 more times :D
    or they do a new batman which I think it would be wasting of time and money…loved your article <3 bye :)

  22. Its better to introduce batman..with superman…both are the main characters of DC….and after bring out the..flash.and wounder woman in the same year.that ..will be the best for the fans!!..