[UPDATED] Creator Says There Are No Current Plans for ‘Hellboy 3′

Published 2 years ago by , Updated February 16th, 2014 at 9:24 am,

hellboy 3 perlman del toro [UPDATED] Creator Says There Are No Current Plans for Hellboy 3


[UPDATE: Mignola has expanded on his prior statement.]

Fans of Hellboy, the world’s greatest paranormal investigator, are in for a disappointment: despite encouraging talk over the last few years from wunderkind director Guillermo del Toro, as well as frequent collaborators Ron Perlman and Doug Jones, there’s not going to be a third entry in del Toro’s film series based on the cigar-smoking red demon’s exploits.

Surprisingly, the news comes not from del Toro but from artist Mike Mignola, who created the character in 1993 and shares a co-executive producer credit on both films.

Speaking in a recent interview with Comic Book Resources about the next phase in Hellboy’s adventures on the page, Mignola openly said that another installment in the film series simply isn’t going to happen. In a direct quote from the interview, he had the following to say:

The biggest problem I see as far as PR for the next billion years is explaining endlessly not only that there’s no ‘Hellboy 3′ movie, but it’s going to be explaining ‘It’s a series, but it’s not a monthly series.’

Should Mignola’s declaration be taken as the final word on the matter? Given his authorship of the story and how closely he worked with del Toro on 2004′s Hellboy and 2008′s Hellboy 2, Mignola’s statement is certainly less than encouraging, but nevertheless it’s probably wise to take his claim about the current status of the project seriously. That’s not to say that things couldn’t change if, say, del Toro’s Pacific Rim ends up being a big hit at the box office. Money does talk, after all, and in the past del Toro has pegged financing as the most significant obstacle for Hellboy 3 to overcome.

But this isn’t the first time Mignola has displayed doubts over the production, either. Two years ago, he commented on how much his planned ending for the Hellboy comics clashes with del Toro’s screen vision and interpretation of the character. There’s no denying the differences, both vast and minor, between the respective properties, and taking note of the climax built to in The Storm and the Fury, the last trade paperback in Hellboy‘s print run, maybe Mignola’s right to be concerned.

Either way, the comment comes as a letdown after five years of anticipation. It’s worth noting that del Toro historically keeps his plate as full as humanly possible – Pacific Rim comes out this July, and he’s following that up with Crimson Peak next year, a potential Hulk TV show (thought don’t hold your breath), a stop-motion animated version of Pinocchio, and maybe even a Marvel studio film - which means that even if Hellboy 3 had gone ahead (or if it ends up going ahead some years in the future), del Toro may have found himself scrambling to sort out his own schedule just to get it into production to begin with.

What do you think, Screen Ranters? Are you bummed to hear that Hellboy 3 is off the table? Or do you prefer the comic book version, and would you rather see del Toro work on more original films?

UPDATE: Courtesy of his Facebook page, Mignola had the following to say about Hellboy 3:

About a third Hellboy film–
There are a couple articles out floating around out there right now that sort of make it sound like I don’t want a third movie made or even implying that somehow I might in some way stopping a third one from being made–That’s just stupid. I have no idea why these things are popping up now. I’m asked all the time if a third film is in the works and I always say there isn’t–Because there isn’t. Simple as that. Of course I would be thrilled to see a third one made. I know Ron would like to do it and I think if ANYONE could talk Universal into it it would be del Toro. After #2 someone at the studio assured me that they would NEVER make a third and that was the last contact I had with anyone at Universal. That was a long time ago and things change and I do hope things will change, but who knows. Certainly it all has nothing to do with me. The fate of a third film is entirely somewhere between del Toro and Universal.



Source: Comic Book Resources

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  1. Well this sucks.

    • Lo Pan says this sucks, Indeed!

  2. Aaaawwwww. The Hellboy movies are not perfect I but enjoyed the hell (HA!) out of them. Didn’t care much for selma blair but I love ron perlman and doug jones. Eh, they’ll reboot it in a few years along with Spawn. Del toro needs to get on board with marvel and either do Doctor Strange or bring back Blade. I loved Blade 2 and Del toro should of done Blade Trinity.

    • That’s the funny thing. As much as I love del Toro’s work, I thought Blade 2 was the weakest of the three.

      This news sucks but hey, I’d learned not to expect it anyway. This happens a lot with projects shutting down or failing to materialise.

      • Are you serious? Blade 3 was abdolute garbage with horrible acting.

        • Seconded. I make myself forget that Blade Trinity and the tv show never existed. Blade 2 was the best. Sure it doesn’t have oscar acting, character development or a real good story but its enjoyable as hell with good action, cool villains and Norman Reedus.

      • I thought Blade Trinity was the crappiest. Blade 2 was meh, and Blade 1 was decent.

