Hayden Christensen Says ‘Jumper 2′ May Be Coming

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jumper christensen Hayden Christensen Says Jumper 2 May Be Coming

Jumper is one of the those movies that I feel got an overly bad rap when it was released in theaters back in 2008. After several cable channel viewings, I can say that the film was harmlessly enjoyable and had a great premise – that certain people are born with the ability to teleport  – which left a wide range of possibilities for a sequel.

Speaking of Jumper 2, star of the original, Hayden Christensen, was out making the rounds to promote his upcoming heist film Takers and talked to MTV about the Jumper sequel.

Check out what Hayden had to say:

“We’re talking about it right now actually…Hopefully [we'll go] somewhere a little darker. I think there’s a lot you can do with it. It was sort of set up in a way it’s gonna be mother hunting son and possibly even maybe sister hunting brother. We’re talking about it, trying to figure it out.”

For those who aren’t familiar with the Jumper mythos, what Hayden is of course referring to is the conflict between “Jumpers” (the teleporters) and “The Paladins,” a group of fanatics who hunt and kill Jumpers based on the notion that “only God should have the power to be in all places at all times.”

[SPOILER ALERT] During the course of the film, there’s a big reveal that the absent mother of Hayden’s character, David, is actually a top-ranking Paladin who abandoned him when she realized her child was a Jumper (out of compassion, of course).  Diane Lane had a nice little cameo as David’s mother, and at the end of the film, when David ‘ports in to see her one last time, he discovers that he has a half-sister, played by none other than Twilight star Kristen Stewart. [END SPOILERS]

So, based on Christensen’s words we could assume that Jumper 2 would pick up where the first film left off, pitting an estranged family against one another, but would the two big-name actresses who appeared in the first film return for the sequel? Your guess is as good as mine.

jumper movie image hayden christensen and sam  jackson Hayden Christensen Says Jumper 2 May Be Coming

Jumper was helmed by Bourne Identity director Doug Liman, so it’s going to be interesting to see if he returns to help get the sequel into theaters. Same goes for Samuel L. Jackson (who played Roland, the film’s villain), Jamie Bell (who played a fellow Jumper) and Rachel Bilson (the love interest); the careers of each of these actors have continued to rise, so getting them all to return to a moderately successful franchise ($220 million worldwide on an $85 million production budget) would probably be the first hurdle to jump.

Still, as I said, Jumper has grown on me in the years since it hit cable and I wouldn’t be totally opposed to giving the franchise one more chance to prove itself. The premise certainly has a lot of potential and if they improve the execution then it would all be worthwhile in my book.

We’ll keep you updated on the progress of Jumper 2, should it become anything more than hearsay.

You can check out the full video of Hayden Christensen discussing the project over at MTV.

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  1. WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully they will use the second book, as it does something very different with the concept.

    • hey same, werent we just talking about Jumper on another thread lol…funny how things work out :)

      • Yeah i know!

        • What did you make of the Paladins, DrSam? I gather they’re not in the novel – would the movie have worked better without them? I just found their entire ethos made no sense to me, even as a modern take on Witchfinding or the Spanish Inquisition.

          • Hmmm, I have mixed feelings about the Paladins, I like Sam Jackson in the role because he is always great, and I feel the film certainly needed a villain for David to fight against. Maybe they could have been a more shadowy organisation, always in the background.

            And kept Griffin as the main adversary.

            While they arent in the book, which I love by the way, they do add to the excitement level of the movie, but their motives are frankly bizarre and it lets the film down somewhat. They tried to cram too much into one story. But on the whole I think it was a great movie with good actors and it remains a firm favourite for me.

            • I agree with you about Griffin – although Jamie Bell irritated me no end, I’d prefer to have seen the story be more about the conflict between him and HC’s character. I actually like the notion of the Paladins, but the reasoning behind their beliefs wasn’t there, which would have given the scenario of HC’s mother abandoning him as a child much more impact. If Samuel L does return at least there’s plenty of scope for where they can take it.

  2. I hear you there Kofi. I never saw it in theaters, but I’ve rented it and seen it a few times on TV and have loved it. I really don’t understand peoples hatred in Hayden Christensen and/or this Jumper movie.

