‘Hawkman’ Movie Will Be Like ‘Indiana Jones, Da Vinci Code, & Ghost’

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hawkman film is indiana jones meets da vinci code meets ghost Hawkman Movie Will Be Like Indiana Jones, Da Vinci Code, & Ghost

When you think of DC Comics properties that are desperately in need of being adapted to the big screen, you think of Wonder Woman, The Flash, Shazam!, maybe even Aquaman. You don’t, one would wager, dream of all the ways Hollywood could make a Hawkman film.

That’s probably because there are hundreds of versions of the character, each more ridiculous than the last. That said, Hawkman certainly has his quality comic book runs and avid fans, so it was only a matter of time before Hollywood did adapt the winged hero for the silver screen. Which is to say, starting now.

According to It’s On The Grid – by way of Badass Digest and The Playlist – Warner Bros. is currently hiring writers for a Hawkman film, to be produced by Adrian Askarieh (who’s developing films for Danger Girl, Kane & Lynch, and Hitman 2), Gregory Noveck (executive producer for the animated Wonder Woman, Justice League: The New Frontier, and Superman/Doomsday films), and Will Hackner.

Check out the logline for the film below:

Part INDIANA JONES/DA VINCI CODE, part GHOST tentpole about the fictional superhero that appears in D.C. Comic books. He used archaic weaponry and large, artificial wings attached to a harness made of the Nth metal that allows flight. Most incarnations of Hawkman work closely with a partner/romantic interest named Hawkgirl or Hawkwoman in his fight against supervillains. Based on the DC comic.

Loglines that combine the plot of several popular movies are usually exceptionally annoying, but it seems like DC just took the general story behind the original Hawkman – Carter Hall – and tried to find several popular movies that were vaguely applicable so the Hollywood suits would nod their heads and say, “Oh, yes, yes, I liked all three of those motion pictures. All three.”

The Carter Hall version of Hawkman involves Egyptians, archeology, action and adventure, reincarnation, and love through the ages between Hawkman and Hawkwoman. So obviously a Hawkman film would be: Indiana Jones meets The Da Vinci Code meets Ghost. With giant, otherworldly wings that allow the wearer to fly like a bird. Oops, looks like they forgot to throw Fly Away Home into the logline, as well.

hawkman film smallville absolute justice Hawkman Movie Will Be Like Indiana Jones, Da Vinci Code, & Ghost

The last time we saw a live-action Hawkman was in the “Absolute Justice” episode of Smallville. The results (above) were less than impressive, visually-speaking.

Keep your eye on the main page for more Hawkman news as we get it.

Source: It’s On The Grid [via Badass DigestThe Playlist]

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  1. Ugggh to this idea.

  2. Zero interest in this.

  3. I do hope they go with the Carter Hall version Hawkman since that version i always found more interesting. I liked the guy who played Hawkman in Smallville in Absolute Justice. But i think Sam Worthington would be a good choice in the role as Hawkman or Aquaman down the road. Bring us more heroes DC/WB!

    • Please get off the Same Worthington kick. He isnt that good. He is the same character in every film he plays in, just puts on different clothes. Reach higher :)

      • Like who, JGL, Christian Bale, Tatum Channing? I don’t see them in the role as exactly perfect fit.

  4. Great, more name-dropping by the powers that be in Hollywood.

    Just like Candyland is going to be like Lord of the Rings.

    And just like Battle: Los Angeles was going to be as gritty, edgy and realistic as The Dark Knight, right?

  5. Well… I guess I can try to be optimistic about this *ahem* interesting idea. I’m guessing this will open the door for a Crazy Quilt movie.

  6. “Oh, yes, yes, I liked all three of those motion pictures. All three.” – I laughed so hard

  7. dont care, wheres “The Flash” movie?

    • Yeah, Flash definitely needs to be next. I wouldn’t mind a Hawkman movie as a JLA tie-in, but the Hawkman I remember was from the planet Thanagar.