    • There is no such thing as a “perfect movie”

      • Batman and robin was the only perfect movie

        • Green Lantern was pretty darn close.

        • Then u havent seen the departed

      • You most likely haven’t seen Transfomers: Revenge of the Fallen…

  3. I’m disappointed.

  4. I would love to see all those other projects take a back burner just so part 3 could be made. Heck, if it’s financing, do that thing that Veronica Mars did. I would contribute funds, granted not a lot as I only make 12.50 an hour, but still so I love this series and would like to see proper closure.

  5. After the somewhat disappointing Hellboy 2, I’d rather him take any focus he had on Hellboy 3 and put it on his potential Justice League DarK movie. I’d much rather see that come to the big screen than Hellboy 3. Also, I am a big fan of Ron Perlman and del Toro, but just not Hellboy 2 so much.

  6. Well this sucks. I was hoping that Hellboy 3 got made. The first movie was good and the second was so-so, but I liked it anyway. Would’ve been great if a third one was made though.

  7. We need a third one to conclude the trilogy. come on studios! finance this film!!

  8. But I can’t smile without hellboy:(

    • Best comment.

  9. Aw, crap!

  10. Noooooooo! The trilogy NEEDS to be finished. Sure I’d love to see some more of his original work or new takes on old stories, but the Hellboy story deserves to be completed.

    • That’s why I hate it when movies or tv seasons set up a future sequel/season with a cliffhanger at the end. Sure, if the franchise/show keeps going they have a great entry point for the sequel, but if it stops in it’s tracks the audience is left hanging. How hard can it be to make movies/season self-contained?

      The cliffhanger is an antiquated device that has absolutely no room in today’s cancel-happy studio system.

      • Yeah, but we all know why they do it: more $$$. Executives for both TV and film couldn’t give a hoot about leaving us hanging if there’s not enough (guaranteed) profit in continuing. They’re sure as hell not in it for the art.

        It’s interesting to see how several celebrities and directors are also fed up with the ‘cancel-happy studio system’, and are starting to take interest in crowd sourcing the financing of a movie as with Kickstarter.

        As you may be aware, Kristen Bell’s Kickstarter project for the Veronica Mars movie had a target for $2 million. So far it’s received almost R5 million in a short space of time. Granted this is going to be a low budget outing with actors and crew accepting lower pay (some big name salaries are obscene anyway), but some said it’d never even get 2 million. They were proved wrong.

        Since VM movie is going to be a digital download as well as a theatrical release, so some of the distribution costs are offset. And Warner Bros. has obviously taken note of the success of the VM Kickstarter, since they’ve said they’ll help with the theatrical side.

        Even if the VM project doesn’t work out, is this a way forward, I wonder? Cutting out the studios, or at least limiting their say over a movie? Actors and directors accepting lower pay for more original and challenging work?

        Obviously this hardly challenges the big studio blockbusters – and HB 3 would obviously have to be a blockbuster, so I seriously doubt Kickstarter would work for it – but it could get it going by demonstrating committed public interest.

        I think the Kickstarter idea raises exciting possibilities outside the risk-averse studio system. At least in crowd-sourced co-financing of more original or artistic work that would otherwise remain in development hell forever. Perhaps also giving directors and producers a bit more leverage with studios than before.

        • Sadly, I think it’s the opposite. This Kickstarter business getting attached to big budget films is bad for everyone except the studios and the folks involved can’t see that because they naturally want their movie made so badly. The budget for Hellboy 2 was probably under 100 million dollars, so when it all boils down to it, 5 million raised when 2 million was an optimistic number really doesn’t make that much difference far as getting the movie actually made. Sure, it shows folks are interested, of course they are, but it also more importantly shows the studios that they don’t have to spend any money to get movies developed when the public can just do it for them. It may be hard to wrap the brain around, but basically Kickstarter is good for small time folks with no reputation in Hollywood who want to make a super low budget original indie film or whatever, and on the flipside, franchises like James Bond, Star Trek and Batman will always get funding because they’re a known and proven commodity. But middle of the road films that used to exist are headed for extinction because the studios don’t want to spend a fair amount of money to make a little more money, make sense?

          In other words, in say the 70′s or 80′s or even up til recently Hellboy 3 would’ve been seen as worth making but in today’s world it’s considered too expensive to make because it’s not James Bond and will pretty much be guaranteed to make a billion dollars or somewhere in that vicinity, and grass roots efforts on Kickstarter are contributing to that climate. So let’s use as an example the guy who’s directing the new Godzilla movie. He got that gig because he made a pretty great indie gig that indicated he could probably make the leap to big budget movies and he’s getting his chance to prove it and hopefully the film is really good and there’s every chance it’s going to be and it’s gonna make a ton of money and be really popular. That still doesn’t translate into him going back and making more movies like Monsters or say, District 9. It means he’ll probably have the option to make something like Revolutionary Road or Lost In Tranlation, or else more Godzilla movies. Today’s climate is good for JJ Abrams, and it’s great for Wes Anderson, and it’s oddly enough great for television shows like Game Of Thrones and Madmen (which I think is where the real quality of non-popcorn filmmaking has migrated to). One really probably has to give Guillermo Del Toro a lot of credit for not being safe and sticking just with Hellboy 3, leaving the Hobbit when it started to be a drag for him creatively, and pursuing what may end up being high quality blockbusters that have been a real bear for him to get made. I hope Pacific Rim does really, really well in that regard.

