Hawkeye’s Role & Costume Updates for The Avengers

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Reported and rumored since last Fall, Jeremy Renner’s role in Marvel Studios’ The Avengers was finally confirmed in front of thousands of screaming fans at San Diego International Comic-Con in July. Renner will play Clint Barton, an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. who goes by the codename of Hawkeye and is known for his skills with a bow and his custom arrows.

Coming off an Oscar nomination for a role in the Oscar winning best picture, The Hurt Locker, Renner adds even more strength to the already-powerful cast of Marvel’s epic team-up blockbuster. Prior to the buzz of The Hurt Locker however, Renner revealed in several interviews that he had met with Marvel about a role in Captain America but instead ended up in discussions about the character of Hawkeye.

While at that point there was nothing more to it other than his having a chat with the studio and friend Zak Penn (who wrote the earlier draft for The Avengers), he did reveal details that he probably shouldn’t have, now that he’s signed for a role with Marvel and that it just happened to be that exact character.

So, what do we know about Hawkeye from Jeremy Renner’s words?

  • He said Hawkeye would not cameo in Iron Man 2 but would likely intro in Thor.
  • The character doesn’t have any powers (staying true to the books) and that’s why he’s appealing to Renner. He’s just a a normal guy who’s extremely talented.
  • Hawkeye’s costume will be “modernized” and won’t be at all like the original Hawkeye costumes from the main Marvel comics line, but more like the Ultimate version.
  • His costume design will likely include sunglasses and a vest (again, like the Ultimate version of the Hawkeye).

Essentially, the Hawkeye costume Renner is describing matches this image:

avengers jeremy renner ultimate hawkeye costume Hawkeyes Role & Costume Updates for The Avengers

Jeremy Renner's costume likely to resemble Ultimate Hawkeye

All of that information Renner provided well before entering contract negotiations for the part, so concepts and costume design may have been altered since then. MTV interviewed the high-in-demand actor on the press tour for his role in Ben Affleck’s The Town and took the opportunity to seek out some updates on his role in The Avengers and Renner reiterated what we heard before from him.

“I think it’s going to be a little more reality-based. You can kind of tell with Scarlett [Johansson]‘s character [in 'Iron Man 2'], it’s going to be more of a uniform . . . and not a big purple, comics sort of thing.”

Clint Barton will be a SHIELD agent alongside Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow character, who happen to sport similar costumes to what we’ve seen (and heard) from them in the film universe. But what about their relationship? In Mark Millar’s ‘The Ultimates,’ Black Widow and Hawkeye are close partners and top agents – where do they stand in terms of The Avengers movie?

“We will [have a relationship], I think, in this one as well… We’re kind of a team, and what that relationship is, is still to be discovered.”

Perhaps there’s more to their relationship than them being simple super agent partners?

Scarlett Johansson was able to introduce Black Widow in Iron Man 2 and I expect Renner will have a similar opportunity to show us his Hawkeye in Thor before they, along with our favorite superheroes, are brought together in The Avengers.

Thor opens May 5, 2011; The First Avenger: Captain America hits July 22, 2011 and The Avengers is scheduled to debut May 4, 2012 with Runaways not far behind.

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Source: MTV

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  1. It would make sense to show up in Thor. In that commercial they built that base around Thor’s hammer in Mexico with those tens of thousands agents, and I bet my bottom dollar that Hawkeye will be one of those thousands of agents.

    Also the Ultimate costume works better in reality anyway. Plus it looks pretty awesome.

    • The hammer is found in New Mexico, not Mexico.

  2. I Like the Hawkeye character and am looking forward to seeing Renner bring his intensity as to the character on the big screen. It is obviously necessary to update the classic costume but I am not a big fan of the Ultimates costume either.

    I’m just waiting for Beckett to start in with the “Green Arrow rip-off” comments :)

    • I think if he’s a hit, it’ll help push for a SHIELD film with Fury, him, Scarlett and other key agents

      • Either way that would be cool with me!

