‘Hell on Wheels’ Season 2 Finale Review

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Anson Mount in Hell on Wheel Blood Moon Hell on Wheels Season 2 Finale Review

If this proves to be the end of AMC’s Hell on Wheels, then the series certainly went out on a rather severe note. And while the end of season 2 was big (at two hours) and bombastic, the finale’s bleak outlook – which undid a storyline beginning to show signs of hope – certainly looked conclusive.

Looks aside, it’s difficult to tell if this was the end or just a continuation of the show staring into the abyss. Perhaps the creators are aware of something the rest of aren’t, and pulling the rug from beneath Cullen Bohannon (Anson Mount), while obliterating the show’s titular town, was merely the producers’ way of saying, “I’m taking my toys and going home.”

At any rate, given the way the season ended, perhaps the program should have been called Hell on Earth.

That certainly looked to be case as ‘Blood Moon’ opens on a Hell on Wheels that had been utterly ravaged and more or less burned to the ground. Meanwhile, a seemingly broken Bohannon attempts to provide some kind of explanation as to just what had transpired. In his low growl of a voice, Bohannon gives an account of the town’s final days. Thomas Durant (Colm Meaney) and his wife Hannah (Virginia Madsen) were busying themselves over concern that their duplicity with the railroad mileage would result in a jail sentence, while Lily Bell (Dominique McElligott) was doing her best to secure a future for herself that didn’t end with being a governess. Lily’s plan was for her and Bohannon to continue building the railroad and their relationship, and that plan appeared to be one Bohannon was willing to buy into – even as Durant was looking to buy Bohannon’s loyalty through a permanent partnership.

Eddie Spears and Anson Mount in Hell on Wheels Blood Moon Hell on Wheels Season 2 Finale Review

It seemed others had plans, too. Elam (Common) busied himself with convincing Eva (Robin McLeavy) to come live in his house down by the river (the “by the river” part being of particular concern to Elam), while Sean McGinnes (Ben Esler) had become so transfixed on marrying Ruth (Kasha Kropinski) that he was ready to renounce his faith in order to win her over. So, perhaps everyone was too busy to notice the Sioux had amassed an army and were merely waiting to attack, but then again, maybe it had more to do with an old proverb about making plans.

At least Joseph (Eddie Spears) was smart enough get out of Hell on Wheels; he even managed to provide Bohannon with an early warning that, although it proved somewhat fruitless, sure seemed like a nice gesture. Mr. Toole (Duncan Ollerenshaw), on the other hand, found his way out, too, but through much different means. Without listening to Eva, Toole ends his own life, believing his miraculous second chance to be nothing more than a cosmic joke to see him become an even more wretched creature. Though the viewer could see it coming a mile away, Mr. Toole’s suicide set the tone for just how agonizingly dour ‘Blood Moon’ and ‘Blood Moon Rising’ would actually turn out to be.

To some extent, Hell on Wheels has been hinting at an ending like this from early on in season 2 – and that’s not just the warnings that the Sioux would be declaring war. After episodes like ‘Slaughterhouse‘ and ‘Purged Away with Blood,’ it was clear that a nasty streak was riding through the show’s narrative. Everywhere Bohannon went, bloodshed was sure to follow, and while it certainly refrained from swallowing him, the carnage took anyone else it could get its hands on. So, in that regard, it makes sense that the Sioux raid would not provide the season’s climax with its most painful aspect in the death of Lily Bell.

Anson Mount in Hell on Wheels Blood Moon Rising Hell on Wheels Season 2 Finale Review

If the assumption that Hell on Wheels really is about a man who brings death and destruction with him wherever he goes, then the Swede’s (Christopher Heyerdahl) decision to strangle Lily, as a means of proving that fact, probably works in an incredibly nihilistic way. After all, in ‘The White Spirit,’ the Swede went into some detail regarding the thirst for violence he and Bohannon shared. However, this unfortunately does little to provide answers as to what Lily’s death actually means beyond getting a rise out of Bohannon – or the audience. It also suggests that if examining such an unrelentingly harsh world was the goal of the series, then it took too long for that fact to come across.

