‘Hell on Wheels’ Season 3 Delayed as Showrunner Drops Out

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Hell on Wheels Season 3 Delay The Preacher ‘Hell on Wheels’ Season 3 Delayed as Showrunner Drops OutFans of AMC’s brutal revisionist western Hell on Wheels had much to celebrate earlier this week. Despite a significant drop in viewership during season 2, AMC announced that it had renewed the series for another run of ten episodes.

Just days after that well-received announcement, a new press release states that AMC has temporarily suspended pre-production of Hell on Wheels’ season 3, after the departure of its main showrunner.

EW reports that John Shiban, the former writer/producer who was appointed Hell on Wheels showrunner, has dropped out of the production. Shiban issued a statement that cited no specific reason for his exit; a concurrent statement by AMC and production companies Entertainment One and Endemol says that Shiban left as the result of a, “personal decision.” So far, it appears that the split was sudden but amicable; Shiban praises the Hell on Wheels creative team as a, “. . . wonderful group of very talented people.”

Without John Shiban at the helm, Hell on Wheels finds itself lacking a single creative voice to guide the new season. As such, AMC has declared season 3 of the series on hold until Shiban’s replacement can be found. According to Entertainment Weekly, previous showrunners Joe and Tony Gayton remain as creative consultants but have not been considered to return to the series’ main chair. No names were shared as possible candidates for the top spot.

Hell on Wheels Season 3 Delay The Swede ‘Hell on Wheels’ Season 3 Delayed as Showrunner Drops OutThough this is certainly disheartening news for anyone clamoring for new episodes of Hell on Wheels, it may only be a slight bend in the tracks. AMC and its production companies have shown a knack for attracting solid talent. If anyone can reel in a new creative voice to guide Hell on Wheels – and do so quickly – it’s the same people who have shown great turnaround time for shows like The Walking Dead.

That said, one can’t help but wonder how this will affect the eventual scope and substance of the show itself. If Entertainment One and Endemol choose a showrunner outside the current Hell on Wheels creative team, the unfamiliar influence of this new voice could radically alter the series’ future. The previous choice of show veteran Shiban indicates that this is not a likely outcome, but everything is more or less up in the air at this point. Anything can happen, and this might lead to a very different sort of direction for the soot-caked western.

Hell on Wheels is still scheduled to begin production in spring of 2013, but its actual air date has yet to be determined.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  1. This is one of my favorite shows so I hope they get things sorted out. The way the most recent season ended I wasn’t even sure that the show was even coming back, so at least in that way, this is reassuring news.

  2. I tried like hell to like this show, but it’s a costume soap opera with no coherent story and absurdly behaving characters. Anson Mount took his entire character from Tim Olyphant in the third season of Deadwood – stand around looking grumpy and mean and speak in cryptic monosyllables a lot.

    • Anson did say in one of his interviews that it’s been an ongoing battle to develop and show various aspects of Cullen’s character because he doesn’t want to just be seen as a “badass” episode after episode. However, the actors must work with the scripts that are given to them which, to me, have demonstrated pretty poor writing at times. I hope the new writers will bring more credible writing to the show and these excellent actors some worthy material to work with.

    • Gunner, you are probably one of those who watch ANYTHING with the Kardashian skanks or Jersey wh**re, I mean Shore. I doubt you’d know good TV if it slapped you in the eye.

    • I agree. Check out my very recent post and I never saw this until just now. So I did not copy . It is boring

  3. Bravo to AMC for renewing HELL ON WHEELS! Great subject with top-notch filming, designers and cast who deserve better writing than they’ve been given so far. It was often inconsistent and far-fetched and it cheapened the show. This is an adult audience and we don’t need “shockers” to remind us how cruel life can be. We know. I understood from earlier interviews that the goal of Season 2 was to develop the characters and their relationships. Why, so we could watch them kill themselves and each other? I’m glad there is a change at the helm and I hope the new writers will give us some quality, historical fiction that earns HOW some well-deserved Emmys.

  4. Now that they have dumped Lily, I am not sure I want to deal with
    watching Cullen bring the railroad to wherever…….
    I mean who cares?
    It would have been much more interesting had they continued the saga
    of Cullen and Lily instead of letting the Swede end it all
    The most boring aspect of the show, other than Cullen, are all that is left now

    • I love this show. I hope they continue this show for a long time. It was getting better and better every week. I hope they bring Lily back from the dead. She could of had a faint pulse or something like that. We want Lily back.

  5. Whose fault was it that this show left the rails on so many levels? Maybe the Gaytons and this guy Shiban, so maybe their departure will bring improvements. I had high hopes for HOW but was often disgusted by some of the silliness and departures from historical fact when the facts are so much more interesting and riveting than what we saw on the show. This show needs some core characters that aren’t rotten, murderous scoundrels. See Seasons 1 and 2 of Deadwood.

  6. I really hope Shiban’s departure won’t delay next season’s production too long! We want Hell on wheels back!
    Love this show, even without Lily! I am sure they will bring in a new love interest for Cullen!

  7. We love this show but without Lilly I doubt we will watch it again. We love Cullen and the thought that perhaps Lilly and He could be together was nice. Bring our Lilly back and get rid of that stupid white painted idiot-he is ridiculous.

  8. Alan well said.

    I am SO sick of “The Swede” and wish they’d killed him off in the fall from the bridge. He has, (inexplicably) many fans, so he’ll be back, no doubt.