          But who really loses in all of this is not only the fans, but also the more working class folks who work in the industry on set or behind the scenes who don’t make 20 million bucks per picture, because their income is going to evaporate as they become more competitive over fewer jobs and the leverage they need to negotiate better wages and things like health insurance and overall job security = goes right out the window.

  11. fck you creators, del toro will make HB 3 if Pacific Rim do big in the box office

  12. Yeah the movies are different from the comics but I like to think of the movies being Del Toro’s universe with HB guest starring in it. The movies are hella fun and deserve a final entry. Maybe they could skip the whole end of the world business and just do another adventure with it’s own story arc.

  13. Given that Ron Perlman is already 62, and that it would likely take a couple of years at least to get financing and everything else in proper alignment, I think it’s doubtful we’ll ever see a third film. No one else can do HB, in my opinion, and after the disappointing second film, I’d actually prefer to keep it that way. Pretty soon, RP will be too old to do the stunts, anyway (he’s already said this a few times himself).

    I liked the darkness of the first film, but thought the second was entertaining – quite funny, in fact – it wasn’t what I wanted to see in a HB film. So … I’m fine with this turn of events. Of course, if it does come to fruition, I’ll likely see it simply because I love Ron Perlman as HB! LOL!

  14. One of the things we often forget as fans is that Hollywood is about money, plan and simple. When you look at the numbers for both Hellboy films, nether had the type of box office gross the shady hollywood bean counters consider a successful return. To be completely honest, I’m surprised they even made a second HB film based off the numbers for the first.

    Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing a third film, but if Mignola says it ain’t happening, it ain’t happening, since he does owns the property, he would know.

  15. I think they should still go ahead with it. Those other movies dont sound very exciting to me anyway. Besides he could still make it, just change the ending, it doesn’t HAVE to be just like the book. Gosh!!!! :-P

  16. Well Del Toro ol’ boy, guess that means no “justice League Dark” for you either. If you can’t finish what you start, then don’t start it in the first place.

    • Furthermore, you should have done HB3 instead of this Gozilla with robots flick.

  17. They couldn’t just find another director? Why couldn’t Mignola direct it himself? Kinda seems to me that the creator of Hellboy directing his own film would actually get a third movie more attention than Del Toro himself returning. Don’t quite understand how this all hinges on Del Toro?

  18. I have a hard time seeing GDToro doing Hellboy 3 when he’s got all these great original films in the pipe, why would he want to go back to filming someone else’s visions instead of his own?

    BTW, great comic but Mr. Mignola sounds just a touch prima donna-ish and more bitter about not getting his paycheck from the film than Hellboy 3 itself actually happening. I bet if HB3 ended up happening he’d waste no time at all to start griping that there’s not gonna be a part 4.

  19. They couldn’t just find another director? Why couldn’t Mignola direct it himself? Kinda seems to me that the creator of Hellboy directing his own film would actually get a third movie more attention than Del Toro himself returning. Don’t quite understand how this all hinges on Del Toro?

    • Uhhh… Sound like there’s an echo in here! :)

  20. I don’t give 2 sh*ts about Pacific Rim. I want a Hellboy 3. What the hell are they all thinking?

  21. I wasn’t nuts about the first one, not that I thought it was bad, just meh. The second one however, I thought that one was damn cool. Was looking forward to a third. Oh well. I’d rather see Del Toro focus on making masterpieces like Pan’s Labyrinth instead of that last pile of crap he put out.

  22. :/

  23. BOO, this blows. I enjoyed both films. I hate open storylines. Oh well, at least Pacific Rim comes out this summer

  24. aww loved the first 2 hellboy they left room for number 3 but i guess we wont see that =(

  25. The creative team do want a sequel, its the unimaginative business suits that aren’t letting the project happening.

  26. fck you universal, a third movie will be made after pacific rim will do big on the box office

  27. Give us hellboy 3 dammit so many want it lets do this n make something so damn amazing to top it off

  28. Give us helboy 3 dammit so many want it lets do this n make something so damn amazing to top it off

  29. More Hell Boy movies. I loved both films, but 2 in particular. we need an end, and a beginning for his 2 kids. Ack.. Make the movie, please.
    Thank you