      • There have so many alternative histories for the character that, at one point in the comic, even HE was lost!

        Carter Hall as a reincarnated Egyptian prince seems to be the currently-accepted (and thankfully somewhat continuity-cleaned) version in existence.

        • *There have BEEN…

    • here here nowhereman!!!!!

    • Indeed wheres “The Flash” movie? Updates please.

  8. I think Hawkman is a fascinating character with a great back story (the Carter Hall version, as opposed to the Katar Hol version). I can see this being a fantastic film, Hollywood talking heads aside. As for the “Smallville” version, the effects were cheap, but I very much liked Michael Shanks’ portrayal of Hawkman.

    I DO find it amusing that if the talking heads were going to compare this film’s potential to previously released films/stories, they did not think to mention “Romeo and Juliet”. Carter and his love are doomed to die because of their forbidden love, BUT with a twist: They reincarnate endlessly, always finding each other down through the millenia, yet always losing each other…until the next adventure-filled rebirth.

    I think this can be very cool and am looking forward to hearing more about its evolution.

    Also, keep in mind that it does offer a different take on the superhero trope, crosses genres in interesting, possibly bizarre, ways, and provides exposure to the masses of an exceptionally powerful and noble man and the situations he encounters down through the ages…for those of you complaining about only Batman and Superman being filmed OR superhero films becoming repetitive and boring.

    • You know that would be an awesome movie. Did a little research aka wikipedia and i woild create the film series as such.

      The first film would begin in ancient Egypt following Prince Khufu, Chay-Ara & their eventually betrayl by Hath-Set (sorta like The Mummy). Flash forward to 1940 where they have been reincarnated as Carter Hall, Shaiera & Anton Haster. He eventually regains his title of Hawkman and in an epic showdown Carter & Shaiera die again at the very end though they promise to find each other in another life.

      The second film would be set present day of a new Carter Hall, Shaiera & Anton Haster while also weaving flashbacks of their previous life in other centuries.

      The main thing i would wanna see is that Hawkman in his purest form has uncortollable rage but each reincarnation is
      more a modern gentleman of the era tryin to surpress the urges. I only say this b/c i read an exert that hawkman wld easily go so far to blow up the supervillians base with the villian still in the base w/o hesitation. awesome.

      • Ignur Rant…

        I like the way you’ve set up this duology (could even be a trilogy if more of their adventures leading up to the present were shown).

        Well done! 😀

    • dude that was awsome!

      • somehow thought you would get a kick out of that Tank :)

  9. Why am I picturing Brian Blessed as Prince Vultan in Flash Gordon?

    I really can’t see how this can be good in any way. Especially if they go with man-made wings to fly. Maybe, especially if they go the Carter Hall/Egypt route, Hall is cursed and GROWS wings. Oh, now they can add part “The Mummy” in it too….

    • Andy S.

      I am sincere in my curiousity about your attitude toward this possibility. You can can watch a film about man in blue and red tights flying around the planet lifting trucks and planes; you can watch a man wearing a green ring shoot across the cosmos to join an intergalactic police force; you can watch a 98-pound weakling suddenly (and harmlessly) gain immense muscle-mass and become the inspirational protector of our nation’s most sacred principles and ideals; you can watch a seemingly immortal alien god-pretender with a large hammer get thrown down to Earth without the powers of his birthright to learn a bit of humility. These you can watch (and by “you”, I mean the universal YOU, not any specific person), but a continuously reincarnated noble warrior wearing an alien-metal harness and feathered wings as the brunt of his battle outfit causes you concern???

      I really am not trying to be off-putting; I honestly do not understand why you do not see this character as being at least as possible as any of these other ideas…

      If you do not LIKE the character, of course, that is something else, but that would have nothing to do with DC’s ability to film his exploits in a “believable” way.