    This show is screamingly inaccurate historically. I was disgusted when the script called for Bohannan to kill his old friend, the doctor. That was without doubt the stupidiest, but depressing scene I have ever witnessed, in addition to being historically inaccurate. What Union officer would EVER allow a former Confederate (Bohannan) — now a civilian, to take a prisoner out and shoot him like a dog? Imagine the fallout when the soldier got back to his main camp: “Uh, there was this guy there, fought with the Rebels, a Captain… Workin’ for the railroad. Knew the prisoner from way back in Meridian, Mississippi. They were old friends, so I let the Rebel shoot my prisoner. Oh and I didn’t bother to have even a semblance of a trial or anything for the prisoner. Just gave him to the Rebel to shoot, Sir. I hope that was OK…”

    Some scriptwriter either is insanely ignorant, or just don’t care about their work.

    • Correction: The scriptwriters are either insanely ignorant, or just don’t care about their work.

      I came across there as insanely ignorant, grammatically.

  9. Interesting how many people missed a critical point in the last episode that will explain how Lily didn’t die and many other little details! Yes, you read it right, LILY DID NOT DIE! It’s clearly explained in the last episode of season 2so that things ARE NOT as they seem. Keep in mind, too, that the Swede may also still be alive, just that there is now a bounty on his head. Go back and watch the last episode again, it’s VERY CLEAR things are not as they seem, so clear and in the open, I missed it the first time, too. This will blow your mind!

    • One scene showed Lilly’s pulse in her neck, per the posters on the HOW board. The show was removed from our “on demand” feature so I didn’t get to see it again. There is something strange about Bohannan’s story to the federal officials. Also weird was the manner in which he carried Lilly’s lifeless body to the “altar” in the tent church (which wasn’t burned, probably due to Joseph’s protection) and just walked away without saying a word. The whole episode had a dreamlike quality.

  10. I love this show!!!!!!!!!!! I am so addicted!! Very sorry about the delay. Bring it back ASAP, and Lily. I am sure it is possible. Anything is possible on T.V. I do believe they would lose a great fanbase w/o her. So it would be in their best interest to bring her back. As for Anson, Wow! so sexy! They need Lily back so we can see hotter sex scenes in the future! If they brought some other chic in, it would ruin it. Unless,it was me. I would gladly do the sex scenes. lol

    • Stephanie, I am sorry but Bohannan is already taken. He’s mine (in my mind, anyway) As a matter of fact, I fail to see what he saw in that Lilly person when he could have had me instead….

  11. OMG Bohannen is the hottest thing on tv for sure….. drool, drool,
    just keep making this series absolutely love it and love that its different I have no complaints about the show at all….

  12. I was absolutely mad for this show. It was pretty much the way life was. Life was nver planned out with a beautiful conclusion. It was a brutal time and you knew there was something deep beneath Bohanon’s forbidding facade. As for Lily, she was a flawed character and at times I was a bit disappointed with her but she found a way to survive. Excuse me but doesn’t the “main” character often get killed off….even in real life?

  13. I realy realy like hell on wheels! I’m totally commited to it!
    I hope all works out, so I will get to enjoy several more seasons of it!

  14. Come on AMC. Get on with hiring a new director/producer.

  15. Say it ain’t so!!! C’mon people. You’re worst than this current Congress! Get it together.
    WE are waiting for our dose of quality cable…fresh, new and seldom explored characters in a crucial time of our history…
    Don’t let us down!!!!

  16. I was absolutely hooked on Hell On Wheels but without Dominique McElligott (Lily)I have no further interest in watching it.

  17. love the show actually watch my recordings still,while waiting for the next season so please get it right and bring Lilly back cant wait ty.

  18. Love this show can’t wait for season 3 Sad the show killed Lily off Thought maybe she was gonna put the bossy wife in her place :(. Will have to see what you come up with

  19. Will you have reruns of season 2. We have not seen any of it yet. You need to either have reruns or let us be able to buy or rent season 2 on DVD. We are dissatisfied with this arrangement so far.

  20. Well i like eva,how could you not like a whore worth 3 horses and two blankets.

  21. Well!

  22. This is a FAMILY favorite!! Hell On Wheels MUST CONTINUE!!! We watch it at our own home then talk continuously on the phone about it!! PLEASE keep this show going!?!?!?!?

  23. If you need too replace Anson give me a call I have the looks ,hair and abraisive attitude

    moody dark side hat would fit the part. One problem, you would have too teach me how to act. Arron Spelling had me try out for a part. I turned it down. It’s what you call young and stupid.

    teach me tooact. Aron Spelling asked me t

  24. ONE CAN ONLY HOPE! I love this show…Anson Mount is such a great actor. I love how he developed Cullen’s character. Love Anson Mount…love the entire very talented cast. Only hope Season three goes through. I have all episodes recorded and watch them over and over.

  25. Uh….
    Logic would dictate that the drop in viewership coincides with DirectTV DROPPING AMC. I was one of those viewers who suddenly could not watch AMC, that is until I switched to Uverse. I wish I could see all of season 1 and 2 then looking forward to season 3 and more…

    Well done AMC

  26. Come back to me Hell on Wheels. TV is dreary without you. Great characters.

  27. Just came back checking on one of my favorite shows to see if there is a show date yet. I sure hope it comes back. I am very intertained and it shows a little history to my grandson who is 12 yrs. old. PLEASE come back.

  28. Would be a shame for a quality show to ride off into the sunset for lack of someone to take the reins. Hope a replacement showrunner can be found.

  29. I didn’t understand why they ended last season the way they did, it seemed like the end to the series. Maybe that’s what this Shiban guy had planned, he was going to bail on the show and figured it was over so he wrote it up so they could end there if they wanted. Not a great way to go if you ask me, bring Lily back. I too, was disappointed in the writing most of the time, the way last season ended was a prime example. This show has the potential to be so much better than it already is, hopefully the change will help it get there.