    I hope that they can get everyone back for this, if it gets made. Because I hate when they recast characters.. Mikela (Transformers), Evie (The Mummy), etc.

    • I did see it at the cinema and loved it. I also dont understand the hatred for Hayden, I like him, he should be in more things.

      • I agree. I know some people may hate me for saying this, but I don’t understand why people hate how he portrayed Anakin Skywalker. I thought he did a really good job. He had some big shoes to fill and I thought it was great. I never had the hatred that a lot of other people have to the Prequel Star Wars films. Sure, The Phantom Menace wasn’t the best but it wins in my book because of Darth Maul. He is my favorite character. The others I thought were all great.

        • Hayden just did what the script told him to do, the way Lucas directs, he just did his job. Anakin was meant to be a whiny teenager in AOTC, and a tortured soul in ROTS, which he played perfectly.

          He did good in my opinion, I really felt for Anakin in the end, which was probably the point.

          • I agree 100% with you. I thought he did an excellent job as Anakin. I really loved his dark moments. There are two scenes which I love that come to mind.

            In AOTC, when he goes to find his mother says to Padme, “I killed them. I killed them all. They’re dead, every single one of them. And not just the men, but the women and the children, too. They’re like animals, and I slaughtered them like animals. I HATE THEM!” – I thought that was a great way to show him leaning over to the Dark Side.

            And in ROTS, when he goes into the room with the kids at the end and the kid asks him what they should do and all you see is him take out his lightsaber.

            • I always love the rumours of the Darker cut of ROTS, all violence and cruelty restored, I’d love to see that!

              For me, I found his performance to be believable as Anakin, he acted just like any teenager, only to be tricked by someone he trusted into doing the wrong thing. happens all the time.

              • i’ll give him this..if people called me “ani” i’d turn to the dark side as well :) a guy does have his limits lol

              • Yeah, I’ve heard rumors about stuff like that, but haven’t seen anything yet. Maybe we’ll see some stuff when the Star Wars Blu-Ray pack comes out?

                Yeah, sometimes when I watch ROTS I wonder what would have happened if he let Windu arrest the Emperor/Senator haha.

                • Or done something other than cut his arm off. A fight between him and Mace might have thrown in even more dilemma for Anakin to deal with. A heat-of-the-moment action is one thing, but a sustained confrontation with a Jedi Master would be a different ballgame. From Mace’s point of view as well: how would he approach defending himself against both of them? Would Palpatine sit back and enjoy the show, as he did with Luke vs Vader? I’d like to have seen Samuel L go out in more style!

            • Both very good scenes, especially that scene in ROTS, he did not say anything but the tornment in his eyes was very believable when he had to kill those young children.

            • Sin, that WAS a great way to show him leaning over to the Dark Side; I never understood why that and his support for the idea of a dictatorship had so little effect on Padme, though. Seems he’d have to have been drowning kittens in a bucket of his own urine for her to have even thought twice about marrying him. Unless Sand People don’t really count because they really are like animals…in which case why should they matter to us?

        • I am in total agreement with you. Hayden was not a total disaster in those movies.

          The prequels are alright to me. The Phantom Menance was even straight. The galaxy had been in peace for like a thousand years or so. Ok, so Jar Jar was a tad bit much but his character did add to the over all innocence and peacefulness to that film. Same as the young Anakin’s.

          And yes, because of the introduction of Darth Maul and the double edge light saber. I mean for real I remember when I first saw him ignite that thing…truly breath taking.

          To me, every film improved upon the other. I am not saying that the movies had no flaws, I am just saying I do not feel they are crap like some feel they are.

          • When I first saw Darth Maul’s lightsaber I was in awe. Of course I was like 11 or 12 but even now it is still awesome.

            And of course they have flaws. All movies have some sort of flaw(s). Even the original Star Wars

            • Very true.

            • I remember first seeing that teaser for Phantom Menace, the moment the OTHER blade come’s out of Maul’s lightsaber, it was a real wow moment for me.

          • “Ok, so Jar Jar was a tad bit much but his character did add to the over all innocence and peacefulness to that film.”

            Oh he ADDED to it, alright…used Padme’s proxy to put Palpatine in charge…conclusion?