      • I have nothing against the Hawkman character, I remember him from the Superfriends when I was a kid. I never really considered him a great character in the DC universe the way Superman, Batman, WW, GL, Flash and Aquaman are. The underlying story of him being reincarnated and searching for his eternal love I feel could work, it’s just the whole man made wings thing that seems to push it. I still think a curse from ancient Egypt would be more film friendly. Then again, they could do the whole movie with the wings and it could be awesome. I just don’t see it.

        • Andy S…

          Fair enough. I disagree, but I DO understand your concerns.

  10. hahaha no one mention danger girl (mainstream noobs)
    screw birdman.
    danger girl has waay better villains then w.w. flash, or birdman.
    now danger girl would be a great movie to see if done right.

    i hope we here something about battle chashers in the near future
    peter jackson would be a perfect director for that type of film
    and it would be waay better then lord of the rings trilogy

  11. I think a Hawkman film would be great, after The Flash, or do it like Marvel is doing with Thor and Captain America and I love the idea of Sam Worthington as Hawkman !!

    • @ Bo

      Im glad im not the only one w/ a open mind about seeing a Hawkman movie. Aswell seeing Sam Worthington would be a good candidate for the role.

      • Wally…

        Surely, by now, you’ve seen that there are others (myself included) who find this possibility worthwhile…?

  12. I believe Hollywood can take ANY comic character (in which actual comics were sold and enjoyed) and make a movie about him/her/it. If there is a fan base, it can be done, and a profit can be made. That doesnt mean every comic fan boy out there will like the movie. In this case I think a Hawkman movie is NOT a good idea. Now does that mean other fans will not enjoy it? Not at all. This movie will be good for many fans so it will get made and it will get made the way the studio wants it. Deal.

  13. If they’re going to do a Justice League movie, the Hawkman movie actually makes sense – because Hawkgirl/Hawkwoman is one of the most recognizable female members of the Justice League. They would be setting it up for Hawkgirl to become a member of that ensemble. (Just as the Wasp should be becoming a member of the Avengers through the Ant-Man movie… oh well, I guess they felt Black Widow was enough.)

    I hope they hire Rags Morales as conceptual artist! With Geoff Johns, Rags revitalized Hawkman in the early 00’s and together they made that character a fan favorite again, and through that series, Rags became for me the definitive artist of Hawkman.

    The main villain would of course have to be Hath-Set, but the Shadow Thief would also be a very fun super villain to see on the silver screen. We haven’t seen a living shadow on the silver screen yet, have we?

    • …other than Alec Baldwin’s, “The Shadow”…


      • Okay I’ll give you that lol.

  14. Sounds interesting for me. I’d like more DC movies.

  15. This could be a smartly done, well-crafted idea. If they’d have said ‘Gladiator’ instead of ‘Ghost’ I’d have been more keen on the idea but, I’ve liked this character since boyhood so I’ll be in the theater to have a look.

  16. Couldn’t be LESS interested. There are SO many better characters from the DC universe that could have movies. The character was bad in that TV show and will most likely be even worse in his own movie.

    I know Hollywood is desperate for ideas (although I don’t know why: I mean there are over 100 Star Wars novels alone that would each make awesome films, Marvel has proved that they have more than enough film ideas – just not enough time to produce all of them, and I’m sure there are many other novels and comics that could make hugely successful films…) but “Hawkman” is a new low.

    • TheAvenger…

      Hawkman, in many ways, is as much a reflection of true nobility as Superman, with much of the same combat prowess as Batman (and with ancient weaponry, pretty much unmatched). He is intelligent and strong-willed, though his temper CAN get the better of him sometimes (from a storytelling perspective, this character trait opens up many possibilities). The fact that he is functionally immortal and combines historical knowledge with alien tech and has an eternal (as far as anyone can tell) cycle of love and death simply adds to the fascinating qualities and storytelling elements of the character.

      • A little berserker rage never hurt anybody… look what it did for Wolverine’s popularity, lol.

        That being said, that particular trait of Hawkman’s is understandable in more than one way. That guy has a lot of bottled-up anger over the “curse” that’s been over their heads for millennia. He feels helpless much of the time when it comes to his “destiny” as it seems pre-determined that he and Hawkgirl should die again and be reborn again over and over.

