HBO Renews ‘Girls’ & ‘Veep’ For Season 2

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In an effort to help ensure journalists have plenty of content to fuel future articles expressing outrage, disappointment or defense of Lena Dunham, HBO has ordered another round of her critically-acclaimed series Girls, along with a second season of Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ political comedy Veep, just to level out the controversy a bit.

Dunham’s Girls is currently riding the post-backlash wave that followed the substantial hype leading up to the series premiere on April 15. Though it was met with mostly positive reviews, the show, its creator and HBO were also handed a series of accusations claiming racism and nepotism in the casting of Dunham, Allison Williams, Jemima Kirke and Zosia Mamet (all caucasian daughters of famous people). Naturally, this being the Internet, those accusations incited a wave of retorts in defense of Dunham, her cast and her program. The result was a few days of the media covering the media, with all of it leading back to HBO and Girls. If the old saying of “there is no such thing as bad publicity” still holds true, then Girls is certainly doing pretty well.

Ratings-wise, Girls garnered 872,000 viewers for its premiere, but has since managed to rake in 3.8 million viewers after encore airings and on demand/DVR viewings were tallied.

Meanwhile, amid all the controversy and backtalk surrounding Girls, HBO’s other new comedy, Veep, from The Thick of It and In the Loop writer/director Armando Iannucci, quietly premiered and earned 1.4 million viewers – the network’s highest ratings for a comedy since the Entourage finale last September. The series, which pokes fun at the aimlessness of the vice presidential position and the petty squabbles that arise from those desperately trying to achieve some level of power and influence in government, enjoyed critical praise along with its ratings success.

Allison Williams Zosia Mamet Lena Dunham Jemima Kirke Girls HBO HBO Renews Girls & Veep For Season 2

Moving forward, given that both series have essentially hit their mark, HBO has extended the run of Girls and Veep for their second seasons to 10 episodes each.

This is certainly good news for HBO, which has lately not drawn the audience it once did with its comedies. While the third season of Eastbound & Down performed reasonably well, the network canceled three of its comedies, How to Make it in America, Bored to Death and Hung late last year, after the typically highly-rated programs saw their numbers plummet to well below a million viewers per episode. The cancellations came as a bit of a surprise, given the presence of well-known actors like Jason Schwartzman, Zach Galifianakis and Thomas Jane. Perhaps even more surprising was HBO’s decision not to cut the Laura Dern-led Enlightened, which premiered to numbers well below those of the now-cancelled comedies.

Nevertheless, the success of Veep and Girls is a bright spot for the network, and with Game of Thrones acting as a lead in until June 3, it seems likely that the numbers for both comedies will manage to keep HBO happy.


Girls and Veep can be seen Sunday nights on HBO starting @10pm.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Veep is okay i guess….girls is obviously for girls but that show is horrible….bring back bored to death hbo!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Girls rocks! Lena Dunham is representing girls as they are today. Girls really do talk about everything, they do think about sex, worry about finding a career, and masturbate. Lena gets it right in each episode. I love it!

  3. I heard a lot of stuff about ‘Girls’ and thought id check it out. I thought it was aweful. I didnt sympathize with the lives of spoiled unappreciative girls. I am a guy though, so maybe the appeal of this female centered show is lost on me, although had it actually been truly good, what sex i am wouldn’t matter. a show i did give a chance and ended up finding funny and creative was ‘dont trust the B in apt 23′ that show was clever and entertaining so i dont think its a matter or being a man or woman that makes me not like a show, its the terrible quality and characters.

  4. I love both of these shows! Veep makes me laugh, like every 30 seconds!Super excited they will be around longer!

  5. Can’t believe they got rid of Hung, Bored To Death, and How To Make It In America for these two shows….. Veep I feel tries to mix a Curb Your Enthusiasm vibe with The Office, I can’t believe that a Vice President would act with her office workers like a bad episode of the Scooby Doo gang.

    I’m trying to find Girls interesting, but like many of the critics, watching spoiled white girls in NYC with little to no ethnic diversity is boring and I can’t relate (Unless I was white, a girl, and early 20′s who lived off my parents). I feel that the show would do better if Lena Dunham just came out and said “I’m trying to do Sex in the City for the early 20′s girls of today”.

    HBO has made some bad show choices in the last few years (in keeping some and cutting good ones), it does seem like they give every show 2 seasons though, so maybe after next year we won’t be seeing both of these shows.

