‘Hemlock Grove’ Clip Rocks A Grisly & Thorough Werewolf Transformation

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Hemlock Grove Poster Hemlock Grove Clip Rocks A Grisly & Thorough Werewolf Transformation

Hemlock Grove wasn’t kidding with that, “The monster is within,” tagline. At Anaheim’s WonderCon event this weekend, Netflix presented a never-before-scene clip featuring a vicious werewolf transformation that wowed the audience.

Hemlock Grove is Netflix’s followup to Lilyhammer and House of Cards, marking the company’s third endeavor in original show production. The Eli Roth-produced series is an adaptation of the Brian McGreevy horror novel that’s expected to push the boundaries of werewolf carnage. The show kicks off just after a gruesome murder. After the mangled body is found near the old Godfrey steel mill, the town gets to talking and, soon thereafter, pinpoints two suspects – the newly arrived trailer trash gypsy family and the wealthy Godfreys themselves.

In addition to the previous Hemlock Grove trailer that arrived a short while back, the official Hemlock Grove page is now loaded with mini trailers primarily comprised of pieces of that main trailer, but all highlighting different elements of the experience, which of course includes some particularly unsettling imagery, but none compare to this new clip from the show.


The parties involved here are Landon Liboiron’s (Terra Nova) Peter Rumancek, Lili Taylor (The Conjuring) as his mother, Lynda, and Bill Skarsgård (yes, True Blood vampire Alexander Skarsgård’s little brother) as the heir to the Godfrey estate, Roman Godfrey. Peter’s got a secret that’s not much of a secret to Roman anymore and Lynda is quite proud of it. While she watches on, grinning big, Peter goes from man to beast in a wildly deliberate and detailed transformation. If the abundance of bone-crunching isn’t enough, how about the need to swap human eyes and teeth for more werewolf-appropriate ones? Still not gory enough? The snout-by-way-of-mouth part of the process makes the Twilight transformation exponentially more cartoonish – if that’s even possible.

After one too many displays of supernatural romance, sparkling vampires, and flashier human-to-animal conversions, this brutal display Hemlock Grove puts on is madly refreshing. However, even as a gore-lover, the concern that Hemlock Grove might go overboard is there, but considering this whole werewolf transformation shtick is being used as one of the show’s key selling points, there’s hope that this spectacle will work well in context and that the series won’t delude it by trying to go too big and bloody too often.

You can binge-watch all 13 episodes of Hemlock Grove when the show is made available on Netflix in full on April 19th.


Source: IGN

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  1. That was way more intense than I had anticipated. I love Lili’s facial expressions.

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    • Meanwhile the other actor could have been replaced with a cardboard cutout.

  2. yes….

  3. Well then… That was a surprise.
    Question though…
    What happens to this young mans eyeballs after he changes back? Does someone save the ones that popped out? Or does eating his leftover remains help in the rejuvenation process? ;)

    • thats what i would like to know! ugh its was discusting i was totally not expecting that to happen at all!

    • The same thing, but in reverse, shed’s the wolf and reverts back to man.

      Hope he doesn’t get a furball though when he eats the wolf pelt!


  4. Flip! That went on a bit. That was worse than “An American Werewolf in london”. Those “Twilight” “werewolves” have it sooooo easy. (^-^)

  5. That was rather extravagant to just turn into a regular wolf.

    • +1 my thought exactly. I was expecting something larger…

    • I agree. I will probably skip this because of that reason. I don’t like my werewolves to be just a wolf.

      Would love to see FOX reboot probably the best Werewolf incarnation to ever grace a television.

      • I still like the werewolves of Underworld

  6. yeah, for me, it was lots of transformation for not much end result.

    and the word you wanted is “dilute”, not “delude”.

    just as I was reading the article I was thinking that the show would dilute the effect of this much SFX by showing it repeatedly. There’s only so many times you can watch an effect like that before it actually gets boring.

  7. so… I have no idea why screen rant decided to compare the werewolf in this show to twilight, especially since they kind of made it clear in the books and the movies that twilight wolves were technically shape shifters not real werewolves who are bound to the sun. However, this is more similar to Vampire Diaries werewolves… In the show when you first see Tyler Lockwood transforming into a werewolf you can almost feel his pain and his bones break twist and turn. though, his eye definitely did not pop out that was kind of going to the extreme I feel that netflix is trying way to hard to get in with the craze of vampires and werewolves. But i might actually watch the show just to see if is good enough

    • You actually watch Twilight and Vampire Diaries? Your taste in television and film is horrible.