  3. Thor is captured in the trailer. I imagine either he gave himself up because he couldn’t grab the hammer, or some badass with a bow took him down.

  4. “The character doesn’t have any powers (like the books) and that’s why he’s appealing to Renner. He’s just a a normal guy who’s extremely talented”.

    Since when did Clint Barton have superpowers in the books? Renner is already showing his ignorance of the character.

    Hawkeye was an orphan, joined the circus, became a master marksman taught by the Swordsman and Trickshot. He rejected his mentor’s criminal activities and became the superhero Hawkeye.

    Furthermore I don’t believe “Ultimate” Hawkeye or the series in general to be more reality based at all compared to the ORIGINAL mainstream “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes – The Avengers”. What a throw away fallacious statement.

    To add further insult to injury, the “Ultimate” uniform is the epitome of uninspired design. He looks like a thug.

    My excitement for this film dwindles every time I read an article like this. Not faulting your writing abilities Rob. I’m just not happy with the information. :-)

    • @Magnetic What they meant was “like in the books” he has no powers. So no one is going to all of a sudden give Hawkeye some super powers. As far as the uniform,the uniform from “The Ultimates” #9 is a great uniform. That one at the top is ugly. If they add elements of the old purple costume like the color scheme of mostly black with a few purple highlights it’d be cool. If Hawkeye does have his own movie or flashback sequence while he was in the circus,I think it’d be appropriate for him to wear the original “purple” costume while performing his circus acts.

      • @ ulik

        Thanks. I guess I did read that part of it wrong. “The Ultimates” #9 isn’t too bad but I would still prefer to see a contemporary designed battle suit based on the original suit.

        No one is balking at Spiderman’s red & blue costume or Iron Man’s red & gold armor. Daredevil’s costume wasn’t too bad and The Watchmen costumes were a fine example, unlike the bland insipid modifications of X-Men.

        A professional costume designer could very well use darker toned down hues of indigo, violet, navy blue or deep purple and black to produce a formidable realistic looking battle suit. It would no doubt work very well in the movie.

        Given their skill set they should be able to forge a contemporary design based on the original blueprint without compromising too much.

        The materials could be a combination of lycra, leather and chain mail or whatever else costume designers have in their arsenal. As long as it looks good and there is some degree of the iconic color identifiers I’ll be happy.

        • I concur whole heartedly. Well stated, Mag!

        • Yeah, they should definitely loose the mask though. But they should more or less stick with a design more based on the 616 version (the original version) of Hawkeye. I’m fine if they sorta fuse both designs though. :D

        • What ulik says – the character won’t have powers in the film as he doesn’t have powers in the books :) We need more non-powered heroes!

          • @ Rob

            Thanks for correcting the second bullet point. It reads better and won’t confuse middle aged folks like me. :-)

            Maybe a list of non-powered heroes on the next open discussion? Great idea Rob. :-)

          • That is why I like Batman so much. He MADE himself a superhero!

    • @ greenknight333

      Other than “Amazing Spiderman”, “The Avengers” is another title where I have an almost complete Vol 1 run including the 96 & 98 series.

      I sort of lost track after the ‘Disassembled” story arc. I picked up some “New Avengers”. As much as I love Spidey and Wolverine, to me they are not Avengers. I’ve stopped buying it.

      There is no way I’m spending more money on the extremely over rated “Ultimate” Avengers. I understand it’s another universe and all, but I can’t relate to it much at all.

      I reckon you’ve recommended “Secret Avengers” to me before. So has the guy at the new comic book store I now frequent, so I may pick it up.

      I may also look into “Avengers – Heroic Age”. I really wish MARVEL would bring back the main title continuing the Vol 1 issue numbering.

      All these Avengers spin offs has me in a daze and reluctant to commit to every title. :-)

      • @ Magnetic Eye

        I am currently getting all the Avengers titles right now

        New Avengers
        Secret Avengers**
        Avengers : Prime*
        Avengers Academy
        Avengers : The Chilren’s Crusade
        Avengers & The Infinity Gauntlet

        I marked the titles I would recommend..I know the New AVengers is selling really well but it seems more like the Defendors to me with the first 4-5 issues having Doc Strange dominate the story arc..