    • I hope we do have more seasons of girls. I’m a white female who did live off my parents until I was a certain age and I think the show is a great portrayal of that and as of the characters she didn’t make them up they are based on her real life friends and experiences so for someone like me the show is great. Everyone is not the same so the show really does its justice for some. I’m glad the show came out I just now fond it on demand and so excited there are more seasons. I’ve said before if you love it watch it and if you don’t then don’t watch it and find another show cause there are plenty of them out there so just because you don’t like one show someone else might love it and really get it and might get something out of it so let’s not try and get rid of one little show that someone loves when there’s plenty other things to watch. Everybody has their own likes and dislikes but I don’t like people trying to get shows cancelled when there’s a handful who hate it and oh….about 3.8 million viewers who love it. Leave your comments but don’t try to get rid of something that really speaks to someone else cause for me this is the only show I’ve really loved since big love and I cherish it coming for another season and don’t worry there will be other shows that come out that will appeal to you this show just happens to appeal to me being a 27 white female who’s go e through some of the same things and I find it so funny and so true to my own experiences.

  6. I was so looking forward to VEEP as I am a big Julia Dreyfus fan but I found it to be so disappointing. I am not a prude by any means but I was turned off by the constant use of f*** in the first 20 minutes…it was boring. Are writers encouraged to use that word just because “they can” as my favorite HBO guy Bill Maher has said? A great cast but unbelievable characters. I turned it off after 20 minutes. Sorry

  7. Can’t believe HBO cancelled Hung for this Girls garbage. Gee, what would I rather watch, some dull show with a homely female lead actress where women talk about sex or one where women actually get laid by gorgeous & hilarious Thomas Jane?

    Yep HBO, you kill good shows (Deadwood, Rome, Hung), you kill horses (Luck), and you kill subscriptions!

    HBO-less in Virginia

    • You’ve not watched the show obviously cause if your so in love with watching people have sex there is a lot of sex going on in this show so you’ve obviously never seen it or maybe saw a min of one episode the first episode stars with the lead actress having sex with the guy she is chasing and there’s more where that came from but I guess some people just want to watch a show about a male prostitute come on at least these are true stories and they just talk about sex within a relationship. Glad they got rid of hung and deadwood wish they still had big love though now if we can get stars to get rid of Spartacus or whatever it’s called I can’t stand that show. But people are entitled to what they like and what they don’t. I’m just glad girls came out its replaced big love for me and since they cancelled that show I’ve not been as happy until girls came out. You’ll find something else to watch. Watch Spartacus on stars there’s plenty of sex there and it’s about Romans or whatever. Good luck finding a show you like.

  8. Girls is HORRIBLE. I’m a female and this show still stinks. I’ve tried my hardest to watch it. Its not funny and I feel uncomfortable watching it. I’d rather watch Coco’s pendulum breasts swinging around with Ice Tea than this garbage.

    • then don’t watch it…..some people realy enjoy the show, just change the channel it is quite simple

  9. Ok, so I really enjoy Girls! Though, I’m 26, & currently live w my parents as I look forward to starting residency making hardly anything, perhaps I’m the target audience. My evangelist mother likes the show as well, though I vow never to watch it w her. I think the humor in it is so funny! -And dead on! Very happy to hear a season 2 is coming!

  10. Both shows Veep and Girls are horrible. I can’t believe they got rid of Hung and Deadwood. Girls is boring and not even remotely amusing. What a waste of time. Bring back Deadwood and Hung.

  11. I think “Girls” is pretty much telling it exactly like it is for a lot of young people…. I’ve got a couple of daughters that age and they and/or their friends have definitely been in those situations of having unpaid “internships” with a carrot for a job 3 yrs down the line, maybe…. wacked-out boyfriends…. living off of parents or trying to… etc etc. Four friends… one was dating a gay guy…. one was dating a sex addict… one is dating her 50 yr old boss… and another is a virgin. Unfortunately -that’s what the real world is up to for a lot of kids.