        I think that’s one of the most enthralling storylines about Hawkman and Hawkgirl – their quest to finally end that curse for once and all. Ironically, it makes them seem infinitely more mortal than the rest of the DC pantheon put together, even though they’re immortal – because there’s always a possibility they REALLY could be “rebooted.”

  17. Give it a chance, guys. I think the Hawkman movie will be unique in that the theme of reincarnation will be addressed, where it hasn’t been in any other superhero movie to date (that I can recall).

    The ‘Indiana Jones’ reference certainly makes sense, since Carter Hall was an archaeologist. I don’t quite understand ‘Ghost’ though. Maybe that’s a reference to another of Hawkman’s enemies, the Gentleman Ghost? Or Hath-Set?

    If that was a reference to Hawkman, they got it wrong – it should be the Mummy. They might be trying to avoid too many similarities to the recent Brandon Frasier’s Mummy movies, though… even though these characters were originally rulers of Egypt, and I doubt Hawkman will spend too much time in Egypt fighting mummies in his own movie.

    But I stand by what I said earlier… this movie will be more about introducing Hawkgirl to movies than Hawkman for the Justice League movie, although hopefully we might be able to get a very well-done movie Hawkman as a result.

    After all, Hawkman was one of the DC Universe’s FIRST superheroes from its Golden Age, the 40’s… along with Dr. Fate, the Spectre, the first Flash, the first Green Lantern, and so on. And he’s one of the characters that was always around in some form unlike the rest of the JSA.

    And his complex, mysterious history as a reincarnated being would make for a fun plot (hence ‘Da Vinci Code’). Not to mention his connections (ie. his wings and Nth metal armor) to an alien world that might be introduced in the Green Lantern movie… Thanagar.

    Might as well give him a chance in the movies.

    • With “Ghost” I think they mean the love story aspect of the story.

      • That would make sense, I did love the romantic subplot of Ghost. Kind of misleading though.

  18. I say Hawkman will be like “The Angel” from X-MEN: The Last Stand and I obviously I think James Caviezel should play “The Winged Warrior”, how does that sound ?

    • Why would Hawkman be like Angel from X3???

    • Weird. Angel from X-Men and Hawkman aren’t even close to being similar.

  19. LOL @ that pic. Thought I was looking at an out-take from Flash Gordon.

    “Flying blind on a rocket cycle?? We’re in Arboria!”

    • Dive!!!!

      • Some 80s FLASH GORDON lines ey? Awesome

    • What really upsets me about all of the news surrounding the “Hawkman” movie is that alot of sites are using the Smallville image as their “proof” that it could possibly fail. What EVERYONE seems to forget is that “Smallville” was a T.V. SHOW with a T.V. BUDGET. The appearance of Hawkman on “Smallville” was on a HUGE episode created by Geoff Johns that ALSO included Stargirl, Dr. Fate, Icicle, Star Spangled Kid, Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, Clark Kent, Sandman AND the introduction of Checkmate. If they spent EVERY SINGLE dime making Hawkman look like something you would all be impressed with, the episode would SUCK. They did the best they could with what they had and I think it’s as faithful and respectful of an approach as they were able to create.

      THIS would be a LIVE-ACTION, HOLLYWOOD budget movie centered around the ORIGIN of this character and hardly anything more. Everyone needs to take a step back and look at this for what it IS, not judge it on something from a completely different media world.

      • I’m one of those who scoffed at the smallville image, and I confess you make a very good point.

      • @ Chad

        Good post that raised a good point. I thought Hawkman’s costume was good for what was on Smallville’s Absolute Justice. Along w/ Stargirl, Dr. Fate, & Sandman etc. I agreed if they too much on makin one character’s costume perfect, they risk that episode being poor.