            JAR JAR BINKS is responsible for the Emperor rising to power

            • LMAO..true and I have always speculated that but that was in ATOTC; the second film. I was referring to The Phantom Menace;the first film.

      • i actually saw it in the theater when it was released, KINDA liked it, thought it was cool. im gonna have to watch it again i think

  3. My 16 year old niece will be ecstatic. Me, not so much.

  4. I would like them to start the second film with a background of the paladin order. Maybe show how they evolved over the centuries.

    • That would be tight.

  5. I think Hayden Christensen is a good actor. Yeah i said it, wanna fight about it?

    • He was AWFUL in AOTC & ROTS…AWWWWWWWWFULLLLLLLLLLL!!!! liked him in Jumper though.

      • Agreed greenknight, although I think he’s just an awful actor in general. He was about as passionate about a piece of wood in the Star Wars prequels (and as believeable, too). I’m sorry, but he was horribly miscast as Anakin. I don’t know how anyone here who loves Star Wars can give Hayden (and George Lucas) a pass. I hardly think that someone who is going through the process of turning to evil would be totally monotone. Then again, aside from Ian McDermid, the acting in those films on whole was pretty mediocre. However, as iconic a character Anakin Skywalker is in the halls of scifi, he should have been written AND acted better.

        I also thought he was pretty bad in Jumper. Great movie idea, but poorly executed.

  6. Hayden playing the most important character in the Star Wars universe, Darth Vader, is a good reason why a lot of people (including myself) don’t think he’s a good actor.

    • I mean, Anakin Skywalker*

      • I’m not gonna repeat what I said up there, but I said something about that.

        • Actually, he didnt play Darth Vader, he was Anakin Skywalker. They may be the same person but they are two totally different characters.

          • Wasn’t he both? I remember hearing something about him wearing the armor at the end of EpisodeIII b/c David Prowse wanted like $1million to be Vader for 30 seconds?
            And, technically, Anakin Skywalker was “Darth Vader” after SLJ was killed…just not the Vader we all know and love the original trilogy.

            • Are you really having this conversation? Goodness. I liked him in Star Wars.

              Yay to Jumper 2. I liked the first one.

              • He started it…

                Also, I think Hayden should’ve been Captain America…just kidding…

            • True enough, but for 90% of his screen time in those two movies, he was Anakin Skywalker.

  7. Hayden didn’t ruin starwars jar jar did. I think people will change how they feel about hayden after they see him in takers.

    • No, Jar-Jar ruined Phantom Menace, along with the story, acting, etc.

      Hayden is fail so far, emotionless in all his movies. lol

      • Watch the scene where his mom dies in Star Wars II, the battle with Anakin and Obi-Wan in III, and the entire movie of Awake.

        emotionless… pssh

  8. i cant bring myself to see a movie that had R rating all over it, only to be let down by a PG-13 audience friendly rating, no Takers for me..that and it has that absurd Paul Walker in it :)

    • Chris Brown is what kills Takers for me. T.I. looks alright as an actor though. I’ll probably see it when it is released on DVD/Blu-Ray.

      I’m good with Paul Walker though. I think that he is underrated. I’m sure the fact that he hasn’t really picked many good movies to play in doesn’t help him though.

    • Lol Anthony I’m not watching it simply because it has Paul Walker. The guy is like the worst actor there is. Maybe not the worst, but for sure among the worst. I can’t understand how anyone can still pay to watch his crap.

      • @ Daniel: for my money, Tim Thomerson, from all those 80′s B-movies, is the worst actor there is, only followed by Kate Capshaw.

        Paul Walker is great within a limited range of emotion & character arc required for an action movie.

  9. Anthony why don’t you like paul walker?

  10. i just find him annoying, like keanu

    • Now Keanu is a “you either love him or hate him” actor (just like Nicholas Cage. I like Keanu (and Cage for that matter). I love Bill and Ted, The Matrix, Point Break and I LOVE Constantine!

      • i actually like all the movies you mentioned as well..theres just something about walker ijust cant get past, maybe its his surfer style acting, i dunno, i tolerate him in the fast and furious movies because, well, they are fun for me. not to mention there are other cool characters in that series of films

        • I thought Paulk Walker did alright in Running Scared.

          • Walker did more than alright in Running Scared. Great movie. People overuse “bad actor” so much these days.

