Netflix Renews ‘Hemlock Grove’ for Season 2

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Hemlock Grove Werewolf Transformation Netflix Renews ‘Hemlock Grove’ for Season 2

It’s something of an age of experimentation for purveyors of serialized entertainment. Not only are television networks better leveraging on-demand and Internet-based platforms for distribution, but entities such as Amazon and Netflix are getting in on the competition for viewers.

Netflix has been especially proactive in this regard, hosting both original shows such as House of Cards and the revival of Arrested Development. Now, the first of these streaming-only offerings has earned itself another season; the werewolf mystery-thriller Hemlock Grove has been confirmed to be returning with new episodes next year.

Hemlock Grove’s producers announced via press release that they have inked a deal with Netflix to create and broadcast a second season of the series, set to be “broadcast” in 2014. Executive producer Eli Roth (The Green Inferno) commented:

“The worldwide fan response to Hemlock Grove was phenomenal… Netflix members loved the potent combination of sexy monsters, mystery, and the dark family soap opera that ended with a huge twist, leaving audiences worldwide totally shocked. Season One was just a warm up for what we have in store for season two. Get ready to be scared in ways you never expected.”

Hemlock Grove will add producer Charles H. Eglee (The Walking Dead) to its behind-the-camera talent for season 2. The show will continue to star Bill Skarsgård (Anna Karenina), Dougray Scott (Doctor Who), Famke Janssen (The Wolverine), and Landon Liboiron (Terra Nova).

The first season of Hemlock Grove began with the grisly murder of a teenage girl on the outskirts of the titular town. Caught up in the subsequent investigation, reluctant allies Roman Godfrey and Peter Rumancek began to uncover some of the savage secret past of their hometown – as well as share a few secrets of their own. The series’ blood-spattered finale definitely promised even more werewolf-related mayhem to come.

Hemlock Grove Bill Skarsgard Landon Liboiron Netflix Renews ‘Hemlock Grove’ for Season 2Though the news of Hemlock Grove’s renewal is a great coup for Netflix, one wonders whether the series actually needs a second outing. Despite the enthusiastic praise of producers such as Roth, Hemlock Grove received a lukewarm reception from critics. The first season sports a score of 44 on Metacritic – not exactly a guaranteed stinker, but divisive enough that its quality comes into question.

That said, individual user reviews are far kinder, backed by viewership numbers high enough that Netflix is apparently willing to bankroll another order of episodes. At the very least, the renewal of Hemlock Grove bodes well for the future of Netflix’s distribution model. With properties such as Hemlock Grove, the streaming service is cutting a path toward a new paradigm of television viewership – a paradigm that’s been fascinating to watch emerge.


Hemlock Grove will debut its next season in 2014. Its first run of episodes is currently available for streaming via Netflix.

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  1. Couldn’t even get past 3 episodes. It was kinda terrible.

  2. Honestly, it looked terrible and I don’t like Eli’s work anyway, he seems to have extreme gore and violence for the sake of it with little to no plot to explain why the gore is happening.

  3. Saw part of the first episode and turned it off. Nauseatingly bad.

  4. I made it through the 1st episode. Stopped watching after that.

    • I also enjoyed it!

  5. Loved season one! Can’t wait for season two!

    • “but considering it is a Netflix original”

      What does that mean? Netflix puts out some quality stuff (besides HG).

    • It means that I doubt Netflix has the resources available that AMC, FX, or the big networks have.

  6. The show was OK in the first couple of episodes, but after that the show just went down hill very fast. Famke Janssen was the only good actor.I really blame the writers for this show being bad, the show has some potential, but I feel like it needs new writers, but mainly a new director.

  7. Zaakel

    you are obviously confused the first 4 episode were bloody terrible, the rest of the episodes were very good. I suggest you watch more then 1 episode.

  8. Hemlock Grove trailer did not look that good. I would rather see a second season of The Event, if done right.

  9. I honestly thought I wouldn’t like it after watching a couple of episodes but the more I watched it the better it got. I think the first 2-4 episodes were slow but after that it picked up and started to get good. The visuals are okay and the writing could use some work but it’s not all that bad IMO. I still prefer this series over the CSI’s, NCIS LA, Law and Order, reality TV stuff.

  10. whats hemlock Grove

  11. I JUST finished watching the last episode of this a few days ago (I was viewing one at a time over the last few weeks).

    I felt there were enough original takes on things to warrant giving it a chance and was curious to learn more about a couple elements in the story, however the acting for most of the young characters was a little lacking and their direction a little odd at times (maybe it was more the direction though). I believe the scripts could definitely have used another draft before filming.