It’s clear that should the series continue, Bohannon is prepared to carry on, but just where would the laconic Southerner be headed? Picking up his initial quest for revenge? Continuing to build the railroad under increasingly difficult circumstances? Durant is in custody (so we’re told), so either of the two possible outcomes could serve the program’s tone quite well – though any continuation would likely mean the Swede survived his plummet from the bridge, and that, coupled with Mr. Toole’s initial survival last season, would only make the impact of Lily’s death feel less significant than it already does.

In the end, Hell on Wheels has spent two seasons telling somewhat disparate stories, and connecting them through a pervasively violent and intriguingly harsh standpoint that just hasn’t quite managed to feel as substantial as it should. A more precise examination of that world and what it means for the inhabitants would go a long way in making Hell on Wheels the epic western it wants to be. If ‘Blood Moon’ and ‘Blood Moon Rising’ are any indication, however, the series knows how to hit cinematic highs, as well as it does emotional lows – these last two hours were certainly chock-full of both. And taking into consideration that, overall, this was as a much stronger arc than season 1, it would be interesting to see if that trend might continue into season 3. For now, though, we’ll have to see what, if anything, AMC has planned for Cullen Bohannon and the rest of Hell on Wheels. 


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  1. The Swede dancing through the fire and destruction was disturbing and amazing for his character.

  2. Whether the series is done or not, I am. If I want to be as depressed and upset as I was last night at the show’s end, I’ll just watch the news.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. I know that killing off main characters on TV shows is all the rage now, but having The Swede strangle Lily to death was an incredibly stupid decision, especially if the series is returning for a third season. First, the romance between her and Bohannon was just getting started. They were were devloping into this real power couple who would either take over building the railroad or at least be in a dog fight with the Durants over finishing it. But now that excellent story arc has been destroyed. Second,why did they feel the need to subject Bohannon to more horrorific grief? Hadn’t he suffered enough by finding his wife and young son murdered when he came home from the war, brutally hung from the front porch of their home. The Bohannon shoots his friend, Doc – at his request – so he won’t have to die at the hands of strangers. And now Lily is murdered by that sorry SOB/psycho The Swede, the life slowly draining out of her as she choked to death by that mad man.

      As far as I’m concerned when Lily took her last breath, so did HOW. Maybe their will be an S3, but as far as I’m concerned last night’s show was the series finale.

      • Agreed, I have nothing against killing off a main character in a TV show, in some cases it’s required to serve the logic of the story as well as the integrity of the story. But killing off Lily Bell was just a cruel twist that did neither; and after all of that chaos that came with fighting the Indians, not one main character died DURING the fight. Some shows defy the logic and integrity of the story by keeping a character alive (Clay Morrow in Sons of Anarchy) and some shows get it right in killing a character off when they’re due.(Jimmy Darmody in Boardwalk Empire, I didn’t want to see him die but it was the only place the story could go). Hell on Wheels has/had so much potential….but if it does come back please, please don’t bring back the Swede, he should have been offed in season 1, and then again in season 2, it would just be lame to have him survive that fall. Although I have to agree that the season 2 finale felt like a series finale, or at least a series that wasn’t sure it would get renewed.

        • Killing off jimmy killed the show,,idiotic move,,its trash since

          • Agreed. Since Jimmy’s death the show hasn’t felt the same. It’s slow and somewhat boring now. I understand why the show needed to do it though. It was so that Nucky can go into that dark gangster mode. It’s a cliche really. It’s used in SOA with the death of Opie for Jax to take that darker side and it’s also being used in this show. Bohannon was still battling that good and dark side of him with Lily. Now that Lily is gone he is going to go to a darker side no doubt and now the battle between Bohannon and The Swede will truely begin if there is a S3. There is your reasoning behind the kill people. It’s the “kill of your most important person to you” cliche used.

            • You could easily say keeping her alive is cliché.

      • Good one lmao

    • Peggy I totally agree with you.

    • I agree peggy. Lots of great shows on the past two years. Good drama’s, hell on wheels, SOA, breaking bad, etc… But totally agrre with you that the depression they leave you with, after building what seems like a kinship, can be found in the real life news everyday. SAD!

    • I agree with peggy, I hated the ending so much I wont watch season 3 if there is one. Writers betrayed…….