            • Yeah, he did. And it truly is a great movie.

  11. Glad to hear there’s at least talk of a sequel. As Kofi said, it’s really not a bad movie, not sure why it was labled as such. It’s a really interesting premise and I think they could make the sequel real interesting.

  12. infact, i think he went to the Keanu school of acting, as seen on Mad TV. wait, i think it was Mad TV lol

  13. I hear you about chris brown. I think ti did him a favor or something. I will see this in the theater that cast is to much to pass up. Walker,hayden,idris,dillion,hernandez,ti and the scumbag that hits girls.

    • theres probably a scene in the movie where he roughs up a chick i bet

  14. This is great news. I thought the first was a good film. The premise, while not ground breaking, is very promising.

  15. I thought Jumper was good for what it was and Hayden was good as that character I just thought the execution of the movie was a little lazy. People need to watch Running Scared to really see how good Paul Walker can be

    • i prefer the billy crystal and gregory hines action buddy cop film:)

      • lol…

  16. Running scared is walker best film. I liked timeline anyone else?

  17. I would go with Joy Ride over Timeline

    • Joy Ride is great! But, then again, I like pretty much anything Steve Zahn is in.

  18. That “only God should have the power to be in all places at all times” line was my main problem with the film.

    1. Jumpers are not in all places at all times. They teleport from one place…to another place.

    2. Who granted them that power if not God?

    3. By that same token, isn’t the Paladins’ use of technology to hunt down and murder every Jumper a wilful perversion of the natural order of things?

    Tellingly, the Paladins are not in the original novel the movie was based on at all. It’s the kind of initial concept I can imagine coming from David Goyer, and either losing something or not being sufficiently fleshed-out/thought-out by the other two writers who reworked the screenplay after him.

    • Big Dentist was the movie worth a spin in the player though…would you recommend it?

      • I’d never recommend not watching a movie, greenknight – even ones I’ve hated have something to be learned from them. I’d say it is worth seeing. I liked the “blurred bullet time” look of the Jumps, but I found the editing disorientating after a while, and the locations they had became a rapid-fire succession of underestablished random backdrops. The characters did nothing for me, and I wanted to punch Jamie Bell…

        Some nice ideas, sketchily drawn. It didn’t make me want to watch it again, but did make me want to read the book!

        • Thanks Big D… but remember there is always The Spirit…gasps… Dude you seriously have to watch this if your philosophy is to never not recommend watching a film…I am dying to hear your take on it!! It was bad on so many levels..

          • You and Vic anti-recommending it actually piqued my interest in it again – couldn’t avoid it forever – I got a second-hand copy a couple of weeks ago…

            You know when Beavis and Butt-head have seen a music video SO terrible, so unspeakable, that they can’t even bring themselves to snicker at it, and there’s a single shot of them both frozen in utter disbelief, staring silently out at you in goggle-eyed, open-mouthed horror? That was me for an hour and a half.

            Converse All Stars. A toilet. A foot with a head. A photocopied arse. A Nokia phone. “Sand Saref.” “SAND SAREF.” “SAND SAREF.” “Saaand Saref.” “SAAAAND Saref.”

            A self-deluding, fedora-wearing Gollum who believes himself to be a pioneering combination of John Milius and John Sturges. A lovingly-recreated Will Eisner sidewalk grill in surroundings Eisner would NEVER recognise. A movie using comic book tricks instead of a comic strip using movie techniques. Sin City 2 as directed by Ed Wood dressed as Adam West’s Batman.


            “SAAAAAANND Saref”

            And Converse bloody All Stars.

            • The Big Dentist,

              Told ya.



              • LOL, you did indeed, Vic! It was only a matter of time though. I’m about halfway through it again with Miller’s commentary, and the level of delusion coming in waves from him and the producer just takes your breath away. I do believe he actually thought – without a shred of doubt – he’d got it. And to still be talking that way after having SEEN the reception the movie got, well…

                Learned a few things from that, so no regrets other than Miller making the film in the first place…

                • Dude I wouldn’t BS you with something like that!!…I can’t believe you have the mental fortitude to withstand the cerebral assualt for a second time…just how are you planning on walking away from this with all your mental faculties? Don’t be holding out Big D… what’s the secret? :)

                  • LOL, I never doubted you or Vic for a moment; I knew what I was getting…but it’s like someone telling you about about a UFO sighting, and getting abducted and gang-probed by the little swine for real.

