New Hellraiser Movie Is A ‘Reboot,’ NOT A ‘Remake’

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hellraiser image New Hellraiser Movie Is A Reboot, NOT A RemakeAmong movie fans the term “remake” is one which often gets winced at, gets heads shaking, and sometimes even rants will be induced. Well those making the upcoming new Hellraiser film (yes, they’re making another one) have refuted that it’s a remake. No, no, it’s not a remake says French director Pascal Laugier, but rather a reboot.

There’s a difference? I guess so

Via an interview (which was written in French and translated into English), Laugier said the reboot will mix elements from both the original film and Clive Barker’s original novella The Hellbound Heart.

The first draft of the script has already been written by Laugier in French, and is now in the process of being translated into English.

Now to be fair I guess you could say there is a difference between a movie being remake and reboot. For example Rob Zombie’s Halloween is a remake of the original, whereas Batman Begins is a reboot of the existing franchise and not simply a remake of Tim Burton’s Batman. So I guess we can let Hellraiser being a reboot instead of a remake fly.

Hellraiser is a film I remember from years and years ago (at an age I probably shouldn’t have been watching films like it) and in this specific case I’d be all for a reboot. The character is a fantastic creation, not quite up there on the same level as Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger or Jason Voorhees but fantastic nonetheless.

And I think the whole idea lends itself well to this area of modern cinema – it would certainly add a supernatural element amongst all the simple slashers we get so many off nowadays. There’s no word as of yet who will play the titular character but since it’s a reboot I don’t think they can get the original guy back (otherwise what’s the point of it being a reboot?).

Calling on tall, bald, spike headed actors!

Is another Hellraiser film a good idea or is it yet another classic horror entity that should be left alone?

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  1. Not surprising. They’ve remade almost everything else in horror.
    Wonder when they’ll get round to Child’s Play, or even the Leprechaun!

  2. A Child’s Play remake is actually in the works. Not sure about Leprachaun, although I wouldn’t be surprised if that gets announced soon:P

  3. Maybe Jennifer Aniston will have a cameo. ;)

  4. i dont think it really matters with all the “worse than my predisesers” sequal’s that came out a ReBoot was inevitable

  5. Maybe Children Of The Corn is next.
    Or the People Under The Stairs.
    Dr. Giggles!
    Or how ’bout a remake of Clive Barker’s own Rawhead Rex?

    Naw, let’s go for Hellraiser. Vin Diesel as Pinhead.

  6. I think that good concepts in horror should never die; and, fresh takes should be welcomed. We live in a highly dynamic age that should keep these spirits alive, or undead, as it were.

    Also, I must say that Pinhead brought a dark grace to death and gore that is unmatched in the other classics (Myers, Voorhees and Krueger – will always be awesome), as well as one of the more involved canons, with the history of hell/Le Marchand’s history told in the comics, the “Hellbound Heart” novel, as well as the eight movies. While the general public cannot believe there was another made, as a fan I can say that the explorations of the cenobite lore was interesting and fun (although the deadliest aspect of most of them was the acting and direction!).

    I would really like to see Hellraiser revived in a comic, but a movie could be cool. However, without Doug Bradley as Pinhead, well, it’s gonna take someone special to pull this one off. He brought fear with grace, and made flesh ripping a delight; those are some mighty shoes to fill.

    Thanks for the heads up Ross!


  7. idk why pinheads allways been a favorate of mine :)

  8. The way I see the differences between a “remake” and “reboot”, if you are doing an entirely different story but using one or more of the principle characters then it is a reboot, example being Batman Begins.
    But if you are just retelling the same story used in the original with your own bits added in, then it is a remake.

  9. Sorry, there was more to it…
    my idea of a remake and a reboot is like what Ross writes, but from reading the director’s idea of what he wants to do, it seems it is more like a remake than a reboot.

  10. I like Ross’ definition of the difference between a reboot and a remake:

    Remake = One shot, single movie.

    Reboot = Remake, with the intent to create sequels.


  11. im sorry but i dont care how bad the hellraiser franchise got as long as it had doug bradley as pinhead. those are some painful shoes to fill. i will see it, but whomever they pick better give me goosebumps.

  12. i was a small girl the first time i saw hellraiser and i have been hooked ever since,though it gave me horrible nightmares for a bit of time, i followed the storyline faithfully, the first 4 are my favorite, i am seriously lookin forward to the “remake” or “reboot” whichever and prey they get doug bradley back, no one could or should deserve the honor of having those pins upon their head….!! forever PINHEAD…aka Doug Bradley…may they forever reign supreme in the world of horror cinema….!!!! oh, and does anyone know when the new one hits…?

  13. “Also, I must say that Pinhead brought a dark grace to death and gore that is unmatched in the other classics…

    However, without Doug Bradley as Pinhead, well, it’s gonna take someone special to pull this one off. He brought fear with grace, and made flesh ripping a delight; those are some mighty shoes to fill.”

    I couldn’t agree more. No comparission can be made between Jason, Freddy, Michael and the Cenobites. Firstly, The realm of horror each embody are entirely different and secondly, the cenobites (Specificaly Angelique and Pinhead) maintain an elegance in what they do which is admirable considering the drivel that is labelled “horror” these days.

    The last two Hellraiser movies were dispappointing…But hopefully the new installment will be interesting. I’m very disappointed that Doug Bradley won’t be Pinhead and I sincerely hope they at least use his voice but I’m confident that if the right people are behind the movie then it’ll be a credit to the Hellraiser legacy.

    I wasn’t keen on the new attire for the Cenobites though, I hope they stay with militant…Or “bondage” type attire as it seems more fitting. Within the chaos of Hell there is structure…That was one of the dounding principles of what made the other movies as successful as they were.

  14. ooooh! will rob zombie remake Basket case???? lol

  15. as long as they make this one dark and stay away from the cheesy way the later films were put together. i was terrified at the first and then were absolutely embarrassed by the later films. the things hollywood does to a faith full following is absurd.

  16. Even though I am not a huge fan of remakes, I am a huge fan of the original Hellraiser, and I must admit that I’m interested to see what new spin they’ll put on it. I also have a couple bits of casting that I must suggest:
    Lead Cenobite: Kevin Durand
    Barbie Cenobite: Lady Gaga
    Thats all I got for now. LOLs at the latter choice! Since they may be adhering more to the novel, they may remove Kirsty’s character entirely. So have fun and don’t f**k up the franchise anymore than it has been already!!

  17. They should make another