  3. Why did Lilly had to die? I was getting to like her. Now what will Colin do?

    • Why kill off lily? i liked her and cullen together. This poor guy how much will he lose? It’s getting so depressing. if there is another season, i hope he finds someone to love that doesn’t get killed and the season is too short. Needs some improvement :)

  4. no more of this show since they killed off most interesting person on there in the form of Lily. hope its not renewed

    • They killed off their strongest female character and their best female character….a fatal mistake for any show in only it’s second season. My guess is that HOW hasn’t been renewed for a season 3 yet and this was the writer’s attempt at a conclusion, but with an ending this hopeless why not just send the audience a blindfold and a cigarette and be done with it?

  5. I am probably “done” here. If they had spent more time letting Lily and Cullen be together and then removed her, it might have had more impact. As it is, I am just left feeling pretty disgusted that I wasted my time with this show…no matter how good looking Anson Mount is. Sheesh.

  6. What a great episode. I glad I came back to the series after having giving up (thank you Netflix!).

    It was indeed a somber episode. Lilly death was quite the suprise but Cullen was never gonna have a happy ending. His response was perfect and it’s gonna be interesting to see what this does to him.

  7. Last week’s episode was so great, with 3 different couples discussing staying or going, as the pressure built. And Virginia Madsen!. A lot in one hour. I spent an hour reciting that episode to a buddy at work. I watched it twice Then last night. Why kill off Lily? I hate it. All the passion, all the artistic beauty, including TheSwede’s dancing, all shot to Hell.

  8. Wow. Sux to be Cullen. I hope they continue it on. Those that say Lily’s death didn’t have a big impact, etc… are served with a silver spoon. So glad they’ve never had tragedy in their lives. Not gonna lie, near teared up at the fire house watching it.

  9. P L E A S E tell us there will be a Season 3!!!

    • No reason 2watch any more with lily gone she better be unconscious is all we viewers can say. Big mistake on writers part

      • Agree. I loved the show. I love Westerns, and this was a good one. The last 10-minutes though were nothing short of stupid. Bohannon doesn’t work without Lily Bell. Without her he is just one angry vengeful dude. And the idea that he will now dedicate his life to finishing her RR is just stupid. That does not fit with his character at all.

        Lily Bell’s death, especially the way she died, was stupid. I mean really stupid. And there is no way that the Swede falls that distance face first, burnt body and all, and lives. Sorry, face down and if not dead at least knocked out.

        I am not romantic, but the Bohannon character does not work without the conflict caused by hate vs. love. It is that struggle that makes his character so interesting, and makes the show what it is. Without her then Bohannon becomes a killing machine and the idea of completing the RR is laughable. So this was the final episode since the series dies with Lily Bell.

        • I agree. The end of the season 2 finale was stupid and just made me feel like I wasted time watching this show. I became invested in Cullen and Lily only to see them lose in a pathetic way. I don’t expect everything to be lollipops and sunshine, but this is just way too depressing. I mean we get it…Cullen is a tortured Soul, but he doesn’t need to suffer that much more. It’s too frustrating. And Lily was one of the most interesting characters on the show. She was strong, smart and a survivor. To watch her be reduced to a simple pawn to make Cullen miserable just makes me mad. And to let the weasly swede win…what a smack in the face. I’m done with this show.

        • I agree. The end of the season 2 finale was stupid and just made me feel like I wasted time watching this show. I became invested in Cullen and Lily only to see them lose in a pathetic way. I don’t expect everything to be lollipops and sunshine, but this is just way too depressing. I mean we get it…Cullen is a tortured Soul, but he doesn’t need to suffer that much more. It’s too frustrating. And Lily was one of the most interesting characters on the show.To watch her be reduced to a simple pawn to make Cullen more miserable just makes me mad. And to let the creepy swede win…what a smack in the face. I’m done with this show.

  10. I found the ending very sad but I loved it. The Swede was and is my favorite character. I hope he survived that fall. Bohannon, too is intriguing and I want to know what he does next. Lily’s death was shocking. Ididn’t see it coming at all. The show left me wanting to see more, though. I hope we get a third season.

    • Lilly was the one characer with some redeeming qualities-very disappointed with the ending!!!!