                    The secret is, as Gordon Liddy put it after burning himself repeatedly with a cigarette lighter, “not minding”…

    • 1. They can be in any place at any time, technically meaning that they can be in a place as quick as you can think it, thus they can be in all places at all times.

      2. Duh, Satan of course….

      3. The technology is an objective extension from the gift of free will create by God. He gave the power of thought and free will, thus granting the power of personal evolution and invention. The technology is a gift crafted from the gift of the Father, created not born.

      Just felt like messing around with ya a little bit. ;)

      • 1. Even yesterday?

        2. Tell the Paladins that! They didn’t seem to know beyond Jumpers being an “abomination” of some undisclosed kind.

        3. He also gave us the electric guitar in that case, so should Les Paul be a saint? :-)

  19. To those of us that play guitar Les Paul,Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Clapton, B.B. King, Eddie Van Halen and countless others should be .. for what they bring to their craft of course :)

    • I’d add GC Coleman, creator of the aptly-named “Amen break”!

      • An All star band needs a drummer..imagine he and Keith Moon trading off solos…If their’s a rock and roll heaven then you know they got a helluva band…to quote the song… 8-)

        • I wouldn’t mind being the barman in that rehearsal room!

  20. The Phantom Menace gave us Darth Maul awesome the whole double bladed lightsaber added more to an already amazing charactor and the final duel between maul obi-wan & qui-gon was totally sick Attack of the Clones gave us a look into the early life of a young Anakin struggling with his emotions and the Jedi during the clone wars not to mention the origin of where bobba fett came from and gave us a look at the beginning of anakin’s transition(duel with dooku severed limb) that would eventually give us Darth Vader in episode III and in the final prequel Revenge of the Sith gave us a look at the final moments of a hero manipulated and tormented decending to the darkside with good intentions and thus completes the Star Wars Saga over all I like Hayden in AOTC & ROTS ^_^

  21. As for jumper I liked this movie I think it would be cool to see a sequel ^_^

  22. I agree with almost everthing except the part about Bilson’s career being on the “rise ” since. Rachel Bilson hasnt done a single film since, except for a small indepedant that was so bad it was showed at one film festival and never saw the light of day again. An episode on How I Met Your Mother is not a career on the rise lol
    Kristen Stewart will never come back on board for the sequel she was in the first film for a blink and youll miss it moment. So anyone could play the sister.
    Lane would be nice as the mother… only problem in the books the mother is dead and the Paladins never existed and neither did Gryffin lol
    Most likely this will never happen…. I sooner see a remake than a sequel to be honest.

    • She was in The Last Kiss with Zach Braff. And I will watch her in anything because she is HOT!

  23. The original movie should have been split up into two films, in my opinion. They tried to cram too much into one movie and that killed it. I would like to know more about the history of the Paladins and the Jumpers – they should focus on that in the sequel.

  24. I’m sorry but Paul Walker has never showed even one emotion in any of his films. Not even one emotion in all his films.

    I was only refering to main stream actors. Paul Walker and Keeanu are the worst main stream actors by far. They are insults to the art to the entire industry.

    • im glad we agree on walker daniel lol.

  25. “Bad rap”

    Bad rap?

    How about bad acting?
    Bad effects?
    Bad storytelling?
    Bad box office?
    Bad reviews?
    How about just plain bad?

    It does not warrant a sequel. But if one were made, so be it. Sraight to the SyFy Channel where it – and Hayden Christensen- belong.

  26. Daniel did you see running scared?

  27. Taemo, are you looking for an agument? lol

  28. No I’m not. Silly sally. I asked if he seen running scared because he said walker has never shown emotion during a film. Its seem to me that your looking for one. Did your wife call you paul walker in the sack? that must be the reason your so hostile. Pop in the care bears movie it will cheer u up.

    • wow, no reason to get all hostile. it was just a question and here you are attacking me. and no i wasnt looking for one, how did you get that from my questiond friend?

  29. Let’s relax, kids.



    • im way relaxed :)