HBO GO Not Getting Standalone Subscriptions Anytime Soon

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hbogo promostill HBO GO Not Getting Standalone Subscriptions Anytime Soon

Sorry, non-cable subscribers. If you’re hoping that HBO will turn their online streaming service of all available content into a standalone subscription service like Netflix, you’ll be waiting for awhile.

Time Warner chief Jeff Bewkes recently talked about the possibility of turning HBO GO into a subscription service without paying for the channel through cable providers and said, “We have the rights to do it and we would do it if we thought it was in our economic best interest.” However, Bewkes notes that the market is “not sufficiently big enough now.

The demand from potential subscribers, especially those vocal about it online, might make you raise your eyebrow, but there’s logical reasoning behind their lack of motivation. Deadline says Time Warner wants to keep all the cable and satellite providers happy, and if they offer HBO GO as a standalone service, some people might just abandon their cable subscription altogether. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship right now. It probably doesn’t help that Time Warner has their own cable service they’re trying to protect as well – so they are probably a little biased.

The report comes after HBO chief Richard Piepler hinted that HBO GO might be a service that could come with phone or internet – instead of just cable TV. But this more recent statement seems to backtrack that potential.

hbogo ipadapp HBO GO Not Getting Standalone Subscriptions Anytime Soon

The idea of offering HBO GO by itself isn’t completely new either. In fact, the service is already offered without cable TV subscriptions in places like Scandinavia. But in an established market like the United States, the potential distribution model isn’t appealing enough – and could even be detrimental to Time Warner. Still, with the increasing amount of tablets and phones with the ability to stream media on the go, there’s a good chance that HBO will make the change sometime down the road, but just not immediately.

As always, it’s a business decision as opposed to providing the most consumer and fan-friendly content platform. But keep your fingers crossed, toss coins in lucky fountains, and maybe HBO will take the subscription model plunge sooner than later.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Well, I suppose making money isn’t everything…

  2. Cable and satellite services will never get my money for TV.

  3. HBO and CBS have both been pretty disappointing in terms of accepting streaming technology.

  4. I wonder if Time Warner could someday get into the cell phone/tablet business? Heil, everybody else is…

  5. They have a point, as soon as hbogo is offered, im outta there

  6. LOL not sufficiently big enough. Its not like Netflix made close to one billion dollars in revenue or anything…

    And they wonder why everyone pirates it. Its because HBO makes it a huge pain to get it legally, when I could theoretically download it in under a minute.

    They probably cannot compete with that, but at least try.

  7. It would be a HUGE financial boost for HBO, unfortunately HBO is owned by Time Warner and their cable subscriptions would most likely suffer if HBO became a standalone streaming service. Although, if you add in all the potential for new customers I would think TW would retain enough current cable subscribers to justify making HBO Go a standalone service. My guess is they would increase their bottom line if they actually decided to embrace change…something TW is not known for.

  8. I’m still waiting for Xfinity/Comcast to support HBO GO for my Roku.
    I check every few months but nope, and from what I’ve read it’s not going to change anytime soon.

  9. Oh well, I guess their shows will stay number 1… most downloaded on the pirate bay.

  10. Considering HBO, and other channels like IFC, AMC, and TCM are the only ones I would EVER look at… I don’t pay for cable!!! If they want to curb piracy of their programing, they need to get with the times.

  11. It wouldn’t matter if people get rid of their cable service, they would keep the internet service. If the Internet Service is not bundled with Cable or Phone usually costs more.

  12. I have had cable, DirecTv & Dish Network. A few months ago I canceled DN not because I didn’t like it BUT I just cannot afford it. Nearly all the shows I watch are now streaming on-line so I have AMAZON PRIME, NETFLIKS & Hulu Plus. A LOT cheaper monthly than any cable or dish.
    I’d like to have HBOGO for GAME OF THRONES and may be a couple others but I can live without them. Cable and Satellite are going to die if they do not give the people what we want. Nobody needs 250 channels.

  13. Having seperate subscription would be great..
    Cant the providers just take a small percentage to recoup some costs like they always do?
    Give the consumer choices, and be more welcoming.
    After all, they evidently already have the framework in place.

  14. id be willing to pay a moderate subscription fee for this but seeing its not happening anytime soon i guess ill just keep resorting to torrents of all your shows :P

  15. well that sucks I want to watch some of the shows that are on HBO but they take forever to come out like Game of Thrones and they are normally over priced on DVD or Blu-Ray.I don’t want to get HBO on cable just because I don’t care for all the shows that are on there. I just want to watch a few shows.

  16. No body I know has cable, not for lack of cash or anything, we have gaming PC’s, PS4′s, high speed internet, multiple flat screen HD TV’s Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu+, Crunchyroll premium. But out of the scores of people I personally see and interact with daily, not a single one has a cable or satellite subscription. “Why?” you ask? because it’s a waste of money, there’s nothing we want to see on regular cable, there’s no reason to watch regular cable. The internet has everything we want in one convenient location or another, and just what we want. So if HBO/Time Warner cable doesn’t make what we want available legally, it won’t make us subscribe to Time Warners worthless service. We’ll just pirate it, there’s no shortage of dozens of dedicated same day HD Uploaders across scores of sites worldwide, or software to keep our anonymity.
    If HBO GO was offered as a standalone service I’d pay for it, even as much as 14.99 month (which is twice normal sub fees of other stream providers). because I want the shows to continue, but I do not want to have anything to do with time warner cable beyond what I absolutely must, or any ISP for that matter.
    For all the “subscriptions” they fear they’ll lose, most people with cable have it for multiple reasons, kids shows, cooking shows, syfy channel, family rooms etc.., not just for HBO. If people want just HBO they pirate the shows, or wait for them to get released to amazon prime. Just give HBO GO as a stand alone. You’ll make more cash then you’d “hypothetically” lose

  17. Hey HBO. I am a comcast subscriber and they block HBO GO on roku. Could you offer it just so I could get what I’m already paying for????

  18. HBO just announced that HBO Go will become a standalone service sometime in 2015! So we didn’t have to wait to long.