  11. This second season was much stronger than the first, much more cohesive, but killing Lily has pretty much ended my interest. If it were real life I’d be fully aware that there could be no “happy ending” but this is a work of fiction and in fiction there is a little thing called “wish fulfillment” and killing Lily ain’t it. All it does is knock the pins out from under any redemptive currents in the story, it removes the tension that comes from the bits of hope and humanity played against destruction and inhumanity.

    If what they wanted was an end-point, and maybe the series won’t be back, then they crafted one that does work in a depressing, frustrating, and painful way. Given that, I’m not interested in what comes next, if anything.

    • It’s not a tale of redemption, it is one of revenge.

  12. This was a horrible episode and it effectively removed any interest I had in continuing with Hell on Wheels. They spent the better part of two seasons building up a relationship between Lily and Bohannen only to have that relationship terminated (literally) before any of the complexities of it were fully aired out. It was death entirely for shock value that has a detrimental effect on the viability of the show’s narrative.

    I would have liked to have seen Lily and Bohannen running the railroad in season 3, more fights with the Sioux, and the dangers of crossing the Rockies. But we’ve already explored Bohannen’s revenge-at-loss-of-a-love story, so now it feels like we’re just stepping back to the beginning. It makes no sense. Every single story that had been building abruptly ended in this episode. What’s left? Maybe the writers know that the series won’t be picked up again, but either way, they’re a bunch of idiots.

  13. What a show! It was disturbing and exciting. Personally I don’t think Lily is dead, just unconscious from the choke by the Swede…..at least that is how I would structure the story-line for Season Three.

    • I hope the writers read your message. They could easily bring her back on the Pretense That they faked her death so she wouldn’t be murdered by…. ?

  14. Thought is was one of the most riveting and exciting season finales ever. Really disappointed about Lily, however. Am sincerely hoping for season 3 and may lose all faith in TV programming if there isn’t one.

  15. Please have a third season. Life has its ups and downs. Glad the Gayton brothers made it realistic. Best western since Clint Eastwood and John Wayne movies.

  16. Interesting ending. Although they show Lily “dead” and then Bohanan parades her by the Duant’s (remember they wanted her disposed of originally), what a convenient way to end. It satisfies their (Durant’s) desire to remove her from the threat of exposing them and making good the proposal between Elam and Durant. The Swede jumps off the bridge, stating how he (Bohanan) had made it so easy to get to Lily and then “good day”, with the loose rope.
    If they want to continue the series, and I hope they do, (I like this show), I don’t think we have seen the end of either of them (Lily and The Swede).

    • @K1200

      That doesn’t make any sense..
      So the swede fakes killing Lily, and then again his hanging of the bridge is also an agreement with Bohanan?

      • I think Yes. He and Bohanan are similar and the Swede says that quite a few times. The two of them have made a deal somehow and they kind of feed off each other in a perverse way.
        Just a guess for sure, partly because I would like to see the return of the show. So I could be reaching way out here!! :)

    • Now that you mention it…
      When Bohannon is being questioned, he asks, ‘Where is Durant?” and they tell him that he’s in custody and will remain there.
      Then, if memory serves, they show Bohannon carrying Lily through the town, and they pass by Mr. and Mrs. Durant…clearly he’s NOT in custody at that time.

      So, I am wondering if the writers pulled a “Pulp Fiction” type of story telling last night. It all happened, but there are things that didn’t happen in the order that they were shown.

      Maybe I am wrong. I dunno. Will have to watch the second half of the finale again, I guess. ;)

  17. Is Lily actually dead or in a choke/smoke comatose? What purpose did the writers have in killing off such a central character? No one wants to watch episode after eqisode of Bohannon building a railroad..alone. Lily added dimension and size to his character.

    • I’m with you on that statement.

      • ditto to that!

    • I agree. It is Lily Bell that makes the Bohannon character. That makes him human. So what now? Return to his angry vengeful self? Ok, but what about the RR? Taking on the challenge of completing the RR to complete “Lily’s dream” (which was Lily’s purpose in memory of her husband)?

      This show really does not work without Lily Bell. All that the season built up, all that focus on her getting pushed out, the focus on the relationship, the deal with Elam, all a total and complete waste of time. And the Swede on the verge of death, and anyone who has had sever burns understands he is no dancing in the streets and killing her the next day. What a stupid ending for such a great show.

      Oh well.