  20. Wow , I am loving all the hate for Hawkman, lol , they finally take one of the more interesting characters in the dc universe that wasnt a product of his parents deaths, or the product of an accident or some other lame ass origin and want to make a movie out of and the masses rebel, wow. I love how everyone screams there are some many better characters out there to do , like who? I ask , and if there are how come Dc or the studios aren’t wanting to make them, ohh thats right because they suck. Flash is on the way we probably have another turd in “Man of Steel”, Dark Knight is in the tube also, we had a near miss on Wonder Woman, which would have made Smallville look like masterpiece. So whos left Aquaman, please dont make me laugh, Martian Manhunter, fraid not, Firestorm , cool idea lame hero, Green Arrow, well if a man running around with wings is crazy , then a man running around like Robin Hood in modern America is insane. So whos left Plastic man been tried horrible Captain Marvel, hmm They Cant make a good Superman, what makes you think if you change the costume it will be better..
    that said take the time and Read Hawk World great series Katar Hol was a young police officer on the planet Thanagar, and a child of a privileged family. But his homeworld had the policy to conquer and mine other worlds for their resources to maintain its high standard of living, and Hol realized that this was wrong. He rebelled against the system, and was sent into exile. However, 10 years later, he escaped and got the help of Shayera Thal, a young officer from a lower class of society, to uncover and defeat the renegade police captain Byth. As a result, Hol was reinstated in the Wingmen Force and given a new partner, Thal. I think it would make an awesome movie about Hawkman, and it could lead directly into them coming to earth.

    • @ Loco Lobo 1127

      Im surprised by all the hatred myself. Sheesh, do people wanna be Stuck with just Batman/Superman films only or what? My friends & i were relieved to know that Green Lantern is coming to theaters & thought it was about time another DC hero besides Batman & Superman has got to the big screen. Im hoping more DC comic characters come outta the works, popular & not as popular such as Aquaman, yes Aquaman since he is a founding member of the Justice League & imo i find it possible. It just needs the right director w/ script etc.

      • I don’t think it’s so much hatred for Hawkman as it is angst about how it’ll be adapted. I certainly believe it’s POSSIBLE for Warner Bros. to make a badass Hawkman movie — I just don’t think it’s probable.

        • …but still perfectly DOABLE…

          • Agreed with Archaeon. If Spider-Man can be believable and not silly on the silver screen, anything is possible. The Thor movie reinforced that point just this past month.

            • I agree
              it absolutely is doable

        • yeah but thats why i said they should start with Hawkworld , they have metal wings to start off with the Karter gets his other wings later on in the story which would be a great film moment, him dropping the metal and donning the real wings

          • See, but it looks like it’s going to be “Carter,” not Karter. No alien world is mentioned in the tagline.

    • Loco Lobo…

      I agree with your assessment that all of these people who are complaining about the hero chosen to be in an upcoming feature are many of the same ones who were complaining that no NEW or DIFFERENT heroes were being considered…certainly contradictory. I also agree that the Katar Hol story would make for an excellent film (though I prefer many of the aspects of the Carter Hall version). I do, however, strongly disagree with your presumption that all of the other DC characters mentioned would NOT make for just as wonderful films…

      • ok so do I but out of the heroes mentioned they are not any better choices then Hawkman , which was kinda the point I was making , but really im not completely wrong on the ones mentioned. That said there are two characters that I listed whom I really do think would make great movies. Green Arrow and Firestorm could absolutely be cool movies. Arrow would have to have Dina ( Black Canary) in it, firestorm would be cool also a student and professor get caught “in an experiment gone wrong”, is it really any wonder why Dc wants to rewrite most of their universe, combining the two into Firestorm. the manipulator of matter

  21. Hopefully he gets a decent look because that is the problem I have with Hawkman in the comics,some artist draws him really stupid looking.

  22. I can’t wait to see who’ll play him in this movie, then who they’ll get for the Justice League movie…lol…

  23. This movie is suppost to be like Indiana jones, Da Vinci code, and Ghost,,,OK they lost me at Ghost.

    • “Ghost”, as in the Patrick Swayze/Demi Moore movie about an enduring, supernaturally-enhanced love…definitely an aspect of the Hawkman mythos (at least the Prince Khufu/Carter Hall version)…

    • Which is actually too bad in Thor’s case, because I actually liked his helmet while it was on his head in that movie.

