HBO Releases New ‘Game of Thrones’ Trailer

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Game of Thrones Robert Baratheon 450 HBO Releases New Game of Thrones Trailer

HBO released the latest teaser trailer for the highly-anticipated Game of Thrones miniseries last night. The show won’t premier until 2011, but you can now see sixty seconds of sword-swinging, head-chopping, medieval action.

As Screen Rant said in our preview last week, Game of Thrones is HBO’s latest foray into high-profile, big-budget TV series after receiving some serious competition from Showtime and AMC. Aside from the long-running True Blood and newcomer Boardwalk Empire, the once and future king of cable TV isn’t taking the task of creating high-profile original programming lightly at the moment.

Based on the incredibly popular Song of Ice and Fire novel series by George R. R. Martin, (A Game of Thrones is the title of the first book in the series), the story takes place in the fictional medieval kingdom of Westeros. The Stark family (no relation, Marvel fans) is thrust into the subtly vicious world of nobility after Eddard (Sean Bean, The Lord of the Rings) becomes the “Hand of the King,” a monarch’s second in command.

The book series focuses on seven Houses across various kingdoms. The novels are so sprawling and diverse that TV writers will have to pick and choose their stories if TV audiences are to keep up. For reference, the four books published so far total over 3,000 pages, and there are another three novels Martin has yet to write. Considering how much the movie adaptations of theĀ  Harry Potter novels (around 4,000 pages) have had to leave out, Game of Thrones could go on for ten seasons without grasping the width and breadth of its source material.

Check out the new Game of Thrones trailer below:

It’s clear from the trailer that producers aren’t holding anything back: the set design, costumes, and cinematography are all at or near the quality expected of a summer tentpole movie. Casting seems hit or miss: while Sean Bean has cut his teeth on fantasy and period pieces, other cast members will need to dazzle in the first few episodes to win over skeptical fans of the novels.

The character of King Baratheon is played by Mark Addy, whose previous highlights include comic relief in A Knight’s Tale, Robin Hood and The Full Monty. His previous lowlights include The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas. Iain Glenn (Resident Evil: Extinction) and Harry Lloyd (BBC’s Robin Hood TV series) are veterans of UK television and movies. Readers will recognize Lena Headey from leading roles in 300 and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and Peter Dinklage from half the little person movie roles of the last five years – though his part in the UK version of Death at a Funeral was particularly good.

Game of Thrones premiers in 2011 on HBO. Check Screen Rant for more news and sneak peeks as the series comes closer to its debut.

Source: HBO

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  1. I thought this was a series? I didn’t know it was a miniseries. How many parts will it be?

    • It is a series. 10 episodes in the first season. Mist actors have already wrapped for the first season. Season 1 should cover the first book.

  2. Mark Addy as Baratheon? Oh well, will have to see the series to see if he’s able to pull it off.
    Really hope Sean Bean is able to do justice to Eddard Stark’s character. He’s one of my favourite characters from the books.
    Fingers crossed here…

  3. I have one thing to say, other than that i wish the books would get to stores faster.

    and that is


    Im so going to have to watch this.

  4. I never heard of the books before,I will try to find them and give them a read. I cant wait to see how Jason Momoa is in this. Don’t know if he is playing a conan type but, I hope it will give us a warm fuzzy about his lead role in Conan. @ Abhijeet Mishra, Jason Momoa was the shirtless guy with the beard on the horse. Do you know what character he is and can you tell us about him?

    • Jason Momoa plays Khal Drogo (Kahl is a title, like a king), a lord over a kahlasar (his group of people, number something like 80,000 in the books, I think); they are sort of a Mongol horde of horse-riding warriors. Drogo is an intimidating warrior of great repute, and few words.

  5. I really hope they can pull this off, I was really psyched for the Sword of Truth series and that turned out to be s***, hopefully HBO can do better than ABC and continue to make great television.

  6. Yeah, if you’re gonna get into the books, beware. The 4th book came out in 2006. The 5th hasn’t seen the light of day and there are supposed to be 7 in all. GRRM sucks for deadlines.

    I hope this series lights a fire under his arse!

    • Read the game of thrones wiki. It’s not so much that he missed deadlines, it’s that the manuscripts turned in were too big for one book and he had to rework novels multiple times :-(

  7. I cant watch the bloody trailer. is it me or cause in europe? its just all white

    • Sorry, Magnus. HBO must be geo-targeting who can watch it.


      • It’s alright Vic. i can always go on youtube :)

      • Boo! to HBO then.
        Man, I’m sick and tired of geo-targeting. Fair enough we’re a secondary market, but denying us the teasers is just downright cruel.
        And not to mention completely ineffective as long as the rest of the internet is global.

  8. We finally get a glimps of khal Drogo, I’ve seen other pict’s as well, and I am still not sure how this role is going to be for Momoa. We know he can wield a sword & kick some serious booty, just hope the character is written well. I think I am more looking forward to seeing how the Dothraki language is spoken, gonna be intresting! All in all, very excited to see this series! :)

  9. Spoken like a true Magnate… :D

  10. Drogo shmogo bring on the Hound and the mountain that rides

  11. No offense to Mr. Martin but why the hell are they making film adaptions of these fairly recent novels when there is arguably much better and older material out there?!

    Ever since I heard about the LotR movies I have been waiting for them to move to authors like Michael Moorcock (Elric and the Eternal Champion), Fritz Leiber (Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser), Roger Zelazny (Chronicles of Amber) and even Stephen R. Donaldson (The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, the Unbeliever) among others but instead we seem to have skipped the golden age of fantasy writers for some stupid reason.

    These authors and their collective works often put their more contemporary counterparts to shame and are the source material those people read to gain inspiration for their books but yet Hollywood is instead adapting crap like Eragon :P

    And before someone rushes to point out that some of those IPs have been difficult to acquire rights to (most notably Moorcock’s) and that ones Christopher Paolini’s Eragon was probably bought for a song……Well yeah but you get what you pay for.

    I would really like to see these authors creations up on the silver screen before I drop dead.

    • When you mention it, it’s strange that Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser haven’t been more popular in other media. Especially given the popularity of Conan, who roams around in a simulary themed (but grimmer) universe.

      I could easily see a Xena style tv-series involving those two. Most of stories are short, not too many epic scale settings that would make production too expensive, there’s plenty humour… shouldn’t be too hard to make something watchable out of that.

  12. Go away spammer

  13. HBO will aire 15 minutes of promo/info before the finale of “Boardwalk Empire” this Sunday. I for one am excited about this. I can only hope HBO will once again bring another quality production to the small screen like they did with “Deadwood” and “The Pacific.”

  14. Thanks JackSparrow. @ Tacoscat, how was “The Pacific”?

    • The Pacific…personally, was neither as well acted or as well put together as Band of Brothers. Granted source material was harder to put together as a cohesive story (as its people from different units, on different landings etc) but certainly not up to BoB calibre. Worth watching though, but don’t expect the high level of involvement we got with the first story.

  15. So #*^&ing excited!

  16. Boo to HBO…yay to YouTube! lol

    trailer is the perfect mix of “look of how the series will be like” and “some but not too much story”.

    GOOD looking series and good cast (lots of Brits of quality).