  18. I remain perplexed about the Swede’s warning. (1) Why would the Indians let him live and/or allow him to return with a warning? (2) Even if the Indians thought he would die, why would they reveal to him the date they planned to attack? (3) Why would the Swede actually warn the camp of the impending attack and its date? (4) He came in as though he had been out on that horse, not riding it and not capable of getting on it himself. So, again, why do the Indians telegraph the attack? (5) How did he make such an amazing recovery? He couldn’t exactly fake a large burn.

    • I thought the Swede “confirmed” the date of the attack and it would happen under the Blood Moon. I thought Bohanan had this information when he went to see the large gathering of the Sioux earlier. The Swede has an amazing threshold to pain alright. He seemed to “enjoy” the fire on him. After all he was portrayed as the White Spirit (?), supplied arms, set up the Preacher for his demise, in some way, I wonder if he just managed to “fly under the radar”, as the Sioux have more use for him, or visa versa…..

  19. I think Lily’s death was just a matter of time. She lost her husband in the first episode and basically the character was formed out of chaos and violence that she would have to eventually meet a violent death. The entire season played out with a tone that a major character was going to die and her character seemed the proper one.

    She didn’t really fit the HOW society and in many ways showcased an innocence that wouldn’t ultimately survive in the rough forming of the west. I expected Eva to die before Lily but I did expect Lily to die at some point in the series.

    The whole finale was hinted to by the Swede and his own concept of revenge and justice and he brought it on fantastically. He was very Jokeresque in his sadistic performance from his waltzing as the town burned to telling his guard to shush while cutting his throat to even how he strangled Lily. He brought about the destruction of the railroad just as how he prophesied it earlier on. And he went out on his own terms. Jumping from the bridge after bidding Cullen farewell was brilliant.

    I am a big fan of the finale. Bohanan isn’t going to have a happy ending because he’s character is created to have one. He’s ultimately destined to either carry on alone or he will die at some point. His character is tragic by design and purpose so he and Lily couldn’t ride off into the sunset. It wouldn’t have been right for his character.

    • It was never about Bohannon and Lily riding off into the sunset, but the relationship gave his character depth. Now he becomes what? Ruthless killer with unsatiable need for revenge? Anyone believe that his character would really take over running the railroad without her? So I guess he goes permanently evil and becomes a ruthless killer, but what about the RR?

      Sorry but the story doesn’t work without her, and the fact that they kill her off in such a stupid and unbelievable way only adds insult to injury.

      Sad. I really likes the series.

      • His character seemed to work just fine before they hooked up or fell in love. In fact, his character didn’t need her as much as she needed him. And I thought the show worked without her more than it did with her. She was the innocent character in a harsh world. A black and white character in a frontier shaped by shades of grey.

        I don’t understand this reaction. It’s a show based on the wild west where bad things happen that do not make sense and her death was bound to happen and it wasn’t going to make sense but she was eventually going to become a victim of the west. Death is a part of the west and innocent people die with or without reason and she was a victim of sociopath who had foreseen the tragedy coming.

        Honestly, I thought she should have died last season.

        Bohanan summed it up when asked about the people in the town, “People are replaceable” that sums up his character to me. And it sums up the show. People are replaceable and that’s the coldness of the show.

        As for the railroad, the shot of him setting the marker indicates to me that it is moving on. Season 2 seemed to forget about the vengeance part of Bohanan and focused on the railroad. I think if there’s a season 3, that will be the same.

        • Funy, this show is ALL about the romance between these two. Season 1 was basically one long wait for them to come together, with the dance at the end and the inevitable postponement of their romance until season 2. I think the show got cancelled and they killed this leading character to show their disgust with that decision..

        • Sounds boring to me. I mean why would Bohannon stay with the RR? Remember he was looking for revenge and it is that search that bought him to HOW. I am all about the loner (the Outlaw Jose Wales, Pale Rider, …), but the relationship is what made him human. Without it, just what purpose would keep him with the RR?

          I doubt there will be a season 3, but if there is their ratings will tank. I know I won’t be bothered (and I love Westerns). Time will tell.