        • @ greenknight333

          Thanks for the recommendations. I will seriously check them out and add them to my subscription list.

  5. so really his costume is gonna resemble the Green Arrows costume from Smallville but without the hoody

    • Actually he looks like that in the new comics too.

  6. The Ultimates is truly one of the worst things marvel has EVER produced and by going the way of the ultimates its basically lazy. I want the comics sort of thing!

  7. I think the Hawkeye costume will be a combo of the 616 and Ultimates.
    I want to lose the mask and the H.

  8. This is going to be the biggest disappointment to me. I love the character of Hawkeye – the ORIGINAL character – not the Ultimates version. Original Hawkeye would never last as a SHIELD agent, because he’s the complete opposite of a “company man.” He’s fiercely independent and bristles at taking orders. He got to where he could take orders from Cap and other Avengers leaders because of the personal relationship he formed with them. In a black ops-y, nameless secret bureaucracy like a SHIELD, he’d be more likely to try to take it all down than just follow orders.

    Original Hawkeye is reckless and impulsive – the opposite of a highly trained and disciplined SHIELD agent. The Ultimate Hawkeye – and Joss Whedon’s Hawkeye as well, from the sound of it – will be a completely different character.

    • Have you read The Ultimates Vol. 3?

      Perhaps Hawkeye will be a bit of a rebel, combination of both universes.

      • That’s what would make it more interesting that he won’t be a “yes man” or a boyscout for “S.H.I.E.L.D” but he still gets the job done “his way” or noway,THAT’S HAWKEYE!

  9. I sont like the pic above, I would hate it if he wore that… But I’ld also hate if he wore the costume from the comics… I believe that there is a happy medium somewhere here…

    And magnetic eye… hawkeye did have powers (once) when he got ahold of pym particles and became huge like goliath… other then that, I dont know what he was talking about, was there another account that im not aware of? or is he not familar with the character? I dont know… But if youre reading this Jeremy Renner, read up on all the comics that the avengers have been in, not just hawkeye, know who youre gonna be fighting with, make it more believable…

    • @ brandon

      That was in “Avengers” issue # 63.

      Concerning super powers I misread Rob’s second bullet point. But I see he has now rewritten it so that there can be no misunderstanding. :-)

  10. I bust my ass outdoors, work with my hands doing a very physical job. Due to the fact that we have to follow safety regulations which require us to wear certain types of clothing like durable jeans or slacks, sleeved shirts, boots, and again its about on the job safety! The down side is they tear, they are not especially the most comfortable clothes to wear they are not the most fashionable either.
    I also enjoy running and working out. At the least two to four miles a day four days week. The point is if I could wear what I wanted when I was at work, it would be more like what I wear when I run or work out. These clothes are also very comfortable walking around in casually as well. The old school costumes are totally iconic cool and if your going to be exerting your self physically they seem like they would work so much better that the realistic attire worn buy Wolverine the Dare Devil thing didn’t look to comfortable either. That looked like a red leather to me. running in tight leather pants would suck sweating and sticking to your skin as you yea yea yea the old school original costume was not only functional it was cool!!!!

  11. The Hawkeye uniform needs to be a realistic balance between the 616 costume and The Ultimates. The whole suit needs to be a tactical,black/covert ops design but based on that balance. Even Hawkeye’s shades should be functional,for instance the shades should have “uber-binocular”,infrared,night-vision,and heat vision specs and they should have a “slight” design similar to his 616 mask but more of a cool badass “Matrix” type feel.

  12. That kinda looks like Duke Nuken with a bow.

  13. This Hawk-eyes costume, Look so much like Wonder Man’s Costume. Maybe their trying make Wonder Man shoot arrows,in that Avenger movie. Hawk-eyes looks better in the purple and blue outfit.