  8. Interesting, but the visual effects looked kinda bad in parts. And the eve ball popping out of the head issue was strange.

  9. Why do i feel so bad after watching this? And i’m afraid that cannot been unseen. *sigh* it’s feel like i lost something :/

  10. all of that to turn into a wolf…

    • “all of that to turn into a wolf…”

      Have you ever turned into a wolf?

  11. While there were some interesting elements in this transformation, I still say the best man-to-wolf transformation ever filmed has got to be in An American Werewolf in London. Although, the proud (and almost happy) expression on the woman’s face does make this slightly creepy.

    Although, what’s with the eyes falling out?

  12. Can’t say i’m overly impressed really. AAWIL transformation scene is much more involving whereas this here is all about the (silly) eye-pop and the very lame common wolf finishing.

    “You’ve got to be f****** kiddin’ me”, absolutely.

  13. I want a female werewolf transformation, please.

    • Then you need to watch the movie Trick Or Treat. Anna Paquin and all her hottie friends transform very cool into actual werewolves not a wolf like this. And there’s boobs galore before the transformation.

  14. Now imagine if Bruce Banner’s transformation was like that…

  15. What’s with all the ” just a wolf” comments? If you look at the old legends, that’s what a werewolf does. The whole wolfman thing is only because movies couldn’t make a convincing quadrupedal wolf form. In fact, if I remember right AWIL was the first four legged werewolf in a movie.
    All traditional werewolf stories, the guy just turned into a regular wolf.

    But yeah, the eye popping thing was weird.

  16. Wouldn’t he have to shrink as well since that wolf appeared much smaller than he i?. Also, the the chest, hind legs, ears, etc. did not change. My vote is still with The Howling and American Werewolf for best TOTAL transformations.

    • Agreed. Plus this felt like it went on forever.

    • Yes. The Howling = Best transformation EVER.

  17. Looks dumb, I won’t watch it. But since it is rather an extreme clip, I will ask this, only half “tongue-in-cheek”….what happens to his dingaling when he becomes a wolf–does the man-one fall off?

  18. The eyes popping seemed strange at first, but the rest of the transformation explained the effect to me: The wolf is inside, as such, and pushes out, shedding the human elements in the process. The hand/paw, teeth and skin/fur on the back also showed the beast within forcing its way through to the surface.
    An actual wolf would not pass up an easy meal of fresh meat, so no surprise it eats what fell to the ground.
    So what does the change back look like?

  19. never before seen

  20. Crap special effects

  21. While it was a lot better than i’ve seen in a long time it still had nothing on the American Werewolf in London transformation sequence and that is 30 yrs old!!! The guy didn’t seem in enough pain, i don’t like the idea that the wolf was inside waiting to come out and the eyeball element was ridiculous…Basically it still felt like twilight to me with more blood.
    These people making these vampire shows and now werewolves are just killing the theme…everyones good looking and there is nothing scary about any of the characters or their alter egos at all. And the fact that it’s an actual wolf that he changes into and not some extreme human/wolf hybrid is even more boring. Nice try but basically tripe on a stick.

  22. I liked the transformation and the wolf but, like everyone else said, i miss the wolf-hybrid monster look.I just hope their not like the wolves of True Blood; they F-d it up. Those TB wolves exist just to make vampires look better by comparison. True Blood wolves are nothing but a bunch of pussified, weak-ass, wolves that always getting their asses killed.

  23. you jabronis dont have to watch this…..but i will fooooooor sureeeeeeee

  24. Saw that clip from Trick R Treat. Truly gay werewolf transformation scene. I don’t get a kick out of watching people pull their skin off their bodies like its a suit to reveal a werewolf underneath. Nah. Doesn’t do it for me. American Werewolf in London, and The Howling still are tops for transformation sequence. And that was without CGI.

  25. I’m not impressed with this ‘werewolf’ transformation for these reasons. This doesn’t feel to me like an actual mammal to mammal transformation. I like the skin stretching, mass gaining, and hair growing approach like most werewolf movies have. It makes a lot of sense. This transformation reads to me more like John Carpenter’s The Fly’s. When you see actual bugs change, the molt everything down to their own eyes. The eyes falling out makes me think he’s turning into a large fly rather than a regular wolf. When mammals grow, they don’t shed their skin and their eyes. Doesn’t make sense how his skin splits from additional mass will result with a small wolf, too. IMO, I was expecting a huge, 8ft, four-legged Werewolf similar to AWIL!

    • UGH I meant Jeff Goldblum’s The Fly. Sorry about that.