        • would have rather seen Cullen dead than Lily/\. she was my favorite. she was competant enough to finsih railroad with Elans help

    • Sometimes when they kill off a main character sometimes means they got another role on another series or their contract wasn’t renewed. (i.e) killing off Kate in NCIS and she shows up as a main character in Risoli & Isles. It was sad to see Lily die by the Swede. Bohannon dropping her off at the church may have some devine significance that she may be unconcious but doubt it.

      • Lilly is what made bohannons character tolerable and believable. Now without her hes an intolerable enigma and we dont like that because it makes it incoherent. Bohannon did not need any more suffering we did not need to poke him with a stick any more hes been poked enough now it just seems unbelievable and week with out her. Lol im just gonna go watch dead wood season 1 to 3 its hell on wheels with out all the b*******

    • People seem to be glossing over the fact that she had involved her self in a lot of shady business, which was bound to get her killed.She got Elam to kill that guy, shacked up with Durant when she couldn’t hack it on her own, wouldn’t take the hint or money and leave when she had the chance, and double crossed Durant before she got killed. She could have walked away up until that last train pulled out, but she felt like she had a stake in the railroad that was worth more to her then her life.

  20. This sounds like how people were up in arms when Jimmy died on Boardwalk Empire. First off the show is about Bohannon getting revenge for his families death, and having him find some new love worked against that anyway. The way this season ended could have been a device to make the character focus back on what he was doing, and serve to make him believe he is being punished for betraying his dead wife’s memory. I doubt this story was ever supposed to be about him living happily every after with Lilly or anyone.

    As for the Lilly character, her arc ended the way it began in a way. When she initially was almost killed, she should have headed back to civilization but she didn’t. During the course of her dealings with Durant she fell into a pattern of greed and deception that may have been over her head. She never got out while she could and between Durant wanting her dead for various reasons and his wife wanting her gone, she was either going to get the hint and leave or someone was going to kill her (she couldn’t cut a deal with everyone like she did with Elam). Even before the Sioux attacked she had a chance to save herself and she didn’t, ironically though she ended up doing the bidding of the Swede who killed her and still became a victim in his game with Bohannon.

    • Bohannon already got revenge for his family’s deaths – he killed everyone involved including someone who wasn’t. How much more one-note revenge can be interesting?

      To me that’s one dimensional and unless you just enjoy watching people die or suffer in different ways, not very compelling. I like the shadings in characters and the depth being conflicted brings to them. Those flickers of more. The steel rage of revenge can be clean and sweet, but after a while it just become repetitive.

      Also, why cast gorgeous actors if the whole thing is about revenge and despair and hell? Why introduce those elements of desire? That vicarious investment? Because at the heart this has always been a romance. It’s a dark one set in a dark place and dark time with the familiar romantic trope of the wounded, hardened, numbed lone wolf struggling with hate and rage and human need. It’s old and enduring and it’s been at play here ever since we set eyes on the widow Bell.

      Now all of a sudden the show thinks it’s what – Chekov?

      • Bohannon has NOT killed everyone involved,mot importantly the man actually responsible is still alive.

    • +1
      Well said, Slayer.

      • Yeah the guy Bohannon killed was not the one he was looking for, and he spent this season trying to get out of trouble for it. That act and his subsequent outlaw phase it what Durant used as leverage to keep him there.

        As for this show being a love story, people view things in different ways I guess. Looking at the majority of the relationships on the show, most of them are dis-functional at best. But the main theme seems to be some of the romantic entangles are purely done for survival, especially in Lilly’s case.

        Going back to the way Durant portrayed her as the fair-hair maiden in the first season, Lilly was always a damaged person placed on a pedestal. Her husbands family seemed to hate her guts when she went back East, she blackmailed Durant with the maps from day one, then when she couldn’t survive in the town on her own and Bohannon left she shacked up with Durant who was married. She became blinded by the money and power of the railroad and her death was caused by it, the Swede was just the instrument. The way things were going either he was going to do it or Durant was going to find someone else to do it.

  21. I hate that Lilly was killed like that by a character who should have been killed off countless times already! I’m done with this show and very very mad at the way it ended!!!!

  22. Killing off Lily was a real shock and dissapointment, she was the best character on the show. If there is another season I won’t be watching if they don’t somehow get creative and bring her back, I really don’t care how, she could be unconscious or make it a dream sequence it doesn’t matter just bring her back.