      Hawkman’s helmet is the recognizable part of his costume though. I’ll admit the Smallville version still left a little bit to be desired, but I bet it could be re-designed to have a slight “Predator” edgy look to it.

  24. I believe I am mostly in agreement with Mr. Moore. And I want to elaborate on the subject. Hawkman has a hell of alot in common with Batman when it comes to jumping from the still frames of a comic to the motion picture screen. Both guys LOOK REALLY COOL in individual artists drawings. But how are you going to make a film of a guy in gray tights who throws a rope from building to building to get around? Similar question with Hawkman. The answer is, you have to “tweak” the character for film. Burton and Nolan both did good\great jobs with Batman. I think Hawkman can be done. Certainly there are WORSE choices in the D.C. universe. I personally think Hawkman is cooler character than Aquaman. Then there’s Jonah Hex, Uncle Sam, any of the lameass legion of superheros, and lets not forget those two cool guys, Hawk and Dove.

    • Yeah, Hawk and Dove would be cool too but Dove would have to be changed to a girl. A MALE superhero named “Dove” in this day and age . . . Just would’nt fly . . . . So yeah I think Hawk and Dove as a brother and sister duo would be quite different.

      • In current continuity, Dove IS a female. In fact, she had a role in “The Blackest Night”/”Brightest Day” storylines…

  25. I hit submit too soon. I was also going to say that doing Hawkman similar to Thor would work with me. An alien being, with a powerful weapon(mace instead of hammer), with a cool helmet, and the power of flight. I would ditch the wings and go with a cape, though. The Thanagarians visited Earth way back when, with the passage of time the capes were translated by superstitous people into wings, etc..

    • hehe

    • lmao, Hawkman with a cape rather then wings , hmmmm yeah that wouldnt work for me at all, the Wings kinda make the man in this case

      • The wings do look cool, I just dont think they will do well in the movie.

  26. The still photo of Hawkman in the article is discouraging , I’ll admit. The mighty battle mace has all the command and authority of a badminton racket. I’m sure the studio let go of a cool dollar and a half for that prop. I have never watched Smallville, but what little I know of it makes me dumbfounded that people want Tom Welling for Superman.

    • Smallville was a pretty good show on the whole. I didn’t watch it regularly but I know enough about it. I did watch the episode with Hawkman (played by Michael Shanks of Stargate SG-1 fame) and it didn’t go well. Not because of the actor but because Hawkman is really hard to pull off in live action without seeming silly.

    • happyman…

      A mace, if wielded by an expert combatant, can be quite deadly AND appear as such. Remember, though, that Hawkman is a master of MANY ancient weapons, so he could just as easily use a sword, a spear, a morningstar, an axe, a pike, etc…

      His helmet and his wings can also be more streamlined for film purposes.

      I think Hawkman can easily work quite well in a film.

      • Archaeon, hey dude, whats up? I wasnt knocking the choice of weapon, I think medieval weapons are cool. ( a big Conan fan, I am ) What I meant was a mace should have a two inch diameter shaft between the handle and the ball. That thing in the picture has a quarter inch stem! And it looks bent.:)

        • happyman…

          Sorry, I misunderstood your intended response…I thought you were saying that Hawkman doesn’t seem particularly deadly because he uses a mace (in short, dissing on the man using the weapon, not the prop that represented the weapon). As a result, I responded about the use of the mace and expanded my comment to include the fact that since Hawkman can wield a variety of weapons, it IS possible to make him seem more combat-oriented and “badass”.

          I apologize for the mix-up.

          • No biggie. I think the mace is cool, it just needs to look solid. It would be even more cool if it was saturated with (electro\magnetic?) power like Mjolnir. Of course if he threw it and it came back to his hand, thaaaat might be taking things a bit too far…….