    The end of the first season makes me wonder where things will go without the whole thing turning into what hits most similar shows around 3rd-4th season. Meaning, it’s rather blank slate now and that could prove dangerous to its progression.

  12. I liked the campy, gothic style of Hemlock Grove mixed with the nonchalant horror and the outrageous, over the top characters, especially Famke’s. Look forward to seeing where they go with the second season.

    • I think Hemlock Grove was great! It did take a couple of episodes, to comprehend all the different characters, and each of their situations. I can’t wait for season 2.

  13. I enjoyed this series , yes it had a few slow moments but then again doesn’t all series? Can’t wait for season 2!

  14. As much as I loved the acting and the plot of Hemlock Grove and practically watched it with my family in one sitting:

    1) It is not Netflix’s first streaming only option (at least not in the united states) that honor belongs to the crime “dramedy” Lilyhammer starring Steven Van Zandt which came our over a year ago now and for which a second season is already recorded but not yet released. I enjoyed that show too.

    2)Brian McGreevy has indicated he has no actual plans at this point to continue the book series on which Hemlock Grove was based. Hemlock Grove was self contained and contained the entirety of McCreevy’s story so this leads one to wonder who will be writing the stories for the next season and if they will completely muddy the waters.

  15. Originally I was not even going to watch Hemlock Grove, being horribly bored and sleepless one night decided to try it. The first couple of episodes did nothing for me, but the next night the same thing happened and I watched a bit more. This time I became totally hooked on it and am very happy that there will be another season.

  16. I thought it was great, had a good twist to the ending of the first season. Each episode made me want to watch the next. I think there’s something for every one, and programmes like this one should not be dragged down by the few people that don’t like this sort of thin. Am share that what they like I problem don’t watch nether.
    Keep it going Hemlock Grove.

  17. Another show that exploits it’s women and not the men. Softcore porn all the way. I would really love for a show to have some substance and not so much nudity so I can enjoy watching it with my family. Or at least lets make it equal with the nudity, male & female.

    • There were several scenes in this film with male nudity and at least one that verged on Full Frontal involving Liboiron’s character. So I am not so sure I agree with your assessment. That said I watched it with my family regardless as I am not bothered by my teenagechildren being exposed to sexuality as part of the plot of a story

      • By film I mean series to clarify though that should be clear I imagine.

  18. thank heavens for imaginative dark mystery shows such as hemlock grove . i was throughly entertained and loved all the actors. one of my favorite shows of all times. so excited for season 2. it cannot come quick enough. ur biggest fan……

    • This is a refreshing new series compared to the boring repeats and copycats I have had to watch every year. The actors are great. The plots are well written. This show has true drama, suspense and causes you to move you to the edge of your seat. A lot of the negative comments are due to the fact that the persons writing them are looking for hard action, this is a mystery, suspense series, not action type series. I can’t wait for season 2. I think the biggest problem with the show is that people are not used to REAL Original Series. Thank you Netflix!!! Keep up the Great Work and Writing!!!!

  19. Well, i watched the first season, it was pretty good. The sex scenes were a bit much but i’m a fan of gore, i admit it didn’t make much sense at first… but that’s how the story plays out. You wont understand it unless you follow through and watch the entire thing. Watching 1 or 2 episodes then turning it off because you can’t handle “gore”…. what do you expect from a movie containing a wolf on the cover… ? rainbows, butterflies, pink ponies, and unicorns… give me a break.

  20. I don’t understand. Are we really to believe these are high schoolers? Roman and Peter definitely cannot pass for teenagers. They drink, smoke and are barely ever in school. Most of the other actors cannot pass for teenagers. They should have made it around college kids instead. Also, so much nudity and sex acts involving high schoolers? Yes it happens, but… it’s beyond ridiculous. I love the horror part of it, but the acting, writing and believability isn’t really there for me or my husband yet. I’ll try to give it another chance with season 2, but… I’m still confused.

    • High School students engage in all said behaviors. I for one am tired of television that shows things as they should be. I much prefer that my fiction is realistic enough to show things as they actually are.

    • I completely agree with you i just finished watching it yesterday; the acting, writing and believability are non existent. i thought it was okay; i’ve seen amateur short films better quality than this show and the only thing that made me keep watching was the mystery behind everything and the Lore/myth. i’ll watch season 2 to see where they try to go with this.

      and the show was based on a book so i just might read that instead

  21. Yeah. Like Roman paid a prostitute to have sex in his car. Real teenagers wouldn’t do that or have the money for it. They have sex with each other. Not std ridden whores. The prostitute looked like she was a kid. It was very disturbing.

  22. It was amazing,different and stunning, and I couldn`t keep my eyes off that Skaarsgard kid-God!! Can`t wait for more!