  23. Soooo disappointing!!!!

  24. Maybe Lily is in a coma and not really dead? She was taken to the preacher who may revive her?
    If they want to keep it interesting, they need to have her miraculously survive the strangling, be in a coma for a show or two and then come back to build the RR with Bohannan.

  25. I sense what may the beginning of a dangerous trend for AMC. First was the demonizing and ultimate end of Shawn on The Walking Dead, and now the same has happened to Lilly on the final season 2 episode of Hell on Wheels.
    I expect the final season of Breaking Bad to be dark, there is little to expect otherwise.
    We live in an uncertain world. We don’t need to be reminded of this fact by tearing away characters who we have grown to love over two years.
    I’m all for reality but the killing off of favorite characters now seems to be the new norm, rather than the exception. It appears that appears that AMC is becoming a bit uppity and could be on the path that FOX followed.
    Following the final episode of season 2 Hell on Wheels I threw my first season Blu Ray of Hell on Wheels in the trash bin. No need to keep this set for future watching. What a betrayal!
    I’m thinking of subscribing to the Dish Network so that I can’t possibly watch AMC shows.

  26. what does the red flagged stick mean in the last scene mean?

    • thats for the memory of lilly

    • It’s a big phallic symbol that’s intended to say “screw you” to all the veiwers who bothered to watch the last 2 seasons.

      • Killing Lilly was icing on the cake… the problem is they didn’t have a cake yet. They killed her too soon. Certainly she should have survived season 2 to die in a later season. I would have been fine with that.

        If they really needed to kill her because she was moving on to bigger and better things, it would have made more sense to have Elam kill her, yet she evaded that… or the Sioux… she evaded that too. They could have sent her back to New York for a while or maybe cast a new actress to continue playing her role.

        Why get her killed by the Swede? Why didn’t the candle burn the trailer? Lots of questions. Maybe they are going to pull a Jack Bauer and revive her.

        Towards the end the Durant’s are under custody and are eventually facing trial, the main witness for the prosecution team is now dead. They could even spin it off as Lilly being the one responsible for tampering with the numbers.

        This end leaves a lot of possibilities.

        I will vote for starting season 3 with Lilly waking up from a “comma”. Call it a “miracle” from Jesus and have the priestess and her church take the credit.

  27. I still have no idea why I watch this show. This finale was the most interesting so far but right after the first commercial break I knew Lilly was going to die. The scene where she was being choked I almost thought they would have Bohanan burst through the door and off the Swede right there. I have no problem with Lilly dying, in fact she has to die eventually because Bohanan’s relationship with her doesn’t work for a happy ending. My problem is that they ended her life too soon.
    Throughout the whole first season they very remotely hinted at the two’s eventual relationship. Finally at the end of the second season we saw just a bit of what could be. Season 3 should have shown us the power both of these two have as a couple and make us actually feel something for Lily when she dies after that.
    If killing Lily wasn’t enough of a kick to the nuts to Bohanan, he didn’t even get to off the Swede himself. Another cop out in the shows writing was killing off Mr. Toole. Ending his life was just too easy to avoid conflict between him, Eva, and Elam. They should have just ended his life the first time around if they were gonna take this easy and unsatisfying route.
    The storytelling of this show is just so all over the place that I just can’t believe I watch it and yet they have to be doing something right that I continue to watch every week. If there is a season 3, which I’m not so sure there will be after this finale, I’ll continue to watch to see if they do manage to pull a coherent story together.

  28. I really like the show, but very disappointed when Lily was killed off. She survived when her husband was attacked and seems very head strong. The love scenes could have been more interesting as the series continued. Maybe, reconsider the part of Lily’s departure (like a dream or passed out). I am sure there are a lot of people who agree.

  29. Wow…who saw that coming is my take on Lily`s death! Truthfully the signs were there but one hoped her killing would be deflected :( It certainly warranted a lot of viewer responses and highlighted the popularity of this vastly entertaining albeit grim show. I`m sad of course at Lily`s demise especially since it seems that Cullen was “thawing” a bit with her. Her ‘Its better…with me” was one of the most poignant moments of their relationship. Although not overt in their affections, their moments together fairly sizzled with their awesome chemistry and I as a fan will really miss that should HOW continue.