  12. Yall are crazy if you don’t like girls. And all this racial crap…blah it’s just a show that just started and just because there has not been any other star actors that are of different race it’s a racist show….come on. There are still all types of people in the show and is it racist towards white people that the show is being criticized for not having other ethnicities as leading roles? I just think that’s crazy and did y’all miss where Jessa was in the park talking to the other nannies where there were a group of different people including the African American in the group. I just think its a little early to judge a whole show when it just got started and it all those people who say negative things about shows that other people love then they get cancelled then we are left with nothing to watch ( that’s me in my case anyways) I loved the show cause I am a girl and yes I am white but I really related to it and so what if it might be or might not be geared to Caucasian women. There are other shows out there that are geared to mean to women to black men and women gays ect…..what does it matter if you don’t like the show don’t watch it there are plenty of other things to watch. I just want this show to stay on forever cause I am a big fan and there has not been another show that I love this much since big love got cancelled and probably for criticism from people who hated it but like I’ve said there are other shows out there watch them and leave the other shows who some people love to them cause it’s not fair to try to get one show cancelled cause one person hates it when there’s probably a lot of other people who really love it and might get something they really need out of it or who might be or have been in a situation that the show portrays and really helps them out. You just don’t know everyone’s story who watches different shows and what effect they might have on people. And by the way look for season two because as all the comments about it being racial and all that stupid crap….they have been filming and guess what a star in next season is black so we can stop all these negative comments…….everybody is so wrapped up in black or white or Hispanic whatever but we are all human and none is better than the other. I don’t remember hearing anything about friends where all the stars were white but for some reason a lot of people loved that show but I am so glad that’s a long gone show. Anyways……people like what they like and we are all entitled to our opinion so watch what you like and lets all have nice constructive criticism for a change cause we are not the writers. We don’t know why they do things or write certain things but maybe this show is just about girls and they all happen to be white but I really doubt they did this on purpose or to offend anyone cause if you go listen to Lena the creator director and actor of the show girls…..every episode and person in the show just happens to be based on her real life experience and friends and they just happen not to be of different races but then again I think it’s way to early to say a show is racist when it just came out to really get a sense of the main characters…..whos to say that’s how it’s gonna bethe entire series…..really let’s just all get along and enjoy the shows we do and just don’t watch the ones you don’t. But as for the show girls….I am a huge fan and think the show is so right on with me and some of my girlfriends and love to hear about what the episodes are really about when the director tells us about it after every show. Is so creative and I’m so glad this show is having another season and I hope there are many many many more to come. I’ve not been this happy over a show since big love. Congrats Lena to another season and I cannot wait for season two. You are an amazing writer I absolutely love everything about the show.

    • Hi Jennifer,
      I’m 16 years old, and I like some aspects of the show ‘Girls’ for sure, and I definitely understand where you’re coming from. I’m white too, and I really do think that race and how we relate to shows and the characters can be a big deal. I have friends of all races, and I know some girls of color who like this show, while I know most of my friends, especially persons of color, feel almost ‘left out’ of the show. It completely ignores other groups of people. Sure, you can say there is diversity. But you mentioned the scene where Jessa is talking to a group of nannies… the only other times we see the main characters interact with people of different races are in their work environments. It’s pretty disheartening, and if you think about the percentage of actors who are cast in shows that are people of color, you would soon realize that they are completely underrepresented. And come on! – the characters who are actually of different races on this show are in sort of subordinate roles. When Jessa says she can relate to the other nannies, it’s obvious that she can’t. She has never really worked, and is completely irresponsible, unlike them who can keep an eye on the kids they’ve been trusted to care for. She is nothing like them, and comes from a place of privilege she doesn’t even realize. But this interests me, because I wonder if maybe Dunham has a point, or if not, I’m fascinated to see the privilege so boldly paraded. It’s offensive, and hurtful. The women of color in Hannah’s office completely welcome what could be construed as sexual advances by their boss (for the black woman this fits the old black caricature of a ‘Jezebel’! As if black women are so desperate for attention that they would consider HARASSMENT flattering. It doesn’t help when Jessa confirms that notion later).
      This show is also a confusing one for Feminists, since it represents women in fairly petty ways. Sure, you could say that it’s ‘real’ compared to women or people you know. But the women on this show are naive, selfish, and at times lazy workers, who are pretty much unable to live independently. Is that how we truly want women to be perceived by viewers of this show? Is that how we want the media to represent us? The women I know are considerate, passionate, hard workers, who value their friendships and are not so ignorant to those less privileged than they. I think the show, although at times humorous, is pretty sad. I enjoy it for the f***** up portrayals of people, and the nastiness you see. Sometimes the characters do things that make no sense as far as character development is concerned, but I enjoy that since in real life no one makes sense!
      All in all, I don’t feel as though this show adds anything new to my world. It showcases the kind of people I don’t like, who are ignorant and self-concerned. But I can see how people, like you, may enjoy it.

      I’ll probably watch the next season too. Just hoping for some changes!

      p.s. I don’t know how in the world you deduced that it is racist against white people to assume that other ethnicities should be included… sounds like you can really relate to the characters on this show if you’re that oblivious.

  13. “Girls” renewed? Why, HBO, why?

  14. The girls on girls are talented and hilarious. Lena dunhams movie tiny furniture camebefore the show and girls casts the same team of actors. Nobody calls racism/nepotism when they cast 3 famous white dudes on bored to death. (bring back bored to death) girls is an awesome show, run it for 10 years for all i know.

  15. I love the show girls im a teenager & i find that show hilairous plus im a black female at that i dont think that show is racial i know for a fact i cant wait for the new season to come out i love hanna shes my favorite character she reminds me of myself when i think about it i love writing & i have an unusual boyfriend haha i hope that show last for a very long time just like True Blood (another great show)

  16. You have to be kidding me. Girls is horrible. It’s not funny, its not realistic. Who cares about a stupid, ugly spoiled brat? Hello people, girls that look like her don’t get the guys that they have in the show. You know this. Stop with the pc bs and realize there is nothing true about that show.