  23. Can’t believe no one else has commented (that I can see) on what makes the show SO difficult to enjoy.

    I’m in the middle of the 1st season. I like the premise…but the dialog is HORRENDOUS!

    I can live with campy acting, and campy dialog for that matter, but this is like trying to de-code a cipher!

    I assume that the writer/s are trying to be cryptic and mysterious and not give too much away, but the way it’s been delivered so far is like trying to watch a dyslexic David Lynch script!

    There is “just” enough horror, mystery to keep my wife and I watching…but barely.

    Really wanted to be a fan and enjoy the show.

    But they’ve made it about as difficult to do that as they could.

    We’re actually surprised they approved a season 2, guess we’ll push through to the end of season 1 now and hope that the writing season 2 is handled a bit more evenhandedly.



    • Stu! You nailed it. I wanted to say something similar,but my thoughts weren’t as clear. Tx for this. I agree with the whole getting renewed for a second season.

  24. Okay. My thoughts. I was hesitant to write anything because I’m a little shy with these things, but I have to just say that season 1 confused the crap out of me. I love, love,love horror. Anything campy horror, scary horror, horror horror, you get the point. This show had so much potential I thought when I first saw the trailer. Then watching it. No. Just no. I couldn’t get into the storyline. Are they werewolves, vampires, witches, aliens, what? Are we to really believe that the two leads are in HS? They look as if they could be the parents of some of the other actors who actually look like High Schoolers. The writing & acting needs work. I’m also not one for thrown in nudity just because it’s on cable. We have so many cable shows with so much nudity and porn going on it takes away (IMHO) from the acting and writing. I also get skeeved if I have to believe these are children doing nudity and porn stuff. I know they are actors, but some of them are quite young (Game of Thrones). It bothers me since I’m only 19. I couldn’t imagine doing nudity and sexual stuff at my age. Anyway. I’m shocked about a season 2. I will give it a try. Otherwise I will stick with the really great shows like justified. No nudity in there, just terrific acting, writing and stories.

    • Not to sound rude, but you really need to lighten up with the carp on nudity. It really wasn’t that bad, some of it DID have a purpose towards deepening the plot when analyzed from a sociological/psychological view point. As for the actors seeming too old… The characters were believable and there truly are too few productions, be it a series or film, that actually produce actors and actresses that fit the age of the characters they’ve scripted; either due to legal concerns or simple availability.

      With this in mind, I actually found myself impressed by the selection of actors and actresses. Their heights, their ages (or sometimes just their physical attributes) all worked together to provide a logical age gap between the characters. It might not be realistic, but the film industry would be in trouble with the law if they tried shooting for such realism. In the case of Daenerys Targaryen, she was only 13 when she was first introduced in the book series; you can imagine the kind of legal concerns casting an actual thirteen year old for her role would have produced for those working on the Game of Thrones Television Adaption of Martin’s novels. I am also 19 years of age and I cannot help but find your comment leaning on the either misinformed or sheltered end.

      The ages of Hemlock Grove’s more “involved” cast members are

      Famke Janssen (47) – Olivia Godfrey
      Dougray Scott (47) – Norman Godfrey
      Kaniehtiio Horn (25-27) – Destiny Rumancek
      Bill Skarsgård (23) – Roman Godfrey
      Penelope Mitchell (21-23) – Letha Godfrey
      Landon Liboiron (21-22) – Peter Rumancek
      Emily Piggford (18-25) – Ashley Valentine (This one required a bit of research before placement).
      Freya Tingley (19) – Christina Wendall

      These are all consenting adults. I would like you to take a look at the ages of the two adults here verses the other actors. It’s close enough to slide for believable on the relationship scale, however, I also encourage you to take a look at several high school set films and the ages of their actors and actresses at the time of production. You will find very few actors and actresses who are actually high school aged. You will also find very few who try to differentiate the age gap through variations such as height.

      One thing I think Hemlock Grove did exceptionally well was build a gap between the teenaged characters by use of height, facial bone structure (Which can cause an adult to either appear more youthful or more aged) and relative age of the actors and actresses. There was no moment when I felt that the visual appearances of these characters weren’t as close as they could be. The reality of life is that, legally, you won’t be finding any actual Seventeen-year-olds on a show such as Hemlock Grove.

      All of that said. It’s best that you view Hemlock Grove as the Twilight for Anne Rice Fans which calls to a certain level of maturity. It won’t be everyone’s cup of Tea.

  25. I am very happy the show will have season 2…, thank you

  26. Glad there is a second season but its not long enough. Its only ten episodes. Ten episodes is kind of not worth the wait but I will wait because I love it to much. I hope the second season turns out great and leads to another.